Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Boss, Ada Kerja?

‘In Malaysia, most Persons With Disability (PWD) are given sympathy and not enough opportunity.’

That’s best to describe our situation here in the country. Taking from the last post, I was totally spot-on, didn’t I? Opportunities are there up for grabs but initiative should also come from the PWDs themselves. And according to the pullout article I came across this morning, more and more organizations has stepped up and came forward in offering jobs for the PWDs. Maybe its part of their corporate responsibility but discrimination is the first thing that companies should get rid off.

Carrefour Malaysia for example, hiring potential employees are based on competency, skills and behaviour. Regardless of one’s physical condition, if you can get the job done then you’re hired. This is what indiscrimination is all about. Like-wise, if you're able-bodied but known to sleep on the job, don't even think of applying for any vacancy. Take a hike and get lost.

Personally I was offered a clerical job at one of PLUS’s offices here recently. If it hadn’t because of my condition, I would have accepted it. Being a quad, sitting through the whole 9 to 5 working hours can be a bit too much for my body to take. But it’s comforting to learn things are improving as far as job opportunity is concern.

Its stereotypical for general public to think PWDs are qualified of only selling tissue papers, da ma cai tickets and sweets on the street. Although that’s how some of us earns a living, and an honest one at that, we are capable of pursuing a better career path. We have clerks, phone operators, factory workers and even lawyers amongst us, which is good. But by having more corporations like Carrefour and PLUS, it will certainly be a stronger pulling factor in encouraging more PWDs to come out of their cocoon and lead a better and meaningful life. Everyone’s a winner here.

So come on you corporate dickheads, show the government you people are caring lot. Keep the opportunities coming and you’ll get good grades from them G. Its like kissing their asses without having to sniff the unpleasant smell.

I’m not sure of how to end this piece but the following adage should be most fitting…’feed us a fish and we’ll live throughout a day but teach us TO fish and we’ll live through a lifetime.’

How true. More opportunity for us and we’ll bug you less. Deal?


Kata Tak Nak said...

Some big corporations only care about what do they get in return. Maybe tax incentives or grants or whatever otherwise they would ask the G to take a hike. They fail to see that despite their disabilities, PWDs would still go out searching for jobs which only prove that these people have resolve, a definite plus if you ask me. I am not saying this just to please the PWDs. I have seen enough able-bodied arseholes lazing and loafing around making a nuisance of themselves to know who I would want to work for me.

monsterball said...

I have said many times...a worker thinks differently from a businessman in blogging...and unfortunately vast majority bloggers are either searching for a job...or are workers.
And commercial firms employ people.......entire different from government way of employing.
The only think I can agree is .YES...business people do think of profits...and that is not by employing cheap people or even one who is very qualified...yet not suitable.
I cannot tell you the full details...except...profits derives from productivity and employing the right people with right attitudes.
So if there are SITTING JOBS....suitable for any disabled persons..if qualified...that businessman will be an idiot not to employ him or her...especially most disabled workers are stayers...not a hopper of jobs...like a prostitute.....can be bought for few dollars more by another company.
Employing the wrong person cost the boss more losses that you can imagine...newspapers adverts cost .done down into the drain.....interview time...then work three months...found no good..tell me.....what do the boss gain from this exercise......and what to the wrong working person loose.....NOTHING........as plenty of jobs are available...32 pages of them in the Star papers everyday.
It is totally not true...disabled are not being employed. I dare say..they are being favored....provided they have the right qualification.
Such people should be good students and learn fast. Can they read and write? Why not?..so easy.
prove to me UMNO have set up educational classes for disabled folks.
Give me one example of a disabled person....being left out by a commercial firm....for example..as telephone operators....tell me how many are qualified.....and not employed.
Selangor Pewter have been doing that for more than 25 years....most telephone operators are blind ..or crippled people...do you know that?
The problem lies with the government..UMNO......or is it...the malays refused to learn...love to find easy money..so does UMNO .want easy money...so they keep them happy...make them same bird..just lazy blokes..with a big mouth..then..let them stand at road sides.....singing or selling something cherp for much more......calling these working...not beggars. Who are they trying to fool?
Go check it out....few disabled are millionaires....and most are chinese...working!!. One is a lawyer...and another very famous blind masseur...both millionaires and many more.....all chinese....never depend on the government....but study and better themselves to work at par with anyone.
Do the Malays have such attitudes? I dare say very very little.....and why not?
Well...like I said....the word 'bumiputra" ..race and religion dirty politics...keep being applied by UMNO for 50 years..now put-dated...still ongoing.......do make the malays lazy...thus the malays keep depending on UMNO for favours...so much so....it is so clear.....to succeed ..one must always depend on UMNO government.It is who you know....and not what you know. But in commercial firm....clear as crystal....it is what you know.
THINK!!...Is it not UMNO a real hypocrite and selfish..cruel party?
You like it....your choice....don't complaint.

PrincessJournals said...

thts the problem w most malaysian when it comes to the meaning of disability. right away ppl (most not all) will see the blind ppl selling tissues, lottery tickets or making music in jln tar. hardly ever ppl see the disable ppl as any other professionals.

government and big corporations must change this mis-conception and start seeing them beyond the physical condition.

but i think first and foremost, special school is needed in coaching pwd so tht they can live on their own and all buildings, public transportations etc must be made user-friendly to the pwd.

anfield devotee said...

What are you looking fer yerself? Give us a clue, yer blog attracts plenty of readers & someone out there m ight have the perfect job fer you (that is if you're looking).

Pls describe in greater detail what you see yerself doing.

Akmal said...

improvement is good. reason of improving, I am not going to answer that one. they do what they one, or they do to please the G, either way I can see that the road is opened a bit wider. read the star metro yesterday in the article disabled but able; the professionals on the quad. If the others whoo think that they have the perfect body, hence better than these people on quad, think thrice!
Have a nice day bro.

Rocky's Bru said...

Bro, kerja for you saya tara. But I have a diary 08 that I need to pass to you. It's from your admirer and was given to Kak Ena to pass to you through me. Manyak complicated.

MaryKate said...

kerp, if I could, I would - work with and employ oku for sure. It's all a mindset from many corp, and normally its the big guns that are more willing to employ. Care saja not good enough right, it has to have more substance than that. Care saja orang pun tak boleh cari makan right, employment has to be extended out to all. bye

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


True. it’s the tax exemption of up to 50% if I’m not mistaken. To us, it’s a win-win. So we’re cool.

PWDs are going out in drove nowadays seeking opportunity, whats with improved facilities but sadly there are still those who prefer to be in bed waiting for BersamaMu to knock on their door or something.

Mr Goh,

With good heart and sincerity, who knows by employing the disabled business will flourish and prosper more. besides as you mentioned, we’re no job-hoppers.

Ok so the PWDs are favoured for reasons such discount tax exemption but there’s no loser here. just like any other able-bodied workers, we can’t be pushing our luck. We’re even, so no complains there.


There has been some developments, albeit a slow-pace progress. And if you noticed, I have been touching on woes concerning the PWD simply because all parties needs to play their part. Things like, how to get a job when you cant even get a transport to fetch you to your workplace. This is just one of many that needs to be looked upon seriously.


Male nurse! Hhehehe…ok seriously, this post written wasn’t meant for me to pave some way in getting meself a fooking job I’m fortunate to have one. But not so for many PWDs.

I refrained myself from leaving any comments in your previous entry for obvious reason. It was Anfield’s internal affair la brother. it wouldn’t be proper. But let me ask you one thing, bala….what do them yanks know about footies? I dread thinking if that kroenke fella would get a major share there at ashburton.


Reason to improve> simple brother. equal rights for the PWDs.

Actually I meant to post on something else but I came across the same article in star metro, and since I’ve been writing woes that conerns the disabled community, I went on and touched on this issue. So that’s 3 posts on a trot. Anyway, don’t you think that particular article deserve to be in the headline, or page 2 at least? You have a great day too bro, and thanks.


If you’re talking about the same diary from MaryKate that kak Ena got it from raden galoh to pass it to me through you, then I believe it was meant for someone else. I already have one with me here. there’s one for you too if I’m correct.

Hey there marykate,

Was just talking about you. hehe…

The thing is, we’re not asking to be treated like some VIPs. And not wanting to push our luck, getting hired like everyone else is good enough. the discrimination towards the disabled is something that needs to be getting rid of. With that taken care of, By all means reject our application IF our CV is not good enough.

Thanks all.

anfield devotee said...

sorry bro, you said you turned down the plus position, so I thought you might be looking. Good to know you are gainfully employed coz by the sounds of things its must be an expensive affair to keep yer HUGE appetite sated, you fat fook!

But seriously, LFC are fooked . . . again. Canna handle much more of this lar.

Must meet up sometime soon lar. Fatty Crab perhaps since you say its near yer house?

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Salam Maal Hijrah 1429 bro'

Semoga tahun baru ini lebih baik dan cemerlang dari tahun-tahun yang sebelumnya.

Alon-alon angger klakon!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I don’t need no NY strips to keep me sated. A plate or 10 fried rice tucked in and I’m already good to go.

Fatty crab sounds awesome. Not sure when but I’ll forward you my mobile number and likewise, so that whenever i have the chance, I can let you know in advance.

*lets look at it this way. Luton is financially screwed and the least you guys could help is by handing them a replay.

Salam wak BP,

Salam Maal Hijrah 1429 juga pada wak sekeluarga. Moga tahun baru akan dtg memurahkan lagi rezki dan sihat selalu hendakNya. Amin.

Alon-alon angger klakon, insyaAllah.

Pi Bani said...

Actually before anything else, there has to be enough disabled-friendly facilities. Kalau buildings, transport, all disabled friendly, then tak payah big corporations, small small companies also can offer jobs to the disabled...

waterlily said...

Salam Maal Hijrah Kerp,
Moga2 sihat walafiat & mampu meneruskan perjuangan untuk hidup. FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHT BRO.

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

Why do PWDs have difficulty securing jobs? Its all bcoz the general public have for a long time had a misundestanding, misperception and unknowledgeable about PWDs.

I still see, when someone sees a PWD you can see their facial expression change. They face will be that of a sad,symphatetic or guilty.And they start with: Eh..kesiannya dia et al.

I don't think most PWDs need this attitude from the public. They want support and not some sad watery eyes and some pretentious smile or a guilty hello.

Whatever the reasons some big companies are doing to support PWDs( I can't rule out the tax relieves they'll get), it is a big step forward I do hope more corporate bodies will do the same.

But on ground level, much still need to be done in educating the general public about PWDs.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

Yes, its simply not enough. it’s a tough task ahead for us to lobby for more facilities. There are some progresses here and there but at a very slow-pace. Cant imagine how long will it ever take to get just the whole KL a fully disabled-friendly city.

Kak mariannie,

Salam Maal Hijrah to you too. FIGHT WE SURE WILL. Moga rakan2 kita lebih berjaya dalam menghadapi setiap rintangan tahun baru ni, insyaAllah. BATTLE ON!


General awareness is lacking, even if there’s any, its too weak. There has been campaign but unfortunately, public seems not bothered.

If we were sympathized, then fine. its human nature to feel so after all but can we just move on? Opportunity, that’s what we want.

We’ve got nothing to lose la doc. If big corporations only cares for the tax exemption, then feel free to employ the PWDs. We get the job to continue living and they get whatever they wanted. Win-win.