Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Babi: A Standing Order

Reading the newspapers nowadays, apart from well-written articles by some columnists, one cant expect to find anything good worth reading but bias reporting and all that crap page after page. But I read on still, and just like every morning, this morning was no exception.

What made today’s reading more interesting however, was something that I seriously think is the stupidest remark that any human can ever make. Read on, especially the last part.

Ibrahim: I have no problem with the disabled

AFTER being heavily criticised for his remarks which offended the disabled community, Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali has come out to say he had “no problem” with them, even saying that he contributes a lot to help those in his constituency.

The controversial Ibrahim (Independent – Pasir Mas), who irked the Opposition MPs when he teased wheelchair-bound Karpal Singh (DAP – Bukit Gelugor) for “not respecting the House” by not standing up when speaking last Wednesday, faced pressure from disabled groups demanding him to apologise and retract his remarks.

However, Ibrahim said the remarks he made had nothing to do with the “orang kurang upaya” (disabled).

“I never meant to humiliate the OKUs,” he said when approached at the Parliament lobby.

“I only targeted Karpal Singh, who raised trivial matters using the Standing Orders. Karpal Singh should have asked for permission to speak from the chair (without standing up) before he speaks.

“I did not know that he is also an OKU,” he said.

There you go. Not sure how to react on such stupidity. Should I feel sad, angry or simply to just laugh it off and get on with my life?

"I did not know he is also an OKU".

Shit dude, what in the world do you think he’s sitting on? A fucking trolley? Sure, some people may have other reasons for being wheelchair-bound but in Karpal’s case, it was reported in the news everywhere through out the country how he damaged his cervical spine, which commonly would end up on wheelchair.

I mean, didn’t he read? Was this dumbass too busy party-hopping he didn’t even have time to do something clever for once?

Fine, he could have uttered it in jest and if indeed it was meant to be a joke then trust me Pak Brahim, it wasn’t funny at all. A classic lawak bodoh, as in lawak bodoh nak mamposssss.


monsterball said...

kerp...When one proclaims... he wants to go into active politics...and then got elected...giving him power to perform his promises..to care for Malaysians.....especially the poor and needy..what do we see??
Now...you can judge and see..almost all UMNO and BN ministers are bullshitters.
They care for their pockets...one hell of a greedy lot.....stealing and staling...no end to it.
Dream on...to expect any politician.,including all oppositions....truly care for the disabled...poorest of the poor....helpless and hungry lot.
Such a rich country....we should never have any poor or disabled Malaysians...crying for assistances..opportunities. Help should be given automatically.
Ours is a small country...filthy rich with natural resources....yet...we have houses without water and electricity supplies....just 50 kilometers away from Kuala Lumpur..Ijok is the place...I am referring to...And AM quoting Anwar on Ijok.
The level of sincerity is very very low in Malaysian politics.

monsterball said...

BABI....Brother Amwar bin Ibrahim!!
Do you know...babi organs and bones are identical to humans?
In USA....they use babi parts to replace faulty ones into people.
I hope one successful brain transplant to a pious Muslim...will not make him/her forget all the Koran knowledge.....heaven forbids!!

Pi Bani said...

Jangan ambil hati... there are so many OKAs (orang kurang akal) in parliament...

Anonymous said...

yo..kerp, bodoh betul this goon, kan I dah cakap, stupidity and idiocracy has no expiry date!! Even if he didnt read about Karpal (come on, they only read URTV ok..mana ada baca paper ke, buku ke..maybe gila2 mag once a while, so excuse their demented views and knowledge), I am sure he could see Karpal sitting on a 'trolley' (this is the part i want to laugh, sorry no offence about OKU, but when you read it kelakar betul). We shd meet next year..after my trip, hey keropok also got expiry date unlike some moroons...m.kate

N.O.M.A.D said...


betul x kerp?



anfield devotee said...

Me strongly suggest you hold a one man demo outside parliament! (we'll be right behind you)

Can just see the headlines now :
"Calon Barisan Porno membantah di depan Dewan Rakyat . . . diheret & dipukul polis . . . rusuhan . . . kecoh . . . etc etc"

Now that would make fer some mighty interesting reading, don't ya think . . . he he.

Just like da Prodigy said,"Ahm an instigator !!! Ahm a Firestarter!!!"

tokasid said...

Salam Ahmad Kerpov(MP for Kerpovwangsa):

Why am I not terkejut berok when Brahing Jump said that? My take is:-
1- He is amongst the many OKA in Royal Circus of Kuala Lumpur(Parliament le tu).But this not an excuse for OKA to say what he said.If he is a OTA(Orang tak ada akal)then its forgivable.

2-Brahing Jump is always a bulldozer in the Royal Circus of KL since his S46 and UMNO days. As an independent I don't think he'll quit being a bulldozer.But that is still not an excuse for the things he said.

3-He has forgotten, without PAS's favour allowing him to STAND for Pasir Mas, he wouldn't be able to STAND in the Royal Circus of KL now as a badut entertaining us all. Without PAS's favour he will just be another sitting man in Pasar Pasir Mas.

Anonymous said...

yo..kerp, should read as meet next week, not next year lah!! mk

Salt & Turmeric said...

Nak buat camne Kerp, kalau dah kurang akal tu, kurang akal jugaklah kan. tak kiralah party mana pun. bengong nak mampus.

Kata Tak Nak said...

"I mean, didn’t he read? Was this dumbass too busy party-hopping he didn’t even have time to do something clever for once?"

Beautifully said, fits the aresehole just right.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

I have to agree with you on this. when politicians show they care, its nothing more than just to pretend. Its all for their political mileage and when they’re not with the disabled community people can see their true color, insulting the unfortunate.

Kak Pi,

I am more angry than ambik hati. Angry because people voted them in, once inside the YBs took of their mask and reveal their true pathetic self.


There was one letter in the paper today condemning this particular yb. In the letter he said even a 3 year old kid can differentiate between an OKU on wchair and an able bodied. And this stupid remark came from a YB! So I am sooo with you that stupidity has no expiry date.

*I would be kicking myself if indeed we can only meet next YEAR. Glad it was a mistake. We’ll keep in touch via sms.


Yes, the ultimate circus…they can put on a show better than Cirque De Soleil.

Bala ji,

I can imagine the demonstration would be a peaceful one but tv3 and all that shit will come out with a report that says ‘seorang cacat berkerusi roda mengepalai perhimpunan HARAM’.

I will sue them for telling lies…its Partai Porno Progresif and NOT Barisan Porno. And I’ll sue you too bala, for carrying rumors….



Royal circus of KL? Muahahahahahha….thats a new one. and this circus is based in jalan Parlimen, kuala Lumpur I presume.

He should have stood for independent ticket la doc. his personality can bring shame to PAS and tarnish the party’s image. Belum apa2 lagi he has shown his true color. He’d jump back into the ameno fray whenever the opportunity arises. I wouldn’t be surprised.


This fella has no party. He;s been party-hopping like nobody’s business. Who would have thought only a year ago he’d need PAS help in getting him back into mainstream politics? too bad for the party to have roped in an OKA, he’s worth not any better than a pile of dung.


This fella better off being an independent MP. Or better still let him jump ship and cross over and sit amongst the backbenchers. He’s tarnishing PAS’s image lah, with his antics. Aint good for the party.

waterlily said...

Kerpie bro,

Jangan marah dengan OKA, nati kita sama dengan taraf dia.

Tapi kita ni manusia kan. Perasaan marh tak dapat nak elak.

Rasa macam nak mencarut juga lebih2lagi bab disuruh jimat-menjimat oleh AAB. Nak tanya dia, sapa yang membazir duit rakyat selama ni?

Raden Galoh said...

Dear Kerpie...

Sabar ajelah dik... Mmg tepat kata kakPi OKA tu bagus label nya...tapi akak kata OKA Orang Kurang Ajar...

That tells the mouth and the brain don't function synchronically, ke apa?

Talk about slogan prihatin eh? Paham ke dia maksud prihatin tu? yg dia tak prihatin kat perasaan manusia tu apakehe nye yop?

Take care. Yg penting We love you lots lah...

Take care eh

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Mar,

Sebenarnya kita ni memang sentiasa berjimat cermat sebab bukan banyak mana pon duit kita. Alhamdulillah rezeki tetap ada tapi bila disuruh tukar cara hidup bila diorang sendiri boleh spend duit sesuka hati, camni ke dikatakan kepemimpinan melalui teladan? Teladan taik hidung…cehh…

*eh, akak tak gi Sarawak ke? semlm nampak tunku maziah dalam Tv.

Kak D!

Orang kurang ajar, kurang akal, kurang adab, semua sama je. Perangai mcm budak jahat tepi jalan. It pisses us off, the disabled community. Its just so not funny and they thought its ok. Diorang prihatin hanya depan camera je…apa guna kata dia sentiasa prihatin terhadap org OKU bila belakang menghina orang yang senasib? This is OKA at its worst.

Thanks akak. It was a real pleasure having you as company the other day. love you too loads. Hope to catcha guys again real real soon.

Tinesh said...

I knew shit was gonna come out of his mouth la..Fucking morons man..Some things can change over time but stupidity cant

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

you said it right my man. but i take some consolation they're a prick by nature. cant change them.

A Voice said...

My Brother Kerp

Your current condition seemed to be yor shortcoming, mine maybe my bloating size and others something else.

All of us have shortcomings and deficiency. Our shortcomings are sometime teased by friends and rudely ridiculed by some asshole. Sometimes we can take the kidding around but sometimes we can't.

I remember Karpal Singh used to insult another politician's shortcoming, which is his personal problem in Parliamant. That has no relevance to the business of Government.

Thats also poking on a person's Kekurangan Upayaan, right?

My rather simplified analogy is meant to say that the different reaction to teasing and ridiculing of ones personal shortcoming is personal in nature and sometimes not really an insult.

Sorry if you feel insulted by Ibrahim Ali. Maybe Ibrahim Ali never meant it for all OKUs.

He was only directing it on Karpal Singh. I know you may not agree but he didn't insult you but only Karpal Singh.

It may sound hard and personal but politicians do that to each other all the time. It is just a typical lawak kasar from one politicians to another.

If we could try not to be emotional about politicians, it is sometimes better. Because these politiciasn behave like that only in Parliament. Outside they are not personal to each other.

Lets not be used by them.

Frankly I see the OKUs brought to Parliament to confront Berahim Ali are also being used by politicians.

P/S SMS me if you wanna curse at him. :-)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

A Voice, sir,

Please don’t get me wrong. The main reason I posted on this entry is to show how ignorant ibrahim ali can extremely be. How could he not know Karpal is an OKU in the first place?

He’s a public figure and knew very well the parliament session was broadcasted live that day. Like it or not, things have been said and to those outside parliament, the people masses, what ibrahim said was unacceptable. Naturally the OKU community too, were furious and we did the right thing by demanding him to apologise. He did without much qualms, which is commendable. I give that. But he should have seen it coming, the wrath, the consequences for trying to be a little too smart.

sir, fyi, I personally have no qualms too to be called a crippled, a cacat and all the not-so-nice stuff that may well cause a handicapped person to feel offended. I am never that sensitive. Friends, even those distance ones had in some ways or another called me names that are cacat in nature. i’m fine really. But there are still my comrades I have to think of, those who have yet to break that mind-barrier and accept the fact they are now cacat. I don’t mean you but this is where some people don’t see. its my responsibility to react in such manner to at least try and defend my friends since I have the channel to do it, albeit a crappy blog.

Let me just stress this one more time. I defended karpal ONLY because like me, he’s a quadriplegic, and nothing political. In fact I hated him for everything he said against TunM.

Appreciate your feedback nonetheless. I’m still learning and in a way I’ve gained something from this.