Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pocket Money

Hello losers.

Did I mention anything about switching the mode into a cruel, meaner and fatter ol' Kerp? No huh? Then screw you!

So anyway, taking from exactly where I left off, whatever is in store in this brand new year, I am up for it. This isn’t a silly resolution as I’m always psyched up even if typhoon comes a calling. Only how I handle it is a totally different matter all together. So anyway its only a couple of days into the year. Still way too early to have something significant to shout about.

During the last national Budget, them government promised to increase the Disability Working Allowance (EPC) from 200 to 300 bucks a month but will only get into effect this year. Briefly about EPC, it is an allowance the government provides for working persons with disability in an effort to encourage more disabled to find jobs, and with this extra pocket money, it is hoped to ease the burden face by the individuals who are disabled in some form or another. It may not sound much to some but 200 freakin bucks is a lot to most of us. The 50% increment was music to our ears and definitely a welcome news after its been long overdue.

Admittedly, not many in the disabled community possess any educational background, and that includes yours truly, the fat guy on chair. But seriously man, not even a lousy cert from a trendy Art & Design college. Zilch. Academically challenged.

Back to EPC, in order to qualify for such financial assistance, one must be working with salary of not exceeding more than rm750 monthly, must be a Malaysian citizen registered with Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) and most importantly, you have to be a bloody crippled.

Just a reminder though, this is not some kind of dole money provided by certain government where even hobos benefits from it.

So not all things bad being on wheelchair. Even with rm100 more, my wish is that it would improve the lives of many who are in the same boat and eases some of the burden they shouldered all these while. Again, it may sound little but we’re a bunch of grateful people.

Best wishes to all crips everywhere. Stay healthy, shag more.


PrincessJournals said...

sape kata 200-300 is not much? masa i kerja dulu, ada a few yrs the increment was only rm31/mth tau! tht was in 1999/2000.

anfield devotee said...

Perhaps you might like to consider doing a course/diploma/degree course part-time.

Of course, if it was full time you get to perv at some nubile 18-year olds all day long . . .

How's that fer incentive?

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am one of those rare people who did not sit for maths in their MCE. Strange huh. Even a fool at maths like me knows that 300 is definitely more than 200. It may be pittance to some people or even many people but an extra 100 is definitely welcomed.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


This increment will remain for God knows how many more century. And this was after decades stuck with the same amount of rm200. but we’re grateful, really.


No la brother. I have lost interest in academic studies since the day I left school. I thought if I had enrolled myself in colleges, it would have been because of parents wish. Period. Getting a real steady job is my priority now.


I thought maths are compulsory in any exams. You said it right man, strange!

Yes, individually, an extra rm100 is a welcome and for those with family, they have different kind of allowances. And even to start a business for that matter. This EPC is just like a pocket many.

Thanks, guys.

shar101 said...

Yo Kerp,

I e-mailed you yesterday on this 'disability' thingy and needed your input on a 'manifesto' preparation.
Will resend if you did not receive it.

Coincidence that you're posting on the same issue?
Nah! Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

A month or so back when the swell in my foot was humongous and I had to hobble to a client's office in KL, I notices quite a number of OKU coming in and out of the building. Upon asking, I was told it was the Federal Territory JKM office. I was merely hobbling and not using a crutch, had I, perhaps I could have registered myself there, huh? :)

Honestly, at times I think I qualify, especially when I have to park a distant away from where ever I want to go to. And that 200 to 300 bucks, I don't mind saying it would really help.

Anyway, congrats to all OKU on the matter.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Shar, sir!

Every now and then I’d be writing something that touches something that concerns the disabled community. But no doubt great minds thinks alike. even for someone without any academic background like me…hehehe…

I didn’t receive any in my inbox btw. you may need to re-send it. I’m up for it, bring it on!


Even If you had a pair of crutches that day, you may still have produce some medical documents to prove you’re a cacat fella…hehehe…

But ask any cacat fella, we don’t mind swapping places with you…hehe…

Thanks both, shar and shah. The two guys that got elviza confused last year...hehehehe..

Tinesh said...

Bon jour Kerp!! and Happy New Year!! Im still here at France n its bitchingly cold here dude.. Balls shrunk wey haha.

Btw the increament, they will give la..Erections.. OOPS! I mean eLections coming wat..

Tinesh said...

PUKIFUCK!!!!! I just said erections and i see Kenny Sia's blog and there IS an erection??? WTF happend la????

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bonjourrr monsieur Tinesh,

dei brader, don’t talk about erection la when your own testicles is shrunken.

Shit how I envy you brother. you must have enjoyed some French chicken by now. tell me about them slugs man.

Ok you might have known by now but I’ll tell ya anyway. Our health minister, or shall I say, former health minister did his own private health campaign by screwing his lady friend. The kinky exercise was secretly recorded and now is widely circulated. So the ex-minister came forward and confessed and showed the other side of a man he is. He has resigned since.

Now you don’t bother about the shits going-on back home and enjoy your escalope de poulet. Go. Have fun.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


happy new year to you too bro. hve a blessed 2008 and more chicken to score.

tokasid said...

Salam bro Kerp:

Alhamdulillah, ada juga increament walaupun tak memadai. What with most essential items' prices are sky-rocketting. And I hope this increament will be reviewed regularly every year or every 2 years.If it got stuck there for 10 years..payah bro.

I hope it will still be pocket money and not someone 'pocket the money'.LOL!

constant_drama said...

T cannot be finding or "enjoying" French chickens over there...he already found the "one and only". Hehehehehe.

And yes the infamous health experiment. The cheating bastard, may all manners of bad things befall him.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Salam docTA,

Without taking anything else into consideration, the amount is something most of us contented with. And I am so with you that increment must be reviewed regularly. Another 10 years will not be acceptable. Millions are allocated for EPC, so they have ample amount to increase it unless of course, as you said, some quarters do ‘pocket the money’…hehehe


Whoaaa…thanks for letting me on his cute little secret. Hehehehe…

I tell you this, even a public figure can cheat as far as only in batu pahat…imagine for someone with a raging hormone in Paris. His loyalty is very much there too, at the charles de gaulle.

Kata Tak Nak said...

During my time it was not compulsory to take math. Maths was in a group with 2 other subjects, science and Health Science. Guess what, I did not take maths, flop my science and got a P7 for my health science. Just nice for me to pass the group.

Tinesh said...

Dudes, the chicks here are ALL covered cuz of the cold.. AND I AM LOYAL K?? And Im allowed to look so hehe

monsterball said...

I am so sorry to read this. Few days ago...I read about a man who lost one leg...and was told..he is not a cripple.
Actually I am so sick to keep learning more and cruel and sickening selfish real idiots...these UMNO ministers are...most of them. And those that are not on the take...seems to lost their balls guts to speak up like before.
What can all do.....but to vote for a change in the government. It's long overdue.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Sounded so much like me. the only time I passed my math was during SPM itself. Hehehe..


Ofcos you are brother. but you wont have any strings attached on them French chic…nothing to lose mann…

Mr goh,

Losing a leg is considered a crippled too, and by right deserve to get such allowance. I personally I don’t have much qualm but all the red tapes by those mentally crippled have to go, as in, completely.

I can assure you mr goh, all comments will be approved unedited. The moderation is only meant for 1 particular guy. Thanks.

constant_drama said...

Kerpie Kerpie....stip condoning the act of cheating. naughty naughy Kerp.

Pinky tau marah nanti. =p

monsterball said...

Thanks kerp for letting me in and I do feel nice in your blog.
Please just call me "goh" or "monty".
Cut out the mister.....many thanks.
Sunce KTN and you are talking bad you both are on that subject in school....well that was also my worst. No matter how hard I tried....I cannot comprehend what the teacher was teaching nor all from the books.
The main reasion was the foundation was never there and my father was too porr.....cannot afford tutions.
Then I found my 14 year old daughter...also lousy at maths...giort her private tutuion aty home..cost me a fiortune. It would have been much cheaoer ....if she goes to the teachers he insisted must havbe 5 students..then he teaches. I have to pay for the fee of 5 to get hert the tutuion at home.....hahahahaha
She passed off Form 3 with an 'A" in maths.
But my working days...due to my craze for being systematic and tidy...I can see if the books of the Account Dept. not properly done.....and factory production is running at a loss....based on no system or slow productions.
I don't think one who produces a fantastic result in school is smarter than one that failed.
Just look at the great people of yesteryears....example...Winston Churchill....and most LEGITIMATE billionaires are not that smart in school...cannot remember his name...."Hawk??"......the one who invented so may types of planes and a movie mogul at his lifetime.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


no la...was just teasing that fella...hehhe...i'm sure he's a faithful bloke.

mr Goh,

yea, everybody hates maths...kahkahh...

i'm sticking with 'mr' btw.