Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Game On

In case nobody was aware of the on-going 4th Asean Para Games, surprise, surprise then. Its very much in the thick of the action since Sunday.

Kudos to the host-country, and their band of organizers for giving their best in ensuring all 960 disabled athletes from 11 countries to feel very much welcomed. To quote from one of the organizing committee, they built new sports complexes with facilities suitable for disabled athletes.

There you go. That’s equal opportunity at it’s finest. When developer builds a sport or residential complex for instance, it has to be accessible to people from all walks of life. Either that or their company license should be revoked, let alone getting the CF approved. Sadly, that has yet to happen here in our beloved nation.

Oh, ok back to Korat.

I’ve got many friends participating this time around. Apart from the newly-acquainted CP fellas I met recently, our national basketball players are mostly made of fellow K9ers. It’s amazing that, some of them were even fellow ward mates, struggling and went through pain, depression together, bounced back together and now going places together.

Then there was the wheelchair tennis player. Yati (her real name) damaged her thoracic spine some ten years ago in a road mishap as a result from her then fiance’s negligence. That fella escaped with only minor injury and after barely 3 months waiting for the girl to recuperate, he decided to move on leaving the poor lass with a shattered heart and spine.

Unlike her ex, the little courage she found to move on was admirable. With a battered heart and soul she decided to get on with life anyway. She was still picking up the pieces when another tragedy struck. Her parents left the world in a space of one week. It was a double blow some sort of. But the setbacks didn’t stop her from getting back on her 2-wheels. She managed to pull through and run-over her trouble with her set of wheelchair and went on to become a national sportswoman, proudly representing Malaysia.

I believe all the Malaysian participants had in some ways a story to tell behind their success. Their resilience to be where they are today is second to none.

When there’s a wheel then there sure are some ways. Seriously man, this saying couldn’t be more apt.

Best wishes to all our athletes.


Bailey said...

yati, your friend, i feel her. frankly i think that guy is a jerk.

best wished to the athletes.

btw who told you abt me meeting tun M yesterday? =P

Bailey said...

best wished pulak. sepatutnya best wishes. sorry kerp.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo sis,

yea, sadly, such cases are quite common amongst us you know.

anywya, dr M told me himself that he saw you. ok kidding. i saw your comment at jln sudin.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

no worries, sis. typo error je.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Yeah! May they find glory there, insAllah. No matter what, they are all champions already!

mekyam said...

dear kerpie,

your stories about spirits always open one's eyes wider.

and they're not even ghost stories!

thanks for sharing, hon.

Pi Bani said...

Yep, I'm sure all the Malaysian athletes taking part in the Para Games have their own interesting stories behind their success.

Maybe in the 5th Para Games we'll hear about a K9er by the name of Kerp representing our country for archery?

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am always full of admiration for disadvantaged people who overcome odds to succeed. They are made of sterner stuff.

Raden Galoh said...

That saying is a hit straight home!

I emphatise Yati but I'm proud of her resilience and determination to make the best out of the worse situations that had happened in her life. Thank you for sharing, bro.

Yup, all the best to all athletes. I always feel physically challenged when I watch a basketball game of PARA athletes. They obviously don't look like they need the wheelchairs! Superb is always the game. By the way, you not playing meh?

Take care dear.

muteaudio said...

Salam Bro,
K9....ermmm...menarik ceritanya (tiba2 mentol menyala) Thanks bro.

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...


Teringin juga nak tengok sdra mewakili negara. Acara angkat berat misalnya. [Gurau bro'] :D

Semoga mereka semua berjaya. Selamat berjuang untuk mereka!

constant_drama said...

I saw the advertisements on TV and all I could think is "Kat maner ni? Nak gi tengok lah."

Too bad its not in the country...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Salam Shah,

Yea man,it may be a bit tough but to be able to represent the country is already a great achievement.


I soo missed you lah…hehehe…

Its not really my story, just the teller. Contrary to general belief, our spirits are simply full of gusto. Either that or we wouldn’t be anywhere near life itself.

Kak Pi,

Yes kak Pi, even a simple accident like falling off the rambutan tree and snapped his spinal cord,, its how he go through the recuperating process that’s interesting to relate to. Kira mcm pengajaran la camtu.

Maybe in the 5th version I’d give it a shot. Or perhaps the Paralympics in 2012, which will be held in London? Hihi…

Cikgu Nazir, sir!

That was rather flattering. Thanks. Some of my comrades made it look easy especially the paraplegics. Survival is the name of the game.

Kak D dearest,

The resilience, the out-of-this-world will power and determination ought to be applied to you as well. We’re both basically in the same boat, beating the odds.

Yati maybe a soft-spoken lady but cant be said the same on her courage and will power.

*the guys in the basketball squad are made of paraplegics mostly. Their upper body strength helps them to mobilize better and much stronger compared to quads like me.

mute, salam bro,

aiseh..lama tak singgah. I gave you an idea eh? Ok, will cross over soon.

Salam wak BP,

Terima kasih bnyk2 wak. Angkat agak menarik tapi saya rasa sukan mcm memanah, lawn bowl ke lebih sesuai. insyaAllah mana lah tau dpt mewakili Negara. Teringin jugak sebenarnya.


But sadly it wasn’t given wide coverage. RTM did a good job tho in promoting the game.

Thanks For the well wishes and all, you guys are equally great.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey D,

Yati is a real inspiration, and her ex-fiance is a jerk...Big one...She's much better off without that jerk...Thanks for sharing...=)

As for buildings with proper facilities for the disabled, should tell UMNO this...Elections coming, and they might do something...Who knows?


Kerp (Ph.D) said...


When I told her exactly what a jerk her ex were, she said whats past is past and that she has moved on after all. Such wonderful lady this Yati is really. she’s like a kakak to most of us actually.

You know what, daph…that’s the real reason am looking forward for the GE to come around. Its gonna be a gifts-galore season! Hehehe…

WANSHANA said...

Salam Kerp,

I've been a silent reader all these while and thought I'd just drop a comment this time.

It is always the trials and tribulations in life which make a person stronger and wiser, sometimes more than he himself realizes. And he becomes even more stronger with the support from loved ones.

As for Yati, the guy was already a jerk to start with anyway. She's so much better off without him. Good on her to bounce back in such an inspiring way. Kudos!

lee cooper said...

awak tahu tak kerp, sekarang kalau saya tengok anak tangga, saya pasti akan ingat awak. awak banyak menyedarkan saya kerp.

pasal sukan tu, tengok masa berita. semalam kita menang angkat berat. harap banayk lagi kita menang.

pasal yati, hmm...mungkin Allah Taala nak jodohkan dengan yang lebih baik. yang itu memang tak sesuai kot.

semangat you all memang dasyatlah kerp!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Wow, such an honour having you here. thanks.

I am so with you. One needs to go through hardship in order to take the best out of him. family support is equally vital but if one chose to remain in bed hoping for a miracle to happen, fat chance then. nobody can ever help. One really needs to take his own initiative and begin somewhere.

*Kak Yati said it was a blessing, or she wouldn’t be able to see his true color.

Kak E!

Anak tangga? Tak paham lar akak but its flattering all the things you said. Bukan apa kak, semangat yang tinggal tu je lah satu2nya bekalan untuk bangkit balik. Mcm Kak Shana sebut atas tu, demi nak ringankan beban keluarga, it kinda gave me the extra strength to at least lessen their burden. Dapat kurangkan sikit je dah kira 1 kejayaan dah.

*betul kak, satu hikmah utk Kak Yati. At least dia takkan kawin dgn org perangai cam komunis…hehehe

thanks, both kakak!