Monday, January 14, 2008

Footie Madness

I came across an interesting article by columnist A. Asohan in one of the pullouts today, his take on a topic that’s a dread to most women,…them and football. Naturally being a footie lover, I can’t help but to be very much on his side, albeit his biasness.

They claimed that time spent watching games is time spent away from them. So is that why football-crazy men are much loathed by women?

This is where I cant really agree with them, and this includes my own beloved girlfriend. Its true, when games are on, especially those involving Arsenal, I tend to switch on my focus completely on the game and nothing else, I repeat, nothing else around me matters.

Sure football is played weekly but a team plays only 2 games at most. And on top of that, at least one game is played in the wee hour of midweek morning when everyone, and that includes the women, are supposed to be dead asleep by then. That’s in fact, a time away from her own personal world. But no, blame it on football. What’s new?

Women wants to be with their men on weekends, on Saturday nights especially when most games take place. Admittedly, it’s that time of the week when most couples, married or unmarried, dines out. What’s with the next day being a Sunday and all. Ok, let’s give this one to them then. Two hours are sure to waste, from women’s point of view. But, but…What was that again? Only two hours? Hold on, let me put this straight. They despise footie-maniac guys simply because they wont get to be with their spouse for mere 2 hours every week? That’s it? just because of this reason she could miss out on a guy who could love her for a lifetime. Its your shot, ladies.

My girlfriend’s obviously a football-hater. Years back, I tried to persuade her into taking interest of the beautiful game by introducing to the likes of Robert Pires, Francesco Totti and of course, David Beckham and all the good-looking footballers as a decoy but that didn’t do much of a help. I’ve stopped since.

So, like it or not, I made a deal with her that she gets to take control of the remote if there were no matches involving Arsenal and Brazil whenever she’s around. Yes, I’m willing to sacrifice that for her and to show how tolerant and sensitive I can be. That automatically means I have to forget about catching on any other games, which includes matches involving the Galacticos in La Liga. Fine.

Hey, I’m no poof. Its for worthy cause you know. In return, I get to have some piece of mind every time watching my favorite teams in the thick of action. Some things you just gotta give in no matter how passionate you are about it. In this case, football. Arsenal and Brazil however, are non-negotiable.

Talking about Brazil, even the FIFA World Cup is held once every four years. But I’m not getting into that with her. I mean, there’s still the Euro tournament coming up this year to deal with. I’ll sure to get the annual ‘Hey, I thought Football season is over’ thing. I really have to be tactful with my words. After all there’s still heaps coming around eventually… Copa, the Confederations cup, the pre-season friendlies, then the new season begins, and the next world cup some more and…



Rocky's Bru said...

I gave up TWO things this century. I gave up smoking (I was doing 3 packs a day) and I stopped watching football. In both cases, there were NO withdrawal symptoms.

But of course it was easier for me, seeing that you are an ARSEnal fan.

I was a Stoke City diehard.

Yeah, laugh.

p.s. Now, what should i give up next century?

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

That's a pretty good deal you negotiated with your gf, though I'm pretty sure she's still not happy about it. Good thing I don't have to negotiate anything for the moment. Still...

Ok, I've given up watching soccer unless I'm pretty sure its going to be a good match. But there's someting else I've totally given up for 10 years already - the gomen!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yhe way to go about it is to play their game. Hey when it comes to soaps, there are suckers. When its time for their favourite soap be it Hindi, Spanish or Chinese or Malay or Indonesian, go for the remote. Of course they will scream saying that they have been following it from the beginning of the season. They just signed their death warrant. You could get your footie time in exchange for the time they spent on their soaps. Not that there is a good show on other channels at that time, just to use it as a bargaining tool. It works with me. I agree not to touch her Hindi, Indonesian and Spanish soap belts and she leaves my footie time alone.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Its easier to quit the fags than football, but I’m quitting neither, not in distant future at least.

And hey, why should I laugh? Arsenal could face stoke city in the next round of f.a cup. And go easy on the ARSE thing will ya? Hehehe…


You’re spot on. She’s never happy with anything football. no matter how great the deal is, she will make it harder to sign the MOU.

I’ve given up on inaccessible restaurants. And fyi brother, sadly, Aladdin is one of them. But i do appreciate the review you fed us with in your posting.

Cikgu nazir,

Good idea, only that she’ll use her working hours as an excuse.

She normally gives in but would try her best to engage me in some trivial conversation, especially during games, when it’s in the thickest of action. That’s always been the case, cikgu.

anfield devotee said...

thank fooks that me wifey is into footie, though she sides with the dark side (ie mancs).

A few seasons ago, we both stayed up fer el classico where barca hammered real 3-0 in madrid. It was real nice, both of us staying up fer a great game.
Watched epl. followed by some dvds & a few drinks before el classico's 4am kick off. A shared passion & plenty of quality time together!

I don't mean to force anybody to watch the game but to the women who want some quality time with yer man, there are worse things he could be into like fishing where he'll fook off fer the whole day & come back smelling like a wet market.

So give it a try, watch a game with yer other half, it might just be worth yer while.

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

Thank god I'm no more a fanatic with BPL. Oh I do watch games esp involving the Big 4 but not that I will make sure I stay awake and wait the 4 am games. If it happen that I can't sleep then I'll watch.

Mrs TA will not watch football but she is no footie-hater.

But che'gus style of blackmailing the ladies is simply funny.I can imagine his wife and daughter squirm on the sofa or floor when the serial dah mula but che'gu in control og the remote. Brutal!!LOL.

constant_drama said...

For some reason or another I never dated a guy who was HEAVILY into sports. Them guys I go out with are usually the artsy/intellectual type. We go for bookclubs and art exhibitions and whatnot.

Sports was never an issue.

On that note, have I mentioned I have been to the FIFA World Cup? Korea/Japan 2002 I think. Watched the Spain-Ireland game, so yeah. I wacth football, understands the game, have no problem with watching it. Just not really an ardent interest of mine.

mozisgod said...

macha kerpov,

macha dei...before i proceed any further...

but yet..
you have somehow in a
uniquely innocuous way no..more
like-slide-hand-in-esophagus sorta way..with some yank-out-intestinal-bile-juice follow-up action
(with button haughtily pussying the fwd/rwd button)...
alamak...gua sudah start melalut lagi la bro..
what what is trying to say..
oh yah..yu have just brought forth
one of my worse fears in life
of getting married
..i.e. not being able to watch football again..because of farkin drama bersiri's *sigh*
yah la i'm NOT married la...allo allo what..what..

but nice one. do you explain this...
two fellas; bitter rivals...
who might even go to the
extent at the mere sight
of each others shadows
.who wouldn't even fathom at wasting the slightest chance of missing a palatable pot shot at each other..
support the same national
how bro?
watching; supporting
with the same fervour each supports their respective clubs
and yet...
how la bro?
if yu and i sit down for a brazil match together?
whatever it is i think
we'll be in it for the same watch a game
being played how it should be played
JOGO BONITO!.. gilberto gets the ball..i'll keep booing..:))))
(still in the squad kah he?)

mozisgod said...

whoa rocky..bro..

stoke must go a long way back chief...

Johnny Centreback said...

If you're going to draw a line in the sand you couldn't have picked two more important teams than Arsenal and Brazil: they represent football in its purest form. I'm lucky, my wife supports all of my habits. I honestly don't know what would be the point of our being together if she didn't. You may want to try the Beckham thing again though mate. I showed some women the new Beckham Armani underwear ads and they were stunned, speachless. I'm thinking of getting a few pairs for myself and lounging about in them while I watch my footie. Though that could back-fire as the abs are no longer Beckham-esque...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Just wondering, how do you guys watch your respective games when both teams clashes on both channels? Lemme guess, separate decoders or what?

Good advice tho. I told my girl at least I’m right under her nose, instead of joining the gooner lads at some pub and proceed to some karaoke joints later after games..hehe…

Afterall its only 2 hours a week. Ok lar, make 6 hours. The build-up to the game and the aftermath, depends on the result.

I like Real better than any other sides in la liga but I wont lose any sleep even if they were trashed by some unknown side in copa del rey.


salam doc. Being a fanatic can sometime takes it toll on me. the late games, the heartbreak, the tease I get from moronic friends…but it keeps me sane.

Anyway, that’s what you get from cikgu nazir. He can never fail to keep us stitches. Come to think about it, the method could be very effective.

*history channel 555 nowadays banyak feature Egypt. The rameses, VOK etc…must watch, doc.


Now I am offended. Hey, footie-maniac guys are buncha intellectuals too, you know. Only that our weekends are allotted for matches, instead of going to stage-plays…hehehe…

Ok so you don’t find jocks a real turn-on. Neither do I!

*we envy you la girl. i’d kill for a ticket watching current Spanish squad play.

Mozzy Berbatov,

Hehehe…thanks man. but I’m sure you can write better than this. you’re capable of putting things delicately. So come on, start a blog la brother.

Hey, marriage life isnt so bad, according to Bala. Get yourself a footie girl, or even better, a spurs at that. The ups and downs, you’ll be in it together…and stuck forever together too, don’t forget that.

So we’re both samba fans huh? Ok, we can sit and watch world cup together then. And I doubt Gil will be in the squad come 2010. but hold your horses mate. Kaka could still make his way to ashburton in a couple of years time…wishful thinking I know but never lose hope.

Hey there Johnny,

Thanks for dropping by, pal.

I doubt I’ll ever put on the Armani brief or my girl will totally freak out. Like yourself, no 6-pack but a keg here…hehehhehe…

Hey, great site you’ve got there. am sure to drop-by more often.

Thanks, guys…

david santos said...

Great posting, Kerp. Thank you.
have a good day

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

obrigado mr santos. you have a wonderful day ahead too.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Well Kerp, it looks like we do have something in common then, in fact 2. I am all Brazil and a fan of Real Madrid myself. Love Robinho and ma man Van Nistelrooy.

Rita Ho said...

Kerp ... I don't understand why women complain about their husbands or boyfriends spending too much time watching football. For me, it is extra time to myself. Plus, the support of each other's different interests actually enhances the relationship.

I think I can make money organizing seminar on this topic. I am sure many men will be willing to pay for their wives or gfs to attend. What do you think, Kerp? Haha...

Rita Ho said...

Oooops! Kerp ... I mean "we can organize". :)

MaryKate said...

kerp, you are wrong, women dont need you guys on weekends and sat nights only, eg. i need my hubs all the time, 24/7, monday to friday ........................................needed him to look after the kiddies when I'm not around lah, what else? hehehe

MaryKate said...

aiyo..sorry, should read need him 24/7, mondays to sundays... :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Awesome. Another brazilian fan. Its gotta be their style of play huh? i’m not saying I’m a fan of Real, only that I prefer them to others, esp Barca and Valencia. Ruud is currently in his usual great form btw.

Aunty Rita,

You said it, lady!

Maybe I should quote you on this in the front page and you’ll be all the guys’ Woman Of The Match!...hehehe

That’s one fine idea. We should forward this to FIFA and get the ladies to understand the beautiful side of the game. win-win for everyone.

*eh, but I’m referring to football, as in soccer. Not the Seattle Seahawk kinda football, in case you got it wrong.


True. we’re needed 24/7, only that in my case, my girl demands my attention heck alot more during games! Lol…

Look at that. You and Aunty rita both made mistake while commenting on this. lemme guess, such a nervous-wreck huh when this topic crops up? Huh? hehehehe


Johnny Centreback said...

Thanks Kerp. My search for beautiful football is never ending...

Tinesh said...

Lucky my girlfriend is a fanatic Devils supporter..After all she was born in Manchester..BUT, we still havent watched a game togther cuz she's in Penang doing medicine and Im here in KL..

My mom on the other hand tho is almost clueless bout football..She says she supports Devils to even things out in my family (dad n bro support Liverpool see) but she doesnt noe a thing about football lol..

I dunno if this idea would work, but how bout you guys who are married or working send your wives/girlfriends off on a shopping spree or a spa retreat or SOMETHING la..Just an idea tho

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo Johnny,

Keep it burning man. Joga Bonito, that’s what matters.

Mr T,

Long-distance relationship I see. I’m sure you’ve made it a point to do both when you guys meet up huh?

My mom’s no fan either. I believe her wish is none of us, me bro & dad, are fans of sports. But too bad for her, 2 astro decoders are meant for both espn and star on Saturday nights.

I’m so tempted to get this beautiful idea of yours posted in the front page, with huge, red font for the guys to read. Hehehe…you’re crazy man, giving silly idea to our spouses. That’s a no-no. hopefully my girl wont be reading it.

Rita Ho said...

Kerp ... As usual, you are very observant but why-lah you have to bring up the Seahawks! I am still in mourning, have been since they freaking got trounced on Sat. **sob**

I knew you were talking about soccer as my girlfriends give me a lot of grief when I support their spouses' obsession ... err... interest. Plus, there are no arses, devils, reals or pools in NFL, just jaguars, bears, colts, etc. Haha!

I was a fan of the legendary Mokthar Dahari. Arumugam and Soh Chin Aun too. :) The

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

oh aunty rita, lemme add to that list...49ers, bucaneers, bills,'s a confession btw...i know nuts abot NFL....hehehe...

you know, after reading all the comments, some wives and gfs are into football/sports after all. not i'm saying my gf isnt cool, just that she belongs to the majority of women who cant stand guys like me spending hours watching games when we could be out on sat nights doing mushy things like any other couples. so cant really blame her.

thanks there. feel free to add me if you use ym. goonyboi@yahoo

Rita Ho said...

No need to confess, Kerp. Can easily tell. The Houston Oilers ceased to exist since 1996! HAHAHA!

I agree that Pinky is way cool. Lovey-dovey stuff vs sports is truly Mars vs Venus, and only a tiny speck in a great relationship.

Check your email re ym. :)

Mat Salo said...

Err goonyboi.. Arse and Brase non-negotiable eh? But you wait bro' when the reality of married life kicks in...EVERYTHING is negotiable!

Mat Salo said...

Eh Bro'.. OT oredi.. Saw yr comment at Rocky Brew's. WHAT cleavage are you talkin' bout dude? She ain't git none.. Muaaahaahaa

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aunty rita, i was actually referring to edmonton oilers, but got that one wrongly as well. hehehe...luckily i didnt mention anything about the blue jays...they're still around surely, right?

thanks for the email. will check it out in a jiffy.

MS bro,

bro, now you're freaking me out even more about taking the plunge. i imagine something like, watching games at 3am with volume close to zero decibel. and that was after lengthy negotiation....hehehe..

eh, what cleavage you talking about? muahahaha...

actually there was no point arguing about her sudden minor tranformation. everybody said their piece and not being an expert on this particular topic, its only natural i touched on something i'm quite good at, cleavages....hahhaha...

Rita Ho said...

Kerp ... Yes, both teams are still around. Ed Oilers in NHL (hockey) and Blue Jays in MLB (baseball).

I am happy to read that Boccia is getting popular in Malaysia. It is called bocce here, very fun to play at outdoor parties. Those balls are darn heavy to aim and throw. I just fling them blindly. Haha..

Anonymous said...

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Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aunty rita, boccia/bocce comes from a french word i think. as daphne said, this game is divided into a few categories and obviously for those with muscular dystrophy, the balls and jack are much lighter and softer in comparison to the real thing.

i dont think i'm good at it tho. no offnse but it looks rather boring. maybe i'm good at something but nothing comes to mind at this particular mo. perhaps we'll continue with that when we're both online...*wink wink*..


Jue said...

Hi Kerp,

How are u? Just wanna to say hi. I'm too busy lately...Take care

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey jue,

howsit going there...real busy huh? kinda figured that...nice to hear from you again tho.