Thursday, March 20, 2008

Padeh Doh Tengkorak Mu

Sometime back, Pak Zawi of Life As I See It wrote a long article that had all kelantanese dish listed down in two sequel postings. Noticed that I took a very profound interest in one particular bivalve-type delicacy, he went on a step further by doing a very well and thoroughly researched article on this particular shellfish called etak and it was an honour to have it solely dedicated to me.

For those who are not in the know, Etak, as described by one Raykinzoku- ‘a small, pebble-sized, freshwater corbicula clam which lives at the bottom of rivers and canals, alongside scavanging fishes and crustaceans’.

Feel free to read the very well written Etak oh Etok, and learn more about this interesting little clams.


Anyway, Its been ages since the last time I literally set my foot on Kelantan soil. That was way before the government changed hands. Reading that entry made my curiosity about the Serambi Mekah state even more that I have made it a point to set my wheels on the east coast state in the future at least once.

Why not after all?

All these while, for those who live outside Kelantan, we are fed with all the depressing report about the state almost on daily basis, no thanks to the mainstream media. Obviously it was politically-motivated. The PAS-led state government were of course their prime target but unfortunately the state as a whole were tarnished simply because of biasness in unprofessional and irresponsible news reporting.

Thanks to blogs like Pak Zawi’s and Sheih’s, most, if not all, news that the evil MSM trying to portray about Kelantan are not precisely true and mere lies. These two guys are the real deal Kelantanese and Pak Z has been living in kelantan all his life that you couldn’t get an accurate picture any better than what he has written about the state. No, not all the folks lead a rosy life but neither are they in extreme bad condition as depicted. As a result, All the bad intention MSM injected has totally backfired, as the just-concluded GE proves.

Ok maybe to spend some time there I may have to leave behind Bermuda shorts and the likes but I don’t see it as such a big fuss. We do have a thing called the long pants, don’t we? Just like having dinner in a 6-star hotel, a proper attire is acquired. Its part of the regulation that you’re not allowed to wear a Pagoda singlet to match your chequered Kain Pelikat. Well, guess what then, same Applies to Kelantan. Its all about experiencing what the Kelantanese eat, wear and does, simple as that. But no, it has to be politicized and made into such gigantic issue.

To some, the Kelantan MB is a political figure and his policy and ideology may not well liked by some quarters but personally as a Muslim bloke, I look up to him as a religious teacher first, and a politician after that.

Too bad even for a fat-fooker like me, Kelantan is a little too far for some jalan-jalan cari makan adventure. But you just never know. I mean, if there’s a wheelchair, there sure is a way. Hell yes.


Rita Ho said...

See you at the etak stall in KB one day, Kerp! Meanwhile, can you explain or translate the title of your post for me? Thank you. :)

Zawi said...

Salam. You got it wrong there bro. I borrowed the description of etak (etok) from Raykinzuko of Kelate Kite. Please make the correction otherwise we may piss off Ray. I thought I made it clear that I took it from his blog on Etok.
Anyway thank you for promoting not just Kelantan but my blogsite as well hehehehehe. I am honoured to be mentioned in the same breath as the master blogger Sheih of Kickdefella. To tell you the truth I didn't recognize Syed Azidi as the Sheih when we met at his neice wedding who is also my wife's neice about a year ago.
Hey you really gave the MSM a nice whack. Thanks for that kerp. They really deserve that since it was really a disservice to their master. Time for them to learn that overdoing things can be bad sometimes.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Kerp, Guano demo?
Where do you learn the do-oh lalu (over the top) title phrase. But it is pade senoti (very appropriate).

Anonymous said...

Dear kerp, I personally think everyone must visit this place at least once in their lifetime. life is slow but in a good way. Forget about those rubbish the gomen or anyone else painted on kelantan, to me its the epitome of malaysian culture. as for the gomen to take back k'tan, jangan mimpi will never happen. the journey may be a bit far, but you'll be blasted away when you step foot there. the next time i go there, i'll bring you the keropok and ikan masin, trust me its nothing like what you eat here, cheers M.KATE

CJCM said...


Cool post... I almost forgot this thing called etak.. :) When I was small, I would hardly miss to buy this etak on my way to my Quran class. I miss etak.... :(

To Rita Ho,
The title is pretty much the Kelantanese dialect version of "Enough my foot" although 'my foot' is not really the exact translation of 'tengkorak'... This has come about because of BN propaganda in the just concluded 12th election that 18years of Tok Guru's leadership is enough for Kelantanese people so they want to wrestle the state from PAS.

But instead... the tide went against the BN and PAS was returned to power with more authority... hence "Padeh Doh Tengkorak Mu".. (actual spelling to match Kelantanese dialect should just be 'Pade')or in English "Enough my foot' or I'd prefered it this way... 'Enough my ass'... soryy Kerp for my language but I think that is a better version to make a point clearer.

Etaaak oh etaaakkk.....

CJCM said...

Or is it 'Enough your head'... ?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Aunty Rita,

Etak stall? How about Pak Zawi’s crib instead? Hehehe…

The title is a statement that’s very political in nature. Do you want me to proceed?

Pak Z,

My apology. Will get it corrected in a bit.

Yea, you can that. Playing my small bit in telling the other side of the story. So it was more more of whacking the MSM than anything else. During the last GE campaign period, only God knows how much I hated the primetime news I could vomit blood. But alhamdulillah all is well now for the time being. Sheih worked tirelessly for the past year in writing about Kelantan from a rakyat’s perspective. Hope MSM will take note of this.


hey, thanks for dropping by, brother.

the title phrase was taken from one of BN’s campaigning propagandas that smacked right back at their faces. Added the tengkorak Mu for some touch of spiciness…hehehe


How not to believe you, sister? Ok so its pretty laid-back but to the stupid MSM Kelantan is under-developed. See the obvious twist and turn by the amateur spinners? I’ve made it a point to visit Kelantan, hopefully in the near future.


Thanks for dropping by, friend.

The first time I heard about etak was only a year ago, briefly documented on tv. The Pak Zawi did a posting on Kelantanese dishes and again etak was mentioned briefly. I decided to bug the freakin daylight out of his life to tell us more of this little clams…hehehe…

As for the title, I think the last bit was the closest. As in, Bored? My foot, your head. Or in bahasa, ‘bosan kepala hotak kau’ or somewhere along that line. Whatever it is, they failed miserably. TGNA will forever be relevant to all us all.

Thanks all.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ah, Yes, kelantan where I spend the best 5 years of my teaching life. I may be dull then in the 70s but as a teacher, that was the best. I still remember Jeram Pasu which we will go to almost every weekend.

anfield devotee said...

back in me uni days, I used to call the Kelatanese fooking Geordies on account of their indecipherable accents.

ps: done me tag on motion pictures. Look forward to yer comments & reading yer listing as well.

Rita Ho said...

CJCM ... Thank you for the explanation. I understand, I think. It is a phrase that is used to gloat or condescend?

Kerp ... Let's preserve the shoe. LOL!

Zawi said...

Thanks for the correction. Raykinzoku will give an amused smile when reading it.
Lively discussion about Kelantan here. Surprised to know that Che'gu (Kata Tak Nak) used to teach in Kelantan.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yeah, heard so much about the Jeram Pasu Waterfalls. So you were attached in Pasir Putih la that means.


Them fucking Geordies are still to register their first win under ‘King” Kev. I think Fat Sam makes a better manager.

Aunty Rita,

Will do. I somehow knew it wouldn’t be such a good idea anyway.

Pak Z,

No problem. My apology to Raykinzoku too.

I believe cikgu Nazir had a brief mentioning on his teaching experience in Kelantan in one of his postings but you may have to dig deeper.

Thanks all.

anfield devotee said...

sorry bro! Thought Mr JonC had tagged you!

Nevermind, you've been officially tagged (just in time fer the weekend again!).

So, do talk about yer top5 films & tag another two bloggers.

ps: You are more than welcome to include yer fave porn films in the list he he, you fooking pervert . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


ok brother, will do it over the weekend, before chelski/Ars game starts.

eh, whats porn film?


tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

Kelantan and Trengganu is always special to me.Especially Kelantan.

Kelantan was the first ever state that my bapak took us when I was in primary school( I only knew Sg Petani,Merbok,Bedong,Semeling,Kamunting and taiping back then)

We went twice to KB. In those days we took the train from Taiping to KL.Then KL-Gemas.Waited for several hours for the Gemas-Tumpat train.

The second visit was with the express Mara. from taiping to KL and later KL-KB. And muntah nak mampus we did on the bus.

But those childhood experience in KB sure made me fell in love with kelantan. That was where I fell in love with Nasi Kerabu and my first taste of etok.

Decades later, I went again to Kelantan with MrsTA and then hafiz tagging along. Andthen made yearly trip with friends.

Whatever said about Kelantan..its among the nicest place on earth.

And how can I resist dikir barat.

constant drama said...

Keeerrrrp!! I tagged you with "The 8" the other day. Tak nampak ke? And oh Tinesh tagged me with the 5 CD thingie. Be warned though, my list WILL ENDANGERE YOUR ROCKED sensibilities. Its very girly.

And oh have to agree with Tokasid up there, Dikir Barat is the shit!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Thanks for the feedback, doc. Yes, I’ve heard so much about the long train trip to tumpat via Gemas. Cant imagine for those who had to travel from perils heading to Kelantan. That would take what, 3 days and night? Even from taiping I imagine it’d take forever.

But between the train and an express bus, I’d ride on the former anytime. At least you can move about when you’re getting restless. During those days you can even smoke at where you sit…hehehe…at least you get to kill the boredom a little.


You did? Tak perasan. Ok will go and check it out in a bit. I’ve got one tag lined up for the weekend and now sure to start the new week with another one. I’m game, no prob.. Have you done the island 5s? it can be be about anything that you fancy, not necessarily rock CDs. Even anfield devotee had had one Zakir Hussain in his list.

Zawi said...

When I was working in Pendang, Kedah, the shortest way home is via Thailand. Bukit Kayu Hitam - Petani - Golok and we were home! The roads in Thailand are good too. In those days Thailand was peaceful.
Nowadays the passage via Grik and Jeli are much better with less F1 like corners.

tokasid said...


Pak zawi's lattest comments made me remember certain things.
back in the 70s during harvesting in Kedah,we will see many kelantanese men working in the bendang.Ambil upah mengerat padi.

I remember my uncles and friends telling me these Kelantanese men came to Kedah via Patani to Bukit Kayu Hitam or Padang Besar. Yes from the Northern states that is the shortest route to kelantan.

Thank you pak Zawi for that info.

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Dari sehari ke sehari ingin menjejakkan kaki ke Kelantan. Belum kesampaian. :)

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

I have been tagged, again. And since you love tags, I have decided to tag you :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Z,

Ahh ok. So you didn’t need to visit Gemas before reaching home la pak Z…but the funny thing is, you had to produced a passport to enter your own home state from your own homeland… hehehe

Those roads, along Grik and Jeli according to my dad, tempat komunis tu. Perhaps you can confirm on this pak Z. thanks.


I can imagine to witness such beautiful sight through out a long journey can be a priceless experience. But nowadays with all the Highways payah sikit nak nampak kampong folks at work kot doc? a short trip to melaka hari tu via NKVE eases the journey but permandangan tepi highway nothing to shout about.

Wak Purp,

Wes suwi orak kerungu? Hehe…test power.

Sama la sini wak. Teringin sangat nak gi Kelantan. Ada rezki insyaAllah sampai jugak kot.


Ok, will check it out. But I have a few more tags lined up la bro. aiyahh…pak si wong wahh…

monsterball said...

I used to joke or laugh with the friendly ladies ...selling fruits at the round like circle fruit market Kota Baru....while their lazy husband are at home...chatting amongst fellow men.
I love eating at the famous mamak shop.
And cross over to Golok.....for happy happy days.
I spent three solid months there ...chasing a singer.
Found a two timer la...hahahahahaha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


crossed over to golok for some happy days? sounds fun indeed la mr goh. only to be duped by a whore...heheheh

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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