Friday, June 13, 2008

Kami Bersamamu

Aku marhaein,

Aku sudah hidup dengan cara marheinku

Jangan kau ajar aku berjimat

Pada kamu berjimat

Padaku mencatu...

Excerpts taken off Waterlily’s honest, right-in-the-crotch, wonderfully written poem entitled Aku Marhaen.

I can always get it translated to Spanish for my Argentinean gnome friends’ better understanding but it wouldn’t turn out as beautiful as the original Malay version of it.

Basically this was her immediate response on the recent fuel price hike, how once a tough life suddenly gets tougher and making ends meet becomes a real struggle.

Go read the full version here because if you don’t, a Malaysian gnome (toyol) will intrude your home, install a cam in the bathroom and make a reality show out of your life.

*Like me, she’s a green-card holder. A cerebral Palsy but with a big heart and has plenty to contribute in making sure our country is a sufferable place to live in.


Anba said...

Bro...just read the poem..thnx fer introducing a new word Marhaein..jsut looked up in the Kamus Dewan Bahasa...means rakyat jelata...petani,nelayan...

but there's another issue now...all gomen servant will be payed twice a monthe..basically our salary will be split in 2 ... like me
the reason given is that we're supposed to learn 2 manage our money better...this coming frm the ruling government...bagai ketam menyuruh anaknya berjalan lurus/betul...

are they retaining our money to get the interest since they couldnt raise the petrol price..
p/s:- in my working they still havent placed the Perak MB picture yet...i wonder y..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanx for th elink to the poem. Beautiful, angry and honest. I love it.

Rita Ho said...

Yes, thanks for the link to the poem, Kerp. It is very well-written. I am intrigued by your friend naming (beautifully) her blog in English while writing in BM - very nice, perceptive and fascinating.

BTW, I started using Blogger's new feature - bloglist - to help with my reading of blogs. For some reason, your blog does not updates itself and is stuck at "Bung The Dung" from 5 weeks ago! I've reported but haven't heard back. :(

mozlovesrevhortonheat said...


TUAN KERPOVVVVVVV (YES,YES, i certainly did notice that bulgaria did not qualify for the euro..mwahhaa)

just a short note today to letcha know that i'm alive and salivating (well for now at least)..and keepin' "a-breast" with the happening's and the in and outs of LGL/FFS.

but before i proceed further and cause much mental anguish, allow me to what i meant was allow me to preclear and absolve myself for my raucous words. i am badly in need of sleep la mate and i wish it had to do with the eurofootie. *sigh*.arghghghgh..let's not get into that shall we? why disdain the whole world, when i've got plently things disdainful on my platter. ergh?..the effect of malnourished sleep is kickin in'.

so i'd like to absolve meself from the clatter that i'm gonna pile up on yer blog.

first off re: the poem. y'know how they say sometimes its the simplest of things that may strike a chord with yu? take in comparison:-
a) music - the early stuff of white stripes. one guitar one drum. and wham, bham. sounds clearly fresher that fakemoisted lettuce at the local pasar malam.
or, heck even uh..nirvana i guess. the dude made it simple and yet it made the average musicbuffon wanna run me head into a wall while asking meself this...shite, why didn't i come with these chords..and most importantly these words? know what i mean. there is most definitely beauty in simplicty. however, i'd like to definitely does not come easily to some.

b) footie - take the passing of the dutch. tap, tap and tap; concurrently moving in either a quadrant shaped diamond formation the last a triangle. reminiscent of the mid-80's liverfools tapppin of the ball (ugh). tap, tap tap. and the hunched no.7 scottish geezer scores. still somethin awesome too look at. again, let me reiterate the simplicity. to some, the words total football may be sloshed about with an air of knowledge, but for me..again it boils down to the one thing that no one ever bothered to teach us in school...the rudimentary principles of doin' something..anything...the basics...the simple way of puttin together an essay of about 100 words. if yer luck is good, then yu may get a good teach of old-school era.. who would have taken it upon themselves to actually sit down and show
kids how to do it the simple
now what the fark am i on about? i am certainly not makin' this "simple" for anyone now am i? idiot. kettle callin its arse black.

i guess what i'm tryin' to say this. it's a damn good poem. good, because it's short, suffice..and nails the whole nine inches deep through the sole of the average gaji/allowance bulana civilian.

yu can feel..(well i definitely screw you gooner :)) )...
the tricklin anger..trickling over the fullstops, and them comas..caring farkall for punctuations. careful it might even
bore a hole in the paper.

nice. waterlily, nice one. as a tribute to you and kerp, i would like to erh...continue my remaining exasperations in malay;don't yu dare farkin laugh dei.

er. ok. here goes.

sekian, terima kasih.

kidding...kidding. *sigh - will try*

suatu puisi yg mencernakan rintihan rakyat dari pelbagai lapisan; selaku cuba mengejutkan pihak yg bertahtakan kuasa drpd igauan celik mereka..


kekok sungguh rasenya menulis semula; pelik, aneh,janggal tak terkira. seolah-olah mengayuh basikal yg telah putus rantainya, atau sampan yg hilang dayungnya.

sampan hilang dayung?? - kepalahotak lu ler moz..:)

alamak ..rosak bro..rosak..le ni jadik macam cerpen mingguan berite harian pulak le alamatnya.
tajuk cerpen minggun ini "angkara moz melalut, terkial-kial mencari dirinya sendiri".

dah, time to gulung tikar and shut the fark up.

i need a nap bro.

you take care mate. and thanks for the poem yu hear. thanks w/lily.

p.s.-ing 1 how da euro, i'm pining for romania as outside favourites. and the czechs as hot favourites..(however, czechs look shaky)

p.s.-ing have been rediscovering the virtues of one..reverened horton heat. falling in love again, all candy eyed the kid who used to walk in earnest almost every other saturday after half day to pertamak kompleks to get his weekly fix of tapes. 3 - good night bro. yes, i am waiting for this to end.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I think its apt not just the nelayan, farmers etc…I believe we’re part of the marhaens as well…those who feels the pinch, they’re the marhaens, I’m feelin’ it my man, BIG TIME.

Not sure what’s the rationale behind the monthly salary-split proposal. are they indirectly saying the marheans cant manage our money well? First the lifestyle, now this. these fuckers are really insulting us la bro. I for one cant agree with this move, its stupid. I don’t need to elaborate further, a waste of time.

*Tajul’s pic shouldn’t be there in the first place! He was just an MB for fuck’s sake man.


yes sir, angry and honest. Somehow these words didn’t cross me when I wrote this piece. Should have had it as the title. Thanks cikgu.

Aunty Rita,

She may be a CP but very observant, talented and smart. She’s another reason why I’m glad to have started blogging. Her honesty is 2nd to none.

*blogger’s new feature- yea, I noticed it too, in some other blogs with the bloglist. When it comes to mine, it stated my blog’s last update was 6 weeks ago! oh well, it doesn’t matter that much, just hop over and you’ll know…thanks.

Psychobilly Mozzzzz!

Duuuudeeeeeeeee, welcome back from your 2-week hiatus. You took the bloody plunge didn’t you, DIDN’T YOU, chief?? Hehehhehe…

A short note? You wanker…hahahhahha…but you’re always a welcome my man.

Ok firstly, the poem. Yea, the real killer. Honesty at its finest. Not sure about the White siblings but can relate much with nirvana. Simple chord but packed with solid punches. Someone up there better read this I tell ya, just to get it penetrated into their mind due to its simplicity.

*footie, as I said over there at FFS, watch the Croatians go. MODRIC my man, MODRIC…hehehehe…you spuds must be jumping with joy by now. fucking hell juande spotted him first, you lucky bastards.


you cant tell me to not laugh man. that was a real rib-tickler. BUT..but…I didn’t say it was badly composed. It was nice in fact. Your bahasa is as good as anwar ibrahim’s, if not better.

*lastly, jim heath, sepulture, fintroll will have to take the backseat for now. WEEZER is back with their latest outing my man…yes, WEEZER man…this shit I waited for has finally seen the light of day. got it the first day it came out. this is another Pinkerton in-the-making album. God I really dig this man.

Tinesh said...

Moz:..wanna run me head into a wall while asking meself this...shite, why didn't i come with these chords..and most importantly these words?..

Dude, I know exactly how you feel and blardy hell its a pundek of a feeling la..thru so many songs i have wondered why i cant write stuff like that.

Kerp: numero uno, Whites arnt siblings. Ex husband and wife.

numero dos, the poem is very raw and powderful. in the words of borat, very niiiice :D

numero tres, Holland macha! My back up team if no england! Time to make some fast money la

anfield devotee said...

You know me was really wondering whether we could afford going to Fatty Crab fer our 12 July get-together given the fuel hike.

But thanx to the GENEROSITY of a CELEBRITY BLOGGER, the bill will be taken care of.

Thanx man, really appreciate it . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

T man,

It takes talent la I guess to speak from your heart. its called anger management. When she’s angry she’s capable of writing something as charming as that. When we’re angry, all the fucks and shits and cibais come out. See the difference?


hahahahhahHAHAHAHAHhahhahaha….you sure know how to crack me up la chief. Now all my fooking Monday blues are gone.

*just fyi, I’m unofficially attached with MM now. you just never know whose blog to be spotted next…))))…*evil darkthrone grin*…muahahahhhhaha…

Rita Ho said...

Kerp ... I takut the stagnancy of your blog updates on bloglist could mean it is marked for deletion. Another friend had this problem but was able to go into cache or whatever to retrieve her materials. He wasn't using blogger though.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Aunty rita,

Marked for deletion? Now I’m terrified. I don’t see any reason y this blog is being marked as such…hmmm…thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lol!...adoiii...geli hati tengok gambar awak dengan singlet tu kerp!
Kalaulah gambar pee em kita pun pakai singlet gitu. heeheehee...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kak E!

hahha...rupa2nya singlet tu yang dpt sambutan lbh dari topi tu sendiri. PM kita mana pandang pagoda 5 ringgit ni akak...