Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Shit

They were one of the coolest things to ever embrace the youth of the nation back during its peak in circa 92-94. When most teenagers were into post-Justice Metallica, some of us kids found a punk rock band much cooler to dig on, with a local flavour.

Proud to shout out I was one of those kids who would tag along with the band around town performing in underground shows, most notably at Live Centre together with the usual suspects namely The Pilgrims, The Splatters, Subculture, Lovely Ugly Carnivals, Chronic Mass and a few friends from down under; Force Vomit, Stompin’ Ground and Swirling Madness to name a few.

Now they’re back in the news and this time the whole nation turns their head, amid for the wrong reason- the legendary Carburetor Dung.

Hold on, did I say for the wrong reason? You bet. The band (with a new line-up) played a set which was part of a rally organised by the opposition coalition, so naturally bad press from the MSM was something everyone could foresee it coming.

Apart from the incident last week however, I cant recount any other untoward occurrence as far as this band are concerned. Well, not to my knowledge at least.

But I will not budge from what I have always thought of them. Carburetor Dung will as usual go on doing their business at what they’re always best at- rocking the stage.

They may be famous now with their bahasa track Mari Nyanyi Menjilat but they’ll forever be remembered as the band responsible for producing some of the most anthemic punk rock numbers, one of them being the sing-along crowd-favourite Boohoo Clapping Song, featured in their debut Songs For Friends album way back in 1993.

Who cares that if it has never managed to climb up the local chart. The kids dug it, the airwaves can fucking kiss asses full of Dung.

Politics aside, to Joe Kidd and the lads, I tip my hat!

Boo Hoo Clapping Song - Carburator Dung


Kata Tak Nak said...

Boo hoo I am back. Too old for their kind of music but then for every genre there will always be a fan or fans.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Spoke to Joe Kidd the day after said event. Chided him that this was his own "Sex Pistols on Bill Grundy" moment!

He agrees that there is no such thing as bad press.

One criticism bout the Dung is that these fookers are slower than Dire fooking Straits when it somes to new albums. Punks aren't supposed to be lazy!

Bernard said...

"Punks aren't supposed to be lazy!"

In Bolehland, there's always a first for everything...punks even. Joe was lazy even in producing his Aedes fanzine. If you still have an original copy, bet it could be worth a buck or two...

anfield devotee said...

bernard: three fooking copies in 15 years! Probably a buck . . . might get change . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Welcome back.

This band has been around since 91 but lately they were in the news for the wrong reason.


Yea man, it took them 6 beladi long years after SFF to come up with Allure of Manure.

*unlike the bill grundy moment, CD was not given ample time to pack up. Not even 5 seconds!


Oh boy, cant remember the last time I read aedes last. If you had it, you can try to trade fanzine for oil…hehe…but the former can be priceless, especially the first issue.

Tinesh said...

too young for their music those days la..But yea definitely heard of CD, Force Vormit, The Pilgrims aaaaand Butterfingersssss..

minahtakbolehtidur said...

not my kinda music, bro

ain't a cool hipster lah

too indie for me

but if it's good

it's worth hearing ;)

i like Tracy Chapman

great underground singer

jaman kak minah ler

Anonymous said...

dear tuan kerpov,

*sighhh* force vomit, godz!!!!!

yu have yet again, opened up a can of worms:))).

he guess what i saw in the regular store i used to check out in kuantan, 2 days after the "jilat" incident, a re-relased version of the songs for friends LP on CD (at mid-price of course) on EMI, also saw a host of rereleases by other
u/g acts - notable the pilgrims...hmmmmmm..certainly the "grundy" incident it is.

dude, thanks for some reignitiion of worries. and you know what mate,
all those early afternoons in,
and late nights home?
no regrets mate
in any farkin

better to have force vomit's twangy chirp
than to have
nothin' at all.

yurs appreciatively,

p.s. one of me fav' track of all time, HC-punk or otherwise - swirilin madness' "WE ARE WHAT WE ARE!!!".
AND OH DUDE - OPPO PARTY...not so much for the music; but fer the mere look and
sneer. totally punk.

take care and see ya later bro.

Anonymous said...

sorry moz here hwhhwhhkekeee

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Butterfingers are one of the later bands. This was back in the early 90s.

Kak minah,

Yes, I’ve heard tracy’s stuff. Kinda ok but not my cuppa. Thanks for the link.


Hehe, CD has turned sex pistols! But nah, the former’s still around, only not been producing la.

Gotta agree with you on the OPPO PARTY. It wasn’t much of their stuff, but their appearance. Ramones-like? I mean, long hair, leather jackets…

*it was a pleasure meeting you guys, esp you la dei. Gotta do it again sometime soon.