Friday, March 7, 2008


It’s the same old shit. Promises have been pledged, numerous police reports made, flag wars between all parties without a clear winner. All in the name of General Election.

The 2-week campaign period is finally reaching its climax and come Saturday all registered voters, some dead ones, will go to every polling stations casting their votes.

I came across a million ringgit question on what would I want the government to do if they are voted in to manage the country. This was a general question and nothing to do with our country’s on-going GE fever.

But nevertheless, I’ve got many answers up the sleeve but the real question is, will there ever be a government that could provide with some positive answer to that question posed in the first place?

How about this; a public transportation for people with disability, and I mean in every towns and villages nation-wide? Ok maybe that would be a wishful thinking, but how about providing such transport services in every major towns in every states across the country?

Now can the next bunch of government people come up with a solution for this age-old woes the PWDs been facing since the day they became cacat?

I certainly doubt it. Whoever takes the office after the election will as usual come up with all kinds of excuses and will typically blame on the shortages of fund that prohibits from seeing this through.

If they,-the same bunch of people made up of the previous government, are indeed a people’s government then the idea could have been sorted out and implemented a long long time ago. The lack of fund cannot be used as an excuse because if they can come out with millions of bucks to organize a useless Monsoon drain cup, they should be able to serve us the disabled citizens of Malaysia too. Unless we are treated as a lower class Malaysians, they’ve got their priority totally wide of the mark.

That’s basically my wish from whoever will be in-charge of this beloved nation after the pru12. Its never about personal gain but the PWD masses, close to 200 000 of us.

It should start somewhere. With good transport services, it will encourage more PWDs to re-join the society and perhaps of course, vote in whichever party that serves us, and not the other way round.

On a personal note, I just cant wait for all these GE freak show to end and get the new YB, who will inevitably be from the BN coalition, to look into some matters.

I have been very critical of them BN but so what? If my wish is still too much for an asking, then I may have to continue doing so against the next G, which is likely going to be basically the same old shit-faces from the previous management.

Call me ungrateful for all I care, and I’ll call you a bastard for all I care.

So anyway, happy voting, losers.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Don't get me wrong, I am not being gay but I love you for that last paragraph. Way to go.

MaryKate said...

kerp, kalau sudah mati, how to vote? kekekeke

anfield devotee said...

Moonsoon Cup - a waste of money?

That's nothing compared to the space tourist programme, correct, correct, correct?

ps: Haven't seen you on me blog fer quite some time, sudah menang dengan AC eksyen la, pundek.

Tinesh said...

Dude, if Im not mistaken, USA can have a president from a diff party and the congress from a diff party rite? But you hardly see much of a disagreement there eventhough Bush vetoes most of the bills..

Technically that means, the diff parties there work towards the betterment of the nation..

Now why the fuck cant they do that here? Instead, we have racism and sexism and shitloada crap like stewardess' uniform being discussed in Parliament.

And I agree with Uncle Bala..Spent so much of our money for some gay dick to be called a space tourist..Like Patrick Teoh would say: NIAMAH!!!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


All from the heart, sir. It was all from the heart. to tell you the truth, with all the GE-hoohaa tomorrow, arsenal’s next game is what I’m looking forward the most…hehe…


Apparently in Malaysia, the dead, the kids and those who are not eligible can still vote. Malaysia boleh!


Dei, haven’t been at home the whole day, didn’t get to blog-hop. You’ve got 2 posts today over there. what ms sui pau did was the cleverest thing I’ve seen today. Real genius la she…hehehehe


Not sure about there in the States but its true, our gomen been spending on unnecessary stuff that does not benefit the rakyat masses…

Never meant to be bias in all my writing but based on personal experience, them gomen aren’t that people-friendly and I’m game to testify to that.

^eh tinesh, thought of putting flight of the conchord's jenny video, just for musical intermission.

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...


Embuhlah kang. Tunggu waelah iki bengi. Kepiye....

Tinesh said...

Good idea Kerpie..We all need some fun and laughter in this dire moments lol

monsterball said...

All our pains and aches...receiving tear gas and water treatments are all worth Jugdment Day election results....was what I expected.
Malaysia is heading towards being a Malaysian democratic country....after all.
The sickening part is to see...our Malaysian badminton players gunned down at the All England..especially ..those two big pondans double players....with 4 match points...still lost. these two old futs are another disgrace to Malaysia sports guts at all...defend and defend..all their lives...hoping to win that way.
And MU lost to too much to stomach....but then...winning FA cup or getting a bundle from bookies..which is more the owners?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

wak purp,

keputusan wes entok. kawos kabeh ketek2 kalah...

hehehehehe...ok ke wak?


will do, once i've ran out of idea of what to write.

mr goh,

yes, real shocker all around. our doubles were hopeless case. but the real shocker comes at barnsley, defeating the rich-kid chelsea assholes...haha.