Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Si Mamat kipas lipas Pak Dol

So the new cabinet has been named. And we are not short of surprises. Kak Pidah was one of the big names to be dropped, which I doubt anyone saw that coming.

Then we have the 2 guys from the most northern part of peninsula booted out. Incidentally these were the same fellas to have gone against Pak Dol’s decision in appointing another fellow as an MB. Oh, and I wonder why they were dropped. Hmm…

But the shocker of the day has to go to a certain mamat who is surprisingly back from a shithole somewhere. I thought I must have heard the announcement wrongly but to everyone's horror, it was really him. That was when I felt the urge to puke my guts and purge some shits out.

Apparently his hard work polishing apples has paid off. But the big question is, why is he picked? this is the same guy whose name is synonymous to scandals.

I think its obvious the current bunch of bee-Anne leaders short of people who are capable that a controversial figure is being chosen instead, ahead of more than 100 MPs who were voted in by the people. And this bloke is only a senator.

Ok Pak Dol, Its your decision man. And I can foresee your men will be parroting you with the selection made and come up with statements like ‘A good choice to take Malaysia to another level’ and all that shit.

Whatever-lah chief. I’m just glad to have a different Tan Sri helming the state.


anfield devotee said...

I was chatting with one of me BN-supporting macha friends (I know, that is the price of democracy, & yes, they do exist), arguing bout the whole scenario when news filtered thru of cabinet line up.

Even he was fooking gobsmacked by the inclusion of En MMT.

But really, is it that surprising given these are a bunch of fooking wankers who have been selected not fer their pedigree but fer their arse-licking abilities.

There is no outstanding financial gurus, captains of industry or visionaries. Just a bunch of greedy bastard yes men . . .

ps: senorita did the tag!

pps: Have named me desert island chic.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You know why he is picked? His prestation is good la.

monsterball said...

His wellknown big butoh may have something to do with it too!
Everyone hates the corrupted and gigolo man.....yet Pak Lah appointed him back as minister.
The plan was there ...all along....made a senator...assured of a minister post.
This play boy....must have got Pak Lah hooked with sex and sin secret bed rooms...besides a big mouth to protect PM from Mahathir.
Usually sex will make a powerful man sercum to the provider wishes.It's worst than dadah.for lonely old fut.
This is killing two birds with one stone..Malaysian style..with no regards to Malaysians desires anymore.People's PM....my foot!!
Pak Lah is saying to all Malaysians..go to hell with us. He has 5 yars..what can we do??. Life is short. He wants to be PM...and .. enjoy sex and sins...with the biggest butoh head of UMNO.
Women simply open for him to fuck...young and old.
And now....having traveled into so many villages...he must have a long long list of young girls...all waiting for him...and he pass on to PM.
Watch PM using Love Boat....visiting villages with ..WITHOUT Jean.....with...eeeerrrrrr hate to name that fella!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Apparently he himself was surprised to be roped in. I think more like he acted surprised la. Another sandiwara as usual from these goodie-2-shoes fuckers.

*nice try chief but her desert island hunk was ashton the fooking toyboy Kutcher lah.


Hehehe…I remember the post you did on this. “prestation” was the word of the day and went on through out the whole week.

Mr goh,

Yes sir. You nailed it. everything was planned. Made him a senator, so that he can be roped in, regardless if the majority rakyat agrees to it or not.

But I shall not touch on the below part of your comment.


M.KATE said...

Yo kerp, si mamat tu...WHY LAH, WHY ON EARTH he is put back into the cabinet???? mesti ada something that he's holding on too, maybe some dark secret for a barter trade to be back in. Aiyoyo...habislah, and I really think they are digging another grave with si mamat back. And Kak Pidah, that was a real shocker!! BUT KJ's nowhere to be seen lah, FIL and SIL feeling the heat, so original plans had to be ditched...padan muka !!!

Anonymous said...

salam kerp,
hmm..like M.Kate, i too rasa ada trading sikit sini. Ostolia ka???

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


That was my exact reaction. Are they seriously short of capable man? I’m not accusing him of anything but there are many more whose names are not tainted by any controversial issue but no, its gotta be this mamat. And lackeys will definitely concur with this decision…aiyoooo..

Kak E,

Not sure of any trading but they do share something in common there. fav destination- way down south..hehe..

Tinesh said...

Surprising thing is Rafidah was left out..I thot she was doing a good job, except the part bout the APs la..

Btw, done the tag

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


best to step down while you're on top. she did exactly that. time to make way for the young blood after all.

hey, thanks bro. will check it out in a bit.