Monday, June 16, 2008

Two-finger Salute: Salyut


Tinesh said...

All hail the mighty Kerpov-nikov! Ruler of all mother Russia! The kindest most benevolent leader of the world! HAIL KERPOV-NIKOV!!!!

Photoshop sindiri ka bang?

anfield devotee said...

The ego has landed?

Tinesh & Kerp: posted another FREE download on me blog. Great album. Pls check it out.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hey, I have seen that guy at level 4 with KJ popping viagra. I'm sure that's him.

Bernard said...

1 page article in MM one week, the next week Emperor Of Russia. Be careful, the faster the rise, the harder the fall...but in the meantime, any chance of us getting all the vodka & Russki babes??

Kerp (Ph.D) said...
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Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea man, worship me man, for I am thy lord of the Moscow, land of the caviar kingdom.

*what photoshop la dei. I found this cool polish site the other day. go here its something like magmypic thing. Check it out.

bala ji,

got some good shit coming my way as far writing goes. Not in the right mind to write long giberrish in here, not for the time being at least.

*will do, as always. Gimme a min.


KJ pops the blue-wonder? you sure it you saw him or his dad-in-law?...hehehehehe


Sapu all while you’re at the top man.

*I tell you what boss, you name it; bottles of vodka, bowls of borcht soup, escargot dishes with unlimited caviar toppings, kournikovas/jankovics Russian dolls for everyone (including Karen!)…everything’s on me man…hehhehehehe

wanshana said...


That ushanka really goes well with your pagoda, brother...

tajudin said...

44x tabik spring...!!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak shana,

Quite contrasting aint it? one’s for extreme winter use, while putting on the other is as good as being semi-naked!


Salam brother. aiseh, tak payah bertabik bang…hehe…kita salam, salam berkenalan. Went over to your blog and my advance apology as you may stumble on words that’s not Chelsea-friendly…hehehehe…but I’m cool, just like politics, friendship goes beyond that.

Thanks for crossing over.

muteaudio said...

Any oil rich land in Siberia to give away?

Anonymous said...

Hail Kerpov!!!

Now start giving me some big bucks contract for raising my 2 fingers..hey that took some effort too ok. Now are you the President or Tsar...better President hoh...Tsar kena pancung kepala hahahahaaha..... MK

Raden Galoh said...


I love that photo on the wall...siap pakai singlet lagi tu...hahaahaha

you make my day lah bro...

jaflam said...

Hai Kerp,
Finally they have found the last Czar of Moscow at Budget Hotel PJ.

Hail the King with singlet. Wait till they see what at the botton - see through towel heheee.

waterlily said...

Danny Kerpov,

Kau buat kakak gelak bagai nak rak. Mula2 tadi tak perasan. Dok cari2 apa istimewanya pic ni.


mozlovesrevhortonheat said...


aiyoo dei. can't take it already.

er...tuan the by,
just out of curiosity..

sikit ponnn tak nampok bulu ketiak kiter?
...aiseh boss..
biaseker buat "shaving/waxing"?:)))

yes, i am taking the mickey out of you. (yes i am kidding, in a sick contorted way). unless, of course yu really feel like pummelling me, er, yu got to join the line. take a number. and wait. particularly my manager.
and my boss.
or wait, maybe we can tagteam and piledrive them both first.

later dude. and nice one. yu jast made a faggoty monday
much muchhhoooo

dos vadanya komrad - good idea keepin' the armpits down.hehehehhee..sori..sori..couldn't resist..its just the
metroseksewel within me.
awwwww..altogher noww..

yu have a good day dude. and as always
keep it up:)

p.s. hey dude re: new WEEZER LP, i'm with the FFS fellas as well...YOU SHOULD do a review of the new weezer lp dude.

they're always a good listen mate.

Tinesh said...

Dey, I dont want Russian dolls k? I want Russian babes. Russian dolls are the dolls with lil dolls in em with lil dolls in em with lil dolls in em ...and u get my drift la

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mute, ogenki deska?

You gotta check with my assistant-director mr roman abramovic if there’s a land available in Siberia. Try sakhlin, on the northern part of Russia, abundance of oil to be dug. Got this info from our shell people…hehe…


Hahaha! I am richer than all the tsars combined. My wealth can easily put abramovic to shame….ahh, such wonderful fantasy. That’s the only thing I can afford now…hehehehe..

Kak D!

That’s the irony. Coming across a Russian wearing a singlet is like stumbling on an alien aircraft. Will provide you and the rest with the url later. Thanks, and much love!

Dato J,

Ok, here’s a secret la since you mentioned the bottom art. Exclusively to you dato, boxers! Hahahahaha…

*is that really you in the display dato? Checkout the hair-do…mcm hero zaman lewat 70an, mokhtaruddin…ehehehe…nice one, sir.

Kak mar,

Kadang2 tak perlu tulis panjang2 nak buat 1 entry. Ni sebab tgh banyak keje nak kena settlekan. Terpaksa tinggalkan penulisan panjang2 buat sementara waktu.


I had made sure I shut me armpits tightly. Dude, what shaving you talking about man? as far as the armpit goes, the last it was trimmed/shaved was more than 6 months ago la chief….hehehehehe…talking about hutan hujan tropika, both sides twice the thickness!

Thanks brother. need people like you to keep me going la dei. Now bigger thing came and hope for a better future ahead amid all the fuel price hike and shit. may have to sell my soul, but fuck that la, I am so game.

*weezer- if you’re a fan then it’s a must-have. not good at doing a Bala la, reviewing albums. But if you get what I mean, its as close as pinkerton.

T man,

Russian doll, Russian chic, they’re all the same lah. As borat put it; very nice…’how much?’

Daphne Ling said...

*Cross eye*

Put some proper clothes on! You think what, huh?

Emperor's New Clothes*, is it?

* The story where the emperor thinks he's wearing something really cool, but isn't...

Rita Ho said...

I was just wondering who should inherit my set of Russian dolls.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Daphne Ling,

Eh, what? This is my home attire la, nothing obscene about it. even my armpits were tightly shut.

*emperor’s new clothes? I think IBU had posted something about it recently.

Aunty rita,

You mean the dolls where the mother doll has its little dolls inside? Hehe…nowadays they’ve produced different versions of it…the uzbek dolls, the Kazakh dolls, the Georgian dolls, the ukrainian dolls and so on and so forth.

Pi Bani said...

No wonder lah Putin makin botak... kena dok bawah ketiak Ahmad the-Singlet-man Kerpov...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahahahahha...amazing la Kak Pi. rm5 pagoda managed to catch everyone's attention more than the 100 bucks ushanka! ni pagoda ori ni akak...Penang mari...

Anonymous said...

ha...ya lah, how come pakai el-cheapo singlet pagoda, cheapskate la you, at least use the photoshop to make you look like pakai jaket hahahaaha MK

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie-commie,

Yo bro, oops! I mean, salyut comrade. Da! Da! Den dah terbahak ni ha! ;)

mozlovesrevhortonheat said...

tuan kerpov,

bro, this time really a short note....mwahhahahahha..just wanted to inform you i came across and interesting paper..erhm..yeah..thing is though..not too sure..whether it falls within the status of a "proper" newspaper or nice grin inducing salty tabloid. hey, i just realised something, i got a new method of defining the term "oxymoron". allo, no la dei. i was not referring to meself..(or any other spurs fan for that matter)..
check this out:
an "oxymoron" - a proper newspaper in malaysia...ugh..i'm just askin' for it aren't i. this paper right..its called "buletin rakyat" - the july 08 edition. well that's what it said...but it's been released pretty early. but what caught my dissenting interest was the front page right up. it was, to say the very least dude..very, very, very interesting. and i'd like to add;
very plausible.

although political, the though sent a shiver down me spine; just foraying the consequences. macha, if that does really happen; that's when the shit will hit the fan.

written minus the cilipadi flavour with systemic logic, something that may seem pure utter rubbish to some..seemed as bright..asfinnish nights in summer..mwahahha.(ugh oh no, them finnish trolls are getting to me i tell ya)..

so yeah, check it out if you can. yeap, buletin rakyat. i tried to look for a website. but came up with nowt. i tried to even trace to see/determine to which politcial faction, they are affiliated with. the thing that bugged me however..was the fact that it was between them...tabloid rags..y'know the usual suspects, HM and the likes.
so the credibility is always suspect. now if you'll excuse me..i'd like to go through one of them tabloids...yes, which i just purchased...i mean dude..the headline reads.."seks luar tabii" with luar tabii in bold red. if you'll excuse me...
(oh so yu think this is gross; wait till yu about this one dude who planted this image in me head...smurfFONDLING..and in particular..smurfettee....MWAHHAHAHAHAH).

ok.ok. as always thanks for putting up with me nonsense..and me yet another "short note". i assure you nothing else about

ciao rasta bro.

p.s. "o-ooo..i wish..i was budddy-hoolllyyy...and yu-oo..marrry tylerrr mooree"...- now there's a thought...hehehehehehheeh

take care dude.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


This el-cheapo singlet is very practicollo. But I’m telling you sis, I did not use any photoshop. Found a website where they’ll do it for you in an instant. No kidding. Been toying around with it for a while now.

Shah the man,

Commie? Me aint no communist. Them commies worship me. hhehehehehehe…


Dude, I dug deep in the net and discovered this tabloid belongs to PKR, or if they are not officially affiliated with the papers, some of the members are.

I think the phrase sex diluar tabii is an overstatement, esp when you try to understand it from the the BM point of view. its simply translated as fetish in English. Come on, I know you have at least 6-7 kinds of fetishes you into man…hehehehehe…

* buddy holly takes us back to where they first started la bro. that was like eons ago. its their first ever single, real classic.