Wednesday, March 5, 2008

GE Stupidity IV

Undi anda adalah rahsia. This phrase must go.

There we have the PM in Kepala Batas or some shit casting his vote and people will be wondering which party he voted for…I wonder.

Or when a party supporter who only the night before polling had his party cap and badges on proudly, chanting away his beloved party slogan madly, and come polling day his undi suddenly becomes a top secret shit.

I might have missed out somewhere but tell me, what’s so fucking secret about it?


Rocky's Bru said...

The most sensible point that anyone has made in the PRU12 so far.

It's not like they didn't know that you didn't vote for them the last time ...

Pi Bani said...

The "undi adalah rahsia" is for people like me who hate politics and don't quite trust politicians, tak kiralah gomen or opposition.

So, who am I voting for? Biarlah rahsia... :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Well, fuck them. They write the serial number of your voting slip against your name in the roll given to them. I am sure they have someone working over time in certain areas to determine who voted for whom. Fucking bastards, that's what they are. Hope you don't mind the Swahili

waterlily said...

Undi adalah rahsia. I don't believe that at all hehehe.

ps: I am voting for kak PI :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Hello macha. So you’re on nation-wide tour huh? Rembau is a must-visit. Or you’ve stamped your mark there together with el zorro last week?

Kak Pi,

Aiseh, you’re very good at twisting words lah you, real talent…hehhehe…


Yes, I’ve heard about the serial numbers on every ballot papers. That really beats the purpose of undi rahsia. Another genuine stupidity coming from SPR.

Go ahead my man, you can speak your mind all you wish here, I’m all for it.

Kak mariannie,

Your vote is no longer a secret akak. Semua orang tau…hehehe…

anfield devotee said...

Aiyo, so caught up with GE that I forgot to wish you a Happy B'day - So, Happy Belated B'day dude!

And what better pressie than beating them geriatrics AC Milan, eh? But I tell you, yer form in the league is looking mighty shaky . . .

Yer vote is yer right & should remain secret. Its fine if you wanna nail yer colours to the mast, but this is an underlying principle of free elections.

MaryKate said...

here's the next GE stupidity, the ink thing has been cancelled, 2.4million of taxpayer's $$ and thousands of bottles of ink down the drain, how's that for democracy. and daily I am reminded in all the radio stations, vote XX, vote XX!! vote XX!! i believe they are scared shit la, that's why use all the tactics available to cancel this ink thing, not so in thing now. SO, what do we do with the bottles of ink, who cares right ? ..someone's made their bucks already anyway :(

MaryKate said...

...and kerp on the posters war, i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw 2 big banners (10 ft long) of opposing parties in my office, which i hv instructed to have it taken down, i dont care for who they vote but having these posters in the office - da melampau da ni,they can have it their house,bedroom or bathroom if they wish,but not here :)

bailey said...

my vote is not rahsia.

if i had the chance to vote this year, i'm going to vote for the opposition. i have enough witnessing the shit you-know-who playing.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Aiseh, thanks for the bday wish, friend. Cant blame you la as everyone’s caught up with the GE.

checked with one of arsenal’s websites and glad our next game will be on Sunday. can enjoy the match@JJB as poll results would have been known by then.


Actually I have listed down all the stupidities that concerns the GE and the one you mentioned was part of it. thought of publish them all but since its only a couple of days left, I’d rather blog about my loved ones or something.

But I agree with you on the needs for any party flags to be taken down if it’s a nuisance to public safety for example, or an eyesore to that area.


That’s my point. nothing secret about it. you go and do what you think is right, sister. I’m with you.

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Wak non-partisan sebenarnya. Tapi PRU yang lepas wak undi PAS. PRU kali inipun wak akan undi PAS sekali lagi. Kawasan Puchong. Undi adalah rahsia. Hahaha!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

wak purp,

ala wak...bagitau la aku wak pangkah partai mana. aku nak tau sangat nih...hehehehehe

monsterball said...

I have never heard so many fucking words from a blogger for such a long long time.
kerp is sure fucking mad...and rightly so.
With his pal...kata tak nak...supporting him...including is just two more throw these fucking rotten people away for good.
I intend to drive slowly by my polling station....and be one of the first to vote.
Did that last time...yet it took me 12 noon to actually put out my voting by that time..a long line of people are already there.
Last time was for Pak Lah. This time...I will redeem my sins to be conned again by more!!
After election...will talk football with kerp....enjoying ourselves..pulling a fast one.. at each other.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mr goh,

yes, 2 days o go before the freakshow ends. dont you think the senior citizens and the disabled should be given the special treatment by cutting the queues? the SPR should provide that IMHO.

so anyway fuck that, time to have our say on the ballot papers. happy voting, sir.

once the GE is over, the run-in to the premiership title will take center stage. to tell you the truth, football has always been my priority ahead of this freakin GE itself. GE is seasonal, football is all year round. screw the politicians, footballers are my idols.