Saturday, January 5, 2008

Woes and more woes

Right, so I was asked by Shar101 to list down my views and wishes that concerns the disabled community nation-wide. From what I understood, the feedback will be used by a group of concerned citizens to eventually present it to all politicians who will be contesting for the next GE. As Shar puts it exactly, it will be some sort of wish-list from the said community meant for all political parties to look into. To me, In other words, it is more to provide materials for them to create promises for their respective party manifesto.

As everyone might have known, I have some soft spot reserved for them government and its not in my nature to have a whack at anyone blindly. But based on personal accounts, I don’t think they have done much, not just from the last election but longer than that.

Sure they the government have done a lot for us crips but undeniably the space for improvement are simply huge and leaves much to be desired still. In fact some of the feedbacks I listed down in the said manifesto were of some basic necessities.

Things like transportation. You can count public buses out. They’re plain hopeless. The steps, the narrow passage entrance that leads you into the bus and shit…Seriously, how in the world would that to accommodate passengers on wheelchair? Sounds almost illogical. The predicament doesn’t just stop there. The unfriendly curbs along the road side just have to be there and make life more difficult for us, don’t they?

A few disabled groups organized a demo against bus company Rapid KL some time back and was promised to get the grouses looked into. They even showcased buses equipped with hydraulic lift-ramp and promised to get them on the roads in the future. As it turns out it was just another empty-can talk. Honestly, have you seen a guy on wheelchair sitting comfortably in a bus lately? A ‘Yes’ would be a big, fat fucking lie.

Now if the government is serious in solving our woes, they would have ticked off the company for not heeding the government’s campaign, right? Was there any action taken? Hell no. Even if there was any, problems getting onto buses is still very much unsolved.

Then comes the unfriendly building structure in condos, shops, banks and stuff. We’ve got the whatever shit building by-laws passed in 1998 or something, that require developers to construct wheelchair-accessible building.. But no, take my place for instance, The developer didn’t bother to make the whole condo a disabled-friendly environment and yet they get the approval from the local council or whoever fuck responsible. They can just piss on the useless by-law and the relevant authority does what they’re always very good at; closing one eye.

So to the G, more needs to be done. We’ve heard all the promises made but have yet to see some of them fully materializes. Its cheaper to tell you folks to walk the talk but have we with any choices left?

Normally all the benefits and special privileges are associated with Persons With Disability (PWD), which admittedly, there are some truth in it but our demands are for equal rights and opportunity more than just goody-bags. We’re no pampered lot. For example why do we need hydraulic lift-ramps on buses some may ask. Peanuts. Like any other commuters, we want the benefit of riding a cheap public transport too. That’s what equal right’s all about.


monsterball said...

Just look at our blind guys...standing at Supermarkets...selling 10 sen tissue papers for RM1....all Muslims!!
Again on rad sides...singing and blasting away the amplifier. On this...I will's not begging....but a side pay something if you like all over he can see such shows...and bravo for blind competing with the whole.
But the selling of tissue with 100 times profit...and few chinese are famous to sell toys worth RM2 for Rm15..or lotteries costing RM3 for RM5 per piece...cashing in on the kind hearts of others. You maybe surprise to learn....they do earn an average of RM2000 per month.!! Why can't the government train most of them to become masseurs and insist hotels to take all of them....thousands of hotels....and they surely can earn a decent in Korea and China..doing just successful.
I guess....when come to hard work....our Malaysians cultures........particularly the Muslims are not interested..and worst of all...the government is the same.....makan gaji buta......most of them.
So you see....the failure is partly due to our sickening cultures of UMNO's politicians...applied and do as they like.
Expecting oppositions to speak up for the disabled? many other issues....and they need to know..if it can get them more votes too..not only from the disabled .....but from the majority listeners.
As such.....I don't think it will work at all.

Rocky's Bru said...

That's not such a long wish list, bro. But it will be a long while before anyone in the G gets to the first item on that list, I bet you.

So did you ask Shar what he was going to do if the G does not walk the talk?

That's one lean and hungry, sonovabitch, that Shar. Dangerous when pissed.

shar101 said...

Kerp, Kerp, oh Kerp,

You just hadda do a posting on this..

Well, let's me just add, as we move forward, we ain't leaving anybody behind.

And your 'informed' views will prove invaluable to the cause. I've also got an idea up my sleeve in its presentation but let's keep it under wraps for the moment.

Meanwhile, I've got to have a word with the All-Blogs prez soon. Hmmmm.. lean and hungry ... sounds vaguely familiar.


monsterball said...

When the minds and hearts are not totally can see the signs and actions.
If the poorest of the poor are not seriously cared for...what facilities do disabled people want?
Go see...all are available in K.L...just K.L for show only to tourists and to blind caring our government is . Then go see other cities and they have facilities for the disabled? NOTHING.
I put out my first message to point out how serious is our government ...helping the poor and needy.
Then on the flood situations.
Samy will tell's God's will..nothing can be done.
Yes...we can send one to space...and with all that money..dykes and canals can be build to cut of floods...yet not want government to care for the disabled?
All they care is buy more properties in London and Australia...preparing themselves to leave...when the going is bad for them.
If one can report how much properties UMNO politicians have in will be shocked!!
Only Malaysians UMNO filthy rich the thousands buy so film stars...spending easy earned money...but in their cases.....all stolen money....from us!!
You still want them to think about the disabled?

monsterball said...

Our country have been going BACKWARD..have we all not notice that?
Yet..forward with man in space.
Then backward...bring the ISA back!
Then forward...approving Royal Commission...yet to perform and give results.
Then backward....never give permits to rallies.
Then more backward...with the S.Times and one sided political news......never been so bad before,
And the list of backwards go on and on.
Then slow as a snail..first full trottle...forward...then all of a sudden...totally backward....what am I saying???....Alantuya murder case!!
When have we seen something is done fast and complete by the government?
Always talk actions.
It needs Dr.Chua to show them how in his last act...admit...defy..than resigned ..all in three closed.
Then look how fast PM move his arse...appointing Ka Ting to take over.
That's the only forward I see..yet out of no choice for PM...first time work so fast and decisive.
What else forwards ...that we are so proud of....tell me please.

Tinesh said...

I have seen the disable-friendly RapidKL bus and have been on it.. But yes, Ive never seen a guy on a wheelchair on the bus.. But like I said, lets hope they do something cuz the elections are coming hehe

Kata Tak Nak said...

'but our demands are for equal rights and opportunity more than just goody-bags'

I like that part. Comes from the heart and one can feel the frustrations.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Honestly, do you really expect the G to do something which is of little concern to them? Those elected offifools up there are only concerned with matters of their own. And if one of their own have physical inadequacies, they are not bothered as the money squandered from the rakyat's coffers can always be used. Either that, or they will just direct one of the ministry's transport to be at their disposal.

What we need is a G that really look into affairs of the people, irrespective of their physical condition, religious and political belief. That, is something which does not exist with this G. Bro, exercise your right!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

There are things I’m with you. Taking from there, I agree facilities for the disabled must be equally equipped through out the whole nation, and not just here in KL/PJ. the gomen/election candidates must seriously take this into serious consideration.

The community will forward our grouses to who ever it may concern. Getting them walk the talk is a different matter all together. What have we got to lose anyway?


I’ve got a few more that I didn’t list them down here. but a simple wish takes forever to get it done, imagine the whole country. Even if the opposition becomes our government I doubt they’ll get things done as we wished. I’m just being realistic man. who are we joking here, when politician talks, its as good as mere talk.


Hey, my boss reads my blog. Anything that concerns the disabled community, I hafta let it known.

In the mean time, you go do what’s necessary, brother. Anything for the betterment of the OKU masses will get my vote. .

*I only asked Zorro to inform you about the email since you wanted it before saturday but he sent me your number instead. So that’s how I got your number.

Bonjour Tinesh,

Yea, the hydraulic ramps are mere d├ęcor. Curbs in the city is one obstacle, and how about the bus drivers themselves? They’re well known to be a dickhead, man…

Cikgu nazir!

Its true, cikgu. Another fine example why we needed a special parking. Common parking space are not big enough for wheelchair users to alight from our car. We would end up getting the other car scratched.

Shah, bro…

As I said somewhere above, like it or not we feel its necessary to let the relevant authority know our grouses. It’s the equal rights we’re demanding, nothing ridiculous. Whether they really listen is beyond us but have we got anything to lose? No.

You may not agree with me on this one but I don’t have much confidence from the opposition either. If they are ever in power, I doubt their priority will be towards the disabled community. this will delay again on things that should have been long overdue.

thanks, friends!

monsterball said...

kerp...At the end of every debate....most pro government supporters will say like you....opposition parties will not get things done also..if elected.
How do you know? Have we try it out?
Maybe on the disabled is not a priority....and you maybe right....that if you vote for get no better results.
But the country is made out of so many mismanagements by UMNO.......most glaring of all..massive corruptions.
Are all Malaysians living happily ....saying they have more than enough to spend these days....and have some savings for raining days?
Don't just base your survey on government servants....but based on all walks of life..all Malaysians...especially to the Malays ad Indians....for I tell you bluntly....most Chinese don't care two hoots who is next most don't depend on the government for a living.
But Malaysian Chinese do care more and more for the country...and the young generation..not thinking selfishly about before.......thus..a change of government is long overdue. With 27 years of blatant dictatorial.. cunning and downright daylight robbers..and now a stupid selfish leader..most hypocritical of cannot see that?
You must not think only for the disabled..but for all Malaysians.
What can go worst than voting in the opposition party government?
I dare say......never try..never know....and I think it is time to go for a change.
Those who dare not have lived too long ..feeling insecured....pampered..planted by UMNO ..race and religion politics.
It may benefit Malays in the past.....but now it has divide the Malays more and become the haves...the have not and the uncared for.
No ...I suspect our Nation is sometimes PURPOSELY being mismanaged for UMNO's selfish reasons...far too long.
Do you want your children to be successful based on who they know...and not what they know?

monsterball said...

Oh my God..I am talking to a bachelor...but never have a good brain..and can think logically.
But the fact is....unless you have suffered for 20 years non stoop for your children and family...your awakening to realities in life is limited to some political science degree blokes talking to you..out of text books knowledge and not out of experiences.

mozisgod said...

dear Kerpov,

have been following your blog for quite a-while. but have been restraining i find myself a-little ill-equipped to comment on socio-political affairs of the state & nation.
also. i refrain due to the
sensitiveness it can trigger.
due to our multi-faceted culture, racial configurations &
purposefully fragemented viewpoints on life - i.e. the vote-oriented kind.

but dude. your last posting..swirled something inside
particularly the mention of
buidlings without ramps..
farkin sure it's on the plan/drawings/whatchamacallits..
as i remember comin' across
them during work..when
we make payments to sub-cons (..& CONS)..

dude..due to my inarticulate voicing of thoughts today
..and a gnawing onset
of a migraine coming..
have got only this to say

we've got to vote
this fellas out. *sigh*

or slice the two third pie.
1 cock n 2 testicles
we've got to make them
2 cocks n 1 testicle.
leavin the one in need of more gush; hence evoking a need for them
to be nice
and dandy; prim and proper.
for the people
and most importantly to remain
being proper.

regardless of the consequences. although
too worried of what
might actually happen
in the event it does
happen..yu think these
cunts are gonna keep quiet?

guess who's gonna be rallying then eh mate?
as they say over here in the east coast....
mohlek blako boh.
HAH farkin HAH

kl_gal said...

Dont know much about the "law" re disabled folk in Malaysia. Are you saying that there is a law re the accomodation of disabled ppl but it isnt enforced? If there isnt a law, lobby for one. If there is an unenforced law, lobby for its enforcement. Dont know how you'd go about it specifically but when in doubt, make alot of noise. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Here we have ADA ( Americans with Disabilities Act) and all public buildings & transportation have to have disabled access..curb ramps, hydraulic lifts, ramps, disabled accessible toilets etc.
Many private buildings also have to comply..theaters have wheelchair lifts, condos have ramps and elevators, etc etc
Good luck on your quest.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

That was very insightful, sir. But being a non-political guy I couldn’t really care less what the gomen as well as the opposition have to say in their respective manifestos. I’m sticking by what I have stood for, exercising my rights as a disabled, regardless of whoever shits are in the office. I may not be popular amongst you guys here but I still have some hopes for one BN component party. UMNO has certainly failed us so obviously not them. Go figure. We’ve got one MP on wheel there in arliament and I thought things would improve but heck I didn’t see any, and he’s from the opposition.

Yo moz,

Thanks for dropping by man. not much football-talk here so you’re most welcomed. hehehe…

Wheelchair-accessible building should be a part of the plan. If there aren’t any, then when submitted to the relevant authority, the former should immediately reject it right off.

I aint casting my vote anyway. Whoever’s in-charge, as far as we are concern those voted in better get their asses down, be near the community and keep their fooking promises. I still have some hopes left yet for CSL’s party. Don’t ask me why but they are our only hope. I’m counting them UMNO fellas out.

Thanzks for dropping by, brother.


Hi there.

Yea, that’s the right word for it. Enforcement is simply weak, weaker than our Malaysian football team. As I said, the law is there but by the looks of it, it remains there on a piece of freakin paper.

Sometimes reading and watching how well taken care of for the disabled community in the US and Australia especially, one cant help but to wish we’re more fortunate like our peers in these 2 countries. put me right in the middle of KL and chances are, I’d be stuck on an unfriendly curb.

What I noticed tho, shopping malls have complied well with the government’s campaign…but the G itself is such a great disappointment.

Thanks for dropping by, you.

Anonymous said...

I think funds should be used to develop resources with potential to contribute to the development of the country rather than wasted on compassionate grounds.

monsterball said...

I know a few honorable bloggers like you...hates UMNO ..but will support one of BN party.
How are we going to have a change in government...which is 100% controlled by UMNO..if we vote for one of the BN party?
Presuming if my own brother is one important guy in the is natural for me to stick to him...thick and thin.
However...if I think of the country..and not my own likes or dislikes...I may need to make the difficult decision to abandon him.
This reminds me....we fathers sometimes scold or beat our children...for the great love we have for our children...then feel the pain..much more than them. I know Western method discourage beating and scoldings....just talk to them nicely....but I find our Asians method produces fast and clear I will stick to beating and scolding.
I talk this is also to matter how much we love any BN party...treat them as naughty .....joining the wrong group of friends and the leader UMNO is proven a gangster and a need to be taught a serious not agree with him/her..even tough he/she maybe helpful or real nice person.
There is no two ways about it in politics. It's either against or for. The in between does not few are thinking....meaning UMNO cannot loose out and BN is in...but if the present government can be voted out with few nice BN politicians voted in as oppositions.....that's fine.
But for this first time of opportunity to make a change of we dare to take the risk? will be like what we want....govt changed and our beloved is still in parliament.
To love is to sacrifice. To have deeper love is to have years of experiences....and to make a real good choice is to be experience failures and successes in everything in our life.
No books can teach you to have a mindful soul...without great experiences of success and failures.

cbenc12 said...

u r rite, the buses aren't really 'friendly'
but i have seen disabled in wheelchair in putra lrt before..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


You hit it right on the spot, brother. incase it slips off their mind, the disabled community wants a piece of the development too. thanks for dropping by.

Mr goh,

Before you got me totally wrong, let me just clarify with you. I may not be a fan of UMNO but I don’t hate them either. Unlike most of you and most of the rest here in local blog scene, I don’t really give a shit about which party corrupts or things like that. Credits should be given when it is due and screw them if they fuck up. What’s important they hand us the goody-bags and come election time, I’ll still refrain myself from casting my vote.

But you’re still free to have your say anywhere, I have no qualms about that. Thanks.


True, LRTs are quite disabled-friendly, but just barely. We still needs to climb a 2-storey stairs to get onto their platform in most stations.

Hey, hows it been with you, lady? Been awhile since I read about you. sure hope all the decisions made turns out right for you. nice to hear from you again tho.

monsterball said...

Anon 7th Dec 4.41 pm is understood by kerp...yet I find it difficult to comprehend...unless it means...funds should be used to finance individuals and not based on kind heart to masses.
Then it is not clear...if we are talking about Malaysians or Malays only.
It will be a sad day...if we cannot live and think like Malaysians........but by race and religion only. I really hope I am this country never belong to one stated in the Constitution.....and if one study the developments...then everyone should be proud to call themselves Malaysians.
If I think like a Malaysian and talking to one thinking like a Malay.....we are back to square one....can never agree sincerely....but all can live like hypocrites to tolorate each other.
To forgive and forget is very noble....applying to individuals.
But to forgive a government stealing and plundering......and feel it is ok...since they also do good deeds ...ONLY to Malays...then such people do feel insecured without UMNO.
Only ONE country in the whole world seems to think one party can rule forever....that is UMNO. How on earth can they be so daring to talk and think like that?...not logical at all....yet they do.
Well coming general election..we will see all if our country is ready for truths or lies...fair to all or be lucky to be chosen by little napoleans.
As for me...I repeat......I could not care I never depend on the government to earn a living all my life...but I do care and love my country more than myself.

MaryKate said...

Hi Kerp,understand your points. I think the Gov are doing way too little for OKUs,and that's because they are not and they dont have close family members who are. If PM's son or high ranking Minister has one, then we'll see things moving fast. Even with the trajic death of Nurin and we still find the killer/s free. It's the "I sympathise" attitude but "it's not me or doesnt affect me" attitude that most are having. You are right about public transport and it's a shame, OKU deserves the same right as everyone else. and, I am dissapointed with your apartment's management for not making it OKU friendly. Havent picket before, but will do for your sake lah..if needed. I believe that generally people care but not enough, unless it hurts them directly. cheerio :)

monsterball said...

And finally on this post....YES...I will support a rally by the wake up the government to do more for them in anyway they feel they need more.
No use to pretend we are such a great country with kind hearted good souls managing the country...when the very poor...sick..hungry...helpless and disabled are not happy living like us ...happy blokes.
Once again....this is a Malaysian problem...not a race problem.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

I’m with you on the last comment no doubt. This is definitely a Malaysian problem. The disabled are part of Malaysia incase some of them have forgotten. The G needs to do more, and quickly. GE is looming.


Hey there. howsit goin, ma’am? Hhehe…

When we had a certain opposition figure there in the parliament, I thought things were looking up but to my dismay things stayed the same.

You put it better than I did. People do care, but sadly it stops there. same can be applied to the authority, only enforcement is very much lacking. At the moment tho, picketing is not quite necessary but would exercise my rights when required.

Nice having you here mary, as always. I didn’t get to thank you properly for the lovely planner. So here’s a big thank you. thanks!

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Kerpie:

First, allow me to re-but Bro' Rocky on shar. He said: "That's one lean and hungry, sonovabitch, that Shar. Dangerous when pissed."

I couldn't disagree more. He's also dangerous when he's NOT pissed! Gawd, dun wan that bloke pissed. Period! Har-har.

Anyway, bro' the last three posts have been maginifique --hard hitting and well-said. Power bro' hopefully those dic-- err lets be nice --zippper-challenged leaders will take heed by your highlighting PWD causes.

Bro' to me your commentaries deserve wider coverage. It needs to go mainstream ala Anthony T's.

So bro' Rocky --how about it? Give RPK a tinkle?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

MS bro,

When shar’s pissed, I believe only peaches the sweet honey bunch can calm him down and transform to the sweet pussycat ol’ blue eyes again…hehehe…

Anyway, its an issue that’s so close to my heart. Anthony thanasayan has done a great job, no doubt about that for he’s a good writer. but I prefer to have my say remain here so that I can just swear all I wish. Besides, I’m not that good at expressing my grouse without the shit and F words. Hehe…

zorro said...

FOR GOD'S SAKE, What's a wish list. It is a sorry weepy list by wishy-washy aspirants (read losers). Go for a DEMAND LIST. STOP WISHING (for the moon). DEMAND for what is your DUE. The sinister OBE may be pissed but I am INCENSED. Must calm down with a water please. Promise you ramp and all when we get our strata title. Thats a promise. We'll wheel our talk then.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

uncle B,

Perhaps you could give some piece of your mind to the Bala fella in the next RA meeting?

i have been bugging him but everything seems to fall on deaf ear. he had promised to come back to me and its been what...3-4 weeks already.

i am now switching to DEMAND-mode. gonna bug the management office every single day. damn that bala fella, he looks dumber than he appears to be.

Another Arab said...

I am sorry for the poor child BUT the whole crisis lies in the very typical Malay mentality of believing in letting their children go on ‘Auto-Pilot’.

Look at all the cases of Mat Rempit, Boh Siahs, Pondans, Pelacuran, Baby Dumpings etc. All these are Malay Social Ills. When are the Malays going to realise that they are plagued with such diseases and as such they have not been able to contribute to the human race despite accepting Islam.

We Arabs are proud of Admiral Cheng Hoe and the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (a South African of Gujerati origin). All that the Malays have given us is an over-supply of USELESS Datuks and Datins.