Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flushing Down Another Myth

Its December, and its simply that time of the year again when you get invited to a wedding on every weekends. Yea man, I’ve got like almost weekly. In fact, I attended one way before December began.

Just to flush down another myth, I can’t resist but to highlight on this one particular wedding. The groom was of course, a very close friend of mine, and he’s on a freakin’ wheelchair, taking the plunge with an able-bodied woman. Couldn’t be sweeter than that. The bride’s a nurse so no prize in guessing where they first met.

I was not his best-man for the day but prior to the groom’s side reception, we got closer as the wedding date nears. I was asked to accompany him and his dear wifey to as far as Melacca to extend an invitation to our best friend there, another cacat fella on wheelchair.

And so a week later, the wedding-do took place as planned, just like any other. The dais, kompang, good food, jokers, loud music and all things necessary for wedding events are well equipped. Surprise, surprise, there was no father-in-law creating a scene with a machete in hand and shits like that. His in-laws are receptive-bunch. Nor there was any ambulance on stand-by incase the groom suffers any mental problem and start to go bananas and requires emergency attention from them paramedics to be sent immediately to the nearest nuthouse or something like that. What do you think? He’s on wheelchair for goodness’ sake, and NOT mentally deranged.

Not that I’m trying to prove anything. The picture below tells a thousand story.

And yet I still get this one narrow-minded fool telling otherwise. Whatever dude. Coming from an idiot, don’t ever expect me to take in all the advice and listen to all the crap he has to say. Get bent.

I may not be able to walk but that does not mean I cant love or be loved. Does not mean I can’t earn a living or incapable of protecting my loved ones. And get this, when insulted, don’t expect me to take the kick lying down. We have our rights, and lefts too. If you think I’m an easy prey, then go ahead, just don’t go running back home and tell your dear mommy you were not warned.

My only wish, as everyone may have figured by now, is to get married and God willing, protect her from any harm. In the first place, it is not about who protecting whom. Its never about she takes care of the financial department for being the able-bodied between us. Its not about her doing all the things for me. We’re in it together, obviously its about us, TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER. Simple as that.

For the record, Tok Mommy was also at the wedding reception.


PrincessJournals said...
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PrincessJournals said...

Is this a hint tht u guys are getting married too? ;)
anyways, congrats to them.

anfield devotee said...

Have every hope that things will work out well fer you soon. You too can join us married guys & share our traumas & problems - the constant nagging, the bullying & the basic balls-in-a-fooking-vice scenario.

Yer time will come & yer blog will be one long rant bout yer loss of freedom. . .

He he only (half) joking!

Kata Tak Nak said...

what the AD said is true. Hope to welcome you to the club. I believe the day will come.
I hope you not been only writing about it. I hope you have also been trying your butt out getting this dream realise. Just talking wouldn't do you know.
Are her parents ready to accept you yet? If not, what are you doing to rectify this?
My prayers ate with you and I am sure you have plenty of friends here who are willing to lend you their ears and ideas. Heck we are also willing to join the rombongan meminang if you asked. Go on bro, never give up.

Akmal said...

hi there. Saw you in many comments pages already. Sorry I didn't took a click on it. I am here via Daphne Ling.
You are right. Love is a liberty to all. It is not I am in love...yet...hahaha. But hey, that is just the thing(",).
Have a good time(",)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I wish! But sadly, no. not in the near future at least. Not sure when the day would be, if there was gonna be any. Sad.

On a happier note, lunch time is approaching. Woohoooo!


You’ve never failed to amuse me mann…on this occasion, you freaked me out but cant help laughing my fooking crippled ass’s off. I’ve had a preview of it nothing beats the real deal right? I’m game for it nonetheless.

At least I wont have my blog on idle mode for too long.


Whoa….a red devil agrees with a kop ahead of this weekend’s bash…haha..i’m such a firestarter.

Ok seriously sir, I’ve done everything that both of us could possibly think of but all the turns we made reaches dead ends. We’ve tried all means but to no avail. Eloping is never an option. Unless I can walk again, the answer is gonna be a definite no.

But its very heartening to know I have you guys I can count on. You bet, cikgu, if there is a llight at the end of the tunnel, you guys will be on the top of my invitation list. Thanks.


Salam bro. yea, you’ve seen me around huh> whoring on every single blog I could get my hands on.

I presume you’re not married. At least I have a blogging-buddy in the same boat.

Just in case you have no idea what the hell I was writing about, feel free to click on a few postings I did somewhere here in Let’s Go Land.

Thanks man…and you’re welcome again.

MaryKate said...

Kerp, its not the OKU that we are afraid of it's the OKU otak that we are very afraid of, not only mentally deranged but demented and sick, and some actually runs the country. As for the JACKass, he didnt come back right? So, he chickened out as expected.

As for your big day, dont worry, it will come and I am sure you'll need a very big jamuan seeing you have to invite family, friends and bloggers like us, so count me in ok, everything is very possible, cheerio :)

kl_gal said...

You are an inspiration to many, including me. Dont let some coward who hides behind the the "anonymous tag" tell you otherwise.

Pi Bani said...

Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Tuhan. You never know. It doesn't matter if you're OKU or not. Ada orang yang OK pun tak jugak kawin-kawin...

waterlily said...

My bro Kerpie,
I hope someday I can see you and Pinky with the same's nice isn't it?
Insyaallah your sis will pray for you.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


You bet, I’m counting everyone in, and you’re definitely on the top list. BUT of course if it will ever take place. Fingers crossed.

This posting wasn’t meant for anyone in particular. Just an attempt in getting the message across. But as the saying goes, ‘siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas’.

Thanks, sister.


Hey there. nice having you here, all the way from the US, right?

You know, a year ago, never have I thought I’d put a smile on someone’s face, let alone to inspire a soul. Its flattering to say the least but I’d be glad to share my experience if it could serve as a tool in helping others emotionally.

As for that anon fella, he can say whatever he wishes to, I’ve got many other stuff to mind about.

Thanks for dropping by!

Kak Pi,

insyaAllah. Moga2 masin la mulut akak tu. Yea, I will never know, perhaps God will open up the heart of those who are concerned. Macam akak kata la, jodoh di tangan Tuhan. Ada yg lebih teruk tapi jodoh dtg awal…that’s just how God make things work.

Kak mariannie,

insyaAllah, sister. Mcm kak Pi, moga masin la mulut akak. Yes, the thought of me in that picture is lovely. But if only…I will always remember your words akak. Don’t ever stop praying for us. You’ve been through it, forget me never!

Akak, that guy in the picture was formerly attached with PLPP too. tak kenal?

Bailey said...


love is grand. dont worry, your time will come.

p/s how r u? hope eeverything's ok.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


indeed. thanks, sis.

hey, how have you been yourself? busy with reporting and stuff huh. been awhile since i last saw you. hope you're doing great there.

Botak said...


You are spot on.

Love is a many splendor thing, as someone so memorably put it though it needs 'accept and give' at all times. It calls for compromising the right way, even mundane stuff like how you squeeze the toothpaste tube. Most of all, it demands 'sharing and caring' for each other.

I can only wish you well in this most important task of your life.

jack said...
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Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Botak, sir,

I’ve learned quite a number of things along the years but one of the most significant ones are exactly that. Caring and Sharing. At times, I could be a pain in the ass but that’s how I pick things up, learning from mistakes. I’m just blessed to have someone who basically believes in the same idea of how caring and sharing should be all about.

But come what may, I’m game.

Thanks for the well wishes, sir. I needed that really. how has it been with you, btw? been a while since you were here. but always a pleasure, no doubt.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Wei jack,

Apa ko cakap ni mat? Aku tak paham. Apa kata ko pakai je bahasa melayu, kan senang.

Senang cite mcm ni je lah, apa aku buat dalam hidup aku, takde kena mengena dgn hidup ko. Kalo ko ikhlas nak menyibuk, tunjukkan diri ko tu. Tegur aku dgn baik sebab aku takde sifat amarah dalam hati, kecuali kalo dipijak.

Antara aku masuk minang ke tak ke tu urusan aku. Ko tak pyh sibuk. Kalo tak paham sgt ko baca komen2 dlm posting aku yg khas utk ko aku tulis kat bwh. Ko kata aku takut, yg enko plak? Berani belakang computer je. Tak payah nak cite bnyk, nak bagi komen, antara kutukan atau sokongan, bagi yg membina. Kata2 sampah aku tak terima.

Terima kasih.

jack said...
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jack said...
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Kerp (Ph.D) said...


abis yg ko tu tinggi sngt budi bahasa? kalo kwn2 aku cuma kenal aku luaran je, mcm ko ni kenal aku lbh dariaku kenal diri sendiri.

dgr sini, kalo ko ni ahli keluarga pinky dan ikhlas nak tegur, mesti ko ada nombor tepon dia. call je dia dan tegur cara baik dan bukan bg nasihat tinggalkn komen kat sini. tp tak, sbb ko seorang ahli keluarga dia yg tau nak condemn membabi buta je. mcm aku kata, kalo aku taknak terima nasihat ko yg ber element sampah, tu semua terpulang kat aku. yg ko nak sibuk apsal? buktikan je ko ni adik-bapak pinky, toksah sekadar memekak je.

kalo ko kata aku tak hormat mak/bapak dia, atas dasar apa?

ko tak payah la selindung sebalik computer tu. tunjukkan diri. bnyk kali dah aku repeat ayat tu kalo ko ikhlas. tp tak, ckp aku takut. abis ko tu apa?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

wei, camni je la. ko kata aku takut kan? jom jumpa kat mana2. cakap depan aku dgn pinky apa ko nak cakap sampai sibuk sngt? lg pon ko ikhlas kan?

jack said...
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jack said...
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jack said...
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MaryKate said... the midst of adversity and problems in the country, timbul pulak this coward, and kerp thanks for reminding on the language, it's a pain to read it. You dont have to justify to this moron (known or unknown to you), people like them are just jealous and spineless, spam him dont allow him to smear dirt here. Dont let him rile you mate,he's not worth your tahi hidung, let alone your time and energy..not worth it la bro. cheers up anyway:)

jack said...
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jack said...
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MaryKate said...

en jack,tak perlu sokong, cuma perlu hormat pendirian dia saje, kalau tak puas hati, cakap dengan kerp terus terang, habis cerita.

jack said...
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constant_drama said...

How is it that people ae getting married left right front centre sideways and I still dont have a boyfriend?...This is BS.

And oh Kerp, I'm baaack.

And Jack, why dont you just hurry along and throw yourself off a bridge and die drowning. After you're dead, please do proceed to hell. Kthxbye.

Anonymous said...


Aku tak takut menghadapi kau, walau siapa pun kau. Sebab kau bukan tuhan. Yang aku tahu kau bukan mak bapak aku. Kalaupun kau kata aku kenal 'sangat' dengan kau, ko ingat kitorang takut ke? Berdepanlah, jangan berani tulis saja. Pengecut!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Hey, thanks there. couldn’t agree more. he’s just a worthless shit society ought to ignore. This is how a coward would normally go about with their MO. Typical narrow-minded moron with nothing better to do.

Why I say he’s a coward. Its so obvious. He only makes noise behind his anonymity. And yet had the guts to give shitty advice. What did he expect? Me to graciously accept it? see…he’s a moron isnt it?

Thanks once again marykate. You’re such a friend indeed.


Welcome back girl! Wow, its been 2 weeks already huh?

Much has been said about this stupid little prick. He sure knows how to write a lot but they’re all worthless shit. A PILE OF DUNG.

Suddenly we have such asshole in our society. I bet he’s only one of very few pig-like human eating on crap to live. Such pathetic loser.

I could go on and on but I’ll save my energy for something much2 mbetter than to give a shit on this shithead.

Thanks CD.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Wei mat,


Wei beruk, tak payah nak cuba gertak aku. Tak jalan la bodo. Kalo ye ko ni adik/bapak pinky, apsal tak tegur je depan muka dia? Ni buat cara pondan tegur belakang.

Ko ingat ko sape nak nasihat aku? Ko expect aku akan terima nasihat dari org yg entah dtg dri mana tiba2 nak tunjuk pandai. Silap la weii.

Malu sendiri? Cakap je la. Ko ni mmg mcm tong kosong.

Wei bodoh…dah la…elok lagi ko pegi buat keje ko sendiri dari nak jaga tepi kain org lain. Ko mmg tak jealous tp ko sakit hati/dengki. Ko tulis la bnyk mana pon aku takkan terima walau sikitpon….sampah semata2. pegi mamposss…

Kamil said...

rilek kerpie..

lu toksah ambik pusing kat mamat pukimak anak haram nih...pengecut. mak dier pelacur.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hihi...nice one kamil. apa cite, bro?

PrincessJournals said...

kerp, jgn layanlah orang2 macam tu. delete aje comment2 yg tak berfaedah. biarlah dia dgn dunia dia and let god punish him for all his doings. tht is if he believes in god at all.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hi farina,

bukan nak layan sangat but its getting too personal to ignore. i know there's just no point in giving a poop on this poophead but some things needs to be straighten.

sorry that i need to moderate your comment, farina. but i can assure you yours and all friends' will be published unedited. thanks.

Anonymous said...

nice. nicely said. didnt know you blog! well, hope all is well, and from what i've read so far, you're doing good.
i'm sure we all hope for the best for you. will wait for your next post, entitled : LETS GO GET MARRIED!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

a short one would do. anything. looking forward to it.