Monday, June 2, 2008

Land Rapist

Being part of a close-knit neighborhood, I feel it is my obligation to play a more pro-active role or at least show my support especially when our surrounding condo area is at stake.

Not that I’ve done much but when a certain project is to be carried out by the money-grabbing developer, and against the majority residents wish, the latter can count on my total support.

The thing is, as we found out last week, we are actually on the brink of losing the lake situated across our condo, and this was one of the main reasons we bought our units here.

About a month ago, some residents noticed something amiss when the lake’s water level has drastically dropped. Some of us had even witnessed a few workers carrying out the draining off exercise. After much inquisition from the party concerned (the developer) then only we learned the lake will have to make way for a new shopping mall to be built!

And I was like, holy fuckerino, not another mall??

The lake as we were informed, belonged to Yayasan Selangor. Yayasan Selangor as the name even suggested, belongs to the state government, past and automatically the present when the latter won the last GE. Not that I’m about to take a swipe at anyone but when the developer bought the land from Yayasan Selangor, the deal was clinched during the previous G’s tenure.

Smells rather fishy but giving them some benefits, their intention could be a state development-related. But still, not another fucking mall when we already have abundance of shopping malls in and around the area.

Because of greed, normally nature has to be sacrificed. I’m not the best person to talk about environmentalism because I smoke, I litter and I pee in bushes but when a serene and peaceful environment that I’ve grown fond with is to be bulldozed to make way for some shitty development, that’s where I draw the line.

Now that the current crop of excos are from a different set of state government, they are our only hopes of seeing the lake remains untouched. Let them money-crazy developer rape other parts of Selangor for all I care but please, use your power and authorization and help us save OUR LAKE. Thank you.

YBs R SIVARASA, and ELI, sweet sweet ELI, walk with us!

Pics stolen from El Zorro

Read Unker Zorro for more.


Anonymous said...

yo kerpov...ya lah, all about the money, what else? There's no limitation on greed, just like no expiry dates on stupidity with some politicians. Someon's must be real happy with this sale, but then, that's perfectly NORMAL here kan? MK

anfield devotee said...

kerp, what can I say except you & yer lake are well & truly fooked.

My in-laws place in Cheras was one of those affected by floods due to the hillside development. All the trees were felled fer housing.

And it was a DESIGNATED CONSERVATION AREA. Yet the authorities allowed the rape to go on. Consequently, hundreds of residents in Tmn Cuepacs are affected by mudslides & flooding.

RE: Bloggers nite out; tentative date: 12 July. 7pm. Fatty Crab. Tentative guest list: Tinesh (sticks) & mandeep (sam's list), JonC (chronicles), Bernard (speak now ah), Nick, T (23psi), Tony (muststopthis), you & pinky, me & wifey.

Will also inform usual suspects premo, anba, achilles & moz to join us.

U sure you want to have Tinesh & me wifey there ah? Scum bising pulak spoil mood . . .

Kata Tak Nak said...

Kita kena tukar gelaran Malaysia ke Mallaysia Boleh.

Pak Idrus said...

Kerp. Some three hundreds years ago the people of NY created the Central Park, a huge green in the middle of Manhattan and it is still there in the heart of the concrete jungle of NY is. If those folks could preserved their green, why couldn't we. For this peace of land that you and Zorro mentioned, we must see that it remain a recreation facilities for all. I am sure Eli have the same thoughts as us.

Have a nice day. BTW we would have the makan when I am back. Take care.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Sad to say, it is a normal thing here in our beloved country. they are totally blinded by money they wouldn’t hesitate to destroy every land they can grab on. I am sad because the developer did not inform us about the said development before we bought our units here. and they are the same developer!

Bala ji,

Am so sorry for your in-laws. I never wanted to mention this as it could demoralize the committee guys (which includes me dad and unker Bernard) but judging from similar cases happened everywhere else, I think we’re fighting a lost cause. But we have strong RA people, and together with the PR YBs backing us up, you just never know.

*fatty fookers gathering @fatty crab. COUNT ME IN. chief!


Hehehhehehe…another good one from you. its true la cikgu. One thing I don’t get it is, this proposed mall will be built right next to a school. The previous state government simply approved it and indirectly they are encouraging the lepak culture. Kids will have good lepak place if they feel like skipping classes, or the whole schooling session all together.

Pak idrus,

Yes, the central park. Not to forget hyde park in London. I am not against any development completely anyway but when we already have a mall nearby why bother to build another one. And since the nearest green lung is several kilometers away, why not turn this lake into a recreational park instead. As long the lake stays, they can rape whatever there is surrounding it.

* congrats to your daughter, pak idrus. Boston is lovely. cant wait to hear more stories from you sir. Don’t forget their lobster, it’s a must-have while there!

Tinesh said...

All rapists shud be hung or shot to death wey..Btw, peeing in bushes is environmental friendly..Nitrate is baja maa

Tinesh said...

I said I'll keep my mouth shut rite??

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

T man,

you're partially right. but the stinks can be a polution to the air, which is a definite environmental-unfriendly.

* i could have said defecating in bushes but people may have the crazy idea i do that.

* you dont need to shut the hell up la, you have bala's missus to chat with. you guys can whisper to each other, no worries...hehehehe

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Bro, a point you should ask the YB's - should you meet them - that there is a bylaw about lakes which they should check with (then) Lembaga Perlombongan Malaysia, or something like that...the guys responsible for all the mines, former and in-use.

The bylaw states that all former mining pools are meant for public recreational purposes and should not be transferred to for the purpose of other use.

Problem is, the area where Sunway Lagoon now is, was formerly a mining pool. How they became what they are now, the Government has never disclosed in full.

If you need alternative media coverage on the matter, just call me; I'll try to arrange for some.

Tinesh said...

Owh ya! Can whisper! Hahaha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Shah da man,

You think so? But the thing is, yb sivarasa was with the RA when the developer came over to brief us on the said project. Sivarasa, being a lawyer by profession, surely would have thought about these by-laws. But I’ll speak to my dad again and perhaps he’ll ask unker Bernard about this.

We may be organizing a picket the next time they’re coming back. your offer sounds irresistible. I’ll suggest this to the RA guys…thanks bro.


No la bro. bala was just joking. But the whispering part, I wasn’t….hehehehe…

anfield devotee said...


Pls see me blog fer details. Pls inform miss Mandeep.


monsterball said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kerp (Ph.D) said...

sorry mr goh but the comment you made was very insensitive in nature and totally unnecessary that i didnt need to think twice of getting rid of it. i do believe in freedom of speech but when my religion is being subjected to insult, that's where i need to draw the line.