Friday, January 11, 2008

Bohsia: Afternoon Outing

Ok obviously it was over-sensationalized. There was nothing at all like what the title suggested. I was actually invited to a Boccia event the other day, held at Spastic Center, PJ.

Being a disabled person, I myself had not a clue of what this Boccia thing was about prior to that day. But since my aunt, the lady behind it wanted me to be around, I agreed without kicking a fuss. On that day, being the only quad with SCI amongst the Cerebral Palsy (CP) kids, never soon enough I found myself in the corner of the hall, sitting alone like a loser who couldn’t get a date for some prom.

My cousin played the ice-breaker for the day, introduced me to each and everyone of them whom I later found out, were actually our national Boccia players. Apparently the event was like a sending-off thing before their departure for Paralympic Games in Korat, Thailand which commences sometime in the middle of this month.

And I was, whoaaa…impressed to say the least. Here we have the spastic fellas with mental retardation and limited mobility, representing Malaysia!

Sure it was only Boccia but I could see the determination written on all over their face amid the spasticity. The enthusiasm they showed was simply priceless.

Since most who attended had no idea what this sport was all about, the CP guys did a demonstration and even challenged the reporters and sponsors to a frame or two and the result was a forgone conclusion. The latter were sent packing right off. That’s how good and professional our national Boccia-ers are.

This game is a sport for athletes with disability, particularly played by people with CP. Basically its like lawn-bowl but the balls and other equipments are specially designed for those with muscular dystrophy. I couldn’t make the game’s rules and regulation but you get the idea. Just throw the coloured ball and whose is nearest to the jack ball (white) comes out the winner. You know guli? Yea…something like that shit, only the balls are much bigger.

So anyway, here’s wishing our national Boccia players a fun and successful outing in Korat. As it is now with their dedication, fortitude, courage and resilience, they’re already champions in every Malaysian’s heart.

The national Boccia-ers

White's the Jack ball

In action

Bohsia: brody Armstrong

In action some more

I came back and was in for a surprise. One of the Paralympic committee guys called up and asked if I was interested to try archery. I mean, from balls and jacks to bows and arrows. Whaddaf? Ok sure, I’m in. Perhaps once I’m good at it, I can practice my target by shooting an arrow or ten at some narrow-minded bloke with an apple on his head, right through his forehead


Pi Bani said...

Whoa... I'm gonna make sure I won't be anywhere near when you do practice!!

acciaccatura said...

salam kerp,
my daughter did archery a few years back. the bow and arrow ada kat belakang pintu lagi, tunggu for her to make a come back, and hoping later to be able to use a compound bow. it did helped her to stay focus on her studies. a must try kerp! patience my man, patience!

PrincessJournals said...

ooh got invited to try archery. lucky u! iv always wanted to try it but have yet to have the chance.

in the meantime, il follow Pi and stay far away fr u when ur practising. :P

Kata Tak Nak said...

So you are a William Tell wannabe now huh. Hey its good to take up archery you know. If that child molester is within 50 meters range, you can get him right in the toooooot.

constant_drama said...

Who the hell is Brody Armstrong?

And oouuu, archery. I did archery once, during the wake of Lord of the Rings. Legolas was in my dreams, so archery I must. Hurts my shoulders though, the bow was heavy and so much presuure and tension on my arms. That's what I thought anyways.

On that note. Give Legolas a run for his money. Elf dollars.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Wow, Kerp, actually involved in some sporting activity besides stuffing yer face!?! Am impressed.

Ha ha, no offence. Me only sporting activity is weight lifting . . . one pint at a time!

ps: "Who the hell is Brody Armstrong?" - Constant Drama. Oh dear, young people these days . . .

I was talking to some of the student journalists who help me the editorial work & they think they're so fooking hip & cool. Then I find out one gal who wanted to do movie reviews has never heard of Trainspotting & the other so-called RnB Queen doesn't know who the late great James Brown was. Sigh . . . Sad but true.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey D,

Hey! Im back! Like Kak Pi, am not going near you when you get into action...

As for the Paralympics, CP is just amongst the categories...There are are 1) Vision Impaired, 2) Intellectually Disabled, 3) Wheelchair, 4) Amputee, 5) CP, and 6) Others...

I think one of the categories has been currently suspended...=)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

No worries, I’ll make sure the arrows are targeted at lame ducks. Read: ‘village mentality’. Hehehe…

Kak E,

Since you say so, I’ll give it a serious consideration. I don’t like commitments fyi, kak. But sounds like it is worth my time, so I’m signing up!


Hey, I’m a fast-learner lah you…2 practice session and I’m good to go…hunting for boars.

Cikgu nazir,

Good idea, sir. I’ll take up the responsibility and serve the community by turning into a robin hood-like vigilante, killing the baddies with just an arrow…or 10…hihi…


Whoa…I’m not a fan of LOTR lar incase you’re wondering. But…..i can make my ears move back and forth.

So anywaayyyyyy…brody was a former singer/guitarist for a band called the Distillers, RIP.
Tim Armstrong, the King of Punkrock, also her ex-hub was the reason that got her where she is today, only for her to stab him in the back by whoring around with Queens of the Stoneage’s guitarist. There you go.


Its all about the balance, man. I’ve been working out too. ‘angkat besi’ as they say…lifting up fork and spoon every single time feeding my mouth…hehehe…

Hey bala, I myself am impressed with your knowledge on the rock n roll scene. I mean, the Distillers weren’t THAT big after all. I guess maybe the fracas between Timmy and her kinda buzzed around back then huh?

Re: having no clue of trainspotting is still forgivable but to be an RnB fan without any knowledge of who the Godfather of Soul (RIP) was/is, now that’s a cardinal sin. She needs to repent I tell ya. Its like metal fans who knows nothing about Roadrunner recs. Screw them wannabes, mann…..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Daphne Ling, welcome back!


Yea, that was what I heard when they were doing the brief explanation. You know me lar, got bored only after 5mins in the hall. And in CP’s category, it is divided into other 4 sub-categories or something like that. Not sure about the suspended category tho…

Hey, so glad you’re back and I’d love to catch up with you later tonight. But you know lar, this being a Saturday…everything else have to take a back seat its FOOTIE NIGHT!...


Tinesh said...

Archery woohoo!! I like!!

I guess the so called R n B queen thinks RnB is all Usher, Sean Kingston n whatnot la.. Im surprised Dream theater (who are playing in Spore on the 17th :( rejoined Roadrunner recs..Good move la

constant_drama said...

Excuze moi, I never say I am a rock or whatever it is that you people listen too fan. So whatever their history is none of my concern.

The only music I listen to are showtunes. Broadway showtunes. Bet you have no idea anything about that because it is not in your interest. Vice versa.

Akmal said...

Hey, I tried archery too. But you see, the bolts tend to look for the trainer hahaha. It must be the wind, definitely the wind.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mr T,

yea, lemme add to that list. boyz 2 men and sisqo. hhehehhee...what a cunt.

to me bro, Roadrunner recs is like home for metallers, just like Epitaph for punk bands.

...and jive rec for boybands..hahaha...


i swear i've never heard of..showtune? but i heard you sister. blame it on that anfield devotee guy. his name is Bala, from Puchong. put a bag full of turd, light a fire on top of it, place the bag on his doormat then press on the doorbell and run for your life!


yea bro, blame it on everything but yourself. but good idea anyway. i'll blame it on crooked arrows for shooting at the audience.

seriously, since everyone have tried it, including you, i really should too, huh? convince me more, bro.

anfield devotee said...

RE: Brody Armstrong.

To be honest am no big fan of the Distillers & her hubby-hopping antics are of little interest to me.

But I dig women with lotsa of tattoos like her & Kat von D. So am busy pestering me wifey to get inked. Big time. Watch me blog fer updates.

ps: Woi, dropping points at home v Birmingham is reserved fer teams like mine (ie not gonna win shit any time soon). A few more of those & you can kiss the league bye bye.

anfield devotee said...

and oh yes, constant drama, no offence lar.

Show tunes & Broadway? Don't be so sure we don't dig. After all, Anfield resounds to "You'll Never Walk Alone" (from musical Carousel & written by Rodgers/Hammerstein II) . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


told you, didnt i? writing away any teams at this stage is somewhat foolish. it was even more miserable following the game via gamecast. damn espn.

agree with you la brader. Kat Von D is hot! but have never watched her new program, the watevashit ink. i'm sticking with Ami and the lads. its all about brotherhood, remember? and come to think of it, Kat has been hubby-hopping too, from the trucker-like redneck to some corporate rocker.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok, i'd sure to dig YNWA if i were a Kop. no offence Bala, fortunately i'm not...hehehe...

but i dont mind having a player like mr Torres who can have a crack like he did last night. bendtner needs to know where exactly the goal post is, really.

Tinesh said...

OOOO Kat von D!!! Damn the babe has curves n tatts!!! Uncle B i think tatts on chicks are a turn on..And Man u is back on top..Its like a seesaw game between MU and Arsenal la..My turn to go up and then u come back up k??

monsterball said...

Yes sports for the disabled folks are seriously being taken cared of.
We have a famous disabled...discus and jevalin thrower who keep wining medals and glory for Malaysia for past 15 years at the disabled Olympic Games.I am sure you know this man...also a wealthy millionaire masseur for the rich and famous.
It is nice to hear kerp is inspired to take up archery.
Wish him all the best...bottom line....keep busy and avoid negative happy.Everything has a reason.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


You’re a fan too I see. Don’t we all? I wonder why cant Courtney Love be more like her…

We screwed up last night. Complacency was the reason. From the looks of it, Man U will stay top for a long time to come.

Mr goh,

Yes sir, all are well taken care of. But kudos to the volunteers too, they made it possible.

I need to be happy to stay sane. If naughty thoughts isnt part of negative thinking, then I’m on a roll…hahahaha…thanks sir.

waterlily said... when to my workplace bro? Why I do know? sebut betul2 - BOCCIA. My anak2 buah was there - Shahrul & Wan tiara. And my fren Lean chin kit.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kak Mariannie,

laaa...akak keje kat wisma spastic jln utara ke? how come i didnt know? aisehh...i met all of them, your anak buah, wan tiara especially. now they're in Korat, doing their battle. takpe. i may be joining some other events and we might just bump into each other. kalau ada apa2, i will drop you a message on your blog in advance.