Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alert: Sharlinie

Another girl has gone missing. This time its Sharlinie Mohd Nashar (above), 5, from Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya. Let’s pray and hope she will be found the soonest and put an end to her parents’ misery.

In the mean time, be on a look-out for this shithead sicko below. He could well shed some lights on where about Sharlinie could be. We sure could do with more vigilantes around for better chances of catching this guy, tie him up, place him in a big bowl half-filled with hot water. Add in some shallots and carrots, a pinch of salt or two and let him boil for good.

Photos stolen from other Kak Pi and Rocky.


constant_drama said...

These are dangerous times we're living in.

mozisgod said...

dear kerpov,
caricatures of this sort..
they shouldn't be killed instantenously;
stewin their chewy fats on would
be..too derogatory
for the pot..and insult
to the recipes; particularly if they're equivalent to bala's dashyat recipies.
no bro.

the knife has to be twisted slowly.
bag of kerengga over the head? i meant the other head
or even better
un-anathesticized castration.

sori. goin too graphic. *sigh*
but you're right.
a lot of sicko's around dude - judging from my experiences while schooling...the ironic thing would be the person
you'd least suspect.

p.s. later chief. will keep eyes PEELED - who knows the cunt might be floatin' around the east coast.
btw see ya at THE LANE end of the month...:)

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi kerp,

Parents dont seem to learn. Why cant they be more vigilant, more careful?

This is not the first case of a missing child and it wont be the last.

Our neighbourhood is no longer safe for our kids.

I am speechless. I pray that little "nini" will be found soon ... safe & sound.

Rita Ho said...

Hi Kerp ... I just read about this at Kak Ton's blog, too.

Let's hope Sharlinie is found soon, safe.

I think punishment is fruitless for sick folks who chose to molest young children. It should be made legal to contribute them to science as live specimens of study to find out why their minds resort to such heinous acts. After all, they fall into the category of animals of far less value than the real species.

I hope your earlier posts are easier reading, Kerp. I have been away for a bit, need to catch-up. :)

Take care.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo CD,

Its just not safe I tell ya. Them sick pedos are everywhere, lurking around waiting for the slightest of opportunity before pouncing on their victim.

Hey Moz,

Too graphic but lets pray to God it will happen, not just to this shithead but all pedos around the world.

But I think in recent cases, the pussydick picks on his victim randomly. Girls of nini’s age are easy target for him, especially if parents themselves lacks the awareness.

*the return leg is next week. Monsieur Wenger is sticking with the same side, which could be an advantage on you guys. Am not throwing in the towel but I think you guys are gonna nick it this time.

Aunty Maria,

Yea, I knew Nurin wasn’t the last but didn’t see this one coming this soon. The sicko seems to be pouncing on the first victim he can get hold of. That’s pretty scary especially if you have nieces.

Gardens and playground are no longer safe. Kids now needs to be under watchful eyes every single second. If you don’t have anyone to mind the kids, better to lock them in than sorry.

Thanks aunty, and lets not stop to pray for nini’s resturn the soonest.

Aunty Rita,

Nini’s missing has been splashing in every papers’ headline this morning. Everyone’s on the alert, the cops, media, us, and even the minister. Nurin’s case must never be repeated. Wishful thinking I know but it feels a little too soon to stomach reading of another similar case.

Either they’re caught alive and sent to labs or shot dead, I’m all for anything that could put some ease to every parent’s mind.

*just the usual PWD grouses, same old, nothing much to catch up on.

Thanks, friends!

Tinesh said...

Dude, I just gt back this morn and i see the star's front page with the girl's picture..haiz damn sedih la..

MaryKate said...

KERP, more sickening news, another missing child in less than 48 hours. Police better buck up this time. Let's hope and pray no more Nurin case. see ya soon :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree fully with Kak Ton. Apa parents ni buat? Pasai apa buleh jadi lagi. Berapa kali nak kata? Awat la cuai sangat. It is crime to kidnap but it is an even bigger crime to send your charges off to be kidnapped. I am sick and tired of our people's attitude betoi betoi sick and tired.

As for the perpetrators of this hideous act what I have in mind would make mozisgod's suggestions seem like a kiss on the cheek.

Mat Salo said...

Polih mana nih! Sibuk carik beloger ke?

There's terrible dangers lurking out there, forget about chasing blond-haired DVD peddlers selling 'CSL & Angie Yam' copies on the kaki lima and putting remand orders on them..

Banyak benda lagi..ngeri, ngeri.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bonjour monsieur T,

Welcome back. So many things happened here in Malaysia while you’re gone. Sucks I tell ya. In this latest development, I can only hope itt wont be another Nurin.

Will catch up with you again, on your trip esp.


That’s sick isnt it? 3 abductions in a matter of days. The police just gotta do more than just bucking up. Everyone, every single parents must be on high-alert.


Memang kecuaian antara punca kehilangan cikgu. In shopping malls for example, I’ve seen kids of about 6-7 yr old wandering around some distance away while her mom was so engrossed looking at discounted goodies. This is just a classic case of carelessness.

MS, braderrr,

Ye la Mat, chasing on peddlers selling video that blows wont make this country a safer place. Nor would ‘us’ be under their watchful eyes. We need more police personnel to man the playgrounds and gardens more. the kids needs more attention from them coppers. Time to get down hard I tell ya, real HARD!

Bailey said...

aiyahh...another one missing.

malaysia is getting worse.
sh*t man!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


another one missing, and now a politician was shot dead. very shitty indeed la sis, our country to live in at this present mo. need more good news to stabilise things.

PrincessJournals said...

prevention is always better than cure. does tht even mean anything? but since dah jadi jugak, theres nothing else to do than making sure tht shes found soon. safe and alive. everybody must do their bit.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


almost missed you here. lets look forward and hope that, our main priority is nini to come back safe and sound. everything else comes in 2nd, including getting the perpetrator arrested. every single malaysian should do their bit, even a little could make a change.

monsterball said...

Ours is a sick sick sick country.
Crime rates increased by 15%....and they keep saying it is mostly done by foreigners...because most criminals look like Malays.
Who cares by whom...just stop talking cock and star solving crimes.
Dream on....with our Malays never wrong type of attitudes in the government...any government many of them....keep talking cock......and boastful..never work.
Keep wasting time...some never go to mosques at all....but sit and chat away at mamak stalls for hours.
Make an still have to wait for hours...and they always say......they are busy...actually relaxing somewhere.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mr goh,

our priority now is to help everything possible in bringing her back to her beloved parents. all should play their bits.

Another Arab said...

I am sorry for the poor child BUT the whole crisis lies in the very typical Malay mentality of believing in letting their children go on ‘Auto-Pilot’.

Look at all the cases of Mat Rempit, Boh Siahs, Pondans, Pelacuran, Baby Dumpings etc. All these are Malay Social Ills. When are the Malays going to realise that they are plagued with such diseases and as such they have not been able to contribute to the human race despite accepting Islam.

We Arabs are proud of Admiral Cheng Hoe and the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (a South African of Gujerati origin). All that the Malays have given us is an over-supply of USELESS Datuks and Datins.