Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Had Roti Canai for Breakfast

Right. its Sunday, and being a post-election day, a lazy Sunday sure it is not. I guess the rakyat has really spoken and voted with their heart and guts and some shits in between.

Being a Selangorian, I have never lived under any other government but BN. As we all know, the previous BN state government falls flat like a turd being run over by a wheelchair.

Lead by Md Khir, the defeat was a real slap on the face for all BN leaders be it in the state, and at federal level, of course. Whether it will for a better change, I’m game to see how the new breed of Government to perform for the next 4 years or so.

I am no political analyst but since I can barely close my eyes after all the surprising results through out the nation, I did some post-mortem of my own on how the hell the BN could have been floored real good.

I think the main factor was the Datuk Zakaria Md Deros controversy. Even though he was not contested but he had badly tainted his party image with all the controversial palace-like mansions he built for himself after only being a YB for a short term. And the Selangorians, being a clever bunch we are, showed them the exit door simply because the boss should be us, and not some YBs.

And this YB acronym business thing should be changed to Yang Berkhidmat instead. I mean, seriously la geng, why should the people menghormat the YBs when we are the one who put them in the office in the first place?

Listen here, to all Yang Berhormats. You people are voted in to serve us…as in us, the people and NOT for your own personal interest. Nor it gives you the license to be a big-headed Yang Berhormat. Berhormat my butt.

So really, blame your own party member for the downfall. You guys may not have seen it coming but in a way you guys were really asking for it.

Being a Selangorian and a lalang and all the shits, I end this entry by singing a different tune;

Fuck the state opposition. Pade doh!



Kata Tak Nak said...

Fuck the opposition, that is brilliant la bro.

I have never liked all this "Yangs' thing. The Malays should do away with all these.

The victory made me forget MU's defeat. Well, you win some, you lose some.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


never felt so good singing on a different tune for a change, only to the same bunch of people..hehehe...

my father took some consolation on chelse's defeat, so it wasnt so bad.

anfield devotee said...

yup, brudder kerp. They thought to behave like Zakaria & to vacuum up all sorts of ill gotten gains is their RIGHT.


I am so over the fooking moon with the results its unbeliavable!

Plus Pompey & Barnsley also added extra sugar to me dessert this am!!!

Look forward to seeing yer comments on me blog later! Take care! And yeah, Power To The People!

constant drama said...

Its the wind of change Kerp. I have been hopefull, thinking that this will never come true. But I have been porven wrong and now we are ushering in a new dawn.

Let's hope this work for us too.

Anonymous said...

salam kerp,
betul lah kata awak kerp, tak payahlah pakai YB tu semua. inshaAllah kerp, kena bagi peluang perjuangan baru ni, some do take a bit of time to work.

heee...i'm so used to being called the oppositon, sampai dah rasa selesa pulak. makes you want to work all the time!

Anonymous said...

sorry kerp, lupa nak britahu, we too had roti canai for breakfast! heee...

Mior Azhar said...

I just woke up... went to sleep at tuuuu.
Now they know how it feel, right?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


It was a real shocker but they in a way asked for it didn’t they? Time for them to wake up and think hard.

*actually the real shocker came in from south Yorkshire lah, as you said, CSKA London being humbled by a championship side…hehehe…


Honestly, I didn’t see it coming here in selangor. But I’m quite optimistic about this whole new gomen shit thing. Got tons of hell up my sleeve for the new G to work their asses off.

Kak E,

Yes, perjuangan baru. A new hope that kerajaan baru ni will be more people-friendly.

*pagi tadi makan roti canai, mamak tu pon borak politik…hehe..

pak Mior,

whoaaa…betul punya lazy Sunday pak mior…hehehe..takpe, after all I’m sure you slept late into the morning. I only hit the sack at 5, sambil2 tukar channel…a rather beautiful Sunday morning wasn’t it pak? Hehehe….

IBU said...


The state leaders' poor performance and lack of sensitivities to the people's needs are the creation of the current reality.

This is a learning disability that can be overcome though - only if they snap out of their dream.

p/s Tu lah orang cina sula kata.... penyapu tu suwey... aiya.... itu hali arr...lagi mau kasi olang lain pigang penyapu, sikilang ... kasi sapu habuk sendili lorrr.....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yes, very much so. The former leaders weren’t very people-friendly based on personal accounts.

Realistically, some gut feeling tells me the BN will recapture the state and only then they’d serve us better. Nevertheless, the newly formed current crop might just surprise us with all the goodies we rightly deserved for voting em in, insyaAllah.

*ya lor…itu habuk semua kasi sapu keluar bawah carpet worr…

Tinesh said...

Walau..KL also under opposition d..This is wundebar!!!

*whistles Scorpion's Winds of Change* haha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yea man. tunku adnan and that something2 rafique guy were the 2 survivors. MCA lost all their seats contested in federal teritory. it was a real disastrous outing for BN this time around.

monsterball said...

For so many times...I voted at a strong hold of UMNO...not once they loose out to the oppositions.
This 12th election...I told myself...whatever happen...I must go to vote again.
And worst of all...I did not sleep well..thus arriving these...feeling giddy. Finished the voting...rushed back...slept.
The results was worth all the sacrifices....and tear gas/water cannon treatments...all paid back in full.
I expected Najib to loose...then Pak Lah can have the whole stage for himself.
Mahathir is at it again.....blaming Pak Lah...when we all know...the downfall of UMNO is mainly due to him...but he has to continue his criticisms ..for selfish reasons.....we all know that.
Let see how much time Pak Lah is going to waste...talking back to him. He predicted 70-75% win for UMNO...and KNOWING that's impossible.
Samy predicted all MIC will win.
Najib.PM.all all UMNO guys said Anwar is nobody.
Then out come Chandra talking bad about Anwar.
From here...we can observe ....what are friends.
All these are sign of UMNO was very afraid to loose.
They are fortunate to win...but without 2/3 majority.....the fun starts when everything they want to do..big projects..needs oppositions approvals......first time from people's power to represent us.
I tend to talk less on politics after election...and will search for bloggers talking about natures...daily lives. those least two years to show something.
I will it back and read more than I comment..but when come to football or sports...that will be one of my favourite subject.
To start off with...on English footballers....I think Christian Ronaldo and Treves...both from MU are my favorites.

muteaudio said...

I wanted to ask Khir "Semuanya Ok, kan?"

BTW, I had the best nasi kandar in the world for breakfast, then only I vote. No wonder the result keluar best aje....hahahaha

MaryKate said...

Kerp, was up all night..morning actually and this Zakar-ia guy got what he deserved, he calon kan diri-rejected, calon-kan his son - rejected, calon-kan DIL- got in and lost, wohoo!!!! If you've seen his atrocious mansion, you'll puke blood and roti canai too, and a satay stall not far from it (now tutup oredi), really hated this guy and did you know he used to be the penjaga gate keretapi. If you live here, you'll hear all the deals by the millions he has sapu-ed in the past. and guess what, his wife bought lots of land surrounding his house..and gasps!! got it approved easily, and his house is surrounded with squatters everywhere, pi mampus la pak zakar

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Semua ok, but only from the opposite floor…hehehe…

*eh chief, whereabout this nasi kandar la? And I thought here in klang valley, kayu is the best. So where la, tell me, tell me.


I was up all night too, and was waiting for some of the hot-seat results. One of them was ofcos, zakar-ia’s DIL’s fate. Like you, I hated this guy. The selangor BN really should blame him for their dismal performance in the just-concluded GE. I mean, they rejected one dirty fella but got his family member in. is that necessary? Don’t they have any other candidates to consider? Oh well…they’ve lost anyway so served them right.