Friday, May 9, 2008

Overcoming a Fear

My Pinky hates it whenever I write about politics. My answer to her was, who doesn’t? She then corrected me for I may have heard her wrongly and I said oh ok, as I thought she meant politicians.

The conversation went on and on and I admitted for the past week all the entries has in fact been revolves around politics and a whole bunch of crap it produces. Fine then, to make things a little better for her I told myself for the next post I aint touching about politics…

…starting frooooom…Now.

And so we decided to hop into the car and drive to some place interesting and perhaps I could blog about it, which is what I’m doing now.

In no more than 10 minutes we found ourselves in front of the entrance of an exotic animal exhibition. I swear to God we didn’t expect to come across such exhibition that particular day, but still we were pleased to be doing something different for a change.

Looking at the various types of animals got me totally excited. Since I’m a fan of reptilian creatures, I was in for a treat. Various species of reptiles can be found there; snakes, frogs, lizards, turtles and my personal favorite, the tortoises. Only alligators were missing.

Then there’s all kinds of mammals too; the wallaby, raccoons, foxes, rabbits, sugar gliders, and goats. Yea man, even goats.

But the toast of the day was how I finally found the courage to overcome my greatest fear which has been tormenting my soul for ages now; Getting up close with a dog. Yea dog.

Go ahead, laugh. I’m sure everyone has their own fear anyway. So happen that In my case, it was dogs. And geckos. And snakes. And ghouls. And elementals. And chupacabras. And ostriches. And…you get my point, I’m sure everybody freaks the shit out of at least something.

So anyway this was no ordinary dog. I mean, come on, this was no poodle nor Chihuahua, mind you. Gimme some credits, will ya? This was a gray Timber wolf that I came face to face with. The beast. The real deal wolf, no less.

Initially the situation was rather intense. It was like a scene from Man vs Beast. Mano-e-doggo. I was terrified I almost shit in my pants. But it kind of surprised me how docile and adorable a dog, or a wolf for that matter can be. Never thought I’d say this but now I wish I could own one. Thanks to Cosmetic (the wolf’s name) my fears all these years were unfounded.

Both of us concurred that it was a great outing, an eye-opener kind of outing.

While having our dinner near-by right after, she was mentioning something about proboscis monkey, a type of macaque with a long nose which sadly was not part of the exhibition. Well, good then. I’ve had enough writing about politicians this whole week anyway.

Him, with the cuties.


jaflam said...

Hai Kerp,
Its looks like the wolf dog is scared of you men!!! and you act macho with Pinky holding you ... could not imagine if Pinky is not around?

Good to see you and your Pinky having good outing.

Tinesh said...

Creature of beauty..Along with Siberian Huskies..Tho my all time fave is the German Shepard and Dobermann

Pi Bani said...

Wei Kerp! Tumpang pegang hujung tali je ke?! Macam Pinky terpaksa stand in between je? Hehehe...

OK, OK... kasi chan. You overcame your fear anyway. Me? Kalau masuk fear factor it has to be snakes lah. Snakes yang dah confirm mati pun I geli nak pegang... (tapi ular plastik no problemo!)

Kata Tak Nak said...

They invited you for the weekly cabinet meeting?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Dato J!

If Pinky wasn’t around I’d never go near the wolf. The wolf was so cool that he didn’t mind to be woken up for pictures. Thanks dato.


Pundek la wei…you didn’t laugh did you?

This was wolf anyway. If I get to keep one as pet, its sure to be the timber wolf. Not Alsatian, not dobermann nor hound.

Kak Pi,

Hahahhaha…teruk la akak. Tu pond ah kira berani to be less than half a meter away from the dog…I mean, ehem…wolf.

*you’ll be totally freaked out kalau masuk the exhibition room tu. It was full of snakes.


Hehehehhhehehe…Aiseh, I laughed my ass off reading your comment. How la didn’t I think of that?

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

Cosmetic or Cosmic or Cosmopolitan or Cosmonauts. I aint gonna be near that wolf.

By he way,where is this exhibition?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


sounds like we have a common fear- the canine type...Mat Salo however, loves dog. dia pernah ada bela dulu katanya.

the exhibition is quite near my house. Kelana Jaya. its a new flee market spot. nama cina, tak reti teman nak sebutnya.

wanshana said...

What la you - still talking/writing about them politicians!!!

Tinesh said...

Lol no I dint laff la dude..But when I saw the pic again I noticed the shoes heheh..Kasut apa macha?

anfield devotee said...

Why should there be anything wrong with you blogging bout politics. Sorry la Madam Pinky & Kerp's Mum, but Malaysians have been too docile & uninterested fer far too long. See where it has got us. Its imperative we CARE; otherwise we are as Kansas says, just dust in the wind.

ps: Hungry like a wolf, brudder Kerp?

pps: Me is a dog lover too - Morris the dastardly daschund & Austin the Cocky Spaniel. Only thing scary bout me dogs is the amount of crap they can each produce!!!

Raden Galoh said...

Adikkk...That dog ke wolf ke apake? garangnya muka dia... and doesn't he/she looks like the snowdog alah yang dlm movie tu...

Me like TA jgn mimpi nak dekat dawg... nampak yg mcm tu sure akak boleh freeze tak bergerak...sumpah kematu terus!

love u *hugs*

mozisgod said...

tuan kerpovvvvvvvv,

YU DAAAA MONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! sounds good bro. sounds like a really worthwhile outing..well comparatively to mine; which usually entails quaint little eas coast towns...a stop..(more like 3 to 4 farkin stops cum fagbreaks) at the local mamak (or equivalent) for a tehObeng, tehOlimohBENG or if it gets too hot..a SINGHAbeng(no la dei..not referring to the thai beer..but yea dude..long long long time ago i used to believe it was..much to my dismany..mwahhahah)

but then..thing is...i realised, in a funny indirect sorta way..(i'm coming to the point..trying to type and concurrently hold my shit in my pants is difficult la)..
...where was i..oh yeah..i realised at can learn shit all from lounging in dingy shops and have the batang supplements..but take a closer look..and whoa..
you actually can take gauge a lot on by just plain zippin' up and
observing should not judge lingerie by the size of its thong..but i gues what i'm trying to

your outing is much more worthwhile dude:)) eat yer heart out sesamme street and PBS shows that we import.

oh oh kerpov, just to inform yu i hijacked a puppy about 3 weeks back, well technically younger bro spotted it..and i was the lifter...i've forgotten how small a puppy can really be mate...i mean this lil fella..put it this way..i could bludgeon him with burgerthroating hands...(bludgeon? oh what a good doglover i'm gonna be huh)..but kerp, cute fella dei. sweet. ironically i've never seen my folks happier than in the last 6 months...(since yu know..)...especially my old man, movin' around sprightly..full of beans and all..and my ma...mwahha..oh man..was she adamant as hell to keep one. tapik cair jugakkkk wa cakap luuuu bebbb. i guess it keeps the heart younger la dude...

anyway, am very impressed..(with pinky and the dog..hehehehehhhee).
i almost mistook it for a husky, but yer right looks like of the wolf kind..."mano-e-doggo"..MWAHHAHAHHAHAH..NICE ON BRO..couldn't resist to ketawe-bergolek. i once knew this guy who ..a friend of a friend..who attempted to keep a husky right herer smack bang in KL..he had this huge kennel fitted with an aircon and all dude..i mean fer real.. lost contact though. wonder how he managed because it is a very costly affair to maintain breed-dogs; what more huskies.

like you, i was initially had a "nascent" fear and loathing of dogs, while growing up :)) ( got bitten by a farkin alsation thanks to my dumbarse mate who owned it...yah la i got my shots la okay..but then again..hmmm). but yu're right. the first step, is actually coming face to face wif them..i.e. "mano-e-doggo"...mwahhahahahhahah

okay kerpov. i'm losing track of what i'm typing oridhi. btw, havent decided on a name for the dog...its a toss-up between either ronaldo (as in pretty bhoy winger) or torres..i would have chosen henry though..had he still be with the goons.m.whahahahaha.. but nasib tak menyebelahi lorong tuan bkov suggested.. and i may consider naming the fella...berbatov or "berba" for short..if and when..and most likely leaves THE LANE..arhghghghgh.

there is one slight problem though..its a she; a bitch. which makes the name all the more sweeter..*nudgenudgewinkwink*

you were saying something erhm..uhm..about alligators not being there?..they're all at the emirates la dei..heheheheee.

okay people i GOTTA SERIOUSLY RUN before i get squashed by this gooner of kerplunkian proportions... i can feel the heat of the penangan as it is alreayd..

ciao bro. you take care mon.

p.s. WAY TO GOOOO! dude, not many people i know would do what you attempted.

p.s.2. kidding about emirates okay.
p.sing 3 - i need to go toilet now. will shut up.


monsterball said...

Yes..kerp...never too late to learn....why a dog is a man's best friend..and I know few Muslims do own dogs...and love them very much.
Especially the police force people....being saved by dogs...or co-operating ..doing police work... sniffing dadah out.....saving millions youngsters... from ..taking it. practical and logical. Don't simply believe.
I have 8 pugs and 2 chihwahwas....3 sleep with me...every night...6 are always out at the garden...with stainless steel cages...sparkling clean..every day. i sleeps in the hall...a old 12 year old grandmother of all. She is a widow.....and you can never loving they everyone in the house.
The 3 dogs sleeping with me...will go to the do their stuffs..and granny is walked over the garden.....every do her things..before sleeping time.
Above all..dogs are great house guards.......much better than humans. They will protect you with their lives.
So...if you want an excellent guard....asking only one meal a day....and your love....get a German Sheperd.
Only remember...feed with dog food.....much easier and healthier for the canine.
Will you let you religion...stop you to be modern living conditions??

IBU said...

Salam Kerp,

Between you and d wolf, I don't who is more "fearsome" looking. You scared of the "dog", u've told us. But hey... ntah2 d wolf tu, if he can talk, he won't say..."Siotttt...aku takut aahh tengok mamat ni...baik aku tunjuk macho!"


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak shana,

Hehehe…exactly what pinky said lah. Maybe I should lay off from politics at least for one entry. Just cant help it. sakit hati dengan diorang ni…

T man,

There you go, laugh la weh. You’re the 100th person to tease about my shoe; ballet shoe lah, and whatever shit. dude, gimme some break la…it’s a kung fu shoe bro..kahkah…but seriously, the reason I bought it is bcos its practical, easy to put on and cheap. So y not?

*congrats on ManU’s triumphant.


My mom being illiterate, she thinks when a blogger writes about politics he’ll end up in kamunting. As for pinky, she finds politic a boring subject. I assured them I only touch on it when politicians make fun of other’s shortcoming. And ofcos when they show their stupidity.

*dude, you’re a Le Bon’s fan aren’t you man? hihi…duran-duran rockssss…roger taylor sucks cock!

*if I could keep dog as a pet, it definitely wont be those 2 breeds. Errm, an Alsatian perhaps? Needs to be protected la…daschund’s a little too cute for that job.

Kak D!

This one imported all the way from Alaska. How about this akak, lets meet on one of the weekends and I’ll take you guys to the exhibition? Adam and idris will love it, mark my word. The wolf is securely tied, don’t worry…amacam? Jom la…you, MH and the kids and me and pinky. Good idea or not?

Mozzz my morth London brother(?),

Actually any outing with your loved ones is meaningful. It’s the company that matters.

I believe it was in fact a dog’s story that broke the ice between us macha, remember? When you wrote about your dead street dog. I really felt for you man. now I can feel it even more, dogs are adorable bunch. As I said to bala ji, if only I could keep a dog I certainly would. But NOT the poodle-type. Nothing less than a hound at least…hhaha…

Hey bro, always a pleasure reading your long feedback. When you left a short notice o FFS, I thought this mozz fella must have slowed down, or unwell or something. That just aint juande ramozzzisgod bro.

• season’s finally over. Lets catch up soon. Let the lads enjoys SoiA first then we’ll meet up.

Mr goh,

Yes, I agree that dog is a man’s best friend. Never knew how adorable they can be. Only that, if I were to keep a dog, there are too many stuff needs to take into consideration. Religious matter definitely, and I live in condo, which does not allow reseidents to keep any kind of animal. Too bad lah.

*eh, how am I to pay you a visit with so many dogs in the house? I’ll shitting in my pants out of fear.


Hahahaha…no way la, my fear was clearly visible even the wolf took some pity on me. he’d rather play some ball-catching with err…guys with balls…heheheheh

lil' miss sunshine said...

hey you,the doggie look so comel but mcm takut pun ada hehe..

20 Cent said...

Dude, I know you said you weren't going to write about politicians, but it sure sounded like you did when you said you went to an exotic animal exhibition.

Especially when you went on about snakes, frogs, lizards and chupacabras. Seriously for a minute there I thought you meant Parliament, though there's less reptiles there now.

Daphne Ling said...

Aiyo Kerpie,

Itu bukan wolf lar...The way you drama!

That's a Siberian Husky! One of the loveliest dogs around...Okay, but then again, I love all dogs, except sometimes the chihuahua and the mini-pinscher because they squeal too much...

They're annoying, but I still love them lar! Haih...

Tinesh said...

No No No...Im nt making fun of ur shoes..I used to own one like that..Damn cun slip ons..Dats y im asking..I miss d shoe la..Went off after Rock The World 6 haha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Ina the couzie wozie (?),

Get Fazly to go to the exhibition, you guys will love it, and I’ll get the dog to eat his pants off. Kahkah….seriously, after all its been a while since I last saw you both.

Veej my man,

I tell ya why it wasn’t quite the parliament; there was no mentioning anything about pigs!


When you said about Siberian husky, I went to google it. you were right. but cant blame me bcos it was the first time after more than 2 decades since I came up close to a dog, how would I know? I asked the guy manning the dog and he said it’s a timber wolf, and I actually bought it.

So its Siberian husky. And if can own a dog, I’ll get exactly like this cute fella.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i can smell you're being sarcastic, tinesh. but ok, i'll give you some benefit of the doubt.

no la bro, the reason i bought this one is bcos it grips nicely, esp on the chair's footrest. got a pair of Fabregas-like Total 90. sayang nak pakai la dude.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerp,

Hey, what happened to my comment? Hmm...when I entered it, my lights went out here. Guess, it did not make it.

Anyway, woof woof! Kerpie, stop barking at the wolf!

Good to see you out with pinky, bro :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

shah brother man,

not sure about your comments but i sure have been barking, bragging about my close encounter with the beast...hehe...

Daphne Ling said...


I actually think it's pretty cruel to keep this Siberian Husky in a country like Malaysia...

They have really thick fur, and they are dogs who serve in the Arctic (pulling sleds/sleighs, rescue missions etc) and other cold regions...

Can you imagine the poor dog here?

But I'm sure you would never do something cruel like that, and like me, wished we could have a Siberian Husky...

Anba said...

Hi Kerp...
the wolf looks very beautiful too bad i'm in perak...if not sure i'll go to the exhibit meself...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo D,

Eh ya la. Never actually thought of that. But the good thing is, they make sure the dog stays in the air-conditioned hall. And he looks comfortable enough.

Anba my man!

I heard that the exhibition will go on a national tour. Keep your fingers crossed it will make a stop around your area.

For 5 bucks, the exhibition is totally worth it. here’s a secret bro, I’ve actually been there twice. Have the feeling it wont be the last.

Salt & Turmeric said...

i wanna have a pet wolf too! gotta be snowy white wolf tho.

Raden Galoh said...

Kerpie Dear...

Yes! Yes! Good Idea'll see me freeze to death not moving with the husky looking beast tu wehhh...Hahahaha


monsterball said...

One of my many muslim friends visited me...and I caged all dogs la.
Inside the house ....I have 3 dogs ... so cute and small....barking and barking at my muslim friend. He jumped to the top of coffee table..I ask why...he said..afraid of dog's saliva touch them....need to wash 7 days with some sort of leaves...this and that...but..not afraid they bites.
I ask show me...which part of Koran said this....and he said..he learned from the Iman.
I can it be a man's best friend..and yet. saliva is taboo??
I asked my dogs cute? He said yes. I took one...let him kiss me soooo lovingly.
I ask your children kiss you so my dog me?
He was confused...came down....sat at sofa...have nice chat with me...feeling very at home..with my dogs.
We even ate brunch in my house!!
Sometime later...he visited me again...with his young son!!. asking me....where are my lovely dogs. I said upstairs.
He said....his son want to see them.
See....I need not convince my muslim friend. He is a man's best friend....kissing me soo lovingly...and in the morning....wake me up..also kissing me. My own children do not do that at all....except...when they need money.

monsterball said...

Sheih is not afraid of dogs.
Infact...he behaves like a zoombie....afraid on nothing....hahahahahaha
One have to met this modern in old fashion Kota Baru...trying his teach the best of both muslims.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Get Michael to care for one. I’m sure in err…cheasapeake has more interesting breeds one can choose from. seriously fa, they’re adorable. Eh, you guys already have one don’t you?

Kak D,

Just a suggestion je. Come la for an outing. The kids sure to love all the animals.

Takpe lah, mana la tau the exhibition tukar venue ke amcorp ke…they move around btw fyi…see ya soon k? lotsa love from here….

Mr goh,

You got it all wrong. If a muslim accidentally or not, touched a dog’s saliva, or even when either the dog and our hands are wet, we only need to scrub it off with mud and problem solved. NOT any kinds of leaf, no.

Sheih’s a great guy, based on his writings. Sure hope to get to meet him soon.

kairi said...

Bila ko nk meminang pinky?Bila ko nk tunjukkn kelakian ko?Sampai bila ko nk keluar dgn pinky tanpa keizinan mak bapak pinky?Sampai bila ko nk berterusan biarkn pinky pergi ke rumah ko tanpa pengetahuan mak bapak pinky?Sampai bila ko nk biarkan mak bapak pinky bersedih?ko sanggup ke tengok mak bapak pinky bersedih dgn kelakuan korang berdua.
Daniel cubalah ko jadi lelaki yg berani dn tunjukkan lah yg ko betul2 sayangkn pinky.Mcm mn aku nk suruh korang berdua berani berhadapan ngan mak bapak pinky?Sekarang nie korang dh tua dn sepatutnya dh berumah tangga tp korng tk berani nk berhadapan dgn mereka, KENAPA?Ko x pernah ke terfikir nk berhadapan dgn mak bapak pinky?Beranikan lah diri ko 2 dn jgn jadi lelaki yg x ada ..... Aku nk tanya, ko nk mak bapak pinky sukakan ko @ ko nk mak bapak pinky membenci diri ko?Jgn biarkan mak bapak pinky berterusan membenci diri ko...
Aku harap ko faham apa yang aku nyatakn..