Monday, December 3, 2007

Jalan-Jalan Cari Accessibility

Some time back, after watching Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM), we decided to head down to one of the restaurants featured in that particular episode for dinner. Looking at the variety of food this said restaurant has to offer in their menu, they’ve successfully attracted pigs to go all the way and try all the stuff out for a reasonable price.

And so with empty stomachs and watering mouths, all of us enthusiastically made our way to that place situated somewhere in Ampang, which is quite a distance for us coming from Kelana Jaya. The thought of their signature roast chicken was the factor we ventured out on that Saturday night and missed international football matches in the process. I mean, one whole succulent grilled masala chicken is worth the night out than to stay home watching a meaningless friendly involving England, right? Right.

But what do we know, the night didn’t turn out as we had planned and hoped for. As we found out, this bloody restaurant which had even Tunku Maria Sabri drooling earlier in the day, was on top of some stupid platform and patrons need to climb up a few flight of steps to get in. And I was like, yay, there goes my chicken, literally up in smoke, and I could only enjoy the smell from afar.

I think if we had summoned the manager or owner or whoever feck was in charge, he or she wouldn’t mind instructing the restaurant workers, waiters, chicken, cooks and car jockeys to help lift me up the freaking steps as Malaysians are caring bunch. But would I like that? Feck NO.

Here’s the thing. Why should I give businesses to restaurants that couldn’t care less for those on wheelchairs? By not providing a more user-friendly environment, like the basic accessible ramps leading to their premises, they are implying that no wheelchair-user would ever patronize their place. In other words, they don’t see the need to fork out a few hundred extra bucks just to provide a lousy ramp that will be rarely used once built. Typical mentality of the Malaysian kind.

Hey, suits you guys then. I take it that these people wants me to take the business some place else, and that’s exactly what they’ll get. Talking about caring Malaysians. Eat my shit, you.

Anyway, I’m not blaming the restaurants solely. I seriously think those JJCM fellas deserve some ticking off themselves. Chair-bound person enjoys eating out too, incase they didn’t know as yet. So it would be of great help if the show could at least include information of that certain place on whether they are accessible for wheelchairs. Personally, I’m not asking for much. All the show host needs to do is to inform the viewers if that particular restaurant is wheelchair-friendly. Otherwise, they can always spare the script from mentioning anything about the premise’s inaccessibility. Simple as that.

I had the chance to tell this right in Tunku Maria’s face last week, but she was all too nice and adorable and cute shit that she was spared from being told off.

Ok not really…here’s an actual account on what transpired that afternoon…

…she was with her sturdy-looking hubby that my balls shrunk and went up inside.

JJCM and Pinky...


anfield devotee said...

Ha Ha! Fooker kecut ah. Should have politely mentioned to her la that the programme can feature an icon on the corner of the screen to indicate whether the outlet is wheelchair friendly.

Perhaps you should volunteer yerself as a Makan prog host!!! Think bout it, every fooking restaurant would make sure it has a ramp otherwise it won't get featured when the Mighty Kerp comes a-calling he he!

Food fer thought? (Sorry, couldn't resist the pun) . . .

Pi Bani said...

You didn't ask Maria Tunku Sabri to invite you as guest in any of her JJCM segments ke? Or ask her to do one whole season of JJCM OKU special with you as co-host? Just make sure the restaurants she takes you too don't sell meehoon goreng as their signature dish. okay? ;)

acciaccatura said...

salam kerp,
Betoi jugak kata Kak Pi awak tu. And perhaps Pinky can help you with that.

Jue said...

Hi Kerp…[enjoy your OKU day at Sunway]

As promised, I’ll be one of your regular visitors here. It’s nice sharing so many inspiring stories with the other lovely bloggers/visitors too. Actually, I’ve just coincidently dropped by to your blog for the past few days and hmmm, frankly I’ll be remained here as and when I’ve the time to do so… 

I couldn’t agree with you on this…not only restaurants in fact most of the facilities were not ‘care enough’ for a person like you. And at worst, people surrounding were also not so keen to give a hand. [They’re bloody selfish and individualistic mindset]. For them, your world and mine are different. People tend to treat your guys like an alien. What, don’t they think that your guys deserve to enjoy eating out just like others? Go to hell with our slogan of caring society, the fact was that we’re one step behind. Obviously, they’re care little for the welfare of people like you.

Just recently, I’ve attended a conference and the speakers talked much on CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility]. Well, it is the time for the corporate people to take care of the so called special needs. Forgot about the global warming and all that, but try to look at how we can assist ‘them’ by providing the basic necessities for a start as you’ve mentioned assessable ramps at restaurants for example.


Kata Tak Nak said...

What do you call insensitive people like this? I think Bloody bastards describes then to the T.

Well anyway, should they offer you the chance to do the food review at these fancy restaurants, I think I got just the guy to wheel you and Pinky around.

I tried very hard to persuade him and after a heck of a fight couple with threats, he gave him. He has agreed. He's a certain cikgu in Penang.

lil' miss sunshine said...

hey couzie,

have you tried the tako tao that ive mentioned in midvalley?..


waterlily said...

Accessibility...good topic to discuss about....seminar by seminar..workshop by workshop. Tapi masih ditakuk lama juga. Kata kawan yang pergi seminar bersama hari tu..sejak menjadi disabled person dia sudah lama tak bersolat Jumaat/jemaah...pasal accesibility...where is the ramp? Tak pernah nampak kat mana2 masjid kecuali PLPP.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea man, I chickened out. It was the best opportunity and yet I blew it up. Not that I was gonna go up to her and really tell off in her face, just to forward a mere suggestion. That too, I was gutless.

I’m being realistic. Just a simple info on its accessibility would. And if its not mentioned, then no worries, I wont have to go through all the fooking trouble and to be disappointed later.

Kak Pi,

Just what mr bala has said, it is a good idea huh, to get a wheeler feature in one of the episodes especially when that restaurant provides wheelchair-friendly environment. I’m saying I was star struck but I was with some of the wheelchair lads that I couldn’t really be bothered whoever shows up.

*quit tormenting me with meehoon la kak Pi…hahaha

Kak E,

And I tell you akak, she would want to tag along and get some taste of the dishes…haha…actually I didn’t tell her I posted her pic here…it would be interesting to hear what sh may have to say…


Welcome, welcome. And feel free to stay as long you wish too…haha..

The thing is, these inaccessibility restaurants is just the tip of an iceberg. All I want is for organizations to provide a more accessible environment. Imagine if I were to be left in the middle of KL, I sure would stuck there for God knows how long.

Some may not aware of this but on the bright side, if I were stuck, there are just too many good Samaritans who would not hesitate to help out. This is true, and I should be fair too, not just to criticize. I stick to what I said, Malaysians can be extremely caring bunch.

Nice to have you here btw, Jue. And glad you find my writings readable.


I tell you this sir. If there was such an offer, people from all walks of life would kill each other to be my aide-de-camp. And surely there are chicks to apply. So, I’m sorry guys, this anthony bourdain-wannabe prefers the fairer sex…kahkahh…

What about pinky, I hear? ever heard of 3some, I say.

Ina dearest,

Oh yes I did. We did!

There was one Saturday me and pinky went all the way and got them tapau-ud for dinner. We spent like 50 bucks worth of taco tao. We haven’t touched any taco tao since that night.

See ya Saturday, what say you?

Kak mariannie,

You are spot on la akak. Subject ni although relevant, to most of us mcm dah basi je. Dah berbuih-buih mulut tapi nothing much has been done. seminar, workshop ni lebih utk perabihkan duit JKM je.

Akak cuba imagine. The last time saya pegi solat jumaat was months ago. And guess what, itu pon sebab ada meeting dekat PLPP on Friday. Sorry cakap but masjid lain tak accessible. Kalao ada pon tok bilal pandang serong sebab takut tayar wheelchair kotor. So how?

*I was hoping to see ya dekat sunway tadi…PLPP punya booth ada la dua tiga org jaga.

Thanks, friends.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...
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sankochan said...

18 SG OR SX???

I'm innocent... cool down... like the chinese say, TA PAO~~

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo sandra,

what ta pao? isnt that take-away in cantonese meh? and while we're at it, just to double-check, what does 'fook' means in cantonese/mandarin/hokkien?

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Hehe...YO the mann!, not the man? :)

Jue said...

7th challenge - establishing a fully caring society and a caring culture, a social system in which society will come before self, in which the welfare of the people will revolve not around the state or the individual but around a strong and resilient family system.

Looks, this is the 7th challenge to be achieved by 2020. After years down the road since it had been launched in 1990s, I doubt as to whether we can achieved one of the outlined challenge. If 10-years back not much improvement can be seen and thus, I haven’t any clues what will be the result then... We’re always perceived as an excellent at churning out [an idea, drafting blue print and creating flowering words] but at the same we’re lack in execution and implementation.

The intention was rather good, well written and I also SMART [Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Agreed, Realistic & Time-bound] but the outcome is somewhat blurred? May be I am too pessimistic but with the crime rate keeps on increasing daily huh, and to some extend we tend to be much more skeptical towards people surrounding us…can we build a fully caring society of MY? Not only that, can we at least facilitate a convenient infrastructure for people like Kerp and gang, the blind people, etc….


jack said...
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jack said...
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Kerp (Ph.D) said...

jack...camni. bukan aku nak lari dari komen2 ko...aku nak kumpul apa ko tulis pastu nanti aku publish kat blog aku..lagipon benda ni menurut kata ko utk mengingatkan, kan?

jack said...
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jack said...

bila i baca blog u nie kan,i rasa u nie memang mulut ur girl can stay wit u?u tk guna ur brain when u talk.u think all people like u..

anfield devotee said...

brudder kerp: firstly, I already told you on me blog, 'fook' in mandarin means 'blessed'. Oooh, the irony . . .

And how bout the suggestion you volunteer yerself as makan host? There are worst jobs you could be stuck with!

And maybe you could suggest a small icon on the screen to denote accessibility, seeing you are a, ahem, "celebrity" of sorts these days. . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bala, yes i read that in your blog but just to double check with a chinese. haha...