Monday, July 21, 2008

Change your lifestyle: Dump Proton for Merc


I know I’m on borrowed computer (still) but the temptation of forwarding some piece of my mind regarding the Mercedes fiasco in the east-coast state was just simply overwhelming.

First read it at Kata Tak Nak and Rocky and I thought its gotta be another hearsay until this morning when the MB came out with the statement naturally to defend the state government’s move.

Apparently the move was made after they’ve studied every angle and the most frugal way to pamper the state’s exco and senior official members is to, GET THIS, buy them an E200 Kompressor each, which totalled up to RM3.43m for 14 units.


How in the world will this ‘clever’ idea save any cost?

Oh well, it does make sense, doesn’t it…to the MB at least.

After all you can’t expect the excos to turn down on such move now that they’ve got a Mercedes Kompressor each to show off. Besides, its good enough keep their mouth shut.

The MB cited an example where one fella had to fork out RM50000 just for repair during his 3 years driving a Perdana, and hence the need to switch to Merc.

Shit man, did this guy actually use the Perdana to drive or what?

Here I have family member and a few friends driving a Perdana V6 and trust me, all of them have been using the same vehicle for more than 6 years now and apart from minor repairs the cars are very much in top-notch condition.

Get real mr MB. If Perdana- or any cars for that matter- are well maintained and taken care of, the car can last a life-time.

If the MB thinks local cars are crap, I think the excuses given are even crappier.


Pi Bani said...

Kalau depa nak cut costs suruh depa beli kereta macam my car... tak banyak telan minyak... road tax RM20... and as long as we take good care of it, dia pun taklah high maintenance sangat. With my house visits and all, puas juga I gasak kereta tu - okay je lagi.

Cakap aje lah terus-terang nak tukar kereta pasal nak tunjuk status... almaklum... dah jadi YB... Yang Boros...

anfield devotee said...

C'mon kerp, how can you expect our GREAT ministers & VIPs to travel around in a fooking perdana la . . .

Mana boleh dude?

They have already made a sacrifice by NOT opting to use a Bentley or Roller fer their official functions. Benzo kira ubah gaya hidup for dem la bro.

fergie said...

Ya la .. agree with anfield devotee .. mana boleh be seen driving a lowly perdana. Got so much money flowing in so why not spend? However, the guy said they are not using petronas to buy .. whose money they use? Own money ah?

arsaili said...

salam...dia org ckp tak serupa bikin ker

Anonymous said...

Jatuh la standard pakai kete tempatan, apa kelasss...

Pala hotak dorang!

Aku pakai kete sama 10 tahun pun tak kecoh, nak nampak baru sket, gi anta cat. Abis cita...

Lebih-lebih lagi perkara yg berkaitan dngn rakyat, takyah la bermewah sangat... jadi 'isu' jer nanti!

shiver said...

YB Ahmad bribe 13 chaps.
did the other PAS Adun get a car too?

malaysia boleh, lead by terengganu state government, when penang state govt give RM100 to poor family and scrap new cars, here comes UMNO -Terengganu happily tightening their belts...

patutlah DYMM Sultan Mirzan tak nak bagi datokships to anyone this year.

beta murka or in our terms, pist off.

M.Kate said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello's crap to the max!! Come on!! Of course it cost RM50K to repair the Perdana, RM5 to the workshop and 45k to the exco. Get real!! Nobody repairs for 45k at all. So sad, such bullshit is happening while so MANY people are suffering. Kerp, I know many people digging into their meagre savings due to the fuel increase and they couldn't get compensation or pay increase, and pay increase is something almost all of us can kiss goodbye nowadays with our tumbling economy. This Ahmad Said ought to be shot! More oxymorons on the loose..and to think that you, me and the rest of the world are so darn stupid to buy their bullshit! haiya..gone case la malaysia :(( MK

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Yo! Since when do you know the Sarkas to be prudent over any matter? They suck from day one and will continue to do so till the world end...or they themselves.

Life's Like That said...

I am no big expert in automobiles but buying the Merc will save cost in the long-run??? What abt now? Buying the same amt of Perdanas now will only cost 1.4m! Totally ridiculous! The Sultan of Trengganu must be seething now. It was his choice anyway! Throw out one rotten egg and another one takes over!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

Hehehe…Yang Boros. That’s original la kak Pi. But yea, if they are truly sincere at saving, even a Perdana is luxurious to me. Just get a Kenari or even a waja; reliable and economical. Tapi ye la, mana ada standard pakai kete local.

Bala ji,

Ok, let me get this straight; in order to cut cost, they have to forget about the Ferraris and Bentleys and settle for Mercedes Benz instead…boo fucking hooo…

Aunty fergie!

Ya lah, they spent the money taken from their own coffers? Not sure what this fella means. I doubt its from their own pocket for sure.


Wsalam. Bukan setakat cakap tak serupa bikin je, nak kencing rakyat tapi berterabur.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Abah aku pakai keta waja dah bertahun2 tapi repair takde la sampai beribu-ribu. Tu semua nak cakap je nak sejukkan hati rakyat. Oleh itu aku setuju dgn kau, bahawa KEPALA HOTAK DIORANG…kihkih…


Tuanku murka. His birthday celebration was done on a much smaller scale, could be a sign of protest over the merc saga and ofcos, to prove to the state government there’s nothing wrong to be prudent.

Its pathetic. The mb obviously has a penchant for luxury items.


This mb fella can fool his party supporters bcos whatever they did seems like a brilliant move. 50k to repair a perdana is real bollocks. And he thinks everyone buys his story? Fat chance.


To settle with a merc instead of Bentleys and Ferraris is considered thrifty enough to them. So much for changing our lifestyle, these people spends like mad.

Yo gavin,

Me neither. Never an expert in automobiles but even that cant fool me into thinking it’ll save a lot. By taking one stupid example they opted for a much expensive car.

I’m not blaming the Sultan tho. This was solely the state gomen’s decision. They only cares for what they lusted for. Period.

Jon-C said...

Come to think of it, it ain't painting a nice picture on Potong's quality right? Kekekeke, replace problematic local cars with imported Mercs and say it's cheaper in the long run? Even i couldn't come out with that brilliant idea. Muahahahaha i smell a rat.

senorita.. said...

OMG,someone need to smack their heads with some one sided old selipar found in the drain.

mozisgod said...

tuan kerpRIC,

dude, thus far i've forcefully shied (shy-ed?) away from ranting anything conclusive about the current sosiopolitico situation at hand; then again when have i ever right, putting down anything conclusive i mean? either in the gnarly LGL or the equally gnarly FFS..mwahhaha. i guess its an option of self-delusion which i have dementedly chosen. to keep tellin' myself "go on mate, tomorrow's another day", and all that motivational napoleonhill crap. *sigh* sorry, i retract, he's not crap.

but this piece. what happened right here in me backyard, really struck a nerve close to the bone. especially to most of me home-bred colleagues who mostly have a salivaful to say about the event during lunch. and i dun farkin blame them in any way.

point in question: why?

wtf would one need to ejaculate to the extent of deserving such hilly returns?

won a state election? *sigh*. chief, will not launch into that spiel. thats an entirely separate issue altogether.

i mean fer cryin out loud mate, i'm not one too yelp or harp on matters of such nature, due to the abovementioned purposefully installed self-delusion, but all this has led me on the path of
a narrow sperm-stained path either:-

a) they still haven't learned;
b) they know, but just couldn't give a flyin fark;
c) DOH! - they've just decided to adopt homerian principles; OR
d) some merc car dealer came over and popped by to dangle the carrot a wee bit and try his luck.

and my angled butt keeps proddin on (a), in the context of what more can you do to piss-off people? look i'm not saying, no guts no glory. status, impression, looks and what not, it does plays it role, particularly in somewhat myopic society of ours, but thing is - why the whole lot la? i understand buying just the one would stir up a bountiful mutiny (*cough*cough*), but still it just seems they couldn't care less about the opinion of the general public - which ironically enough, plays an unequivocal role in the status, impression look that they're buyin into.

macha, i came in this morning and the general outlook of the office was rather bleak. decided to knock on the door of one of me managers, a born and bred tranung. said what's up bro? he recollected the events and summmed it perfectly.

pegi sorang, kemari laghi sekor.

and i couldn't agree with him more. what irks me more is this, ironically bro, contrary to the populist bumi/non-bumi "share of the cake" debate, what worries me is this - the nerving view of folks really needin' it not getting it over at the east coast. some of them pretty smart youth/kids with a good head screwed on, with bright prospects and dizzy heights, i'm sure, if molded in the right direction. integrated and exposed. not parked in a tight nook n' cranny just because his dad
supported a different outfit.

okay i'm veerin' off on tangent here again. ma point here is this:

they still haven't learned.

yers appreciatively,

p.s. wonder what next election is gonna be like? good night dude, and have a great week ahead.

p.s.-ing 1 caught "unbound" last week. NICE ONE:))

Tinesh said...

Diaorang ingat kita tarak pandu kereta ka? Lancau..Wira and Perdana are proven to be the best cars ever to come outta the shitbag called Proton.

50k for a repair means d fler is taking the car for more than a ride..Use the car like a bangbus aso where got 50k repair? Might as well buy a new car what..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


To me its simple- the mb can tell all his grandmother’s story but the truth is out- a menteri besar thinks local-made cars suck. This is contrary to what his bosses believe. He’s in deep shit, this guy.

Hermosa muchacha,

Cant wait to see what his bosses have to say. This idea of purchasing benzos in replace of perdanas is simply dumb, especially with the rising cost of living. Sometimes I wonder what runs through this guy’s head. True la, a smack on the head with a selipar jepon may spew unused brain cells.


What kerpric bro? I am now kerpie nasri…hehehehehe…

Ok, on a serious note, the keyword is, yes they haven’t learned. After all the fracas his bosses had to deal with from the masses, he screwed it up by spending luxuriously. You’ve said it extremely well enough and I can only concur with you. With this attitude that an mb possesses, I really don’t mind a repeat of 98.

• thanks for reading Unbound, brother. No big deal to some, but it is to me. Duit masyuk la geng.


Bro, no matter what people say about them proton cars, it has done great service to my family. Me dad owns proton cars for as long as I can remember, the latest being a 7 year old waja. Apart from minor repairs, its still in tip-top state.

That cibai fella could have participated in rally races to be spending such huge amount to repair.

Don’t need a merc for a bangbus episode. Even kancil can produce backseat babies.

Salt & Turmeric said...

tht guy punyalah nak menipu to cover up on why he bot the mercs, in the end he's putting himself in bigger problem.

dahlah kata proton not good, to whc i beg to differ. i drove satria 1.6 before and besides minor prob, it was a great car. maint. is cheap too.

2ndly he said it cost 50k to maintain a less-than-4yr-old car. he's gonna have to explain why does it cost tht much for maint fees on a perdana? unless dia letak steering emas lah!

in any case, buying a merc to cut cost is the MOST ridiculous cover-up story iv ever heard! Like Tinesh said, apa diorang ingat kita ni tak bawak kereta ke apa? bangang!!!!!

Life's Like That said...

Kerp : I meant the Sultan must b frustrated with his decision to elect that MB. I m not blaming him for d state govt's decision.

Senorita : One sided old selipar found in the drain? U miss M'sia don u? Haha!

Kopite78 said...

Kerp!!! I was one of the many that wanted you to be the next PM so that I can be in your cabinet. You can't expect me to drive around in a Perdana.

I want BMWs!!!!!!!!!! Every single Series!!!

jaflam said...

Hai Kerp,
It’s difficult to change Old Bad Habit of lavishly spending people money. If he has to fork out his own money maybe he buys Savvy or MyVi.

Sorry for the Terengganu people to have such MB. Sangat memalukan !!!

senorita.. said...

what? unused brain cells? i'm not sure they even have useful brain cells at all..

LLT,yes, i miss nasi lemak terribly.. n satay

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


My girl friend drives a satria too and I just gotta agree ith you. After close to 10 years, the car is still in great condition. If they are indeed sincere of saving cost, why not switch to myvi for example. If the opposition aduns and mps still drives their 10 year old car, I don’t see any reason for the state gomen to splash.


Got it. This fella should feel ashamed especially towards the sultan.

Surin my man,

You’re definitely a DPM-material la boss. That’s it, only the best for my cronies. A beemer each for your immediate family members and in-laws…hehehehe…

Dato j,

Not sure If its an old habit. More like a culture-shock. Funds are available for use, so to him might as well splash a bit.

Hermosa muchacha,

Hehehehe…a mutant-like MB? A strong possibility.

akuani said...


I have to stop and think here for a moment ... were these buggers driving the Perdanas or smashing them to smithereens (I mean seeing as how most people these days drive!)

Rolls eyes are the excuse given ... I swear really sometimes I think these politicians really believe their crappy shit like education policies have finally culled the thinking Malaysian.

Next year, it'll be the Bentleys, Jag and Rolls man ... because long term they are cheaper than repairing a Merc or something like that ...

Now how to I manage to change my aging Kia Rio without having a cardiac arrest first?????

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


the said MB should read all wrath after this little saga he had created. he should realise by now the move to show off was a bad one.

you made your point clearly. they should just purchase the bentleys and jags for long-term cost-cutting. in fact they should start finding buyers for the mercs now bcos they claimed to be far-sighted gomen. everything should start from now!