Monday, May 26, 2008

Back; LGL- Let's Get Laid

Hey I’ve got my blog back. Woohoo.

Since I don’t have any issue to bitch about, I feel I still need to put up something proper to announce my return. The previous short entry was part of trouble-shooting exercise and must totally be ignored.

Looking back, precisely last Tuesday, I had finished writing a new entry and as immediately after I got it published was exactly when it occurred. Numerous reports were made to the Blogspot people but amazingly not a single reply I get from them.

Then, being a thinker I am, it was best that I take the matter into my own hand and did the next best thing I can think of, giving up.

So anyway, when I first decided to jump in on the blogging bandwagon sometime last year, it didn’t cross me to read Blogspot’s T&C until of course, this shit happened. So I thought what the hell and went through it. That’s when it hit on me that there’s a possibility somewhere along the line I could have violated their agreement.

Fine, I’ll admit. And am very much guilty of poking fun at one’s sexual orientation, particularly the gay community which is a definite no-no, according to the terms and condition. I felt I have in fact, been making fun of them queer boys a little too harsh even for my own liking!

Even though that wasn’t the reason why this blog hit the snag, I still feel I owe them an apology and should quit making uncalled-for remarks that can be hurtful to them.

Having said that, I hope the guilt inside will stop eating my heart and guts, subside and eventually die off.

Now I’m glad I don’t need to create a new blog, as suggested by many. That was the first I had in mind but I dread thinking of starting from the scratch, get a new home and turn my back against my beloved Land. I’d prefer to be a squatter than to move into an empty house which would take sometime to adjust and feel like home again.

Will re-post the good-shit PraisiNG Her entry soon as it deserve to be highlighted in the lights of all the bad shit that has been taking place lately. Credits should be given when it is due. Not all parliamentarians are appalling, only most of them.

Thanks everyone. Gotta really really run now.



Fag (as in ciggy, no pun intended)…checked.




tokasid said...

(Drum roll.....)
Tuan2 dan Puan2,
Dengan ini SARKAS mengumumkan kemunculan semula trainer beruang tidur yang terkenal....AHMAD KERPOV!

Welcome back bro.We sure miss you and you weirdo hair(kau pinjam rambut palsu Erra Fazira ke?)

anfield devotee said...

RE: Homosexuals

Me wifey accuses me of being homophobic as well. Me strenously deny this allegation. After all, me is a fan of Rob Halford & Judas Priest - whips, chains & bondage cap & all. How much more gay can you get than that? Hee hee

All together now! "Ahm hell bent, heeell bent fer leather!"

Anonymous said...

TUAN KERPOVVVVV - THE QUADFATHER EXTRAORDINAIRE...(are yu gonna make me an offer i can't refuse? heehehhehe)


GOOD TO HEAR YER VOICE AGAIN MATE. AND yes, i finally got through. and as expected, yer write-ups were "tittiliating" to say the least...thats my new fav word that..."titi-a-liating" ..mwhahaha...dunnow whether i got the spelling correct though, but all the same it's meant to reiterate my point....which is..this.

everytime, when i decide to "ular"..(which nowadays is more frequent than norm).. i will need to tilt my pc console/banged up 3-rd hand chewing gum stained laptop to an angle, so that those randy eyes of top management would ultimately decide to leave me alone AND so that i can at least show them i'm pretending to do the present moment, where i actually "look" like doing the thing is this, whenever i choose to scan through the LGL (heyy..let's get laid..nice touch..mwahhahaahha), i end up with egg splattered on my face..why yu ask?

i can afford a silent guffar while reading. (people won't suspect). the only problem is this, my will power (sorta like the urge to prolong a "nice" wet ok kerp i understand)..what i'm basically tryin to say is this...
everytime i do read, i end up doign a lil bit more than "guffaw-ing"....more like all-out
boisterous russin-drunk-on-potato-vodka laughing.

still, its good to have yu back...and hope to see more of yer "cross-dressing" ways..:))) (no, not from a transgendered perpective, but more from that er..ahmed kerpov persona/rolling stone cover sorta way..mwhahahhahah)

take care bro. keep on rantin' and raving.

yers appreciatively,

p.s. kimak pundek lancau - that's one thing that's really muhibbah without a doubt!!!:))

p.s.2 will be disappearing for about 2 weeks starting from next rumohtangge yg tak dapat dilayan, ditanggong maupon dihindari termasuk masaloh naik-tangge, turun tangge,tangge2 rapoh, dll.

p.s. 3 just heard abang bon babi (jovi) on the radio today, and got that song stuck in me head now for the whole when are we gonna spare some "air-guitaring" skills la mate..mwahhahahha...what song..."I GIVE LOVE (and everything else in between from kuantan to timbuktu) A BAD NAME"..

Raden Galoh said...

Happy to hear you are back blogging....welcome back! welcome back!


Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, judging by this post you have just confirmed your return.
I never knew you were a 'trainer beruang'?

Anonymous said...

yo kerpov..welcome back LAH..i really thought your blog was a goner oredi...MK

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Aiseh, ribbon takde ke nak gunting? Hehehe…

I was actually taking the cue from you again and wrote something that not all politicicans are useless bunch. That was when the blog went nuts. Hope to be able and post it real soon. Credits should be given when its due right?

Bala Ji,

Hehehehe…yup, we’re in the same boat. Gf keeps accusing me of being the biggest homophob she’s ever come across with. I really should make it up to them. After all I kinda dig one of Boy George singles, that karma cameleon or whatever.

*bro, I tell you what’s more gay than Rob Halford and Judas Priest, besides husker Du’s frontman; VILLAGE PEOPLE…

all together now…Y-M-C-A!!! hehehhehehehehe


here’s an offer to you chief- Join the red&white of north London and I’ll have no qualm in declaring you as the greatest person ever to set foot on terengganu soil…hehehe…ok?

Hey, reading your comment has always been a great pleasure. It got me thinking (again!), why not la you start your own blog? Me and the FFS lads sure to whore around it daily.

Thanks for all the compliments bro. flattering but I don’t quite deserve. Its people like you that keeps me moving really.

*2 beladi weeks? you sure got some shits going on over that side huh? you better go man. priority. Must always be the first to deal on. All the best.

• don’t talk bad about Bon Jovi bro. you may piss Bala off if he reads it. here’s a secret while we’re still at it; my all-time BJ’s track- Bad Medicine…hehhehehhehehehehe…cibai la wei..

Kak D!

Thanks my darling akak! I was on the brink of starting a new blog. I gave like a week ultimatum to myself. glad it worked out as I really wanted to. *hugs*

Cikgu, sir!

Aint back yet till I took a dig at someone…hehehe…

Eh, not sure about this beruang trainer thing la. docTA must have watched some Russian circus lately but from my knowledge, only Malaysian’s are on tv daily instead.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo mary,

i thought so too. it was a real scare i tell ya. thanks sister!

Pi Bani said...

I think your blog terkejut kot tiba-tiba you puji a politician... pengsan seminggu!!

Anba said...

G'day me brothers in arms...
Welcum bck...hehehe
I'm not sure abt others...
But i got some bad incidents/ harassments ...frm guys asking me if they can perform some sucking action ...guys giving comments in public urinals...

so is it wrong if i gt offended and whack em in the head..or give em a steven segal + Bruce Lee combo..?
It's not like we guys go ask gals things like these...
so i hate em...end of story..

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Wis ngeblog maneh yo mas!


Salt & Turmeric said...

kerp, good tht u got whtever-it-was fixed!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Brudder, next time before you pull a disaapearing act on your readers, citer lah awal-awal dulu. Buat suspens jer.

Anyhow, glad to have you back =D

Tinesh said...

Bugger!!! Too lazy to upload the bali pics la hahha..Anwayz welcome back..

I was in midst of a cough when it got interrupted by a laugh when I read your reply to Moz about Bala geting pist off hahaha...

Owh yaa..Itu gathering macam mana?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

Hehehe…not ruling it out. a possibility. Takde la…as I said, yang betul tetap betul. Credits should be given when its due.


You da man, YOU DA MAN…only that I was cringing reading on that sucking action part…hehehe…sounds like one of the scenes from Dumb & Dumber.

I think its more like, when we men ask some sexual favor from the women the result usually we’d end up being whacked with their handbag. So I don’t see any different to the scenario our related. I do still hate them bro, but not quite the end of it. trying to shed that homophobic image, little by little.


Thanks sister. sitting pretty on the sofa still huh…hehe…Mike’s da man!


how would I know the blog to go wacky on me. I got scared shit especially the thought of losing it permanently. Cant even blog-hop. Had to google up one by one. it was crazy. But I’m back…yay! And thanks…I owe you one.

T Bali Boy,

Thanks bro.

Why laughing? You’re guilty of being a fan too or what. Admit it la..your BJ’s fav number is Bed of Roses…kahkahhhh…you fuckers are so corny la…

*will try to make it happen. I may have to engage in a long conversation with the chief. Definitely before the new season starts. Perhaps during euro. Will keep you informed.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Wak Purp!

Koyo kuei lah wak….opo maneh seng arek digawe…semogo kabar nang kono apik apik wae…

Anba said...

i for one don't agree with the concept of homophobic...
Are we afraid of them...?
isn't it the other way around...

jaflam said...

Ahoy Kerp,
Welcome back onboard. Kind of worried that you might have been swept by the current or ripped by the jaws.

But then how could that be possible when Kerp has been known for biting the crocodile and swam across the Tebrau straits to Batu Putih.

It’s confirmed that Kerp has more brain then the Sarkas in town to outrun the IT snoop.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Anba Cavalera,

You’ve got a point there. could be that errm…we’re scared to be accused as one of them to be in their company?

Dato J,

Thanks sir. I was scared as hell too. as it turns out, it was just a minor glitch thinking bout it.

Ahh, the pedra branca. Rais should have said win-WIN. They won an island while we got a couple of batu karang. Hooray!

Tinesh said...

Hahahah the only BJ (reminds me totally of another BJ which i need lol) which I noe are It's My Life and Always..Jiwang gila sial lagu tu.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

T man,

you want a good BJ read anba's 1st comment. ask him where abt he was seduced...hehehehehe

lil' miss sunshine said...

yeayyyy, ur blog is up again :)..i tot uve closed down the link hehe..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hi love,

no i have not, never. you'll be one of the first to know when that day comes.

monsterball said...

bro John ...check
french caps..check
curi curi kuluar cari pros wang...tak kasi Pinky know.....check

Anba said...

G'day Kerp...

bro i was not seduced was pure fooking harassment...pencabulan hak asasi...mengganggu ketenteraman awam...and tats a fact...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

I wish I could sir. But I’m one faithful bastard, and pinky is the only one for me…hehe..

Anba, bro…

My apology bro. but come to think of it, guys normally wouldn’t mind being sexually harassed, BUT ONLY by chics.

Anonymous said...

salam kerp,
welcome back!
hish! banyak hal jugak nak check sebelum gi duduk on the throne ek?