Friday, August 22, 2008

Malaysian Soul

Somebody asked why I'm yet to display the Jalur Gemilang like I always did in previous years.

Being Malaysians that we are, I was not spared from baseless accusations. Wild speculations have been rife and one being that I was about to launch another initiation ala Sheih, but with a dissimilar way of displaying my displeasure towards whatever fuck’s going on in the country.

Then apparently there has been rumours going around via email I was about to abandon Malaysia to seek a greener pasture in Dubai/Doha/Abu Dhabi (trendy destination for young Malay pros with O&G background).

Another version to this rumour has it that I was seeking political asylum in Morocco to stay with the Berbers in Sahara boozing with the not-so-religious Berber guys.

All because I did not display a JG up next to the bedroom window.


The truth is; I can’t find me a mini-flag in all the shops I went to, simple as that. Fucking retailers either had run out of stock or only sell wedding gowns and dresses. Stupid bridal shop.

For the record, I did not share the same sentiment as Sheih and Uncle Zorro on the flag inversion issue (and am sticking to what I stood for) but by no means I am in total disagreement.

Surely what transpired was done after much thought and consideration had been put into, prior to his action that could well land him in deep shit. He went ahead with it, and that speaks volume of what he believed in.

Similarly, those who took the cue from Kickdefella certainly had thought of the consequences too.

At the end of the day, they’re all Malaysians who probably are more patriotic than any politicians could ever wish to be.

Only fools will believe their intention was to ridicule the national flag. Tell me if that was the case and I’ll be the first to find their home address and bomb their letterbox with fresh human faeces.

For this one, I’m right behind evils fighting for a better Malaysia while my behind is against pirates making lives a misery for Malaysians.


monsterball said... are a level headed man..a true Malaysian.
Shieh is trying to create attentions for himself.
But I don't agree with Dollah calling Sheih is evil.
He can be anything but evil.
Dollah is evil.
Sheih phoned me....calling me "papa monsterball"...knowing his prayers will be answered..sooner or later....under police their guest..for few nights.
He asked me to bring 3 flags...for him to wave it upside down...when I meet him at Permatang Pauh ...thus Sunday.
This man is weird!!
I said...i will bring him 3 cigars.
And seriously speaking...our National flag should not be fooled around.
In war...soldiers will risk their pick up a fallen flag....and you never hear the victors...hanging their enemies flag....upside down at all.

akuani said...

Kerp: am also behind you in refusing to desecrate the flag. There are other ways to voice out our displeasure at how things are running in our present political situation, but for those who have served the JG with pride and honour - as Monsterball says, people have risked their lives to save flags, and even enemies do not desecrate the honour of a flag - neither should we Malaysians do.

I highly doubt if DSAI becomes PM (scary as it seems, and possible too) he is going to go change what our flag looks like - it will be the very same flag we fly with honour and pride ...

So to all them idiots over run with emotions hanging the JG upside down, maybe if they stood upside down some blood might flow into their obviously oxygen lacking brain for a bit!

GGGRRRRRRRRRRRR I respect my flag - it never fails to move me when I see it flying anywhere in the world.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Good fer you fer not completely dismissing the initiative. It has its merits.

Akuani: Eh, dey. Out of deference to many other fellow Malaysians like yerself & kerpie , me deferred from the initiative started by Kickdefella. But to simply say they are IDIOTS fer protesting . . . well, aunty.

Blind patriotism (like the Yanks & their flag) is a dangerous thing. Desecrate the flag?

These guys had found that its a SOS call. It is NOT illegal. It is also a peaceful means of protest.

Disagree by all means but let's not get to carried away with this Flag is Everything rhethoric. Symbolic patriotism of this nature is NO different from the symbolic PROTEST.

Perspective madam?

fergie said...

Wah .. here in Penang mini flags also out of stock at the shops I visited so I am using one from last year. First it was upside down for a few days and each time I looked at it that way I felt so disturbed so now it is flying upright again .. hahahaha. Instead, I have a racist's pic upside down! Now I feel good!

akuani said...

Way to Go fergie :))

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sheih and Zorro has done nothing wrong. Hanging a flag upside down is a sign of a country in distress and definitely not a desecration. Is the country in distress? It sure is. It is being run on auto-pilot with no one manning it. Everyone's busy trying to screw other people's arse.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

Thank you sir. I believe we share a common stand on this but at the same time we respected sheih’s action and fully understood the message he’s trying to get it across.

*all the best while in PP. you, btw owe me a stick of monte cristo.


Do bear in mind however the act is not a crime. I am being respectful to shieh and uncle Bernard on their firm stand on this, so not about to go criticise them.

What cheeses me off was the response from the pm. It was –asusual- done in a hasty without checking the facts on the significance of the upside down flag.

Some of us may not share the same sentiment but all of us are aware that our country sure is in distress, to some extent.


Yea, I believe sheih is doing his part in working for a better Malaysia. Everybody has their own way in showcasing their disagreement to the current melee. From some people’s perspective the act was not acceptable while some thinks it’s the best way to get the pm’s head turn, as long it is done legally.

Aunty iris!

It’s the exact reason why I don’t have my flag up out the window- either they produce less or it sells like hotcakes.

A pic of racist pigs? These bunch not worth a 2nd glance!


I sure hope nobody got me wrong on this. I may not endorse the idea but by no means I’m against their action of hoisting the flag upside down. Its how people express their dissatisfactions in their own way. As long its not against the law, we have to respect them. Sometime last week I even ridiculed such call but glad I called up shah. We talked a bit about this said issue and he managed to put some sense in me.

Anba said...

Bro...i know this is the wrong topic...but just some info about zilla jalil (ziela jalil)

Daripada perbicaraan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim jelas menunjukkan bahawa Megat Junid
adalah orang yang bertanggung jawab menulis fitnah yang dibuat oleh Umi Hafilda.

ZEILA JALIL, perempuan SUN mata duitan yang diberikan
beberapa permit agensi pekerja asing oleh Megat Junid akhirnya telah diambil menjadi isteri.
(ZEILA JALIL adalah kawan rapat UMI HAFILDA dan kedua-duanya mempunyai akhlak yang
sama buruk. ZEILA JALIL sudah lupa bagaimana bapanya yang terlantar dalam koma selama
hampir dua bulan di Hospital Ampang Putri iaitu bulan Febuari dan Mac 1998 dan hanya
didengarkan dengan bacaan Al-Quran melalui kaset. Ini tidak memberikan sebarang
keinsafan kepadanya. Tidak hairanlah beliau berkawan dengan UMI HAFILDA dan berkahwin
dengan MEGAT JUNID kerana kata orang anjing sahaja yang makan tahi).

jaflam said...

Hai Kerp,
For a ship the flag reflect the country. Throughout the many years I sailed around the world it has always been a proud moments to raise the Malaysian Ensign and flag. For those without them are mostly pirates.

The only time the flag was raised upside down was when the cadet was drunk.

Tinesh said...

Different countries interpret upside down flag differently. So. it might be a distress signal in some countries but an insult in some.

Ive never come across upside down flag in Malaysia, this is the first time, and so Im not sure what the protocol on it is.

Aunty Akuani, it's a viewpoint and there's certainly nothing wrong having different perspectives. My lima sen :D

ps: If you're in Morocco like the rumours say, get me some coffee and shisha k? hehehe

akuani said...

AD: here we go again on perspectives ... ok got it ..

Tinesh: was that Morocco rumour directed to me? Ain't no where near that part of the world, but am fuori in Italia … in a week :))

Salt N Turmeric said...

Kerp, i am with you. You know how very Malaysian and damn proud of it I am and still sad about the jalur Gemilang being hanged upside down.

I am also pissed off abt Avril's concert. :P

monsterball said...

There is a limit to so call freedom of expressions.
Don't use the national flag to vent your angers.There are other ways...kickdefella can do....but he chose to hang the flag..upside down..upsetting Malaysians and the government. Why like that?
Like I said..I know him well.
He is trying to do get into jail. He is not suggesting this for the love of Malaysians....but he is no evil minded man.
As for Zorro...he will carry the balls of advertise himself. This man have no principles in life and a Syed Albar.
Kicky is waiting for me at Permatang Pauh for 3 if he cannot buy them at PP. I think he wants to let the police sees me give him the flags....and so catch both of us to jail!!
I will die for the country....but not by this stupid act.
Like I said...Mahatma Gandhi's advises to Indians to be disobdient to the British is most effective. suggestions... not celebrate te Merdeka and don't drive your car for one day...on 31st an act..that will unite Malaysians.
That will send shivers to UMNO.
Kicky idea do separate Malaysians.

wanshana said...

Hmmmmm....interesting... A visit to the bridal shop...Hmmmmm??!

Anything we should know about, that you're not telling us (yet?),Kerp? ;)

Anba said...

Just a suggestion ... for the arsenal link ...
mayb u can add the malaysian arsenal fan club link..


Tinesh said...

Lol soz aunty, was meant for PM-in-waiting Kerp

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

There was emails being circulated about you? How come I didn't receive one? And wow....somebodys feh-mes.

Zabs said...

Salam Kerp,
Concurred with what Jaflam had said. In the Navy we even have a ceremony to raise and bring down the Malaysian Ensign and flag on boards the ship every day.
Only on certain occasion was it raised at half mast, for example to mark the death of a senior officer or the like.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Whoaaa…this is freaky man. The day you left this comment was the same day my girlfriend met ziela. I aint going there anyway. Her man’s dead, lets just leave him at that.

Re; arsenal. Thanks for the head up. Will put it up in due time. No mood la, especially after last night’s defeat. We just don’t have it. The flair is missing. Passes all crap.

Dato J,

Hhehehe…good one. But let me stress here again. I may not agree with the symbolic act initiated by sheih but I agree what he did is not a crime.


It is not a crime to hoist the national flag upside down. From one angle, it is a simple case of patriotism. But from sheih certainly has his personal point of view. If hoisting the flag upside down is what it takes to turn pakdol’s head, which he did, then sheih can claim his initiation is a success.


I was sad initially. But after a lengthy explanation from shah cakapaje thru the phone, it kinda made m think twice. Still, not strong enough to convert my stand.

*avril’s concert will still go on.

Kak shana,

Muahahahaha…No, akak, nooooooooooo.

It was written in jest. How I wish it was true though. Mintak


It was a spam email…kihkihh…

No lah, main2 je. Nak panjangkan entry, the trick is to write jibberish.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak zab,

Thanks for strengthening the info. I didn’t know that except of course the significance of the flag being flown half mast. It’s a mark of respect or something, especially to those of higher rank that passes on.

Daphne Ling said...

You can't find a flag? How about petrol stations, 7-11, Tesco, Giant etc?

Ni pergi bridal shop sure lar takda...

Looks like there's been lotsa stuff going on since I left...Like more bloggers getting arrested...

You know, Malaysia has appeared in Canadian news too...Because of that Avril Lavigne concert that got canceled, then got allowed...

The way the DJ said it was like...What the heck are they making a fuss over something so trivial...

Ish...Where to put face here, when people laugh at how 'closed minded' people there are? What to do? They only highlight the 'stupid' stuff...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I’d normally display JG days before the month of august and this was done annually since more than 8 years ago. Sadly this year, it was a bit too late and the enthusiasm kinda lack. Finally found it at Giant but I guess I’ll just skip flying one for this year at least. Nothing political whatsoever.

Avril’s show will go on after all. Those Canadian DJs should come down here and live life as a Malaysian for better understanding how things go about here, instead of shooting his mouth of. I share their sentiment that its not such a big deal but making a mockery of other people’s country is uncalled for.

You take care now, D. the weather here is kinda gloomy and the sun has been shying away since last week.

Anba said...

I am feeling a little bummed too...since we lost in the second game...
what to do...other than to support the lads in the coming game..

Bro...regarding the ziela jalil just posted the artikel that me got frm the net... just to say that she was married to megat junid megat ayob...thas all bro...
no other i'll ntention...

Cheers mate

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


no worries brother. neither i thought you had any ill-intention. she was hot back then, only those with ridiculous amount of dough could afford her...muahahaha...

re-arsenal- ofcos we'll stick by the team till the end but judging by their performance, heartbreaks will be part of us much more this season...hehehe

Anba said... worries then at least we can sing the blues together...hmmmm...
hehehe Cheers...