Monday, July 28, 2008

I Love Mondays

Oh man, its only 1220am and I can barely open my eyes. The weariness is still very much felt, clouding my whole body system even after hours of afternoon siesta. Not gonna blame on the age factor, because I am still young and gorgeous but I believe its more like a wake-up call that I should go slow on my weekend’s routine-breaking shindigs.

Suffice to say my past weekends have not been short of activities. Invitations kept pouring in- dinners, reunions, lesbian orgies, bloggers get-togayther- and this round of weekend was no exception.

Time flies by when you’re having a good time but when you had a blast, you wish you could party on as if there’s no tomorrow.

Now that we’re well into the dreading start of the week, all the fun comes to a halt.

Its back to a dull, routine motion. Pressure starts mounting to get your job done and Friday seems like a century away.

Then we begin to moan, grumble and whinge on about everything that deems suck to one’s preference- Just because it’s a bloody Monday.

There in the ward meanwhile, we have someone dearly battling a dreadful Monday that will inevitably harm her body in some ways or another and here we moan for the workload which will in due course produces an income.

I mean, doesn’t sound right, does it?

It was only a couple of years ago when I gave a pal -with a respectable career, a salary comparable to a corrupted minister- some good piece of mind. He can go ahead and lust for all the good shit the world can offer but not swapping places with a quad like me so he could sleep through out the day and night.

No man, you wouldn't want that. A single ‘Amin’ to that and God could very well grant his wish and crippled his limbs at one stroke. And trust me, its not a pretty thing to be yearning for.

Now however, I’m guilty of that and a good reminder should snap me off from ultimately swallowing on my own words. Actually I’m culpable of everything under the sun, so its not a real surprise that I’m guilty of bitching mad at poor old Mondays.

Ungrateful bastards most of us are.


anfield devotee said...

Real party animal lah you kerpie.
Me? Just stayed home like a good headbanger. After all, not all of us lucky enough to be invited to lesbian orgies . . .

senorita.. said...

hahhahhahhaaa... AD beat me into saying that... the lesbian orgy bit.

anyway Kerp, r u trying to trick urself into believing that u love Mondays but naming ur post as such? tell me if it works.. he he

and yes, most people are ungrateful. why is it so hard to just say thank you and stay contented? hmmm.... it must be the stupid Hierarchy reasoned the clever Maslow..

enjoy ur weekdays..

btw, did u have fun at the gettogayther? =P

Anba said...

Les Bian Orgy...mana mana...? mcm mana saya blh lepas ini...

Pi Bani said...

Oh, I love Mondays too! It gives me to opportunity to look forward to the next weekend... :)

Zabs said...

Salam Kerp,
I love Mondays if it is a payday.

Life's Like That said...

Kerpie : You sure u didn't dream abt the orgy bit? If u did attend one, then I am going to smack u the next time we meet for not inviting errrr.......AD! Haha!

Senorita : Fuyoh! Maslow semua keluar. His hierarchy don really apply to Kerplah. For Kerp, 95% physiological needs. Haha again!

Tuan Kerp, jangan marah ya...

Jon-C said...

Fuiyoh bro kerph! I never liked Mondays as it's a pain to wake up for work after a crazy weekend. Hehehehe.

fergie said...

hehehe .. r u admitting u are an "ungrateful bastard"??? wild weekend eh? now i am wondering if u attended the orgy. This morning got "hangover" ah? Worth it la! Have a great week!

Me... Only Better said...

Now why would anyone feel so happy at being invited to a lesbian orgy?

They bring their own dildos what!

Why would they need a dick?

Zawi said...

The only day that I have to remember is Friday. That is because I have to go to the mosque for my Friday prayers. Any other days are the same to me. Don't you think I am lucky?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bala ji,

Why the hell would everyone buy such story really beats me la… Muahahaha…another trump-up story just to put some zest la boss. Was out drinking coffee at friend’s place. Nothing silly.


Lets get real, its just too good to be true. I’m just faking it, trying to be grateful, you know. Whether it works or not that besides the point. All of us gotta learn to be grateful in some ways or another.

*maslow blows. Couldn’t understand much of the chart. But I believe I belong to the lowest hierarchy- I needed all. Its basic necessity that keeps us breathing.

*no, I attended an official function actually…haha…nothing sexual.


Dude, you sure your future wifey aint reading our blogs ka brother? Because if she does, I better disassociate myself from you starting now…muahahahhaha…….

Kak Pi!

Couldn’t agree with you more. Actually the worst time of the week would be on Sunday night because the new week has not even started!

Pak zabs!

Maknanya pak zab setuju dgn cadangan kerajaan supaya gaji dibayar 2 kali sebulan. At least ada 2 isnin yang ditunggu2…hehehe…

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Haha, of course not man. If I had attended any, I wouldn’t be sharing it with the whole world now would I?

· as I pointed out to karen, I belong in the physiological group. It’s a fundamental necessity. Eat, fuck, crap and the cycles goes on.


Exactly my point bro. But there comes a time when something significant occurred, Monday seems not too bad a day to endure.

Aunty fergie!

Yes, I admit, haven’t been gratified with everything lately. When Raden was admitted last week and actually going for her chemo treatment today (Monday!), I thought we should at least be thankful to still be able to do our job.

*no there was no sexual activities took place over the weekend. Just a trump-up story I made up….hehehe…attended an official function actually, then proceeded to a friend’s house to chit chat over mugs after mugs of tea. A clean good fun that lasted till the wee hours.

Moi lady…

Unless he’s asexual, all guys would be happy to attend one. Trust me on that…and just to be an audience is as good as the actual action.

*everybody’s a gang there at mrt. Nothing to worry about. And again, you can trust me on this. Mark my words- the hosts and regulars there are all welcoming bunch. Unker Bernard will be there. So will the likesof elviza, rocks, tony (the emcee guy) and in no time you’ll feel very much part of the group. Just go!!

Pak Z,

Haha…yes you are sir. There was one time at some stage of my life I was being so care-free. Sundays were no different from Mondays. But the only diffrence is, you’ve accomplished so much to sit around leisurely while I have zero to shout about. It’s a good thing actually, that it motivates me to bounce and do something useful to myself.

thanks friends!

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Yo! You scare me bro! Culpable of anything under....? Man, that sounds scary! Remind me to warn muteaudio about this before its too late :)

Tinesh said...

Lucky trumped up story..IF you do get an invite to a lesbo orgy, MAKE SURE you dont forget me k?

Ahh the Maslow hierarchy..It doesnt class people bro, it classes our needs..Meaning that the thing we need the most is at the bottom la.. Gotta learn that damned pyramid for my psych classes..Babi betul la hehe

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

shah my man,

innocent till proven guilty!

Raz's a great friend incase you didnt know shah. aku nak tong minyak dia declined habis2. next time aku nak naik dgn dia lagi...hehehe...

T mon,

i only gotta know bout this maslow hierarchy thing about a month ago. dont know shit about it la. but i guess the physiological part appeals to me the most. eat, fuck, crap and sleep should matter the most la nowadays.

and no, the orgy was just a fantasy. too bad. but i'll let you know if there's any gay orgy to take place in the future...kihkihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

monsterball said...

For a cripple are so active and mucho.
What if you are whole?
I hate to think..another monsterball is in the making.......hahahahahaha

Anba said...

Tuan Kerp:- After Much thinking and for the sake of my hapiness...the existence of this blog and others wont be mentioned to my significant other...heheheh

wanshana said...

Errrrr, the bit on -

*no there was no sexual activities took place over the weekend. Just a trump-up story I made up….hehehe…attended an official function actually, then proceeded to a friend’s house to chit chat over mugs after mugs of tea. A clean good fun that lasted till the wee hours.

Why is it that you feel you need to explain and clarify this, unless (ehemmm...) it's a prepared text to convince us readers? And btw, you have alibi or not?!

Hehehehe...Jawab, Kerp...Jawab!

mott said...

Haiz...everyday is a Monday to me.

Very "Groundhog Day" somehow... There's no end to this vicious cycle for me...well, not until my kids move out! ;-)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr Goh,

Nah, I’m fated to be ‘incomplete’. There’s always the possibility I could turn out to be totally the opposite, like a religious teacher or something.

Anba, ma brother,

I take it that the ‘other’ blog would be the notorious FFS…muahahahahhhahaa…

Kak shana,

Hehehehhee…I’m innocent! I’ve got the strongest alibi in the form of my darling pinky.

Tiba2 je rasa nak jadi peramah and let the whole world know where was I exactly.


Hey tell me about it. I’ve got my niece and nephews here that can be quiet a pain in the neck at (most) times. Nowadays I cherish my weekends to bits…hehehe…

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Mondays sucks donkey balls to the high heavens.

That would be all.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You were at the orgy? How come I missed you?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


the worst part is, another monday is looming! but that's ofcos from a loser's point of view.


are you sure you got the right one? there were 2 dos, and i was at the lesbo's party instead of a gay-bash, which hapens to be the other do...hehehehehe...

*hey, welcome back boss. no wonder la lama tak nampak. you were part of an orgy...hehehe