Monday, August 18, 2008

Majulah Sukan Untuk LGL

Here’s the reason why I haven’t been updating much lately- sports.

Its been raining sports and all I did was taking the best seat available (according to Astro) and enjoyed all the games on display throughout.

DocTA reminded me of men’s 100m event final on Saturday night and glad I managed to catch the whole race that lasted not more than 10 seconds. Had Tyson Gay been in the picture, I don’t think there’d be any difference on the result. Witnessing the eventual winner for the first time sprinting like mad, I think Usain Bolt will dominate the track for years to come.

Then came the heart-breaker. Lee Chong Wei lost quite tamely I must admit, to Lin Dan in what was supposed to be an explosive affair.

Heck, I’m proud of Chong Wei anyway. I’m sure he gave his best. Sadly his best wasn’t good enough to deliver Malaysia our first ever Olympics gold medal.

This makes me wonder; why in the fucking world is the Olympics committee insisted on leaving sports such as squash and bowling out of the games? Aren’t these sports played globally? when fencing- a sport dominated by the eastern Europeans- has been part of the games for years, I don’t see any reason why the aforementioned sports should be left out the next time around (London 1012). From a malaysian point of view, one gold in the bag is a sure bet.

Just a thought.

Anyway, besides the Olympics, English Premier league finally commences after a 3-month hiatus. No better ways to kick-off the brand new season than having the great Arsenal setting the ball rolling, and winning their season opener. But judging by their first-day display, I thought they were simply sucked. Their performance were rusty and obviously some of the strikers left their shooting boots in the dressing room. Certainly a cause for concern for the Gooners. I know its only the first game and shit but I’m just being realistic; its going to be a tough ride ahead if you’re an Arsenal fan.

Oh, then there’s the champions league final. After clinching the prestigious European club trophy,…

I kept away the PS2 and went for lunch because I was starving like hell.


cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Yes, it was rather sad LCW lost. Perhaps, he was intimidated by the partisan crowd, just as any foreign player would when playing against the home team, be it in China, Malaysia or Indonesia. So I guess we'll have to wait another 4 years to see our gold tally increase - hopefully. As knowing Malaysian sports, some Sarkas politician would surely want to make a name for themselves and spoil the whole thing.

Zabs said...

Salam Kerp,
Usain Bolt will surely dominates in 100m dash, maybe until the next Olympics. The new record he made could have been better, if he had not slow down towards the end. Maybe he wants to set it up for he next time.
Agree with you that squash and bowling should be included too, but Malaysia need to be the host country first, for that to happen. Aaarrgh..

anfield devotee said...

RE: Squash

Me sentiments exactly especially when me saw that BMX, yes that's rite, BM-fooking-X bike riding was now an Olympic sport alongside that other wart on the face of sports - baseball.

Whoever the fook is running the international squash federation is sure doing a fooking piss poor job . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Lets hope squash will finally be included in the next Olympics. With that said, hopefully Nicole would still maintain her form as she’ll be 29 by then.

Pak zabs,

Yea la pak zab, I noticed it too. Bolt actually took it easy toward the final push and yet still managed to break the world record. Quite a phenomenal this guy is.

*soalannya, bila agaknya Malaysia akan jadi host. Our standard in most sports are still not up to world standard.


Yea man, BMX, fencing, baseball and even equestrian- these are not sports played world wide and yet they are part of Olympics. Its ridiculous, considering bowling and squash that are accepted and played in all over the world.

Salt N Turmeric said...

if u didn mention in my blog abt bmx, i wouldn have known. r u freaking kidding me? bmx? tht stoopid bmx is an olympic event?

i tell u kerp. these big countries ah, if they suck at certain games, theyd surely take it out of the olympic. if china wasnt good in badminton, surely its out already. :P

Pi Bani said...

If I am not mistaken, dah confirm squash is not included in 2012 Olympics. So there goes Nicol's chances of taking part.

I guess I will just have to wait for Ahmad Kerpov to win the archery gold medal... :)

Anonymous said...

yo kerpov..I really thought we'll get a gold, push the country back into positive limelight..even for a few minutes. I think Chong Wei was under too much stress as it was certainly no fierce competition, but am sure he did his best...what to do..

take care, MK

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea man, not kidding ya…bmx, a stooped fencing and baseball. No disrespect to the Americans but baseball is pretty much theirs, with only a few countries dig this sport. Try bowling, chances are every country in the world has at least an alley or two.

Kak Pi,

I believe so too la kak pi. Its too late anyway to propose for new sports to be included. The soonest pon 1016, by then Nicole dah pencen agaknya…

*ahmad kerpov dah lama pencen…since he was 18…muahahaha


Yea, he lost it rather tamely. I guess Lin Dan was totally psyched and played his best game ever. Chong wei meanwhile, well…err…I’m still proud of his achievement. Hey, even Lin Dan paid some respect to him at the end of the match….