Friday, December 7, 2007

Tuesday with the Crips

I had meant to get something on the national-level OKU day event posted earlier but a certain dog-rapist steered my mind off of the track a bit.

Ok, Let’s Go then. It was quite a grand celebration. Attended by OKUs of different shapes and sizes, I summed it up the do was well organized by the JKM people and I believe those involved deserve a pat in the back for making the day a great success.

The occasion kicked off at 7.30 when I was still very much under the duvet. What I had wished for came true. The night before, I received a call from Mobiliti to inform the van will only come and pick me up at 9.30.

The good thing about the event was it was not compulsory for anyone to be in the hall all the time. I think those in there are made of bosses from various peer groups, the down-syndrome kids with their carers and family members, volunteers as well as the JKM staffs and officers coming from in and around the Klang Valley area. Those who were not interested with performances and speeches are free to roam about doing their own business outside. Booths selling all stuff cacat were set up and buffet-breakfast was served with several types of sandwiches and cakes to dig in.

Datuk Sri S was on her way up the stage to deliver the year’s most eagerly anticipated speech when me and some of the lads were just about to head down to the smoking section and as a result we completely missed on what she had to say all together. I mean, err… aww shucks. Looks like we have to wait till next year to catch such meaningful speech again. God knows how dissapointed I was I wept some tears

So anyway…

I could go on and on but its cold outside that I’m yawning away while writing this. I just feel like getting into bed and nothing else.

Errm, yes, maybe I’ll just stop now. As for the rest of the event, I promise you it was great. Lunch was great, goody-bags were handed out to each and everyone, phone numbers swapped and all things wonderful. And by 1pm it was over.

That’s just about it, a simple and crappy review written by a crappy man from a crappy land.

Yay, bed time. woohoo…

I swear I need some rest.

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Mat Salo said...

Crappy or not (It's NOT I swear!) I enjoyed this one bro'... Glad you had a great time. Eh lu tau tak. Careful with the word 'crips', bro'. Itu notorious punya gang in L.A. beb!

Pi Bani said...

What?? You went for the OKU day celebrations and missed THE speech??!!! Kesiaaaaaaan you.... ;)

anfield devotee said...

Glad you had a blast.

Unrelated topic: Do you like Discharge? Fooking fine poonk band if u ask me.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I was waiting for the report about the speech and there you go and spoil it all by going outside. We are eager to know things like how many fell a sleep, how many fainted, how many committed suicide, how many ran amok and how many tried to shoot the Datuk Sri S?

Of course you conveniently left out the mee hoon from the food spread.

Well glad you enjoyed the day. Could you by any chance had stumbled upon an arsehole with the word 'Jack' tatooted on his forehead spying on you?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

MS bro,

Eh, ye la. Totally forgotten about the LA underground group tu. Snoop dog is part of them if I’m not wrong. But fret not la, this crips refers to crippled. Hahaha..

Hey, its been more than 6 weeks, are you still in the swamp or what?

Kehadapan Kak PI ku,

Yea, I missed it. felt like I missed the world all together. How could anyone missed a speech that was way more interesting than stand-up comedies really beats me…hihi…


I’ve never bought their albums but I do have some of their tracks in a couple of compilation CDs. Their poonk-as-fook brand of punk is different than that of sex pistols’, although that wasn’t the reason I prefer the latter more. maybe bcos of the publicity they enjoyed from the UK tabloids that reached people like me back when internet was a thing of the future. they would never admit this but sex pistols are the biggest sell-outs amongst the UK punk rock bands.

Cikgu nazir,

We waited enthusiastically for the speech to be delivered only to gave in to our craves for tobaccos. Wanted to KATA TAK NAK but after some heavy breakfast minus the meehoon, even the most interesting speaker in the world would not be sorely missed…hahha…

Ok seriously, we exited long before she went on stage. We knew it was coming, so its only natural we did the next best thing.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

How could you? Don't you know its a big sin to miss out on the speech? Isk isk isk. I just hope they don't send those speech police after you lol!

Take care bro.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

salam shah,

then i'll be the first to call 'em speech police a bari-bari...haha..

Fluffy~ said...

good food! at least something is good! :D have a good rest!!!

Zabs said...

Salam Kerp,

At least you can do is to enjoy the food and the take 5 time (smoking). You have enjoyed both so nothing to worry about missing the speech. For all you know entah siapa entah karangkan speech dia tu.

Mior Azhar said...

You missed the speech? Oh my god! Yeay, yea balik rumah berehat, Kerp. Kesian....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hello fluffy...

and hello, hello again. without sounding a bitter person that i am totally not, it was great, i swear.

hey, thanks for hopping over and welcome on board. cute name, nice blog. let's roll!

salam Pak Zabs,

actually it was great pak zabs. its one those rare time of the year you get to meet your ward mates, course mates etc. i guess it was quite rude to ditch the minister with her speech but with many exciting stuff going on outside, it was not difficult a decision to make.

* pak zabs, the other i wanted to say a few words on your mersing posting tapi tiba2 black-out. connection putus terus. wanted to say how convenient utk cari emas dan berkelah at the same time. kalau tak dpt harta, dpt berekreasi. nothing to lose la kira.

thanks pak zabs.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bg mior,

aisehh...the speech gets the vote as the most popular..haha...dah puas rehat ni, since last night. thanks brother.

IBU said...

Hmm... come to think of it, I don't quite like "OKU". I mean, the label. As if la the physically 'fit' is truly berkeupayaan and that keupayaan is physically dominant. Blurghh ...

Daphne Ling said...

Danny, Danny,

What lar you? Didn't listen to Datuk Seri S merapu?

And no bihun?

And incidentally, how was the hat-shopping?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


couldnt agree with you more. only that we've kinda gotten used to that term. there are a few suggestions like Orang Kuat Upaya or Orang Kaya Upaya and some have suggested to get it changed. but biasa la, cakap je, action blom plak nampak lagi.

* so you've been traveling alot huh? lama tak tenggelam timbul..hihi..thanks anyway IBU.

Da Fling,

no meehoon! thats the second most memorable moment. the end of the speech comes first. haha...

*yea, i bought a hat, again! maybe i should blog about my penchant for hats.

then i spent a few bucks buying presents for my nephews and guess what, i get to touch a python that was on display, which was my first time ever touching a life snake.

if only you'll be here longer, i cld arrange something and be your tour guide sort of.