Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok here we go.

Hello. So here are the pics (below) of the two makeshift ramps that I’ve been relentlessly bitching about. Nice?

The idea is to cut and flatten some of the tiles. Since its going to be some minor renovation and not an EXTENTION, the planned end-product will not take any extra space on their precious alleyway. Not even an inch. That’s it.

Really, I need those ramps badly. Its simply for convenient purposes.

Why we don’t permanently place the makeshift wooden ramps at its respective curb is, for some strange reason, my niece & nephew and their neighbourhood homeys finds it exciting to stomp hard on the frail-looking ramps. Weird kids. As it is now, cracks can easily be spotted on both.

But what actually pisses me off is the management seems to do absolutely nothing about it. Ok, so let’s say its quite affordable and I can fund the project by forking it out from my own wallet, I still need to seek the management or whoever fuck’s approval to start the construction going. But even that, I find it hard to get any of their attention. Maybe they don’t find it practical for majority residents. Or perhaps they thought I’m just a nobody-on-wheelchair slob, they can simply play dumb.

Now this is where the politicians should come in and play their role and not just to act dumb either. My request is for them to get their asses down here and order the management to quit the shit from playing their dumb game and get the ramps done. That’s all. I don’t need any of their money but their power.

Sadly, none have come forward and show they care. Even if they don’t, they can always put on their fake concern ugly face for all I care, juuuusssssssst…



anfield devotee said...

You seem to forget which country you live in, mate. This is WhoGivesAshit Land. . .

waterlily said...

Ramp...Ramp...would you please donate the ramp for my wheelchair user friends please...i beg you..I beg you...ish betul ke ayat akak ni dek? Ramp ? ada tak orang nak donate ? :D

Mat Salo said...

Hey Mat Ramp-it!

When I was a kid I fancied myself a daredevil stuntman. So we made makeshift ramps like that so we could get some jumps with our bicycles.. bodoh kan? Of course our cheap bikes weren't built for that kind of abuse and we ended with bent rims and scraped shins.. This was of course before BMX were invented...

I say ini murah punya ramp pon susah sangat depa nak buat?! These morons just don't bloody care! I mean, come on, how come they've ignored the by-laws?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo Bala,

Yea man. but you know me la…when people give their assurance, I sure to believe every single promises, only to end up swearing at them.

Kak Mariannie,

Betul tu kak. Last solution is to beg but we wouldn’t want that to happen.

Akak pon tau betapa susahnya kawasan2 yg disable-unfriendly ni untuk rakan2 kita. Dah berbuih mulut tapi haprak pon tadak. Bila kita maki diorang tak suka, tapi bila diam diorang naik tocang. Tak tau camna lagi dah.

MS, brother,

Yes, I spoke to a friend, who’s into construction business and according to him, the proposed ramps only cost less than 800 bucks. He would be happy to do it But its their stupid approval that have been the obstacle.

And the by-laws, the developer can simply piss and shit on it. the authority doesn’t seem to mind the smell apparently.

Back when I was crazy about skate boarding, I had a similar ramp. Never thought then that my life would be depending on it some years later.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Bro, this may sound a silly thing to do, but write to The Star, cc it to MPPJ, the developer, the state council, the DAP, MCA, PKR and whoever else you can think ofl it might just do the trick.

constant_drama said...

Hey NTV7 and all that is crazy for this kinda things. Just play it up, be dramatic. I'll write you a script, all you have to do is just like learn it and deliver it and the audience who's watching the show will all be by your side.

The politicians will be shitting their pants when this happens.

PrincessJournals said...

kerp, im with cakapaje. buat bising until they do something abt it.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey D,

Such a simple contraption (and may I add, cheap), and it needs begging and more begging? Bodoh (management)!

bru99 said...

Salam Kerp,

When you have another chance to go live on Telly, bodek the GOM say nice things about them, soon not only the management will "tatang" you but others too.......

MaryKate said...

kerp, still need me to go and picket tak? for your sake, i do lah, just dont sumbat me masuk jail sudah much is the cost of the ramp, probably the same price of some politician's wife branded handbags? All these people, only buat2 caring je when on TV, in reality, they dont give 2 hoots over anything else except what's going into their pocket.

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

One thing I noticed about developers and building management, they'll say evrything can be done but they won't do anything about it.They'll just sit on it. We see that daily in the news on TV.

Bottomline: They don't give a damn about OKUs.

I have to agree with Shah. Write to all the newspapers(e-mail them) and to NTV7 and TV3( now it seems that they entertain e-mails too).

Maybe you need karam Singh Walia to make the management move their fat butt.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Wow, you have got yourself a big task. You see, you must get an world renown architect to draw up the plans which must be forwarded to The PM's Department, The KDN, The Ministry of Defence, The ACA, The Ministry of Environment, VK Lingam, Vincent Tan and Tengku Adnan. Then you would have to wait for the approvals before submitting the approved plan to the treasury. The treasury would then forward it to OPEC for the financing.

Why don't you just call up Karam Singh. I tell you once its on tv, with the elections around the corner, Pak Lah, Najib and Sharizat would do the 100 dash to your place to build it themselves. It would of course be telecasted live.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Salam Pak bilal,

Nothing silly but rather a great idea. But you know me lar bro, when I’m pissed, I swear and roar like a panther but when it comes to action I turn kitten. I’ve spoken to the management this morning and another promise was made. So like or not, terpaksa tunggu dan lihat je…


NTV7 only goes for something with some commercial values to it.

I spoke to the asshole from the management and as I mentioned above, they made another promise. But hey, if you’ve got the script done I would love to read and learn it. and if nothing happens in the near future, I might just use the script and get the politician eat their own words (shit). That would be awesome. Thanks.


Yes, it is a good idea, no less. Maybe I haven’t done much apart from ranting myself silly here. my plan for now tho is to keep on pestering and irritate them by calling their office every now and then.

Hey Daph,

It even crossed my mind to fund it with my own hard-earned money just for such simple contraption. But what made it a huge task is the approval and all the bureaucratic nonsense. And I’m begging for just that, not their thousands of freakin money. Memang bodoh.


Hey bro, lama tak nampak. And thanks for dropping by man.

Another useful method but I doubt I’ll ever be on tv again in the near future at least. Although my patience has drastically subsides, I’m still playing the waiting game.


Hehehe…you kidding? To get the 2 ramps built cost way, as in, way way cheaper than their wife’s cheapest handbag. But this is a matter between me and the management’s stupidity. Picketing is another option worth giving serious consideration. I’ll certainly list it down. Thanks.


A matter of empty-can promises. Its like, We were fed with nice travel brochure only to be disappointed later for nothing as seen on it.

Maybe I’m the only OKU resident so like you put it nicely, they don’t give a damn.

Spoke to the asshole earlier and I hear the usual promises and all things nice. shah’s idea was great but i don’t find it necessary, as yet, to go through it at the moment. Benda mudah macam t upon they find it hard to get it built. See? Its harder to deal with them, knowing how stupid these people are.


You know, reading your comment really made my day….hehehehehe… nobody can be cynical more than you.

But hey, knowing this country, we may still need the top guns. Tok samy in the JKR, Ong on housing, sharizat for welfare, IGP for my safety just to build 2 simple ramps. yes, maybe the whole cabinet and judiciary system to get the construction going.

Like tokasid, you mentioned Karam singh. A brilliant idea but wouldn’t want to go that far, not as yet tho.

Thanks for all the brilliant idea, guys. I’ll sure to bitch and rant some more.

Rita Ho said...

Kerp ... Did the management make the promise in writing? If not, ask for it or better yet, write to them confirming all details. Put in a diplomatic threat that leaves them zero room to back off. Quite often these neglectful idiots need to see the words simmering under their noses before they are willing to take their responsibilities seriously.

If it doesn't work, you then have proof of their negligence to make bring them to task.

I have written several effective missives to that PP apartment I told you about. Let me know if you need some help with sarcasm and fear instilling lingo. Serious here. I wasn't born a Scorpion for fun. Wink!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Aunty rita!!

That was the mistake. All requests were made verbally. Maybe that was why them management people couldn’t care less.

At the moment, I’m looking at it this way. We haven’t gone down hard on them as yet. Or would love to believe so. But with the feedbacks I received here, I have quite a handful of options.

Thanks btw, aunty. Am sure to seek your advice if the need arises.

Weekend is here again, yay!!! Hehehe…

MaryKate said...

kerp,write to them and cc to as many officials you can think of, is there an oku organisation, ministry, tv stations, newspapers,i gerenti they will buck up immediately - nobody wants bad publicity

jack said...
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MaryKate said...

jack,tak sudah sudah lagi, leave THEM ALONE, its their problem. Send your comments to him directly and not on this blog ok. no one wants to read your comments, keep his private life out of this public blog.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey there, mary...thanks for the heads-up. this shithead has been totally ignored.

I owe you one, remember that!...hehe...

Tinesh said...

Bugger ten years from now they'll still be lookin into it la Kerp..All this mofos cant be trusted man..

You cant call a pvt contractor or someone to come do the ramp for u ka? Mite cost money la, but it's worth it..

PS: Abang Mat Salo..The ramp-ing up where gt bodoh?? My friends and I used to do it as well..Fun times man

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo T,

What private contractor? We need their stupid approval first and foremost. And whenever I give them a call, they would say the same old shit like, ‘we’ve called up a few contractors and waiting for the right price and I rape goats and shits like that’.

Dude, you’re into bmx ah? Thought you were a big-time shuffler…hehehe…

Tinesh said...

Lol you mean dance shuffle?? I cant shuffle to screw a chick la..BMX was the way to go man!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i used to own a haro master, no shit. but skateboard was my forte. i thought hawk was way cooler than hoffman.

Tinesh said...

Tony Hawk rocks dude!!

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...


Kalau mereka betul2 perihatin, tak payah diminta-minta, tak payah 'menyembah', mereka akan buat. Berapalah sangat pun kosnya. ISK!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yea man. nobody does it better than Tony!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

salam Wak BP,

bagi diorang benda ni 'kecik', mudah terlepas pandang. keperihatinan lansung takde. nak tak nak terpaksa sentiasa telefon diorang sampai termuntah darah baru diorang akan ambik tindakan. tu je cara aku buat masa ni.