Thursday, August 7, 2008

Re-freshening my vow

Here’s the thing. I tried to come up with a serious posting that I have been meaning to touch on but every time I’m down with it, I’ll sure to hit a snag.

Since I’m not a quitter however, I went on and tried again, putting some serious thoughts into writing. After several (twice) failed attempts, I decided to quit.

So anyway, I’m currently in a very romantic mood. A groovy kind of feeling, y'know.

A little incident happened the other day was the sole reason for putting me in such corniness.

(And I swear you will not find any catch at the end of this entry)


Met a dear friend at one of me favourite mamak joints one night and as I had anticipated all along, she wanted a shoulder to cry on. She was in real mess. A complicated love story kind of mess.

Being a good Thelma, I did my utmost best to offer her some words of comfort. It actually worked. To be able to put a smile – albeit temporarily- back on her face, I consider that as shoulders well cushioned.

But who am I kidding, right?

Lets get real. It takes more than just a Thelma-wannabe to get her out of the deepshit.

I may be the greatest quadriplegic ever to set foot on a footrest but this quadriplegic man’s best is simply not good enough.

Any how, that little episode has left quite an impact on me. Sure, it has been quite a shitty ride (on wheelchair) but I’ve come a long way I should feel more thankful for what I have and blessed with nowadays.

A relatively healthy life(style), I own a Mercedes-Benz, a respectable job managing a boyband, influential politician who’s capable to boot and replace our current pee-am and most importantly, I have a girl friend that understand and loves me dearly for the person I am.

A little too corny for someone’s liking but I’m going ahead anyway, re-freshening my pledge to her I made some years back.

Mark my words, sweetheart. I’m staying true to you!

Told ya, no catch but a music video featuring me fav punk rock band, performing a corny tune.


mott said...

Arrr..I was hoping for a sarcastic, "bite me!" post... to make me laugh. Heh..but this is your blog, u can write whatever u want....

wah..u got benz-i ah.....kompressor ah? heheheheheheheh

macam tau-keh already! *tabik datuk*!

senorita.. said...

aww... so schweet.... =)

anfield devotee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anfield devotee said...

yer poonk rawk credentials just suffered a torpedo-sized blow la dude . . .

Tu la, listen to Warrant some more la . . .

mozmayidenggg said...

tuan kerpov,

fuhyoohhhh kerp the romantikaratt beb :)))

plugs in: sonny n' bono's "i've got you babbbeeee" :)))

dude, interesting link above for fellow LGLites to venture. and quite an interesting blog as well. written almost scientifically.


p.s. moz soundtrack of divine love? ironically its by another outfit called the "divine" comedy
goes something like "everybodyyy knows i lurvee you (not you), exceptt you..(again not you la).

luv and regards to pinky mate.:) have a good one.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


No, I do not own a benzo. Just a fantasy I’ve been having for a while now. A loser, am I not? Hehehe…

Ms Lim,

Romanticism is the ultimate sexual fetish!


Me poonk fooking rawwk credentials is still so much burning inside.

I would have put up Warrant’s I saw Red –their corniest ballad- if that wasn’t the case.

This was The Queers btw, boston-based ramones’ wannabes. Relatively unknown here but they are as punk as Johnny rotten could ever be.


Yes la bro. Weekend comes early this week. Gotta prepare meself spiritually too…muahaha…

Thanks for the link mozz…went through it toroughly. Interesting theories although cant agree with the Husam Musa part…hehe…you guys must know by now la, me have some soft spots reserved for them PAS guys…hehehe…

*the video is of The Queers, boston-based punkrock band. They’re buncha ramones fanatics so you can figure by now where all their corniness comes from.

wanshana said...

You are de man, Kerp!

It takes a man to even utter the vow the first time... And here you are, "re-freshening" it!

(Did you have a double dose of something before posting this?! Hehehe...)

Lucky Pinky ;)

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am more interested in how are you going to renew your pledge. I think you should do it this way.

Darling, I trully love you. I even got Pak Lah to loan me his yatch to take you out this weekend. Guess who will prepare drinks? Tada, Saiful.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

bro, wa nak pinjam kereta lu...nak gi dating le! ;)

jaflam said...

hai kerp,
Great man made her day again.

She was blushing with luv man .... must sing her the song again kerp .... 1 2 3...all you need is luv pinky. Happy Anniversary fr DJ

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak shana,

Hahaha…yea, I’m quite romantic a guy too but no way I can beat doc ayah.

When you’re alone at 3 in the morning, the serenity are at times, can be quite magical,…and weird. That’s what exactly happened to me yesterday morning.

No methamphatamines needed!


That guy would spike my drink with some kind of substance that will turn me gay once I woke up…muahahahha…


Gua punya kereta 1 streamliner, 1 lagi quickie…mana satu nak?

Dato J,

Thanks dato, only that…there was no special occasion of that sort…hahaha…just a spur of the moment kinda thing…

Tinesh said...

aww man jiwang giler la u heheh..

Taking a diff direction from ur post, did my bit in persuading people to register. If u can call it persuading la..Check it out aite?

ciao jiwang boi heheh

anfield devotee said...

kerp: "When they marry, woman think the man will change, the man thinks the woman will never change . . . how wrong both of them are!"

Thought me share that little gem with you hee hee . . .

IBU said...

Kerp dear,

Before marriage, a man is incomplete.

After? He's finished!!

Hehehehe.... sajer jerrrrr nak geletek u!

Cheers dear! Salam to sweety pinky!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

T man,

Thanks for being a sport. Will sure to check it out in a bit. hope am not too late. Down with fucking fever again la…

Bala & IBU!

Marriage jokes huh? Trying to freak me out is it? If I ever had a cold feet, I’ll blame you guys…muahahaha…

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