Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What's this now?

Now here’s quite an interesting feedback I received since I got my previous entry posted. A very ‘concerned’ someone named jack had left a few comments, which personally I think of a bit unfriendly advice in nature. And he went one step further by telling me I cannot accept facts like I cant make my girl friend happy for being on wheelchair. Maybe because I deleted all his comments the reason for this fella to say such thing.

Don’t worry, buddy. It was an honour to have you dropping by that I should do the next best thing. I’m publishing everything on what you have said here in the front page. You wanted to remind me, so by having all that what you have written, it should serve that very purpose.

So here you have them. Just to remind all friends, these are the exact words he wrote meant for me hoping I'd give second thought concerning my relationship with my girlfriend.

1. betul ke you nak khawin dengan dia? Macam tak padan je...sori.

2. napa u delete i punya comment ha...u tk blh terima yerrrr....sori lah tp itu la hakikatnya...i bkn nk mengutuk u tp u kena lah pikirrrrrr....u sanggup ker bila u kawin ngan girlfriend u girlfriend u akan hidup tersiksa....u mesti nk tgk dia happy kan tp klu girlfriend u kawin ngan u mcm mn lah girlfriend u nk happy...jgn mareeeeee..u memang le happy sentiasa............

3. u ni apa lah....i cuma nk u sedar diri sikit...itu jer....i kesian kan girlfriend u 2...i tau family grilfriend u mesti susah terima u kan...klu terjadi kat family u, u blh terima ker (mesti u tk leh terima)???u sellfish....

4.biar lah girlfriend u 2 kawin ngan org lain...u cari lah pompuan lain...masih tk terlambat lg klu u nk lepaskn girlfriend u 2...pikir-pikir kn laaaaaaaaa

5. bila i baca blog u nie kan,i rasa u nie memang mulut ur girl can stay wit u?u tk guna ur brain when u talk.u think all people like u..

thank you for all the shitty reminder jack. Now you’ve said your piece, I truly believe it is solely up to me to either accept it or otherwise, no?

Here are some of my points for you to ponder, and it will be up to you too, to put it in your brain or stick to what you believe in. Suits yourself, dude.

We’ve been together for ages that we don’t need no shitty advice especially coming from a stranger.

Oh what do you know. Only one point needed to put things straight.

Tell me, where have I gone wrong to be given such advice from a person who hides behind his anonymity?

How about this, bro. If you are indeed sincere, quit throwing rubbish from your little hide-out. I’m open to criticism and I know where I ‘stand’ but being insulted is totally a different matter all together. Be a man now and reveal yourself. That’s all I’m asking. Thank you.

To all friends, i'm not asking you to agree with me blindly so do point out too where have I gone wrong. I'd be happy to listen to your views too, be it to criticise or to support. Thank you.


Raden Galoh said...

Dearest brother...Huh? This is what Doc Ta label as OKA (Orang Kurang Ajar). Obviously memang dia kurang ajar.

In the first place who the F*** is he, that he envied your relationship with Pinky? I never hear Pinky complained about you or said she's not happy with you? Is he Pinky's dad?

He put his comments in a grossly tone, and I think this guy is overwhelmed with the jealousy that you can have a girlfriend. Is he of sound mind to say that you have no right to have a girlfriend? What? He thinks you don't feelings? Why is he so judgmental? It's your right to have a girlfriend and to be happy about it. I don't see as violating the constitution or any law...Grrrr!!!!

He said you are selfish but I think he is worst than that because he thinks of himself when he put his comments down. He's for sure is a moron with great inferiority complex.

Please dear brother, don't take him seriously. He's NOT a worthy commentor to be mentioned at all. Please throw this bad apple from your basket before it ruinsthe whole apples.

(Actually, with my mood like right now, I feel like 'mencaruting' to this guy...but like I said before, buat apa habihkan air liur ni...he's NOT worthy...)

Cheer up. Ada ramai lagi kawan yang memahami kehidupan you. Forget this man. You have me kan? We have some others who can love us they way we are seadanya tanpa being judgmental at all..

Take care and lotsss lotsss of love brother.

galadriel said...

To be successful in life, one may need a lotta things.
But to love, one just needs a heart.
Kerp, the guy who said all these nasty things, doesn't have a heart.
That makes him less than a human being to me.

I once told my boyfriend that I wud love and cherish him even if he was blind and without limbs. I meant it and still mean it.

I believe in Karma. What goes around really comes around. So, spread love, my friend, and let those who have hate in their heart alone.

Hatred will consume them in the end.

Raden Galoh said...

Brother, you don't go wrong at all..not when you still have a big heart to love someone... This happiness that both of you share is not a wrong thing. This relationship that you both endured for this years is not wrong. This sharing of feelings between two mankind is also not you don't go wrong...

It shows you care, it shows you are loving and it shows that you are a human being...

But in life, we anticipate some people cannot accept this kind of generosity, I've seen some who always say/feel/think something is amiss when someone is loving, caring or generous.

So please, we know who you are. Just brush this it aside.

elviza said...

Who the %$#@^&*% he thinks he is? Listen Bro, dont let a looser like this get to your head okay?

Love is universal, love is feeling. Love trancends barrier. Only %^&*&^%$#@$%^% person such as this commentor is not deserving of one, simply because, he does know nuts about it.

The way I see it, JUST SPAM HIM!! We love you Bro, and absolutely BELIEVE in you.

MaryKate said...

You did the right thing by publishing his nonsense, just like Rocky ha? he publishes the rubbish written about him, and tada!! the asshole get crucified by the rest, and you know, they always hide behind anonymity. Other words for anonymous = shadowy, undistinguished, unexceptional, unknown. So, we are talking about a coward hiding behind a lot of bull.

You can ignore him like you ignore the lalat tahi lembu, they make a pest of themselves, has no contribution to society and highlights of their lives are looking for new pieces of shits.

Not much respect for anonymous people, got guts to talk but no balls to show themselves. Look at the good side, you've got loads of support, even from people like me who dont know you personaly, hehe....
so, kerp, look at the flowers, love, sun and stars (my kids fav drawings :) peduli apa kat lalat tahi lembu kakaakakaka

MaryKate said... my previous entry, the "asshole" i meant was all those anonymous writters complaining...

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Relax le bro, he ain't worth your spit. And I agree with Raden, there are hints of jealousy in his comments. Ye lah, your girl is a sweet young thing! I pun jealous! Oops! :)

Remember what Mahatma Ghandi said: Stick and stone may break my bones, but, gua dah lupa da :)

So take it easy there bro.

Si Kejam said...

What the F*U%C$K is this F^U*C#K@E%R'S problem commenting in something that he doesn't have any say in. First off your worthless advice was for kerp to dump his pinky and get a new girl, another girl is also a human being FYI. If you are so concern about Kerp not being able to make someone happy or have multiple orgasms that shouldn't be your comment. Maybe Pinky rejected your retarded fag loving self to be with Kerp. That's why you are so specific. Get this, bitch... ur r not good enough to be with Pinky....get over it asshole.. at least have the guts to say it in front of Kerp... Maybe that's the reason Pinky rejected you in the first place isn't it. Due to the lack of BALLS your application to be with pinky was put in the trash can where it deserves. Fucking asshole... excuse my Jawa... to Kerp... you have the right to delete all this faggot's comments and till he have the guts to meet you u can tell him to fuck a goat or sumthin.. stay strong brother..assholes like this only makes your love and pinky's much stronger.... cheers

Pi Bani said...

Kerp dear,
Whoever this LOSER is, not only does he not have a heart, I think he does not have a head either. What makes him so sure girlfriend you akan hidup tersiksa kalau kawin dengan you? If Pinky can accept you, then I don't see any reason for him to campurtangan. It's not like you paksa Pinky suka kat you, kan? Actually IF this jackass has a girlfriend, I really pity his girlfriend la. Sure siksa dapat boyfriend kurang akal macam dia. Dalam pada dia suruh you bagi Pinky kawin dengan orang lain, dia suruh pulak you cari aje pompuan lain. Abih tu, dengan pompuan lain tu dia tak kesian pulak... dengan Pinky je. Confirm case jealous lah ni!

Anyway, just to share. I have a friend, a guy, who was born with only one arm, and no legs. Worse off than you, bro. He got married many years ago to a "normal" lady. Now they already have a few kids and living happily.

Who says an OKU tak boleh bahagiakan his/her partner. Yang selalu menyiksa partner bukan OKU, tapi OKA.

anfield devotee said...

Haiyo, brudder Kerp, please lar. U should not let this wanker friggin disturb yer peace of mind lar.

Fooking obvious he is either a jealous suitor or a family member opposed to yer relationship with yer gal.


In the end, all that matters is what the you & yer gal think & feel fer each other.

Like I said in me earlier comment, just tie the fooking knot la. End of story . . .

This wanker obviously knows you but hasn't the balls to tell you face to face.

PS: Sorry fer lateness, busy at work lar, brudder. And pls don't let this fook face bother you lar, woi, bet you he's a manc . . .

Kata Tak Nak said...

What I hate most are people without heart, people who do not know the meaning of love and worst of all a mami/mamak jarum.

I am capable of exploding into the worst foul language and in various languages too but I am going to reserve my expletives because I fear that 'Jack' could also be a family member.

If Jack is a family member, please be a gentleman and see for yourself the facts before you. Pinky is not a little girl and neither is she blind and neither is she ignorant about the demands of life. Please also realise that Pinky also has a heart, unlike you from the way that you write. You talk here as if Pinky doesn't know what she is doing.

Kerpie here is not actually living on handouts. He is capable of supporting a family by his own means. If he says he is capable of producing a boner then I think no one should doubt him.

I may only know him in blogosphere but I have a hell of a lot of respect for Kerpie for what he is now. Lesser people would have completely locked themselves out and indulge in self-pity.

'klu terjadi kat family u, u blh terima ker (mesti u tk leh terima)???u sellfish....'

I would like to ask you, put yourself in his shoes or better still in his wheelchair, you have a girl and are fiercely intent on marrying you and you know and feel you are capable and your girl also knows that you can and this Jerk comes in with his narrow outlook of life, how would you feel?

If you are not a family member then get lost for you are not wanted. In Malay the say it as 'Muka Tak Malu'.
Your advice is not solicited. My only advice to you would be, please do the world some good by committing suicide and then blog about it in hell.

Anonymous said...

blog in hell...hehehehe good suggestion.

see, kerp, told you so :)

Mystery sis said...

Dear Kerp,

I still owe u the chocolate session.

I have read your recent article, I truly agree with Raden's comment.
Jack aka OKA!

I'm dedicating my special wish to you :Jack,please go to HELL!

Daphne Ling said...

Hi D,

Sorry about cutting you off midway our conversation just now...Mum was glaring at me cos I was driving (hands free, of course!)...

As for how I see it, me thinks perhaps this JACK is actually someone who likes your girlfriend...Maybe he fantasizes about being in your shoes, and cannot accept that haih, someone on a wheelchair is the one who got sweet Pinky...

Awww...Shucks, must be a blow to the ego...

It's a possibility lar...

The only thing which you did wrong is to let him get to you...

I know, easier said than done, but seriously, to hell with the guy! He should have better things to do than to worry about your relationship with your girlfriend...

Tell me, unless he likes the girl for himself, why is he making a fuss?!?!?

Am I right at all, Jack? Just a teensy bit perhaps?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Dearest friends,

I really should mention each and every single one of you. my beloved sisters, Raden Galoh aka Kak Dalilah, Anuradha, Elviza, Marykate, kak Pi, akak Mystery, Daphne as well as brothers, shah cakapaje, Anfield devotee akak Bala, Cikgu Nazir, anon and someone that goes by the name Si Kejam.

I have thoroughly read each single line that you guys wrote and I take my bow, you guys can really put it very very nicely. I am so overwhelmed by all your response. You people really can lift some spirits up.

Tight hugs to all the sisters and err…high-5, braders!

I owe you guys one, really, I do.

Tinesh said...

Haha I agree with Daphne..Sounds like a jealous fler with feeling for your girl..Btw, comment no.3, he told you to go sellfish

PS: I cant be the prom king because I'm one of the organizers..And why stop at 4 huh?? haha

Rita Ho said...

Hi Kerp ... I'm the one you beat to that alpha-something blog by 2 whole minutes! Darn! Haha!

Loads of great advice before me. I totally agree with Daph. Anonymous insults are worthless until we let them get to us. Those who dish them out are mindless nobodies seeking love and attention that they probably lack even from themselves. Hopefully, whoever this person is, he/she can take the advice given by your friends here and get a life, find himself, nurture his heart and be brave enough to admire the courage of others. However, let's not hold our breath and wait. Let's go Kerp's way - Let's Move On! :)

By the way, Kerp. I just became a temporary gimp and it is people like you who inspire me to overcome the dread of waking up each morning. Seriously.

Wishing you & Pinky continued happiness!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


thanks for pointing it out man. i didnt notice that. i mean, what the fish? such a stupid wanker.

aunty rita,

i am honoured to have you here. but not quite an entry I imagine to welcome someone like you. i wish i could address to you properly, in fact each and everyone who had dropped a comment or 2. i'm blessed to have these people including you and tinesh around.

i really, realy owe you guys enormously.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oh aunty rita,

meant to wish ya a very speedy recovery to you earlier. sure hope nothing serious on what happened to you. will cross over to your blog to find out more abit later.

get well soon!

constant_drama said...

I can come up with a long comment about what an evil, balless asshole this feller is. But I noticed your other readers have done so before me, not in the same words but the idea is there.

So I am gona be short.
And crude.

I bet you he has a little dick. Hence inferiority complex.

PrincessJournals said...

dont worry kerp. we are all on ur side. like i said before, mangkuk tu jealous. he may be physically able but he's so metally challenged!

im pretty sure it has got nothing to do w ur physicallity but more of the fact tht u got a very cun pinky as ur gf.

Jue said...

Dear Kerp...

Good will always win out over evil. Keeps strong and just ignore him!!!


anfield devotee said...

ok, this seems to be done & dusted.

General consensus - Jack is
a) a wanker relative
b) jealous suitor
c) some bloke with a small knob
d) all of the above

Can we please have the funny & cheerful kerp back please?

ps: I know it ain't very poonk or metal but you going fer My Chemical Romance this Sun? Gua terpaksa pergi coz wifey is a fan la. The things we do fer our other halves (ie lose our cool credentials . . . sigh).

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Having some piece of your mind here is more than good enough. A kick on his crotch!


I know I can count on you, as well as the rest. Like kak Dalilah pointed out, this is what tokasid had maintained all along, classic case of OKA.


Yes, evil indeed. Better still in BM, setan gondol.


Ok man, you summed it up best. I think d) would definitely gets the most vote. Should have added e) a serial rapist who prays on domestic animals with male Alsatian being his preferred choice.

Ok, lets hope that tinesh fella wont be reading this but I think MCR’s quite listenable. thank your lucky star brader. Some wives/gfs drags their spouse to watch plays or worse, some stage musicals. Having said that, joining the black parade isnt so bad after all.

I still cant move on la. Simply because I don’t have anything yet to get a new entry posted.

waterlily said...

My bro Kerpie,
Ada satu cerita - kakak pernah tanya seorang kawan? Why he married able body woman?(He wheelchair user like you & his wife like Pinky). You know what his anwser - because we have DESIRE to live together..ulang...DESIRE TO LIVE TOGETHER. Yang lain2 tolak tepi....but I strongly agreed what kak Raden said.

anfield devotee said...

eh, fooker kerp, nothing to post on? How bout gloating that yer fooking team is on top of the table & have just been installed as bookies fave to take title?!?

So you going or fer MCR? Cheapest tickets still available ie RM103. Just got mine today.

Mat Salo said...

Eh bro'.. aah kan? Can't add anything much here but that guy better watch out (invariably he must be a guy, and a Malay one at that)... buat malu jer...

Everybody who's anybody is out in full force. That jackass (!) is a nobody hiding behind a pseudonym. Sdr. Jackass, Jom laa one on one kalu brani... Ha, brani tak brani?

The Ancient Mariner said...

Must be the same twit who tried to rile me a few weeks ago. Told him off and he disappeared.

Dont lose sleep over this, Kerp. Just move on. Life's too short to fret over inconsequentials. Show him you got balls.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak mariannie,

Yes my sister, I couldn’t agree more. to an idiot, someone on wheelchair has no feelings, no desire and better off to suffer for God knows how long. Typical la kak, mentality org mcm ni lemah, mcm katak bwh tempurung. Bnyk dah kisah2 yang berjaya kat merata2. kat PLPP je dah tak terkira.


Whooaa, a hundred bucks for the cheapest ticket? Man, they’re good and all but not good enough for that sum of money to be parted from my wallet la. .

*yea we’re on top but still too good to be true. Hectic December is yet to come. And with tricky away games, I’m not betting on anything as yet. A case in point, we were held at st james’ park this morning, where you guys made the toons look like a bunch of amateurs just a week back.

Mat Salo brader,

Yea man, much has been said but still feel free to add. You’re welcome to do that bro. my blog is like yours too, in a way I’m giving you the license to drill. Always nice to see you here, and all the friends too. I may not be liked by some as claimed by a jerk-off, which I don’t really gives a shit but I know I have people like you I can count on and that’s what matters.

*geng, lu still off-shore? Bila balik?

Captain yusoff, sir!

That twit who tried to rile you up a few weeks back was the same twit who came into others, mine included but I can safely tell ya this dickhead is a totally different twat all together. But I hear ya. These buggers cant stop me.

Its an honour having you crossing over. Sure hope to meet you, on Tuesday perhaps?

Tinesh said...

I read that Kerp..Haha..I pity you la anfield devotee..Kena tarik for MCR.. Lucky the girl I like listens to almost the same bands as I do..

Btw, wait till Xmas la..Devils back on top..Bookies fave all tarak guna here haha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok tinesh, i'' try to be as neutral as possible here. lets both have a good laugh at bala@anfield devotee.

and to bala, tinesh is lucky to have common interest with the chicks bcos he listens to spice girls, westlife, las ketchup, stacie orrico and the likes. kahkahh...

anfield devotee said...

kerp & tinesh: You fooking bastardos! But truth be told MCR ain't too bad even though they are not me cuppa.

As fer having similar tastes, me wifey actually enjoys a lot of the same shit that I do. Hence she enjoyed the Napalm Death gig as much as I did. OK?

As fer Tinesh's mu, just concentrate on the CL lar. We all know that's what you really crave & yer chances look good this year.

Toon draw with gooners: Bound to happen as Newcastle couldn't afford another drubbing.

ps: Bookies are rarely wrong.

pps: Yes, MCR tickets were fooking expensive. Napalm only cost RM50!

MaryKate said...

kerp,THE jackass wont visit your blog anymore, he dah kena cyber-fried, hehehe..have a good weekednd :)

spinnaker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bala bro,

Hehe…het, I still stick to what I said earlier, MCR stuff are quite listenable. I especially like Helena, which must be the reason your dear wifey dig them. But for a lady to enjoy a legendary grindcore outfit is simply amazing. This is THE great napalm death we’re talking about here, man.

I just ccant stand the sight of fat sam. He was quite respectable at reebok but ditched the club for a more glamorous club. From the way they spent during pre-season they shouldn’t be where they are now. I’d say he’s a major flop.

And if it is indeed true what you’re saying, that’s a cause for mini celebration. but I’ll wait till at least January. We gooners are surprised ourselves to see where we are now to tell you honestly.


I sure hope he wont, sister. Tainting my blog with rubbish is certainly unwelcome, not here not anywhere. But he could reappear. I’m prepared and wont hesitate to use the legal means if necessary too.

Thanks for your concern there. you’re a such great friend indeed.


Only that, I believe he prefers male Labradors to a human shemale.

Hahha…but well said anyway my man. for coming out of nowhere you’re still very much a welcome guest. Thanks and nice having you here bro.

Rocky's Bru said...

Tell him to see me at the Press Club, bro. Any night.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


he just aint worth a mili-second of our time man. but if he ever crosses the line then i wont hesitate to use any legal/illegal means i have lined up.

thanks for your support nonetheless, brother.

Tinesh said...

Westlife and Las Ketchup hahaha!!! Anywayz Uncle B we'll see what Liverfool come up with la..Evry season also ya'll say the same thing, win nothing hehe

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo T,

i tell ya who talks big every single season and ends up empty handed for ages now...them fuckin SPURS!

tokasid said...

Salam kerp:

Bro, I told Fir'aun about this JACKASS OKA guy. You know what Fir'aun said?
Fir'aun: Pergi mampus sama itu P*k*m*k!!
(Fir'aun sebut dalam bahasa yg ada gambar burung, babi,keldai dan seketul taik unta for this Jackass)

tokasid al-luxori

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

salam doc,

whooaa...all the way from the river nile!

gatal tangan nak blogging ka doc? aiseh, but to receive your message this morning was a welcome sight. aku nak reply takut sbb tgk foreign number..hahaha...

btw, i'm sure sultan firaun have said something else dlm bentuk gambar. mangkuk. hahahha...

thanks for taking some of your vacation time off just to catch on things here.

catcha next week. salam to missus.

anfield devotee said...

Tinesh, er, xcuse moi, I never talk big. In fact, am the most pessismistic Kopite in the fooking world.

But typical manc, never pay attention he he!

Yeah, and every fooking year you fookers talk about menang treble lar, quadruple lar. . . All that tak kira la.