Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dear Tan Sri...

To the new state gomen.

All the freakin’ red-tapes in government departments must go. Nothing I want more for the new state government to do than get rid of these stupid crap completely.

The thing is, I’ve been applying for the Disabled Working Allowance or EPC for years now. The good news is, it has been approved a couple of months back but with too many procedures still to finalize, I have yet to taste a single sen from them. All because of the stupid typical government red tape shits.

And trust me, just to apply and see it to process through was like going through hell and back and now, surprise, surprise, another hell’s awaiting. The approval, as I am made to learn earlier today, is going to be another tedious shit.

Before applying, the officer in-charge assured me I can claim the money directly at the JKM office which is less than 10 minutes drive away. But being a pricks they are, out of sudden this morning I was told I am required to open a bank account and worse, the nearest branch is like what, 20 minutes away.

And the worst shit is still to come. Real jokers these people are. The JKM, for some weird reason, only accepts this one bank, and not Maybank or any other commercial banks where one can do their online business while taking a long dump for instance.

Real typical of them government servants. Maybe it is their trademark in making life a misery for the people.

And lets not get too much into their shitty attitude. A lot has been said and I’m just gonna say one thing; If you’re one polite bloke, then you’re not a qualified civil servant.

Sending them to courses wont do it. Public funds will sure to go down the Monsoon cup drain. Just give these bunch the boot and replace them with those unemployed fresh-graduate bastards.

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should take note of this. It’s a serious matter that concerns the people. Whether it was in the manifesto or not, this is the time to show the rakyat you can do more than just talk politics.

In the mean time, if any changes are on the card, then I don’t mind swimming across another sewerage, but only for the final time.


Anonymous said...

salam kerp,
menteri kena tukar gomen serfen yg slow tu. ntah-ntah gomen serfen yg slow tu jugaklah yang nak perubahan, tapi diri sendiri tak leh ubah.

anfield devotee said...

I urge you to petition the new MB directly. See whether he will respond.

TQ fer yer posting on me blog, however, forgot to add a line saying that you, Jon C & Kopite78 have been tagged!

So, if ain't too much trouble bro, you've been tagged & would love to read a more in depth analysis of yer top 5!

And do tag another 3 bloggers!

MaryKate said...

kerp, i understand...and yes, sometimes i do think they are born to make people's life misearable, though at certain sectors, they improved tremendously like getting yr passport which i was very impressed. this anfield suggestion seems good, as am sure Khalid would want to make good on his promises to the rakyat, and hopefully you need'nt swim across any longkang or sewer :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

JKM, is that Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat? Are they state or federal? If they are state, then Khalid, you should here this. If they are federal then I am sorry my friend.

monsterball said...

Khalid was CEO of Guthries....huge commercial firm....of more than 100 years old..originated from the British....starting as rubber plantations owners way back......when we were still a straits Settlement under British rule.....and diversified to be house.. and manufacturing company.
So Khalid must have lots of commonsense...highly intelligent to be CEO for such a company.
Lets give him some time to prove himself.
One thing is sure..he is 10 times better than Toyo. What does a dental doctor knows about running a State?
But then...even taxi drivers...gardeners...fisherman...low class teachers... railway guard are all successful in UMNO......made Datuks..Tan many class above us..filthy rich...making is who you know...and not what you know to succeed under UMNO.
Then those who knows...the educated young voters...showed who is their boss.
Lets hope the oppositions can do better. Give them time.
Surely they know...during this one time.....they need to prove themselves...or be voted out in 13th election....or gain control of governing Malaysia completely.
Only two roads for them.
No other choice.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak E,

Tapi baru dengar berita tan sri khalid nak kekalkan semua pekerja yang mentadbir negeri sebelum ni. Elok la utk periuk nasi mereka, only that attitude tu kena improve.


I’ll give him sometime to settle down, select all excos then only the rakyat will start to come and bug them. I’ve got a PKR man as my YB. Hope he’s able to help out.

*will do the tag soon. Very interesting, only that no idea whom to tag.


True. and I meant only in certain sectors. Some has improved tremendously, like the registration department. But definitely not the JKM guys here in subang.

Personally I think tan sri will deliver but ofcos with some hiccups along the way. I’m giving him a vote of confidence which after all, is for our own good anyway.


Yes sir, jabatan kebajikan masyarakat negeri. So I may use my rights as a selangor citizen, but forward my woes via YB for my constituency.

Mr goh,

Thanks for the historical insight of our new MB. We, as selangor citizens should after all, give him and his new team a benefial of a doubt. The rakyat will only gain from this.

As the people say, between a dentist and a corporate figure, better let the latter to run the company.

monsterball said...

Some dentist do kill and get away with murders.
Corporate persons either get promoted or sacked....through success or failure.
Dentist only know about teeth and body system.
Businessmen...know about world affairs....people...productivities...service after sales.and most important.quality make the product better and better.
The product..'MALAYSIA" have been mismanaged...mishandled...mis-used...farc too long by UMNO and his stooges.
Toyo is an orang hutan.
How do you expect one from the jungle with no guilty conscience....applying kill or to be killed .to keep on fooling us with fears?
Using perform a wanyang save his own thick the expenses of shaming others.
This dentist is a fraud!!

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

I do hate putting a spanner into your hopes, but TS Khalid is only the MB for Selangor, while I believe your case falls under Federal jurisdiction which is still under Pak la la lah!

However, that does not mean you can't make an appeal via the new MB. Perhaps Selangor may have funds within your context.

tokasid said...

Salam bro kerp:

Now, actually life is gonna be a bit miserable for Selangor folks.You guys will be punished for voting BN out of power in Selangor.

As many have pointed it out,JKM is under Federal Gomen ie BN. But they have state's jabatan which the state gomen have some say,back when BN was in-charge of Selangor. Now that BR is the present day gomen,I'm not sure if JKM will cooperate with BR gomen.

For all we know, there might be sabotages by federal depts in BR controlled states. That happened in Trengganu during PAS rule. There might be a concerted effort at the federal level for many states dept to 'tak buat kerja baik-baik' in BR controlled states. This is to ensure that the rakyat gets angry by the 'inefficiencies' of BR state gomen.

I only hope the Selangor,Perak,Penang and Kedah gomen will be resilience as Kelantan state gomen.

And bro, do write this grouse to Tan Sri Khalid and your BR wakil rakyat in Kelana Jaya.

Pi Bani said...

Teman juge yang belum ade state gomen lagi... deme ni asyik ndak bercakor je le... ish! Ater ghope mane?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...
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Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

Yes, perhaps now Tah Sri needs abrromstick to sweep off al the mess made by the previous gomen.


The application has been approved but it’s the red tape that turns me off. This is where the new state gov, I suggest to seriously look into.


No doc, I don’t believe we’ll be punished for voting the previous gov out. TS khalid was quick to come out with a statement that assures all civil servants will not be affected in the state admin’s transition. Which is commendable but, what I want is to get rid of those civil servants who can perform and not friendly. If this is done then we may have an effective gov counters and ultimately serve the people better. It’s a win-win for the heroes and only the villains fall.

Kak Pi,

Kome kena ler besabor. tuanku dah bagi kat deme masa. Bukan apa, Ku Nit pon banyak lagi keghojer lain..

Hhehehe…berbelit lidah teman, lama tak pekena sambe kuinin ni haa…

Tinesh said...

Dude, what a frickin brilliant idea!! Replace those lazy, arrogant, rude assholes with them fresh grads with no work..

Problem is they might end up like their predecessors la..But hey..Worth a try rite?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yes man, you said it. what have they got to lose? as it is now, we already have stupid fuckers to deal with.

eh, i wanna tag you on the one unker Bala started.

Tinesh said...

Hahaha can can..BTW apasal pulak sellout?? Im going mostly for Incubus, George Clinton and The Roots man..

Plus I'm a frequent goer for Rock The World and since tahun lepas they dint have it so Im going to catch the local bands as well..

And Che'nelle...Damn she's one FYNE ass woman

anfield devotee said...

pls do check out JonC's desert island discs as well . . .

Have a good weekend & please lar, don't let the fooking scum win the title!

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Selamat bertugas untuk TS Khalid.

Kita tunggu, lihat dan nilaikan kerja pasukan mereka dalam 4-5 tahun ini.

Harap-harap ada kebaikan dan perubahaan yang positif untuk semua, tak kiralah golongan mana sekalipun.

monsterball said...

Yes..Khalid and his able assistants....can now..use all the broomsticks....sweep like ...."Mrs.Doubfier"...rocking and rolling happily...sweeping all the dirty ..lazy..filthy workers away....including smart ones...with bad attitudes.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


ok lemme guess, che'nelle's your desert island chic? hehehe...

gonna do the tag later. and you're up next.


done, went to jonc's. and no, not a good weekend. arsenal are fucked.

Wak Purp,

aku pon harap TS khalid boleh 'menghantar'...hehe..nyong belajar translasi dari wak sendiri.

lagipon dia ahli korporat. ada pengalaman dalam pengurusan pentadbiran. doctor gigi tadbirklinikje...hehehehe

mr Goh,

no more broomstick this time. why the need for brooms anyway? to sweep dirts under the carpet?

Mat Salo said...

Betui cakap shah tu pokerpie, hang nih main federal, tak main state.

Kalau tak beruk crazy, gomen serfen maleh - tu tak gomen laa nama nya..

Only Singapore is exempt sebab gomen serfens there is paid like crazy. Not paid like peanuts so you get KJ.. Eh, apa ni?

Sorry bro. Some go to war kena post-traumatic stress disorder. Aku baca news election terkejut mak oi terjatuh g-string... goddeng.

Tinesh said...

Yea man!! my desert island chick!! Bugger when I transfer 2 USA then im gonna look her up and ask her on a date hehehe

anfield devotee said...

yo dude, apprecite yer comments on me latest posting; a sample of the Dead's American Beauty . . .

monsterball said...

Once again kerp...even to their own race..and a disabled man..they can talk cock and make life difficult for you.
Can you believe it...insisting only certain bank is accepted.
I think....they are doing this...avoiding responsibilities....passing the buck..Most government servant....are not after results or productive work at all...and they do have cliques.
Perhaps...they know you do not support UMNO..smiling away..make life difficult for you.
Cheer up. It's partly our faults...being contented and trusting UMNO.
UMNO may not purposely be that cruel...but their stupid mismangement or no managements...always been covered up by more stupid plans or actions...we have seen it all for many decade. Glad you are experiencing one..right now.
I once had a fantastic plan..and proven cost saving benefits by MAMPU...the unit. I lost out....simply because I don't have a Malay partner. It was a small amount to invest by govt...yet so much fuss. Did Malays really got richer with that scheme? Is this the way to help one race....controlling others success? Maybe ok...first 25 years...but they never really help the Malays to come at par with the chinese. They want to play the HERO label to the Malays.Thousand chinese companies are suffering same treatments....YET...billions spent buying from foreign war planes...ships..yatch....and Petronas foreigners. Do you think...they will build it...if UMNO insist .it must have Malay partners? What happen to Volks Wagen deal?? big...they shoo UMNO off!!
I wonder do they have Malays all those billions RM deals...involving foreigners??? Sure they have....just use your imaginations.
Shredding government documents by the Selangor UMNO...clearly shows .the have so much to hide.
This is not war=time..loosing to the enemy. It is transferring from one boss to another....desired by the voters..the Malaysians.
Just look at those idiots performED....outwardly..without shame.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mas salo,

‘Kalau tak beruk crazy, gomen serfen maleh - tu tak gomen laa nama nya..’.= a real germ from you la bro…hehehe…

its not a matter of state or federal but the change of attitude of them personnel manning the counter. This is where the request from this one selangorian to a leader of the state, tell them to shape up or ship out.

*if only you were home, you’d enjoy the occasion bro, the fateful morning, march the 9th.


Che’nelle is gorgeous man. but hold on, you didn’t say you’re leaving for the US, did you brother?


Sure man, will do in a bit.

Mr goh,

I can feel for you sir. The red tapes are a real turn off. I cant see the rationale behind the ‘only one bank’ policy. They ‘re around to make life miserable for the rakyat. This is where TS khalid could change things.

waterlily said...

Salam bro,
Haiya..I'm too late for this entry.

Nak komen la jugak sebab ada kena mengena. Tak tau nak cakap la pasal gomen serfen ni...Tgk kat P***p dah cukup sakit hati Danny.

Ada orang besar nak datang baru semua kelam kabut.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kak Mariannie,

takpe. still relevant, boleh hentam.

tapi tak tau pulak those guys at P**P berperangai mcm tu jugak? maybe saya tak pernah tinggal sana, tak tau.