Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Goodies

Since I had all the time in the world last night, I thought its high time to catch up on some latest movies. No I did not go to any cinemas near-by. I mean, in order to change our lifestyle, it is not a good idea to watch movies in cinema when one can actually catch 2 films via DVD at a much cheaper price.

In a way what they are trying to tell us is to be frugal and support the pirates!

But I had something better up my sleeve. Instead of parting ways with a few bucks I earned, I decided to steal.

Yea you heard me right. I was at a friend’s house the other day and he had quite an impressive collection. So while he was bragging away how he can get DVD copies at the lowest price, I slipped in a few pieces into my bag without even looking at the title. As long as its free, I couldn’t care any less about the title. After all in these trying times the last thing you need is being choosy.

Then came back and analyzed over what I had looted.

There was The Hulk 2, Fantastic Four, a couple of latest Malay/Indon horror flicks and a copy of Japanese Upskirt compilation. Not bad.

And since there was no footie last night, I braved myself and went ahead to watch one of the two horror films called Congkak, one of strings of Malaysia’s latest horror flicks.

Not about to do a movie review here but I thought the movie wasn’t that bad, literally a movie to shout (and scream) about.

Well, poor those people involved in the making of this movie. No doubt there are those who would prefer to catch this one on a bigger screen with an imposing surround sound system, hence the production people makes some money out of these jackasses. But equally there are people like me who wouldn’t mind leading a more cheapskate way either to borrow/steal or deal with street peddlers that could save a few bucks.

Imagine how much profit they can make if it had not been for the recent essential goods crisis.

Sometimes by decree, its perfectly fine to be selfish.


IBU said...

I think with the fuel pricec hike, karan tariff increase and all..... 'they' might as well legalise the purchase of those VCD/DVD ler... as least people can still be entertained at home, makan keropok lekor instead of at TGV eating popcorns. Mahal tu....hehehhhhh!!!

Pi Bani said...

I lagi teruk... tengok wayang tidak, beli VCD cetak rompak pun tidak. Tunggu lah raya tahun depan depa tunjuk kat TV... hehehe...

Life's Like That said...


Pinjam the Japanese upskirt compilation, bolehkah? For a frenlah.

anfield devotee said...

Me hears you dude, hence me is now downloading free music instead of buying ori at exorbitant prices.

Although the rate me is going (4-6 albums per day), me is still spending a fair bit on blank CDs.

But sure beat paying over RM80 per disc at pertama!

Also trying to masak at home as much as possible.

Movies, me has always been a friend of me neighbourhood pirate since me detests going to cinemas (full of screaming children, wankers on mobiles, running commentary, dirty toilets etc etc).
Last me saw was Che. But not the Benicio Del Toro edition but a hispanic version.

Anonymous said...

Who the heck will pay full price legal DVD? I stay away from the theatres for the longest time and there's 5 of us, so 5 X the tickets, and all want to see different movies. Beli dvd saje le, senang je.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yes, that’s the whole idea. this way it saves a hell lot more to just stay home, entertained by a borrowed DVD. Unless you have a cinema at your place within a walking distance, pirated DVDs are the way to go.

*did you read my comment @kak shana’s? about the bbq thing, I promised to get back to you but I didn’t. until she posted something about a bbq-do somewhere in rawang. I swear it totally slipped off my mind. Oleh itu saya mintak ampon banyak2 kepada ibu!!…hehehe…

kak Pi,

hehehehe…lagi cheapskate. But good idea nonetheless…eh kak pi, tapi kalau ada astro nowadays takyah tunggu next raya, a few months dah keluar kat tv…


LOL! Dude, here’s the thing. He found out about the missing dvds and the only one he asked back was the upskirt thing. Apparently he got it from japan. Sorry bro.

Bala Ji,

That ah beng at pertama has been ripping us all. Some burn copies are sold at the same price as the original. I have stopped buying from Acoustic more than 7 years ago. better to order from rock corner, tower records etc…

Going to the movie aint my cuppa to la bro. better to watch films at home. Freer. Can smoke, can pause when you need to take a leak and stuff like that. The last time I caught a movie in cinema was a flick called No Holds Barred, starring Hulk Hogan…mwahahahahhaaaaaaaaaa…

Mary, my dear mary!!

Actually I would pay for copies of pirated dvd but with all the price jacking up, its better to borrow. Or steal from a friend…hehehe…

Life's Like That said...

Unlike AD, me and wifey love to go to cinemas for movies. However, we have this GSC card that allows you to buy one and get the other ticket free. So we don catch movies as they are out but maybe abt 3 weeks later. Save a bitlah. No snacks or drinks tho. Too expensive.

Zawi said...

Thanks for the great idea. Now I will make stealing DVDs from friends (with the intention of returning them after making a copy of those that I love to see more than once) as a new hobby. I will always leave a note that reads "DVD ini bukan Pak Zawi yang ambil" just to let them know where the DVDs go to. I will be having ample time on my hands soon as I wont have to nanny my grand daughter anymore. You know some friends will not lend their original copies lest it get scratched in the handling process.

wanshana said...

The first thing that my kids would ask for when we go to 7-Eleven would be DVDs...and not Slurpee, and the likes. Hehehe!

No, not that 7-E sells them there, but the DVD peddlars would, more often than not, be setting up their 'mahjong' table outside 7-E! Macam-macam ada, bro!

Senang. Our kids => low maintenance. Hahaha!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Bro, watchin movie without something to munch is a definite no-no. it cuts the fun into half. Just like watching a footie match, puffing on fags every few minute is compulsory.

Pak Z,

Hehehehehhe….would you consider that as stealing? But alas, in these trying times any methods that can save a few bucks will be endorsed by anyone I believe.

*I bet you’ll miss balqiss to bits. My dad is now a full-time nanny, like you before balqis flew off to labuan. Looking at how greatly bonded they are, I don’t think my dad would ever want to be separated from my nephew!

Kak shana,

Hehehe…I think every household are guilty of endorsing pirated DVDs. This may affect some of the local stars’ bread & butter but like I said la akak, under certain circumstances its ok to be selfish.

*talking about slurpee, nowadays dah ada ice-blended. not just coffee, but all the fruits you can think of as well. Bubble tea is the latest craze….

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

In the days of vhs video rentals, I used to rent whatever the shop offers, including pirated movies - those cine-transfers. But since the VCD came about, I have only once bought a pirated copy, and regretted it. In fact, that was the only time I ever bought a VCD, legal or otherwise, preferring to watch those only on Astro or terrestrial TV. Coming from one who was a movie fanatic, I guess its quite a big change.

acciaccatura said...

salam kerp,
dah agak dah, jap gi crime pun bertambah. along jadi lagi kaya.
hmmm...must do what kak pi does, tunggu raya.

minahkaypoh said...


ure a smart consumerlah

tak sia2 depa buat

kempen 'Pengguna Bijak'

Dato' Shahrir musti bangga ngan lu!

^O^ :buttrock:

Violet said...

mmmph i tak tengok movies macam ni kat cinema. buang duit. tunggu raya larr.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think there is another way to save. You don't have to steal because my way doesn't require cd or dvd players. Ask your friend to tell you the story. If he can add special effects it would be better.

As for upskirts, why not try upsarong

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Ahh yes, the good old VHS. I remember we have to be a member first before we can rent the tapes, 3 bucks per movie. They even had popcorn machine back then, which goes well with any type of movies….hehehe…time’s changed bro. before it was the vhs craze, then vcd and now dvds.

Kak E!

Yes, time2 susah camni rating kemunculan penyangak gerenti naik.

Eh akak, try tgk kat youtube…Takyah tunggu raya…hehehe…


This is what they are In a way trying to tell us; be thrifty, break the law…hehehe…pengguna yang bijak mcm kita beli barang cetak rompak, lbh murah dan praktikal…kihkihhhh…


Time raya mana ada time nak concentrate on movies. Belah malam dah penat merayau/layan tetamu…terus tidur.


Hahahahhahaha!! I didn’t know we can all be real cheapskates. But since they tell us one solution is to change our lifestyle, we can come up with ten possible methods…hhehehe…

*upsarong orn genre is only for the real pervs…hehehehe

Salt & Turmeric said...

havent seen hulk. tunggu keluar dvd aje and then boleh rent. we went to watch ff when they came out but now alrady showing on tv. u shud get ironman. damn good movie.

eh congkak tu cerita apa? sedih i lama tak tengok msian movies.

Tinesh said...

Download, burn, download, burn..Man i sooo love the internet!! If u happen to get anymore upskirt stuff burn first tau?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


havent seen all actually. might do on Ironman soon. definitely not FF. if you love comedy tell mike to check out Strange Wilderness. you guys will love it.

*Congkak is the latest local horror flick. same typical story line where a family moves into a huge bungalow by the lakeside and blablabla...but full of shocking elements ala Sixth Sense. not for the faint-hearted. if only i could send it over i would. tell me if you're interested and we'll go from there.


dude, youtube has abundance of upskirts. type in the obvious keyword and drool away, my man.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Kerp, wud love to watch congkak. it sounds better than jgn pandang belakang. tht one sucks! anyways, if its dvd than i can watch it but kalau vcd, cannot lah sbb it wont play on the dvd player.

monsterball said...

Movies one of my hobby.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


since you put it that way, then you wont miss much of congkak. i havent seen JPB but most said its much better than congkak!

mr goh,

ofcos. monsterball itself is a title of a movie.