Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clean Up!

Everybody seems to have some solution to the on-going crisis in Terengganu. I thought I’d have my say too.

Obviously two parties are in a tussle of who should and rightly be appointed as the next MB. The palace wanted a new face while the federal BN had chosen to keep Idris. Now after more than 2 weeks the crisis deepens.

There must be something wrong with this Idris fella that the Sultan (currently Agong) is so adamant to have a different guy helming the state’s administrative office. While on the other side, Pak Dol and his men wouldn’t want to give in because of some constitutional reason. I think its way beyond than just that. Its plain ego.

I think this is what they could have done. Get rid of these two bastards and pick one out of the 22 available polishers. Ok, make that 21 as that Rosol prick can be seen polishing a little too obvious and may not be liked by all quarters.

Now I read Pak Dol will seek an audience with the HRH to sort things out. Great. But only now? someone must have fallen asleep. This issue could have been solved weeks ago but the MSMs were seen too busy highlighting the little silver state crisis they intentionally over looked the bigger one.

I think it’s a welcome break in a way. With all the primatetime news focusing mostly on the shits happening in Terengganu, suddenly we get less news whacking the opposition.

Or could it also be that that Sabery the new minister guy did some cleaning only a week into office, scrubbed all the dirty stain off left by his predecessor? Quite unlikely but we can always wish upon a star.


blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Wak saban dino merene tapi senyep-senyep wae. :D

Wak melihat kemelut di Trgnu itu sebagai 'satu' isyarat yang jelas. Serupa juga spt kes kemelut perlantikan MB di Perlis itu. Kalau tak faham-faham juga entahLAH. Kalau wak tak silap mentafsirLAH.

Tak bercita-cita nak buat janji temu dengan Menteri Penerangan baru ke bang? Ops! Soalan itu terbalik sebenarnya. Ahaks!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Tuanku tolong lah I Tuanku. I tak buat apa pun kat you, mengapa you buat macam ni kat I. Sumpah I tak kaya Tuanku. You banding lah harta I dengan Bill Gates, I tentu kalah punya. Please la Tuanku, I ada anak bini Tuanku. Siapa nak beli Mercedes dan BMW dan Roll Royce kat mereka? Siapa nak beli dua tiga buah bungalow kat mereka Tuanku? Tuanku tak kesian ka kat mereka Tuanku. Takkan nak suruh mereka makan di restoran biasa?

Matt said...

The palace want access to wealth and the people want the state to be govern with equality and to have a vibrant economy. I would choose the people's power. It doesn't matter whether its BN, PAS, PKR, DAP.It's been too long that we see excesses on the part of royalty. Derhaka? We are living in modern times.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Whoa! Someone's getting very political nowadays :)

Keep it up!

anfield devotee said...

Hilarious innit? Just as some were getting worried that the perk affair would make the opposition look bad, BN trumps everyone with their own fooking soap opera.

Well done to the hypocrite wankers. Tahniah!

ps: Shit, they way things are going, who knows, BN really might just crumble to the ground!!!

waterlily said...

Apa kan daya Pak Lah & UMNO masih tak nampak signalnya...tdo lagi gamaknya yob hahaha.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Wak Purp,

Aiseh, tak bleh berlagak la hari ni, awek nyong takde ni takleh nak translate kan…hehehehe…sorry wak. Mmg aku fail la.

Kita rakyat marhain ni boleh tafsir wak, mcm saya. Tapi ada tafsiran berdasarkan sumber yang boleh dipercayai.

• betul sangat wak. Sabery kalo nak jumpa aku, kena buat appointment dulu. Kalo tak sibuk, dalam minggu depan dia boleh dtg jumpa belah pagi…



another gem from you…hehehe…no he isnt rich. Kawan2 dia semua rakyat marhain terengganu je. Dia tak kenal Patrick, todt, kery…dia BEKAS mb yang mesra-rakyat. Monsoon cup bukan projek dia tapi idea PM.


You may have a point but its clearly stated in our nation’s Rukun Negara. If they call themselves Malaysians, then I suggest they heed to it.

Thanks for dropping by anyway.


Wsalam tuan. Amateur in action here. literally exercising the freedom of speech…hehehe..


the MSM bastards didn’t see this coming. They thought they’d get on to do their usual oppo-bashing reports until this shit crops up. Just like me after that fateful game, they’re enduring some sleepless nights thinking of what else to lie about.

*as it is now since the 8th, BN are already in a mess.

Kak Mariannie,

Baru hari ni ada report kata dia sedar apa rakyat cuba maksudkan selama ni. Muka pon dah fresh sikit nampaknya…hehehe…

Tinesh said...

Dude, I was in a taxi on the way to college today, and this uncle taxi driver starts talking bout Terengganu..Some of the things he mentioned:

If he's my son ar, i wont whack him with a belt. i'll whack him with my cock (to the Palace apoointed MB)

He damn stupid la that fucker(same fler)

UMNO is just a brand

If the PM wants the old MB, then definitely they got some scandal.

Damn dude, I had a fucking awesome ride to college laughing at the things he said, especially whacking with the cock hahah

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

Why not do this:ask both Derih and al-Tiduri to qut.Then everything settled,right?

And...IGP tangkap PakLah,Najib,Ali Rustam and the 22 abdul under ISA for act of treason.U think IGP berani to do that?

Shabery is the MP for Kemaman.Ahmad Said is from Kemaman division. Go figure guys.

cakapaje said...


Apa tuan tuan? Nanti jadi puan baru tau lol!

Get the video at my place :)

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Kerp,

I think this must be the first election we have so much problems...Ada pulak two people coming out in the newspapers and both claiming they're the MB! And then the one who loses will pout a little...

They make it look like they're fighting over who gets the next hamburger...The role of MB is big lar...

Funny people we have in politics...

And I really dont know how this Ahmad Said guy expects to run the Dewan with no support...Doesnt he realise all the members need to do is to put a vote of no confidence, and he's out?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Talk to cab drivers and they’ll let you in on every secret there is to know. They deal with weirdos day in day out, they can be very informative at times.

But I don’t quite get it la macha. Hit that bugger with his cock? That sounds gay mann…


All should be charged in some ways or another. They went against the Sultan’s wish. Lbh kurang mcm declaring war against the DYMM YDP Agong right?

I think its comes down to ego and nothing much. They could have picked out of the possible 22 but no, sticking to his selection would make him look consistent and big. Poodah..

*eh ye la doc. both from Kemamang. No wonder la…but I’m giving this shabery some beneficial of a doubt.


Baik boss, will check the vid in a bit. Thank you tuan besar…hehehe


The shocking GE results play a major factor in causing such big mess. Its like a culture shock. Everything went haywire as they didn’t see this coming. And the outcome, you see people fighting for power. I tell you this Daphne, politicians are power-crazy bunch. Serving people only comes 2nd to them.

Ahmad said couldn’t be bothered as he has his own set of supporters. And being power-crazy, he believes being on top makes him untouchable.

Sad lah. Suddenly all becomes rather childish.

Anba said...

Hai Kerp..hru...? I just couldnt get over the fact that arsenal lost..well thas another story...would like to give my 5 cent on this issue...

If this same situation had happened in my state..(Perak)...or other opposition ruled state and something similar but not the same had happened ..fer example and all the DAP+PKr +PAS state exco's boycotted the swearing in ..i'm sure all of them will be branded as Mengingkar perintah Sultan,Biadap and melawan Sultan...they can be persecuted, charged buang negeri and so on..even Lim Kit Siang was accused of being Rude and so on...and made to appologize...
but since BN or UMNO boycotted the swearing and disagreed the choice of MB by The Ruler....mind you He is The Yang Dipertua Agong..means that BN-UMNO can go against the KING as they wish...why? why no protest or charges of going against the THe Agong have been taken?...
Treason rite....

Is there a secret pact between the rulers and some insiders in UMNO to create problems in Badawi's Government so that the ppl will see that Pak Lah has no support even among the rulers, now itself he is being accused not as iron fisted as DR M and therefore..will he be forced to resign to make room for others? who is behind this...
By the way if you had noticed, 2 states that had problem with BN in rule and disagreed with it's choice of MB were Perlis and Trengganu ..2 states that had the Former and Current Yang Di Pertuan Agong....Hmmm

Thas my 5 cents folks...

BigDogDotCom said...

Danny Kerplunkie,

The appointment of MB in Perlis and Terengganu shows only PM 'Flip Flop' Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's very weak leadership, lousy personality and poor wit.

Since Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj assumed the Chief Ministership of Malaya in 1955, he managed to convince HRHs Malay Rulers into the 'constitutional monarchy' system and thus became the underlying principles of this country.

All the Prime Ministers there onwards worked very well with HRHs, even when there was a constitutional crisis during Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's tenure, twice. Albeit, it was for the good of the rakyat and at both times, HRHs conceded and the rakyat won.

Now, PM 'Flip-Flop' cant even manage as 'smallish' issue like the appointment of Menteri Besars!


As a party man, I am ashamed of his way-below-par abilities!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Hey fine here, thanks brother. couldn’t agree with you more. LKS was given the stick from all direction. And MSM being a prick they are, had a field day playing up that issue day and night for 1 week running. Ok maybe I was exaggerating a little but who cares, so were the media.

Its so clear those fellas sided Idris had gone against the Agong’s wish, and your point is exactly mine, they should be charged. Not to be impaled or anything like that but stripping off their titleship would be apt. like you brother, this just my 2 sens worth.

*I’m staying totally off of anything footie till of course, a minute or 2 before Arsenal’s next kickoff @reebok. Still recovering from last Sunday la bro. Hey, great to have another gooner there at Bala’s.

Big bro,

He’s simply weak. During his earlier days in the office, I thought his critics were a bit too harsh on him but now even those outside the political ring had to agree.

I’ve never been an UMNO man and cant see I’ll ever be. But I can name you 5 family members who were in the party, who stayed loyal under DrM’s leadership has now turned their back and switched camp completely. To me, he was simply a great leader of the nation, from outside BN’s viewpoint. As an ordinary Malaysian.

Now though, under a weak leadership, Pak Dol has indirectly turned many against the party once helmed by DrM.

Tinesh said...

I noe it sounds so fucking gay but he actually meant that the fler is so low that he wouldnt wana whack him with a belt. Only with his cock. Anda boleh paham skrang?

monsterball said...

Each time we talk about Dollah...it is again compared to Mahathir...who is better...bla bl bla...by non other than pro Mahathir...always belittle Dollah...and that have caught up with few...agreeing to compare these two rouges.
Continuously ignoring the thousands of small and even big businesses..all went bankcrupt...due to Mahathir quarreling with Tunku Razaleigh....all ignored...because it involved one race..the Chinese ..most of all. Thus...what Mahathir said.."I support.my race.my religion and my party"......proving he is a racialist..still appeals to those dreaming UMNO owns the country.
The election result is so very very clear...and I am sure...pro Mahathir and UMNO supporters will have plenty to say....like what UMNO is doing now..going against the King.....or anyone...who does not agree with them.
The election result is MOSTLY against Mahathir...not Dollah.
Dollah have to carry the burden... have no guts ..to do the right thing. That's his weakness..power crazy.
Mahathir encouraged corruptions...sucking country's wealth...high and dry.
And all..seems to forget Tun Abbas Salleh...and few noble judges...all sacked by Mahathir...making him a dictator for 22 years.
Do those pro Mahathir...love to have our country...run by a dictator?? If so..why?? I guess..many chosen Malays benefited...became rich without working..driving Merz and live in bangalows...makes those idiots..feel ten feet tall..again.seeing few Malays somewhat proven to be successful and rich??....ignoring.....much more Malays...not benefiting it...thus Mahathir....have split the Malays...to have and have nots..UMNO and Pas groups.
Do you like hat too??
Putting the blame on Dollah...have always been the art of cunning Mahathir.....from day one....5 years go...when he realized Dollah will not be his puppet...and he is protecting his family and chosen friends.......so simple to understand. Do you like that too??
Finally..I quote Param Cumarasamy...a former UN man...
"I am referring in particular to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohd. ...Tun Hamid Omar...Tan Sri Abu Taib. There were other personalities who carried out what in military terms are called "superior than others" for fear o0f being dismissed from their positioned.
Those who do not agree with the vast majority...are themselves..racialists...or blindly been converted ..by pro Mahathir selfishly doing that...so for a small sum of money..like Judas....betraying Jesus.

Anonymous said...

yo..kerp, i am just GLAD that our King stood up and was adamant on the change. In my opinion, I believe he knows what's really going on with the BN goons, Jusoh and all the wang ehsan, and i bet my last dollar it aint going to the poor nor the development of Trengganu, it's all channelled to 'someone's pocket and for sure not to yours or mine. So, he prob figured out since BN cant be kicked out, at least the head can be changed, hopefully to a lesser corrupted one and one that will serve the people of Trengganu. How come the richest state has the 2nd poorest people living there? Do you know those in Petronas gets 6 months bonus and above across the board. This oil rich state is mengkayakan siapa, and who really benefits from it, us to a certain extend, and to a larger extend, who else? Who is getting all the projects in Trengganu, still Patrick B? Mkate

monsterball said...

In case Muslims do no know who is Judas. He sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver to the Jews.
So those pro Mahathir supporters are selling the country.....consisting of millions Malaysians....for few hundred RM paid to them monthly by Mahathir...as salaries?
Buat dosa....will result those...doing that ...suffer their evil and selfishness...later part of their lives.
Some may say...why then Mahathir... so evil can be so healthy and well...even beating death? If I explain "Khammar"...you will not understand. the problem with Muslims..know next to nothing about comparative religions...to be wise and learnerd....but keep blaring out this or that from the Koran......even belittling others who do not agree with them.
I tell you straight to the point...it will be by some Malaysian Muslims..that will contribute to the bad name of Islam. That's why we have so many muslims fanatics...who knows next to nothing about religions at all. They are robots....no brains..no heart...but with a mouth blaring out quotations after quotations from the Koran..like idiots. Mahathir knew all these are wrong...when he was PM. Why did he not correct the real lost sheep of his own race....if he love his race so much?
Do you want to risk...be like him...when you are not? Just look at yourselves...and compare to him.
These are special people...protected by good and evil. Do you believe in the spirit world? Are you special....to get those spirits listen to you?
Are you comparing to Mahathir and Dollah.....to keep on trying to side track...the real issue......the massive corruptions..and his 22 years dictatorial rule...putting Anwar in jail for his own personal benefits....fooling Malaysians??
The recent election....have you all pro Mahathir....not learn anything? Why are you so cheap..can be bought for few ringgit to talk his language?
I repeat...majority Malays hate Mahathir and are feeling shameful.
They repented........by voting against him again. They did that in 1999...don't you know that? But now....much much more...and finally Chinese think of the country...more for themselves..after seeing how govt. treat Indians....like animals.
Do you love Mahathir cunning answers..whenever he is cornered....and fooling the Royal Commissioners...right in front of our eyes?
Why so many things he had shown..to be so evil...even killing the original UMNO...going against Bapak Malaysia....all being ignored? Without Tunku Abdul Rahman....all of you maybe still bowing to the British as your masters...or need to die..to fight for Malaysia's freedom.
Without Tunku....Mahathir will still be a doctor in Alor Star...driving his bone shaker car.
Why are we so ungrateful and unreasonable......so clearly seen by UMNO doing it right now.
It's not Mahathir and Dollah...but all UMNO supporters....so bloody weak in minds...that 50 years being brain washed....still cannot change...when internet commentators and the election results..all exposing UMNO...who isc digging their grave ....right now.
Now laws needed to be amended....as laws were made by Mahathir to strengthen UMNO and his leadership....with no regards to truths and fair laws at all. Talk too much..in you go...ISA.
You love dictatorship rules?
Are you all talking for your selfish self....or for your children....or for Malaysians?
Yes...we need not agree...in politics....but this is not about politics. This is about an evil man...a con man...daringly rob the country's wealth......right in front of our eyes..to save his son...and like Soeharto...such people cannot be proven corrupted. They are much much more smarter than you idiots!!
They have properties...all over the world...what have you got from him??

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Ooo ok. Got it boss. Hehehe…


Yup, the rulers have been rather quiet in local political affairs but that does not by any means they know nuts. Take our DYMM Agong in the trenganu’s on-going crisis, the goons messes things up but the rakyat nor the oppo has the power to have a say. This is where HRH decided to come in and use his power to tidy things up. I can understand him, this is his home state we’re talking about. Crazy sum of money being pumped in since the last 4 years and yet under this deris guy Trengganu is still the poorest, after sabah. How do you make of that? The keropok lekor seller/fishermen might have said something but I bet on my left hand all fell on deaf ears. But try that when the King speaks.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

Appreciate your long feedback and have read them thoroughly. Its debatable. Some I can agree to but also some no way i can ever.

Tinesh said...

BASTARD!!!!!!! NOT YOU TOO!!!!!!!

Tinesh said...

Monsterball, Im no Christian, but Im sure Judas sold Jesus to the Romans and not the Jews lol

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


that was fun, mannn...cant thank CDO enough.

monsterball said...

Kerp....Perhaps you can give me details of what you can never agree...their reasons...so that readers and I can learn from your thoughts.
This is a serious subject...and details will be appreciated.

monsterball said...

tinesh..You are right...and I am right too...as the Jews paid the 30 silver coins.....and the Romans crucified him.
And to get deeper into this matter....Judas never meant to get Jesus killed. That's why he hanged himself....when he found out...Jesus was crucified.
And many Christians now believe Judas was a Saint....made to betray Jesus...by Jesus himself.....so that Jesus can fulfilled his passionate mission.
By the way...I am Buddhist.

juande raMOZisgod said...

Dear Tuan Kerpov - joint MD of the infamous frenchespana reddygoon connection :)))

this is me, wondering what i can say to make it worth your time, attention span and R.E.Ms to
say the very least...

although. erhm. yes. seeing from the user ID is signed in with..i can feel the sulk of gooners the world around burning me arse off :)))..hey it was either this..or would yu rather..erhm..say
john Dick??? mwahhahahahaha

i'm currently chomping on 3 pieces of hacksweets
at one-go to keep my mouth shut tight and nice; nice & rid of
all blight. maybe i'll follow through with a
maborro lait - y'know that feeling dude? having a hacks and fag concurrent & simultaneously...
aircon they call it..mwahhahahhaa
such is the simplest
pleasures in life innit mate?
(okay okay la..i won't talk about it bro..although i must say the temptation is too buttitchy to resist...i can relate to throes of depression a true fan
can immerse him/his/it self in.

now. this piece chief that you have spewed forth yer rancid rhetoric upon...(i'm tryin to stop saying really dumb sentences like this ...just can't dude.just bleedin' cant...i'll try..maybe i should tryin' backspacing once in awhile huh? No. sorry bro.
not punk enough. hehehhehehe.

but this piece dude..
on 'Ngganu kiter..
again the ravin' & ranting pricks the dazed mind. interesting piece.
i could give you a whole list of reasons...or damage control methods that should/or at least may have been employed should
they have wanted to play
down the matter...
heck the farkin' media is between
their thighs mate?
what so more?
probably need an "idiot's" guide on how to:-
a) how to stop insulting the intelligence of malaysian folks regardless of creed, colour & race;
b) how to realise that the constitution needs to be read, digested & understood before shooting off statements in public; only to:-
b1) have your own newbie law minister juxtapose; and constituional "expert" in the for a foreign minister nod in silence
b2) how to appreciate the meaning of "precedence" when applying such concepts.
c) how to kau-tiam the king.

having said that. i've got to admit. it's not easy to do. and i am in no way fit to comment. heck even if i do, i may be labelled as a citizen who has to forcefully
waive his rights to speak &
observe the packaged wrapper on me as a son of an immigrant. ugh.
screw it la bro. lets not get into that shall we mate.

i can however tell youthough tell you a little story. may have some connotations to what yu were saying.
somewhile back...like many a-young non-bumi kid trying to grasp with his role..his frustrations in terms of opportunites...jobs..scholarship.. circa post-form 5 late teen early 20's scrawny limbo..i was a silly
angry cunt. thank god i
never took it out anyone on a
personal-level or clung to that sebab nila se-titik rosak susu se-belanga concept of things.
truth to be told. i had some
really good dudes as friends
the few i had. are
still with me today.
now. i was angry dude then.

fast forward. 10-12 yers down the line...i came back to familiar ground..a place where i spent and grew up an approximate 3-4 fun years of my life. tagging with me pa. and i was passing through Nganu..the neighbouring state.
a good colleague and friend and a of mine and tranung to the core was drivin'. we had some time to kill. instead of thrashing at 160 upwards on the internal jabor/jerangau road from ktn...we decided to sway our butts to the curve up along the jalan pantai..been a while since we did that. a pitstop
at this probably the most awesome rest area i've ever seen...kemasek..(between kijal & pa'ka)..( tapik kalah to pulau banding rest area. we reach KT in due course..after another break at dunggunggggg. and my mate goes..bro..would you mind if i stopover at my mom's place..it's along the way...i said sure la bro. takde hal.
his mom's place is up in this place called merang. approx 30-45mins to an hour from KT. not marang. but merang.
we stop over.
met his ma. awefully sweet lady..not giving me the eye or anything like that..
and asks me if i'd like to have a bite or a drink...i says.with my put-on budak baik smile..and told her not to trouble herself.
my mates comes back from the dapuq..and speaks to me alone.
"eh bro..ko tak kisah eh?". i retorted..wtf why should i la macha..he says..
"bro..ghumah aku nie...lame doh gune air perigi..paipnye ade..tapik le nie..airnye je takdok"..grins his
stone-cold melting smile.

now. why i am telling yu this long-winded story? see bro...all-along the drive..from down south..i sould see..the level of "development" that they were so prone on pushing up..(leave kerteh out of the equation..that does not belong to ngganu). but it could feel a certain sadness engulf my mate when he said that. it took me aback as well. in this day and time of age..for a place like merang. to have no water. (yes. he's paid all bills. nothing owing la bro.:)) ) ..
yu're talking about a nation..that should have had water supply even to the depest interiors of dabong let alone a coastal drive-through like merang?
it-slowly dawned on me and to not sound overly patronising - it made me think & ironically saddened. the people who should benefit
are not benefitting. this mate
even had told me once...that the ruling govt during the 70's before the pas shakedown..actually went on slogan on how laidback the tranung are..on how they're contented and not interested to venture further i.e. the same usual tag-line usually affronted on the asli community?
tell me something - being contented is one thing?
but being complacent? tell me another thing...what does a state need to grow? remember we leart about all that pola petempatan in geog?..about how communitie develop around crossroads/meeting points of infrastructure?
a) why does tranung until now have not railway line - ans: too costly, how to support? oh i'm sorry is that YOUR money?
b) why does tranung not have a PLUS-like highway criscrossing state? ans: hock kemamang kan ader..fuhyoohhh..why not extend all the way to besut & kb? oh im sorry is that your money?
c)give the kids a proper education..not let 'em run butt-naked across trunk roads..cause their folks got no money to send them to school?
d) scholarships - heck even the smart kids in tgganu are NOT getting it. cause their dad voted the bulan.
e) lastly - ask a chine kelante/india kelante if he'd vote for bn or pas..you'll be suprised at the answer. and the respect
they have for the TOK.

later ma'man. keep sayin yer piece.

antthaallaaay anthallaaayyyy areeebbaaaa.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Ahh, did some re-branding I supposed? Hehe…the biggest sin for a gooner is to welcome someone that goes by the name Juande into the house. Nevermind. Rat poison shall be on the dinner menu.

Dude, I swear I appreciate all the lengthy feedback you’ve stamped here and I enjoyed reading your gibberish but didn’t quite get some of it la…spoke to bala the other day and we referred you as a crazy fella…hehehe…

Hey, thanks for sharing that little road trip back to memory lane. Ou, I have a few ganu pals too related the same old problem shit they had to endure back in the 80s, 90s…a modern nation but igroring the rrkayat’s plight for basic necessity like water and electricity. Its high time the sultan get involved and show the goons whos the boss. Hold on to your sit, pal as surely there are more surprises to shake the nation.

Dude, as I said earlier, spoke to bala the other day and perhaps we cld organize a bbq or sumthing, preferably when the current season ends. Its mandatory for the regular at FFS to show their face. And ur counted. I am so game for it. you too my man. get ur ass down here from wherever you are (kelantan??).

As always, a pleasure having you here.