Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Project Cari-Cari

As everyone would have known by now, I’ve been meaning to put this one up since well, last week.

I had taken the cue from DocTA yet again, that politicians should start pulling their socks and get down to serious business.

The thing is, he has valid reasons to be whining. Every Rakyat has all the rights to feel disgruntled by all the donkey craps going on. The non-stop bickering amongst the politicians from both the coalition he stressed, is getting a bit too stale for all of us, the people to chew on.

I tell you this, it has certainly been going on that I can safely bet on my crippled limbs the squabbling will persist for at least another couple of centuries. Going by the current tempo they are at, I don’t think they’ll ever stop!

Seriously, this isn’t helping. The biggest losers would be us all. As in…you all.

But all is not lost- just yet.

As I was digging deep in the Star’s Online archive looking for the latest news on Britney Spears, I stumbled on this particular news piece that’s worthy of a second look. I began to ask myself how could this one left unnoticed when my daily morning ritual usually starts by reading the newspapers.

Then it dawned on me, instead of starting the day with the typical boring shit, I decided to watch Johnny Knoxville’s The Ringer and in the process completely missed this piece of good news below.

Ministry’s teams to go looking for needy folk

JITRA: In a bid to ensure that no needy person misses out on government aid, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry will scour the country to look for such people under a project called Projek Cari Cari.

Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said a task force would go to the ground to look for these people, especially in rural areas.

“We will have mobile units that will travel to rural areas to look for needy people, get information and provide them with aid,” she told newsmen Sunday after visiting the Taman Sinar Harapan Orphanage here. - The Star

Credits to dr Ng Yen Yen and her ministry or whoever originally mooted out this idea and come up with such project. Maybe its long overdue but finally since the formation of the new federal cabinet, this is the smartest progress to date and should be applauded.

With thousands of needy/OKU yet to register with the welfare department, this is rather a slick move from their part to comb over the whole country in searching of those in real need.

So there we have it. Amid the eternal spats amongst the politicians, there’s at least someone who is smart enough to get down and keep her job well on track.


Tinesh said...

At least we dont have MPs throwing chairs and fist-fighting like they do in Taiwan..Hell, even the ladies join in man!! haha

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Bro, you think she's smart? I think contrary to that. Every morning when I go out, I see many people - especially those living in the PPR Apartments - who are in dire need of assistance. Some of the children of these people, do not even know the difference between beef and chicken! Their parents look perpetually dead tired as many have to work either 2 shifts or hold 2 different jobs to support their family.

And what about those people who were evicted from their homes - people who were owning homes but were demolished by the previous state government due to some greedy land deal meant for development? Perhaps this YB has eyes that can see problems plaguing bacterias in Sabah and Kelantan, but not the extinction of the elephants back home, right in Selangor and KL. Or, was she merely talking bull.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Tinesh@Bon Jovi fanatic,

I cant imagine if that were to happen here. the ladies sure to join in and bitch-slap each other. Think Stephanie Mcmahon, only older and rounder.


Aiseh man, chill bro, chill. Got your point and the relevant authority should really do something about it. It is a serious matter that concern citizens who are oppressed and in dire need of assistance from those guys they voted for.

But shah, don’t you think credits should be given, at least a tiny bit to her? Just like we should give TS Khalid and his team some time to warm the engine up before stepping on the pedal, I think dr Ng deserve some too. this project first of all, was mooted out only last week. And just like everyone else, she only got into the ministry’s office less than 3 months.

I’m taking this positively bro. she’s new in the ministry and the project idea is for good cause. Finally someone came out with something worth a second glance. Only time will tell if this was just a mere talk. It was a joy to read it but will rejoice if she walks the talk.

sorry shah but for once, cant agree with you.

Salt & Turmeric said...

at least something IS being done! It only takes the authority to get their butt off the chair, out of the air-conditioned room and into the real world to see/find who needs help. betul kan?

wanshana said...

I hope she'll walk the talk, and I hope those people assigned and involved in this "Project Cari-Cari" will not end up doing their own "Project Jalan-jalan Cari Makan" or "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" all over the country using duit rakyat...

You're right - we should be fair to Dr. Ng and give her some time to sort this Project out. We'll just have to wait and see.

anfield devotee said...

But is it enough . . .?

Anonymous said...

yo kerp...interesting reading. I only hope that this 'cari cari' really works and not some publicity stunt, AND we have plenty of that now, any form of publicity is necessary, good or bad - all kaut habis !! I wonder what is done to kickstart the declining economy? Oh..I must have been deranged, NOTHING is being done at all, there is a recession looming around and no one cares, well.. in fact, it has hit us for more than a year oredi loh. So, while politicians bicker and it only gets worse, the nation suffer. This is the time, I wish all this goons will pi mampus!! hey, better let rocky run the country and you be tpm (and if, just if la happens), dont forget to include me as one of your cronies hahahaahahahaha.......... MK

Kata Tak Nak said...

This is a result of the hard knock on the head that MCA got so the minister is trying to do something. They should start at the PPR apartments then. Surely plenty of needies there. By aiding it should mean that they aid these people to make a living not give them an insignificant amount infront of the tv cameras and then come the next election come again to them and give some more and remind them that they owe it to her.
One more thing to look at. I know this for sure becausae the people concerned are people whom I know very well. There is this program to aid the poor in Penang. Quite a number of families were identified. They will receive tools to help them earn. Very good indeed. Someone close to the officers in charge of the aiding department is given the contract to supply these goody bags. This someone then got a rich towkay to supply the goody bags. The towkay made a tidy profit and the appointed supplier makes a tidy profit and the poor received goody bags filled with inferior quality stuffs so as that two other parties could make the profit they needed. No big guy from the aiding department cared as to what was in the goody bags.
Lets say, a recipient is given something valued at RM2000 but actually received something that costs less then RM1000. Thats the whole story.
To be fair to the lady minister, please check to see what kind of aid is given and the actual cost.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yup, couldn’t agree with you more. I’m taking some consolation that at least a GOOD idea has been mooted out. either they’ll get on and really do it like the mean it, is another story. But Its not wrong to be hopeful.

Kak shana,

This is what I’m worry about. The staffs appointed can always use the trip meant to look for the needy and go on a holiday-spree instead. But as I said, it was a fresh idea that we should all be positive about.

Bala Ji,

It may not be enough la boss but better than all the arguments in the dewan. This move shouldn’t be politicized by anyone. Fer fook’s sake, its for a good cause!!


We cant tell if this was just a stunt to win the people’s heart but good idea deserves to reckoned at least. When the time comes, and it was mere talk that’s when we should get noise. They deserve some time to really get down to it and prove to us. As you said, with the recession looming, the needy will be badly affected. So this cari-cari idea is a welcomed.

*me TPM? Nahh…boring. I’m very consistent with the portfolio that I’ve been eyeing; Health Minister!

thanks all!

Pi Bani said...

While I applaud the move, I am rather sceptic about their definition of "needy". We have different officers in different districts and each of them may have their wn interpretation. Why am I saying this? Because sometimes they don't even have to "cari-cari", we recommend some poor families to them, but just because during the visit the officers tengok rumah kira rumah pekan bukan rumah kampung (tak kira lah teres ke apa ke), and got TV some more, immediately they decide the family doesn't need help.

Padahal the TV could have been there much earlier when for example the husband was still well and working... or maybe could have been donated by someone.

But yeah, let's just wait and see. My hope is that when they assess, they will korek, korek, korek sampai ke details instead of making decisions based only on what they see with their bare eyes.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Good suggestion, which if I had the chance will forward them to the staff involved, if not the Minister herself! And I am dead serious.

Yes, the PPR apartments is one good venue to get it started. Perhaps the hospitals and then proceed to the rural area.

I’m just being positive about this cikgu. They can smile all they want infront of the camera but as long they keep to their words and get down dirty immediately, I will definitely keep my mouth shut. Its for a good cause so its not approriate to politicize this thing unless they talk the cock.

So yeah, i’m very optimistic.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

Exactly my fear when I wanted to apply for the monthly allowance. But as I spoke to the officer, he assured me they will still follow the procedure and not judge by what they take on what they see. you wouldn’t believe all the stuff I have in my room. Janji cukup syarat kak Pi.

I know everyone tends to be skeptical with all these sweet words, especially coming from the ministry. glitches, minor and major, bounds to happen but I urge everyone to accept this positively at this stage of time. the idea is good. If they don’t keep to their promises, I’ll be at the front line, I’ll be their hardest critic.

anfield devotee said...

kerp: point taken. But am afraid I was too brief & hence perhaps misunderstood.

Y'see, even though she's doing a great job; it may not be enough to secure her place in the next (snap?) elections.

Not all who are retained are good. So that's why me ask is it enough?
ie doing useful work alone.

You see BN only like it when you make pointless headlines over some pointless issue.

Nay offence meant. Like me said, yer point well made (& taken).

ps: Regarding get together, who says we are inviting tinesh, since we don't intend to spend the evening listening to scum gloating!?! hee hee

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


ok its ok, I’ll be brief on this one. Try not to politicize this and nothing to debate about. Only time can tell.

*its good to have tinesh around. We’ll give him some tough, footie lesson time.

Tinesh said...

First of all, Im not a Bon jovi fan.

Secondly, Steph McMahon pun not my taste, this one must imagine rounder and older. KINAWT!!! haha

Thirdly, I have been keeping quiet and not gloating to people who arnt MU fans lol..

Btw, a friend of mine (who is a Chelsea fan) pointed out to me that if Chelsea had won the finals, it would have been a very controversial win.

Apparently, Lampard was subbed for Anelka and yet Lamps took a penalty..Mcam mane ni???

Anonymous said...

tuan kerpov,

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Anonymous said...

oh yeah one more thing TUAN, regarding the specials?
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monsterball said...

What they are doing is out of no choice.
They know....they cannoi depend on UMNO to save cari cari Malaysian cina dan indi vote for them la.
Cannot wait last minute. Must work hard ...not for the salary...but chance to make big commission...winning 13th election.
It is either sayonara...or survive. I think it is give DAP stronger mandate.

tokasid said...

Salam Ahmad Kerpovmovic:

I laud Dr Ng's announcement but like some say: let's hope this is not another publicity stunt.

What I would like to know is: Who's gonna do the cari-cari part?
Newly appointed officers?

If its still the JKKK or KEMAS again, most likely we will all be disappointed yet again.

I don't need to remind us all that most of our gomen departments are the hangat-hangat taik ayam type.I am sorry if those in gomen might feel slighted or offended but the truth is the truth.

And when it comes to JKKK or KEMAS guys doing the cari-cari thing I assure you the needy one will not be someone on wheel cahir or crutches.It maight just as well be someone's relatives.

Here in DT I have seen many over qualified 'needy' person getting aids and many that really need assisstance were left out.

For the moment I will support Dr Ng's ambition...but I'll give her 4 years to see if she can deliver.But worry not,after 4-5 years they will announce something similar with a different name.

Anba said...

do check out Blue oyster cult Burnin' For You on you tube thought you might like's quite catchy got some hints of ska/reggae...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


That’s the problem with chelski fans in general, bro. he claimed to be a fan and yet he got it all wrong, either that or he was happily dozing off when the game was in the thick of the action.

Yes, Lampard was one of the penalty takers but it was joe cole who was subbed by anelka, and not Frankie. Sorry bro but they support Chelsea only after one sugardaddy appeared.

Mr mozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

You got me all excited I just had to put on the specials’ /guilty till proven innocent/ cd, spin it, crankin’ it up and get skankin’. Woohooo…awesome la chief!!

And jerry fuckin dammers. The real deal legend. Ok, so he was not in the lineup in the album mentioned above but no dammers, no two-tone. Period. Move over suggs, dammers is in da dancehall!

Thanks for the links bro. fav tunes- message to you rudy, monkey man, and bonediggin’ & fearful (fea. Timmy Armstrong) from their later stuff. Shit man, melalut for good cause, I’m all for it mozzz…

Get a blog the soonest, you dick. Cant wait to hear your non-stop ranting!!!!!

Mr goh,

Whatever their intention is, if indeed this project a success, then I’m all for it. it’s a win-win sir. The rakyat gains, that’s what matters.


Yes doc, i’m all for this, and hope this aint another empty-can talk.

I believe they are forking out a bit to appoint new staffs. Like I said numerous of times in this entry, anything for a good cause, I’m all for it.

I’m quite familiar with those ‘needy’ but these bunch of people are still qualified because they normally does not breach any of JKM’s regulation applied. To me, what they needed to do was to comb throughout the nation because many are not getting what they rightly deserved, as you pointed out. so this move is a real welcome.

Like you doc, for now, I will support this move mae possible by dr Ng. I’m giving a few months, then we’ll judge from there.


Sounds interesting. Will sure to check them out. thanks man.

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