Wednesday, March 5, 2008

GE Stupidity III

Making a big fuss when some party flags/posters went missing.

This whole poster/flag war is getting sillier and sillier. Putting them up had caused fist-fighting amongst party supporters. How childish can that be? You don’t win a seat based on whose posters being pasted more on walls, nor which party with most flags along the street can win a voter’s heart. Heck no, my friends.

TV3, especially those asslickers behind the station should take notice of this. By showing footages of all things BN, it wont even move, let alone change a people's mindset of which party to vote for. Get real, bitch. Your biasness is simply too ridiculous to chew on.


constant drama said...

Well said my friend, well said...

Kata Tak Nak said...

The fucking SPR said that only the f;ags and posters of the candidate and the party could be displayed in a certain constituency.

Then what has UMNO flags got to do in MCA or Gerakan contested areas?

Mat Salo said...

Sr. bro KTN has a point --but (budak) SuRuHaN PeMimPin RaSh-Ua is synonymous with Be End End All running dog.

I think with all this political fever going on sex has taken a nosedive on everyone's mind bro - except yours and mine... he..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Anything ridiculous should get the boot.


Whats new? SPR are the real running dogs.


In comparison to sex, the GE is nothing.

the latter is seasonal while the former is all year round...hehehe

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ladies and gentlemen, lets give a big hand for SEX. Imagine getting married and looking at her only. If you look deep enough into her eyes she conceived. Shit man, that's scary.

bailey said...

a friend of mine from tv3 did a story on missing flags/posters in terengganu if i'm not mistaken.


not only the flags/posters war getting sillier and sillier, the whole issues yang ada now pun getting macam bengong. contoh mcm indelible ink tu. semua-semua ni takde pendirian.

God, forgive me for being an asslickers. i am sick of this.

p/s i'm in terengganu covering election here. tak bestla kerp. =( berat sebelah.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Aiyoo…if that’s the case, might as well stay single for the rest of my life while visually screwing up every single lady on the street…heheheh


Hey, take it this way. Its your rice bowl. Come end of the GE season, you know you’ve done your part as a journalist and should be proud of your achievement to have covered one of the important events of our country’s history.

Hang in there, sister.

monsterball said...

And now Rashid's house is thrown wit red paints on the walls of his house..and first thing he blame.the oppositions.
This is a fucking stooge of UMNO.
Why can't it be from Malaysians ..who really hate him.
Why must it always be opposition?

monsterball said...

But Mahathir is smart say Samy is the sole reason...for UMNO's downfall....not him.
That Samy.....that will "sink or swim" with Mahathir...his best friend...let poor old man swim alone...and to add salt to the wounds...wrote love poem to Pak Lah.
Nice to see these old cunning ...thick skin.. corrupted idiots... fighting each other right now...and showing to all Malaysians...what blind fools we have been... voting them in for 50 years.
Indians paid for their sins....supporting Samy....fearless and calm...they exposed him....never loose their cools...when being provoked by tear gas and water create fear by Pak Lah.
It got backfired....proving what a rotten low down government we have today.....always protecting their corrupt lot in the cabinet.
Mahathir knows...what's now spoke out protect himself and his UMNO BARU.
This is a first class sly fox in politics.
Closet to Anwar...but Anwar must be PM with Husam as DPM.
Lets enjoy smart and cunning politicians at work again...but this time.....Anwar will be judged by DAP and balls carriers to Anwar at all.
So vote for change of government...with prove to UMNO....enough is enough by us...the Malaysians...their bosses.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

sorry mr goh, but i shall refrain myself from commenting on your 2nd comment. think sheih and you'll get the idea why, sir.

nonetheless, i too believe rashid has screwed up during all his time as the chairman. its written on his forehead with a capital BN. there'll be a new chairperson comes the next GE but hopefully the successor can at least speak and not looked silly stuttering.

monsterball said...

I have been waiting for years to hear an honest pro Mahathir man to tell me ..why 'no comments" on this national crook.
For first 10 years...I admired Mahathir..feeling so proud...what a smart ..brave politician we have in Malaysia...second to none to the whole world.
Then Lim Kit Siang revealed the Bank Bumiputra case....even got one Muslim investigator killed in more news..up to now...then huge projects...never heard before....yet we are slacking backwards compare to Singapore and Korea..months by months.
As a businessman...I know...thousands suffered........when he quarreled with Tunku Razaleigh...banks recalled all loans to so many small traders of all races..but mostly Chinese suffered...making thousand went bankrupt. He could not care one bit..thus proving he is not a Malaysian PM ...but a Muslim PM only.
Under him...even Muslims are getting more and more far apart....and finally..when Malaysians put all the pieces together........especially the blatant daylight robbery to use EPF and Petronas funds to bail out failed projects..under his relatives and friends.
These are facts...but pro-Mahathir supporters..simply ignored??
Is it because you makan gaji...and could not care two hoots to others sufferings...when you are comfortably employed by UMNO in government departments? Is that not real selfish ..irresponsible attitudes?
Yes..he did help alot Malays to rise up be at par with other races...especially par to the Chinese...but what about those he did not help at all?
Even one like me..who idolised Mahathir can feel the pains and hardships of Malaysians that suffered...not benefiting from his 22 years rule.....and he rule as a dictator ....not as an elected man.
Do you like that too?
Even now...he speaks with double meanings....twisting and turning things,....and his famous 14 'forgets' in 90 minutes with the Royal Commissioners ..questioning him...does this not shame the pro-Mahathir supporters.....he can lie with a cunning smile? did lie....and majority have left him....except few bloggers...why?
Is it because some are under the pay roll of TDM?
If so.....does that mean..some can be bought so easily...ignoring principles in Malaysians?
And let me tell you the Koran did not teach anyone to rob or steal from friend..but from enemies...okay....and that was written 1500 years ago...when Muslims were robbed...killed and daughters raped by the Europeans..not by Chinese or Indians and other Malaysians in this country.
I like to know....the real real truths..why few Muslims...including you dare not comment about Mahathir's evil deeds.
Spell it out for all to learn.
I am all ears to listen.
I did offer him a sincere prayer to his recover well and soon....but when we are talking about a Prime Minister...for 22 divide and rule is not going to build a united Malaysian country.....but bring it back t square one.....killing all the hard works PMs.... before him.
You like that??
Do you really love Tunku Abdul Rahman? The problem read about Bapak Malaysia. WE live and know him...till the day he died....fighting Mahathir.
Withot him..they is no Malaysia...yet the UMNO he build..was killed by Mahathir...and made his "UMNO BARU"...While he was still alive. How cruel and selfish can a man be?? Do you know Tunku sold all his properties to form UMNO...not enough...and few Chinese millionaires helped UMNO financially? He was grateful......but today UMNO ministers and supporters..forgot all these and are so ungrateful blokes.
Why do you think majority Muslims want a change of government?
They hate Mahathir..gave Pak Lah a chance...turn out worst than TDM...but the real is Mahathir.they hate most......but he is a very old man...everyone will like to ignore and let him live peacefully....but NO..he wants to speak put more and create you think he is doing the right thing...right now?

monsterball said...

If kerp choose tyo keep quiet......many any pro-Mahathir smart blogger will enlighten me?
Never too late to learn....or is it...Malays find it difficult to admit mistakes.If can you improve your life?
And for that..kerp have proven to be a real gentleman.
Few more hours...all go to vote.
Vote for change of government is one thing.
This is to find out the TRUTHS of Mahathir..from you good God fearing Muslims.

monsterball said...

What lousy one finger typing.
Please excuse me!
I mean "maybe"...not 'many'

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mr goh,

no, i can never keep quiet on anyone who leaves a comment as i appreciate your time here. i didnt notice there was anymore messages here. my apology to you.

and i appreciate your long feedback too, but only that i have made up my mind on TDM a long time ago and nothing can move nor shake my admiration for this great old man. nothing political about it.

monsterball said...

Thanks kerp for your response.
What great admirations? Can you put all those in details?
At one time...I also admired him...but ..putting the 22 years of his can trace and conclude.what he was as OM...and what he is ..after being PM.
So....list out your "admirations" by one...for us to learn...and cast our Malaysians doubts away ..... so many..that some Malays will protect their own kind....doing bad to other races..but benefiting his own race is they think that way.
Yet...these Malays proclaimed they will defend their Islamic religion with their lives...yet showing un-islamic they are.
By the way..I went to cast my vote...already more than 50 lined up...half hour before booths are opened for special line for old folks... but they ... do have a booth...for old folks. That idiot officer told me to climb the stairs...and my voting room is upstairs. I searched and searched...and found is downstairs...and was told..that the downstairs booth is specially for old improvement on otak and considerations. I am sure....they are taught to guide people simple..yet make mistake.
I do hope you will be more specific on your admirations for TDM.

monsterball said...

I do not need a reply anymore.
I am satisfied...that Malays may admire Mahathir...but are brave enough to vote for a change in government.
But my hope is to see them ..come out in the speak up.and not hide thoughts....good or bad in the heart....concerning politicians that may influence our future.......and Mahathir that 22 years.
Just look at the bashing Anwar had by UMNO and Najib...calling him irrelevant.......speaking opposites...with so much hypocracies. Now he can eat his words...but will he do like Samy...his days are numbered.
So after the elections....prefer to talk daily life matters....not politics so much.