Friday, June 20, 2008

Councilor On Wheels

I had wanted to post a different entry this morning but as I was going through today’s newspapers, I stumbled upon this piece of news that deserves immediate attention.

Disabled rep among 24 new city councillors in MBPJ


THE Petaling Jaya City Council will have, for the first time, representation from the disabled community on its board of councillors.

Animal Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association president Anthony Thanasayan is one of the 24 newly chosen councillors for the MBPJ.

Anthony has been fighting for the rights of the disabled community for years and his selection as a city councillor will definitely enhance the cause of the disabled in PJ.

Never mind the detractors, the Selangor State Government led by Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim do care!

Anthony, a wheelchair-user himself, has always been fighting for the rights of the disabled community and with his inclusion as one of the decision-making councilors will certainly to give the disabled community the much-needed booster to take us to a greater heights.

Congrats, Mr T. I’m sure all our wheel-comrades will be grinning from ear to ear to hear of this appointment. Its been long overdue but finally the powers-that-be had some sense in them to distribute their authority to be put in good use.


anfield devotee said...

Good signs indeed. To think that there are still people who say 'Only BN have the expertise to run the country' . . .

Give others a chance!

Hope you'll be able to air some of yer grouses to Mr Anthony. Perhaps you should offer to highlight some of his issues thru yer well-read blog. Or even ask him to guest-write a piece or two fer Let's Go Land?

ps: Pls check out the local bands me has posted on me blog! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Finally a piece of good news. After that 'gassing' incident, I was prepared for the worst. Happy weekend my friend. MK

zorro said...

Danny, now that you are given columns in MM take the issue of our disabled-unfriendly condo nationwide. What better time than now after I said that LKK is a liar. He lied about ramps.Legislation was passed some time ago about disabled-friendly features being a must before building plans are approved. Blow up this issue. However, if you are afraid of repurcussions, then nothing will ever be done for the disabled. Dont expect everyone to fight your have to JUST DO IT YOURSELF. THE DISABLE MUST SHOUT OUT THE MESSAGE THAT THEY ARE ABLE TO DO WHAT THEY ARE ABLE TO. P E R I O D.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am with Zorro, having Mr T as a councilor is not enough. You must take the lead. The words must come from as many disabled mouth as possible. Stand up and be counted.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bala Ji,

Yea, have to agree with you. the previous state gomen was given more than ample time. the rakyat had enough and gambled on the new set of state admin. So far they have yet to disappoint us.

*not sure about mr T writing here tho. He’s one big-shot la bro.

*will hop ove in a bit. Thanks man.


Great news isnt it? more disabled woes will definitely be thoroughly looked into. This is simply awesome lah.

Uncle B,

I am game, uncle. And nope, no way i’m afraid of anything. this is about upholding our rights, as residents and me as both a resident and wheelchair-user. Will talk to Sheila rahman (of the MM) what can be done. gotta start playing a more proactive role.


Good thing that things are looking up for us. I will see what can really be done, especially with the proper channel that I’ve been given to.

Thanks guys. I am game to get our voices heard louder than before. Have a wonderful weekend too.

Tinesh said...

ahh finally, 100 days on and PR Selangor has made the best move. Dude, you gotta be the voice of a nation man haha

tokasid said...

Ahmad Kerpomovic:

My salute to Selangor state gomen.They are indeed walking the talk.Lets hope this is a stepping stone for more good things to come for the disable community not nly in Selangor but other PR states too.

I am with Unker Zorro and che'gu about the possible role you can voice out in MM.Way to go bro.Without fear or favour.

One day,I wish you will be a councillor too.

wanshana said...

Long overdue, and finally it becomes a reality. Let's just hope they're put there to REALLY be given the chance to be the voice of the disable community, and not just as a politically motivated move.

I second tokasid - you should run for councillor, or even better - MP one day.

Monster Mom said...

There are more individuals like Mr T out there.... all we need is to know who they are and you'll be surprised how intelligent and dedicated they could be.

Kudos to Selangor gov.

Violet said...

this is a good start. state lain bila ambil OKU pulak?

btw...bro this is my new blog.


cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

I have to agree with uncle and Cikgu. Further, the OKU community comprised of people with varying needs that must be understood by all quarters.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


100 days and counting. So far so licking good.

*thanks man, but am not that big of a personality la bro.


only 100 days and we’ve seen changes. Real goodies. I am so game what else is in store for the rakyat.

*my Role in MM is to compile excerpts from blogs la doc. but who knows in the future, we never know, insyaAllah.

Kak Shana,

I believe mr T will get the job done. for a character he is, I don’t think he’ll keep quiet if he cant get community’s voices heard.

*MP? Hehehe…no la akak. It’s a long-shot. But I’m always glad to have people like you I can count on, who has trust in me. did as you say btw….now I’m very much rollin’! hehehe…thanks.

Monster mama!

Being in the circle, I believe I can provide more than 5 names who are as good as mr T. Peter Tan the blogger is one. they’re intelligent people I don’t think I come as close. But tumpang2 sikit ok what…hehehe…

Yo radz,

Other states should take the cue, if of course, they are caring-bunch.

• will link it up in due time.

shah my ganu meng,

right now having mr T in there is more than good enough. he’ll get things going insyaAllah.

senorita.. said...

aaah, good to know


Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yea, things are looking great!