Friday, July 4, 2008

Seasonal Grandmother's Story

Bloody hell this has gone way too far. I REALLY HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ALL THESE HIDEOUS LIES.

The current fiasco is way too bitter to chew on. Why the hell everyone should believe in hearsay is a real puzzle. And now people tend to believe that a ridiculous amount of cash were involved as part of whatever fuck the deals are going on currently.

Supporters from both sides of the fence cant be fooled by all the talks any longer…


My advice to those irresponsible bastards is to stop all these bullshit and totally lay off of him.



In the mean time, Barca and Milan can kiss a certain frenchman's derriere!



Tinesh said...

ROFLMAO literally!! hahaha I thot someone damn pist la but maan!!!

monsterball said...

He can stay there .but Arsenal will loose again..simply because...there is no complete team work...or a team...only.. with pockets of talents.
Arseen Wenger is diplomatic and smart...not to offend his players....pulling all to play...but Sir Alex... will sack anyone...not listening to him.

monsterball said...

And when they play very well...Arsenal and Liverpool are darlings of bookies.
Manchester United is truly the devils in disguise...but they will not give up the Cup...or certain matches to bookies.
I hate betting...supporting MU. Bookies can make betters loose money..yet MU still achieve their points.

monsterball said...

And if you vent out so much frustrations over present poitical situations...your cock will not stand and Pinky will suffer.
Why make her suffer?

anfield devotee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kata Tak Nak said...

I am with you man. Er poachers are everywhere man.

anfield devotee said...

If the amount is above 20m, sell la. Wenger always pulls off a bargain from somewhere unlike some who just FOOKING BUY their way to success (am not talking bout chelsea here . . .)

Anba said...

Balaji:- 20m Mana boleh but above 27m bolehkot hehehe

Come hell or high water...arsenal will win...Arsenal No Complete TeamWOrk huh?...ermmm are you sure you're talking bout Arsenal not Chelsea...hehehe...
Alex is a Dick Tator...heheeh..
am sure Kerp will agree..cheers mate

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

T man,

Ofcos la I’m pissed. Pissed at them barca and Milan. They should lay off la, especially arsenal’s men…season in season out they’ll come bugging at the door.

Mr goh,

I’m not buying it anymore. Your claim that matches were rigged are baseless. This aint no m-league la boss. The bookies cant buy BPL players. Period.


Them poachers are mostly from serie A and la liga…and one from London; Chelsea…kihkihh…


You shouldn’t have deleted what you initially said la. Its ok really.

*wenger’s asking price is not less than 35m euro. If they cant match it then too bad, go fly a kite or something.


Yea man, adebayor’s a proven goal-scorer. If they want him than show us nothing less than 30m.

*now everyone’s having a dig at CSKA London…heheh…I wonder why la…but that arshavin sure to sign for them.

minah said...

alamak bro

soccer ke??

kak minah blurr le..

alar, citer lain lar pulak

boring lar game ni, bro.

Life's Like That said...

35m! Ridiculous! Just like Chelsea is rumoured to be prepared to offer Liverpool 80m for Torres! If they do, grab and run Rafa!

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Not to worry. You were rite to suggest me shouldn't be wasting me breath with moronic scummers. Sounds like he wouldn't have the barin cells to digest wat me said. Fook him . . .

As fer yer own comments fer Barca to leave you alone. Come off it!!! Fooking rich coming from cradle snatchers like yerselves. You guys pissed em off with pinching Cecs, now face the consequences la . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak minah,

Alaa, tak selalu cite bola…ok promise pas ni cite upskirt pulak, ok? Hehehe…


I believe wenger knows the exactly value of players. Just like he wouldn’t part a certain amount for oba, no way he’s letting go ade for less than what he’s valued at.


Different case la joe. We got cesc as an academy player,just like every English clubs pinch us. And barca will without fail, snooping on our men every bloody season. These fuckers successfully managed to lure many with crazy amount of money. And this has happened every single season now. Very annoying la really…

minah said...

lorr bro

situ pulak dahh..



monsterball said...

I repeat...who are the best Malaysian gamblers? Who are the bookies?
Who control entertainment Malaysia?
You see...only the Malaysian Chinese...and here...I am trying so hard to educate you all...dare to go against teacher....asking for trouble...with famous monsterball?
Read my lips!!....Arsenal will not win 2009 English League Cup.....all planned already.....hahahahahahahaa
Who invented majong game...and can gamble with two stones...found on road side?
But one thing.I can tell all of you.....bookies are not after Malaysian small time gamblers.
Big are complusive..idiotic Chinese from China...making it rich...don't know how to Malaysians..but gamble away...all their profits.
They never regret....except work much make more profits...covering looses of yesterdays..and start all over again.
These are the darlings of bookies.
And most games are fixed!!
Don't you all read papers?

Mat Salo said...

Brader.. I too am sick and disgusted. Good thing my net service on the ship has gone kaput so my damage from the 'shit-slinging' is limited. Ini pun composing off line, masuk thumbrive pastu illegally pakai client's line.

Good for Anthony to made exco. But you'd make a better one bro'. Especially when you let the expletives let fly... he...

Adebayor.. gem. But methinks Arsenal will rise again as the bookies will favor them next. Heh..

Bro' are you wheeling to KJ? (Kelana Jaya I mean, no I dun mean to put u in harms way bro, sodo mee or no sodo mee)

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Yo! Where were you just now? Didn't you hear your name being chanted at the stadium earlier this morning?

Anonymous said...

Football aside (you know I have no interest), was reading your previous posts. Our politics..ah, turning into a real circus. So sick of the rubbish news which are bombarded to us everyday, really fed up and sick of it. I know there's a rumour up north that a multi-national company will be re-locating to Vietnam..and that's stale news for most people, more re-location and no new investments. So, a lot of people is going to be jobless soon! Already know many people suffering due to the fuel and food price hike! And our politicians goons cum morons are fighting everyday. It's certainly doomsday for all of us. I can't even see clearly how the country's economy's going to pick up, be thankful if it doesnt slide into the mud! And this is going to a looooooooooooong journey to our country's self destruction! ciao for now and take care! MK

Anonymous said...


as any good ol' selangor fan would sing back in the heydays..

"jangaaan tungggu laaamaa-laamaaa..
nanttiiii lamaaaa-lammaaaa
diye diambillll

except in this context, it would have been directed smack on the lips of one
monsieur mananger le'haute coutre..erh..

:)))) mwahhahahhahah
keep on ranting' mate.


p.s. agreed dude. get a good price just sell the fella bro. really would have to vomit blood to admit this; but wenger? he has knack of tappin' up real gems *sigh*.. case in queston:
fabregas, flamini (sold), henry, viera, wiltord, cole (sold)..oh yeah.. then this one guy whom i thought had been hugely underrated, but as player of the game - respect - pires.

although, i do see a similar trait in the likes of one senor ramoz; especially in his handpickin of players during the transfer window and the summer transfers, lets not be hasty in sugarpuffin expectations - which in the case of my team, almost, always, ends up notorious
tragedy. (tuan kerpov? please shut up - yes in case you have not noticed (which i think you may already have yes "good ol' sol" has been purposefully left out :))) )

p.s.-2 heard keano has put in his transfer papers. guess who's bidding for him then? grrrrr..reds pulak..*sigh*..just hope crouch does come the other way.

Anonymous said...

i meant crouch
does not
come the other way
*no offence-i still think even the reds will be better off without him*
hugely overrated.


mekyam said...

hi Kerpie!

no connection with this entry, just want to say i saw yr pix at the all blogs do and realized it's been a while since i said hi. :D

did you have a good time at bloghouse?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak minah,

Abih nak kemana pulak? Hihi…

Mr goh,

Sorry boss, for the umpteenth times I cant agree with you. You had believed the bookies took over and rigged the games last season and went on to say arsenal to clinch the title. You were way of the mark.

Mas Salo!

Whoa, rare appearance from the swamp. Hope you’re doing good as always brother.

Anthony deserved it. He has fought hard for the community and with his power, the situation will certainly improved. Aku nak jadi counselor macam Thelma boleh la kot….kihkih…

*I don’t believe EPL has ever been rigged in recent times.

*I was too beat to join the guys. Went for the bloggers get-together do the previous night and got home only after 2am. After all it was sundat la mat, cant miss my weekly nasi lemak.


Trust me shah, I was near-by the stadium, a mere kilometers away, enjoying my weekly ritual. Read above…hehehhehe


It was good that Marina started the ball rolling, and rocky took the cue. By boycotting the political bickering that’s been clouding our nation, finally that fella on top snaps up from his deep slumber to start and think of the people. We’re getting fed up don’t we? Regardless of which side you’re inclined to, the fracas has got to take the back seat and people’s interest takes number ONE priority.


Bro, honestly I don’t think arsenal cant afford to lose ade. We need his physical present in the penalty box. He was after all the most improved player in the premiership last season.

Rumour has it wenger is eyeing oba. Too short la this fella.

*yea, heard it too man. Keane to anfield and turns into another bellamy.

*Saturday on, macha!!!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hi mekyam!

yea, its been a while since i saw your name anywhere for that matter!

where have you been la sister?

the do was a real blast, but if only i had won the LG phone from the lucky draw, the bash would have been assplosive! kihkih...

its high time you to join us sometime. do make it a point at least, in the not-too-distant- future.

thanks sis. glad to have you in here again.

KLConfidential said...

My darling,

Thank you for coming to the All Blogs 100 Days event last Saturday. In fact, you were one of the first people there.

I'm sorry i didn't spend that much time with you but you being there made it so special.

(Ayat power tak?)

Thanks for coming ya..

We should chill sometime..


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yatie, hun!

hey, thanks for crossing over. i had a blast. having you and veej around adds to the merriment. so good to have met you guys again. you looked gorgeous that evening. damn vijay, he's one lucky bastard.

yes, we really should chill again sometime soon.


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