Monday, January 28, 2008

Witch Doctor?

It has been more than three weeks since Sharlinie Mohd Nashar went missing. All efforts in searching for her had so far been futile.

With everyone joining in the search party, we saw sometime earlier last week even the bomohs or spiritual healer being roped in in finding Ninie. After some rituals and abra cadabras, they predicted the girl would be found in a matter of one week. I don’t know if its already been a week and time for Ninie to make her reappearance, as foreseen by the bomohs but I’m a little skeptical about all these nandrem shenanigans, especially how the ritual was conducted.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for every effort in finding the missing Ninie. Whatever it takes to bring her back, I’m all for it. But being someone with many experience as far as bomoh goes, it takes more than just some weird ritual process to convince me a missing person could be found by pulling her out of a hat. Who am I to check on their dateline but really, the one-week period they gave will be up in a couple of days and the only way to turn a skeptic into an instant optimist, Ninie is to be back by Tuesday. And in this case, I would love to be proven wrong and them clairvoyants can come and shove all my words back into my mouth.

Looking at the bigger picture, I don’t give a shit if the bomohs had predicted it wrongly as long the girl comes home safely to her beloved family. Be it a week, a month or even a year if that’s how long it may take, what matters the most is this episode ends on a happy note.

However, the bomoh’s (in)ability will be in question. Sure they’ve tried and that was better than doing nothing but by having such prediction has put Ninie’s parents in high hopes and could crush their hearts and adds more to their pain if them shamans had predicted wrongly.

Seriously, I used to be a great believer of spiritual healing. Right after I was discharged from ICU into the normal ward, my relatives been coming in drove just to take me to see bomoh this and medium that.

Not wanting to be a freakin' cacat my lifetime, I tried all that was recommended. Over thousands of my parents’ savings were spent hoping I would be able to walk again. thousand of bucks spent just to get my face spat on with a spelt water. Thousands spent just to get rid of ‘evil spirit’ I had supposedly stepped on the night before the accident, out through my left toe.

All these after we were promised all the goody shit that I’d be walking again in a week, or as one so-called ‘ustaz’ promised, 44 days for whatever fuck the weird reason was. After more than what, 400 over bomohs and almost choked myself to death inhaling kemenyan smoke, I am still very much on, guess what? My freakin' wheelchair!

Sure, I came across a few honest ones but sadly these conmen totally outnumbered them.

I am not applying all the examples above to those guys whom I’m sure are chipping in their bits for the sake of Ninie’s safe return but don’t blame me either if I believed the ritual taken place last week was fake and merely a gimmick.

Again, prove me my skepticism is unfounded. But until she is found as envisaged by these bunch of people-bomoh, shaman, clairvoyant, hoaxer, medium, pawang,…they shall all remain in my book of mythical Tamar Jalis tale.

Oh hey, now here’s one healer who aint a witch but a real doctor, with a recognized medical background. I received a call from a blogger buddy, Shah Cakapaje on Saturday morning asking if I was available to meet up on that afternoon. A certain doctor from Melacca was in town and had hoped to meet us. Even if I was not free on that day I’d sure to make it so in order to meet him in person. I mean, he is none other than Doc Tokasid himself, why should I not?

We made our way to the meeting point at Kayu Nasi Kandar Restaurant and spent 3 hours of catching up with each other. Time does fly when you’re having fun and in that short 3 hours of meeting, I discovered Tokasid is in fact, a 'spiritual healer' himself. When you’re down, give him a ring and he’ll sure to lift your spirits up.

2-thumbs up to both, DocTA for taking his time off of his busy family schedule here and Shah for the wonderful lunch.

Aku, Pak Doc & Pak Bilal. The pic was rather dark but you get the idea.


cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Which witch doctor? Or, Witch which doctor? Morning morning my kepala got pening already!

My picture not nice lah! You doctored my gambar ka? Or you (s)witched it?

Neber mind lah, I download also. Danke (Johor Gernman language lol!)

anfield devotee said...

The power of prayer is perhaps is the strongest tool we have right now fer the hope of this girl's safe return . . .

Kata Tak Nak said...

2 things.
1. How I wished I was there with you three.

2. There may be genuine bomohs, though I haven't come across any, there surely are plenty and when I say plenty I mean plenty, bogus ones around. Its always, this fella said thisd bomoh did this, that fella said that fella did that but did anyone really see what this or that bomoh did? Huh, just as I figured, none. Baloney

lee cooper said...

salam kerp,
hati hati benda syirik ni kerp. boleh cancel semua ibadat kita. ada yang tolong berubat kata hanya hidup dan ajal di tangan Allah, yang lain dia boleh buat
sebenarnya sagalanya di tangan Allah Taala, bukan hidup mati saje.

MaryKate said...

Hi kerp,read abt the bomoh thing, and yes I can understand. When someone's down, out and desperate, we'll turn to anything and I am talking about myself. And yes,the conmen vastly outnumber the honest guys unfortunately. Even though I am not much into this,had my fair share of such people,they are like blood suckers right? This Sharlinie thing is into its 20th day and not much lead, very saddening and scary too. What else can we do except pray. Take care bro!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Since Bakaq said 2, I left your name out but I decide to increase to 4 and I would be very2 happy if you could join along in this Muhibbah Tag. We would like to hear from the younger generation. Say it from your heart and do not be influenced by anybody friend or foe. Please.

Pi Bani said...

Dah puas kena ludah ye? Awat tak buat-buat latah and ludah balik kat tok moh tu?! Hehehe...

I am very sceptic when it comes to tok moh. Baca doa and ayat-ayat Quran ok lah... but when they start doing some weird rituals, that's it. Of course, sometimes things turn out just as they predicted. Kuasa Allah... just to test our iman.

But anyway, hopefully Nini will be found soon. Doesn't matter to me who is proven right or wrong as long as she is safe!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


That’s the reason I didn’t put other pics, bcos I don’t look nice on it. hehehe… but I can send you if you want them.

Danke shoen.


Yea, in God we trust, the best we could do is to pray to bring the girl back. But all these jampi and shit aint gonna do it la, from my personal point of view.

Hey, hows you btw brother? been rather quiet from that part. Cheer up man. both made it through and who knows, Liv-Ars might just be on the card in the 5th round…hehehe..


Sadly what you said is true. Thse bogus bomoh would go as far as abusing the Ayat suci just to convince people they are genuine. They would say payment will be up to the patient but duit pengkeras and kain kuning alone will cost 300 bucks to feed the Jin. They claimed they take a single sen from it. and I was like, yea rrrrrrrright.

Thanks for tagging me. will sure do it for the next post.

*it was an impromptu thing really. I was getting ready to go out when shah’s call came in. all of us agreed to do it again whenever you’re in town.

MS mesti lagi bengang as we met very near to his house and yet he’s far away in the swamp..hehehe

Kak E,

Setuju sangat. The final time I seek advice from a spiritual healer was the renown ustaz Harun Din dekat bangi. I was glad that after the treatment there, it has strengthen my spirit to bounce back. Kalau percaya sangat kat benda yang berunsur syirik ni, satu hapah pon tak dapat.

Hey there, Mary!

Yes, they’re a bunch of leeches. Like you said, when you’re desperate, they’d come offering their services but with a price. And your vulnerability tend to give in every single fraud they had to say. Pretty cunning they are. Lets hope all of us here wont fall into their trap, as we have read in newspapers everyday. Sad.

Nine’s gone for more than 20days already. But according to the bomoh she’ll be found soon. Would love to believe that wouldn’t us?

Kak Pi!

Kalau boleh tendang, agaknya melatah pakai kaki je kot..hehehe

Like you, I would love very very much to be proven wrong for being a skeptic. Its all in the hands of Allah to determine everything, not them shamans. And to abuse the holy verses of Al-Quran only trim my respect more for these people.

Thanks all.

Raden Galoh said...

Dearest bro Kerpie...

I echo Lee Copper's say. Takut sangat bab percaya benda lain selain Tuhan. I memang tak agree dengan mende-mende ni. Kita memang kena kekalkan usaha berdoa dan sembahyang hajat beramai-ramai ni... (nak harapkan pihak plois pun, macam tak berdaya je polis kita ni) eh kita takde criminal profiler ke kat dlm bidang tu?

bab you met Shah and Doc tu akak mmg jeles. Sebab sabtu lepas akak ada kat ofis, which is kat depan citibank. Ni Nasi Kandar Restaurant mana port you all that day ek? nilah yang dikatakan bukan rezeki akak nak jumpa you all that day...kan?

Take care okay.

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

About the bomohs and pawangs and tok batins that claim they can find missing ppl, take it with a pinch of salt. Better still, with the whole packet of salt( your coice -garam kasar or garam halus or garam bukit or garam laut).

If I remember correct,correct,correctly none of the high profile cases missing victims were found by bomohs/pawangs/tok batins. Did they find Nurin? No. Did they find the Krubong boy in Melaka?No. Now they want to find Ninie....We'' go ahead.They can try. But DO NOT ever give false hope to Ninie's family.

Now,its more difficult then ever to get rid of these bomohs. Why not?Its a moderm digital era and we don't need bomohs right?
No bomohs are here to stay.They go international now. USA had adopted them and their 'experiences' and made into successfl movies and series.
Ever heard of Supernatural? Buffy? to name a few. They Supernatural guys are actually bomohs. Yeah,they are cool with their jeans and all.Hey,they live in USA. If they live in Msia, they'll be wearing kain pelekat with singkok hitam or semutar on their heads.

I agree with Kerp, lets hope we find Ninie.

On the Kayu meeting saturday 26 Jan 2008. I truly appreciate Shah and you for making time to meet me. I know Shah was supposed to be in KLCC for the Protes rally, but he made himself free for the whole of Saturday,for me. Same goes to you. I acually wanted to sms you earlier last week like I did to Shah, but bcoz I didn't know what Mrs TA and Hafiz'z plans are, I didn't sms you. After I have settled my commitments, I sms Shah and asked him to rope you in. Alhamdulillah you choose that area, for I was familiar and been there several times before.

When you and Pinky saw me at Borders, I had goosebumps like when I first heard of a good song or the introduction of a good movie. Same thing when my eyes set on Shah at Kayu. Those goosebumps confirmed that you guys are really friendly and heartwarming.
We were like old friends from childhood. That was the first time we met each other yet, there was no awkwardness.

My friend said: "Hang kayu laa,pi Kayu tak makan nasi kandaq tapi mee goreng mamak saja.."
But I know I'll be more kayu if nasi kandaq was my main agenda and not you guys.

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to get together. InsyaALLAH we'll meet again soon esp if MS balik cuti. And I have told che'gu that all of us is looking forward to meet him,next.

My salam to Pinky.She is so very understanding and helpful. Now I know why you fell for her.

waterlily said...

ha..ha...ha I couldn't see all handsome guys there...espeacially our pak Bilal. I fan of Pak Bilal and that pak doctor. That pix not nice maaa....

out of topic - sorry guys

WANSHANA said...

I'm with you on this. Ninie's parents are banking their hopes on just about anything for their little girl to be with them again the soonest, and it is sad that there are people out there who claim to know things which they know zilch about! And at the end of the day, Ninie's parents will be going on a never-ending rollercoaster ride...

I pray that Allh SWT give them all the strength to go through this very difficult time, and I pray for Ninie's safe return home - soonest. Amin.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak D,

You echoed kak E’s view now I’m echoing yours. I am so with sembahyang hajat beramai2. dan dengan siapa lagi kita nak minta sesuatu jika tidak kpd Allah Ta’ala? Jampi serapah semua ni can lead to syirik and worse, you get nothing out of it.

That Saturday meeting was rather impromptu. Shah knew about it prior to that day while I only came to know about it when I was getting ready to go out myself. But again, I know its something to be jealous about…heheheh..tapi takpe kak. Pak Doc sure to come again.

*Kayu dekat tesco mutiara damansara.

Salam Doc TA,

Come to think of it, none were ever found. It takes more than just a ritual to locate where about the missing child. Even with nation-wide effort to find them needs a mountain of it. except for one case where a bunch of adventurers who got lost in a jungle and was found by an orang asli shaman. Could be incidental but I’m not here to judge.

I concur with you that we shouldn’t give false hope to Ninie’s parents as they’ve gone through shit alot since her missing. Sure they tried but if one think they cant do it, just lay off.

Anyway doc, am I the only one amongst us a rice-freak? Mi goring mamak is a no-go for me la, especially for lunch…sorry doc but I have to agree with your friend on this. hehehe…

It was a real pleasure meeting you too. I knew I wouldn’t feel awkward as after numerous of phone conversation, its not difficult for 3 of us to blend in. now I’m the envy of others for having to meet you…hehe…pinky sends her regard to you.

Kak Marianie,

We are all fans of docTA and pak Bilal kita. Hehehe…diorang mesti kembang hidung ada fan coming from someone else’s blog. Will let them know.

Kak Shana!

Ninie’s parents are at their most vulnerable state at the moment. Couldn’t blame them as they’d sure to suck in to every promises and effort in bringing their daughter back. To me, if them bomoh can prove me wrong, by all means, please do. But to give high-hopes when they are not sure themselves were uncalled for.

Lets not stop praying. And lets never give up hope and keep searching.

Thanks all.

Mat Salo said...

If you read the latest issue of Harakah, there's an interview in there with our Kamal FND where he pretty much debunked the whole bomoh shit. Just like Doc TA said.

On another unrelated front, I've already kicked myself. Why? When you and Pinky, Doc TA and the Tok Oni (but sometime oso got action) guy were at Kayu Kandar I was at the other end of the building. Barely 200m from you guys, no shit. I was with my 13 and 6 year old heroes where we eventually caught the 3.00 pm matinee at Cineleisure. If only.. Oh well, gotta take care of bidness first..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Incik Ahmad,

Eh, I should read the Harakah online after this. seriously Mat, these bunch of bogus mediums only good at conning people around and give a good people in this profession like ustaz Harun Din a bad name. so they deserve to be criticized hard.

*aiseh bro, I swear we were talking all the way how great It’d be to have you around. We thought you were still away in a remote WaterWorld. And there you were on the other side of ‘the street’.

Lain kali balik kasi sound la sikit brader. Nevermind. Lets make it appoint to have such mini gathering again.

Tinesh said...

Dude, I know this is all serious talk here but I cant help but let you know about this pic in NST today..Ninie's parents went to see this bomoh and the guy was holding this 2 coconuts in front of his chest..I swear it looked like boobies to me man! You gotta check it out..

On a serious note, too much CSI has led ppl to believe that missing ppl can be found within one episode la..I really blardy (insert superlative word of choice) hope the girl doesn't end up like Nurin..

On a lighter note again. if you had watched Jeff Dunham's Achmed the Dead Terrorist, then you would be looking for your 72 virgins after seeing em bomohs..If you havent here's the link:

PS: We gotta meet up to man..Rmb the plan I was telling you about?

PrincessJournals said...

i pun susah sikit nak percaya bab2 bomoh and wht not ni. im sure some ppl are given the 6th sense but its hard to differentiate between the real and fake ones. maybe our gov shud engage the help of allison dubois. if they made a tv series out of her life then she has to be something right?

p.s. jln jln cari makan aje u ni ye? :P

anfield devotee said...

C'mon, brudder, tis up to you guys to stop the manure in the FA Cup.

They are again on course fer a treble (& they came fooking close last season) & they must be stopped!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Shit, you like guys with boobies? That’s sick mann…hehehe…nah, I don’t read NST. Infact I’ve stopped reading this newspaper since some 4 years ago.

Yea, I’ve watched jeff and achhhhmed in action. That fella is one heck of a ventriloquist. If them bomoh can find me 72 virgins, I’ll be an instant optimist.

We sure to meet bro. only time will tell. Could be an impromptu thing, which is preferable.


I’m very skeptical about ms dubois. It could be pure incidental. But again, I guess maybe some people are given the 6th sense and to put it in good use like dubois does. And since she’s one hot lady, I wouldn’t mind turning a believer…hehehe

*after years in California, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind to dine at Kayu Kandar for one whole month. I don’t need to be away for long, nasik mamak is my thing.

Yo Bala,

I think my dad is a clairvoyant himself. Yesterday while having lunch, he predicted it was going to be a battle between him and myself again, and how true. Whats freakier was, he went on to say you Kops will get another easier home draw. Lucky fookers, you.

And chelski forever gets the easy meat, you don’t need no medium to foresee that in the crystal ball.

MaryKate said...

kerp, the bomohs predicted that Sharlinie will be home yesterday.the date came and gone and still no sign for them. Even with the prize of RM100k,there still is no lead on the poor girl.This also shows that those people within the group (assuming there's more than 1)aint going to backstab any of their cronies for the big bucks, or if anyone remotely knew of anything close about Sharlinie,they are not about the give up just for the money.I think this case is not so simple anymore. I dread to even think what is happening to this poor child, and all these while, we still have perverts on the loose.What can we do?

muteaudio said...

"Kayu dekat tesco mutiara damansara."

Laaa... awat tak habaq! Blakang rumah aje. (ekceli not exactly that blakang lah. Abt 10 mins away to the blakang)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Heck, nowadays this bomoh can cure patients through the phone man. I have seen one but the beauty of it all is that there are people who believe them.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I gave them shamans till today, for their beneficial of a doubt but as predicted, they’re a bunch of fakers. Lets not mention about the 100k, even a million bucks they wont find Ninie with their spell and shit. I’m just happy to know the search is still on.


Aisehhh…first Mat Salo, now you. we should really get hold of each other’s phone number la. You missed it big-time brother. this was tokasid we’re talking about. Lu duduk palm spring ke mute?


Exactly what I’ve experienced myself. Dia tiup jampi through the phone while at the other end I was told to hold a glass of water. Weird lah. What next? Sms? Hehehe…

Muhibbah post coming up next cikgu.

sankochan said...

Yea... its so sad. She's still not found... Sad one is also that girl who passed away during the bus accident. My brother's teacher's daughter. SO SAD!!! And some that girl's brother took the same course with me in college for awhile.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


whenever a life is lost, its always sad. and to be acquainted with the deceased is even sadder. not sure whcih road mishap you were talking about but i'm sure i've read it in the papers. my heart goes out to your friend, really.