Friday, June 27, 2008


Hey, I was just thinking right…now that the federal government are focusing their attention heavily on Sabah, maybe this is the best opportunity for the disabled community there to come out and demand for their rights to be seriously looked into. With all the fracas currently surrounding the state, the timing couldn’t be more perfect than now. Just stick it in and push your luck, baaa…

Unless of course an MP/adun dies. But wishing for a by-election wouldn’t be so nice would it, its as good as praying for someone to fook off and die. Or whatever.

So anyway, it feels like eons ago since the last time we enjoyed a weekend. Now that I’ve got all the job done, I don’t see any reason to wait till everyone clocks out of their dreary cubicles before starting mine. Nope, no time for that man…kihkih…

So long, losers!


minahkaypoh said...

halluuuuu!! salam ;)

this is the best time

for rakyat Sabah demand memcm

billions of RM nak mem'bangun'kan Sabah ni

sian ekk?? selama ari ni kjn put rakyat Sabah in 'sleeping mode' gaknya

bajet semenanjung byk slashed ni

npk gayanya org semenanjung plak di'hibernate'kan.

supplier yg nak cari makan

rajin2 lah pergi Sabah


wanshana said...

Errr...That shocking pink thing she's wearing - is it meant to guide the ships to dock?!!!

I memang tak tahan tengok models karaoke yang sama waktu dengan pompuan ni. Makes me cringe ALL the time!

(Sorry - I'm commenting on the non-substantive part of your posting! TAK TAHAN!!!! Hehehe...)

anfield devotee said...

Hope the Sabahans also say enuffz nuff! We are buggering off to the other side!

ps: Probot @ FFS!!! All yers to download!

jaflam said...

hai Kerp,
Could not understand much about the song except for the word jambatan ... that the jambatan is getting weaker despite the shoring with rm millions .... and the jambatan may collapse the dacing that is listing very heavily.

But I like her big sun glass heheee

mozlovesnigella said...

tuan kerpov,

makan sudah ba (yes, i'm trying my best impersonation of a sabah accent). if you though suckathelemon, you should try hearing "loghat" sarawak..(and here i though the kelante accent was quaint; sarawakian was as good as greek to me..hehhehe).

chief, just a short message to let you know - PROBOT is on FFS bro, and there's a link to a video of the one and only


yurs appreciatively,

p.s. you have inadvertently and to quote the words of tuan kerpov "a can of worms"..mwahahhahahha
(HE WAS ONE OF me fave of all time dude - aside from bret hart of course)
oh oh lemme lemme add some more to the burgeoning list:-
ricky the dragon steamboat, brutus barber beefcake, hitman, anvil, haku&tama (islanders)..lemme see...hey..remember this dude...ravishing rick rude? yeah, the butt guyyy dude...used to get a kick watchin' entrance dei..they certainly dun make sports entertainment like they used to....even the commentators bro..mwahhahah jesse the body" vs. governor vs. mr.trumplikebillionaire.

man...kingkongbundy & bigjohnstud are hardcore duuudee..tabik springggg.

i guess you will most defintely remember kamala the ugandan giant..and and..
mr.fujiii deiiiii...
oh i could go on and

later mon. take care..BA:))
today not pretending. i'm sitting smack bang centre. so fark 'em all. it's fridayyyyyyy. (oh and i heard your weekend started earlier??mwhahaha)

Anonymous said...

mozlovesnigella&lemmy now la:-

btw, just thought you'd might want to know. during the primary (and er..also long into the secondary years), you know those periods where...we won't have teachers coming in; especially when the allocated teacher goes on maternity leave AND when the
cikgu ganti doesn't show up?

well, what happens is the back of the class is turned into a cauldron of competitive heat. it becomes sports centre numero uno. (screw espn la dei). you name it bro; bola chap, sepak yem/bulu ayam/cateh, gasing, test-siape-power-bumping, exaggerated renactment of a "scene" that one of the fellas saw on good ol VHS (you know AS ALL pre-pubscent pimplyfaced boys of that do)"live" air guitar performances of the fav bands...usually limited to rock kangkang/scorpion numbers..sometimes loudness..siap penyapu kayu wa cakaaap lu bro..and er..armwrestling..and guess what? yes, even farkin wrestling :)))

i used to go around calling meself ..erh..
simply perfect..mwahhahahahha...except everytime i tried to perform
the perfect-plex (which is technically looks like a reverse sharpshooter..cheh..yes, yes, i'm boasting now la)...i end up with a leglock..namely with MY leg in another persons lock; the buggers won't leg unless you tap out. and did i tap out?
please. i'm mr.perfect okay.
(curt henning must be rolling in his grave by now)

so there. that's my can of worms opened..mwahahhaha.yer not gonna blackmail me are ya now kerp?
btw just to let you was never square or fairer to square; always ended up getting partnered with this
fella whom we fondly referred to in respect of the most populated island in indon. and guess what?
the dude was 2 times my size. fark bro, the fella used to beat the shit of std 6 fellas; when he was std 5. yes, even in the school athletics.
i even went to the extent of checking his birthcert
to see if he's overaged.

yes bro? yu want me to shut up right?
ok ok. thought i'd drag you down as well this friday for

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Yup! You go and ask for whatever you need. All I want is a girl from Sabah, lol! Bro, you should have seen this girl...mmmmmph!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Dude. WTF?

Did you off your RSS feed? Your blog havent been updating itself on my Google Reader. That's so weird.

monsterball said...

Nice song!
Where is the Kuching?
First girl..lively and sexy.
Second girl...too timid...just stand actions.
If you want to live a fast exciting life...marry first girl.
If you want to live longer and simple life....marry second one.
If at my age..want to avoid heart attacks...just actions.

monsterball said...

So the gals are Sabahans?

Tinesh said...

if sabah can ask for stuff, then we aso can rite? Kita tanyala modal for our sundry shop heheh

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


This is the result for being neglected for far too long. Last2 sekali gus dapat habuan. Gerenti. Nak menang hati rakyat la katakan…but only after some noise has been made.

Kak shana,

Hehehee…same here la akak. If you noticed, the models normally pakai make-up tebal, with blood-red lipstick. The video sucks but i like the song, and this is the best I can come up with.


YTL has set the ball rolling. Apparently not many has the balls.

Dato J,

I believe its kadazan, and the jambatan has become somewhat legendary. I really like the song, my must-sing number in any karaoke sessions….hehehehe…

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Bro, even the kelantanese dialect can be understood. Not kadazan tho. It’s a totally alien language for most of us who lives in the peninsula.

*dude, how I missed those names man??? brutus the barber beefcake, anvil and the islanders…muahahahaha…wwf pre-mcmahon days were simply the best untl this jerk appear and ruined the whole constitution. I’ve never liked the mcmahons, but with the exception of stephanie’s nip-slip ofcos…hehehehe

used to be hardcore la chief. Here’s a couple of names worth highlighted- the iron sheik and the late big boss man…hehehhehehe….anyone else left out ka boss?

*yea man, how could I forget those periods, especially when 3 of your subject teachers are a bunch of preggos. That would be too good to be true but it happened to our class. Almost simultaneously they went into labours. The best part was, replacement teachers couldn’t care any less, as long duit masuk, they’ll endure the noise…hehehehe..


Eh, what girl? but I have to agree la, kadazan chics are hot, as can be witnessed in the past akademi fantasia seasons…hehehhe


No idea why. But lately there has been a problem with been having difficulty logging in and leaving comments…hmmm

Mr goh,

No idea where the location is but this song is about a place situated in sabah. I doubt the chics are sabahans. Thanks for the tips, they’re sexy alright but not quite my taste. Unless ofcos, they don’t have their clothes on….kihkihhhhhhhhhh….

T man,

You’re from peninsula, deal with it bro. no goodies for us until an mp serving ur constituency dies.

*I owe you 5 bucks i know.

Tinesh said...

Damn, I cant do much with the 5 bucks unless I put in 90 cents and buy one 14 pack la.. 50000 would be good money for sundry shop rite?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kerp (Ph.D) said...


forget about the 5bucks. i'll treat ya a 20.