Monday, March 17, 2008

Desert Island 5s

Never thought I’d say this but I’m taking a break from politics for a while. Everything’s done but not cleanly dusted as we can witness in some states. I know they’ll settle their differences eventually. Politicians can be overly-dramatic too, or a sandiwara as they like to call it. So no worries there.

Anyway I’ve been tagged again, this time by tuan Bala aka Anfield Devotee of Fer Fook's Sake fame. I needed this really. Another welcome wind of change. It has been a while after all, since I touched on something I’m very passionate about. Not boobies but rock music.

The tag goes like this; To name 5 albums you can’t live without. Or albums on your CD rack you’d prefer to have it with if you’re stuck on an island.

Here are my 5s

Rancid’s …And Out Come the Wolves. Rancid’s undoubtedly my all-time fav. Energetic punk-as-fuck and ska combo blends in well especially when you have a lyrical master in Tim Armstrong helming the band, taking on the main mic and guitar.

Nirvana’s Bleach. This was way before they shot themselves to fame. Kurt Cobain (RIP) was still mentally stable when they recorded this one

Metallica’s …And Justice For All. Every single time I put this CD on, it sure to take me back during my Subang Jaya days. One of the first cassettes I bought. Classic.

Ramones’ Rocket to Russia. A mandatory for all punk rockers and a punk at heart like me. With dozens of album under their belt, it was a tough choice to make but ‘Sheena is a Punk rocker’ eases my decision picking on this album.

Weezer’s Blue album. Jocks are made to look stupid with them around. Geeks are no push-over, be warned.

There you have it. It was tough a decision to make especially being an avid music fan. Albums such as Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, STP’s Tiny Music, Pearl jam’s Ten, Operation Ivy’s Unity all have to be sacrificed in order to make way for the top 5 above. But hey, unless a fishing trawler comes to the rescue, I doubt I’ll have any regrets with the choice I made in life. I’ll die a happy crippled stuck on an island without a chic but 5 CDs. Not bad.

Now, maybe some of my blogger friends wouldn’t mind too, taking a short break from politics and pick on their best ever album they’ve come across so far. Tinesh, you’re definitely tagged and How about Cikgu Nazir and doc Tokasid? You guys up for it?


Kata Tak Nak said...

I have got to give this a miss coz it has been ages since I last bought an original CD and at present I don't have any albums. All I have are MP3s in my hardisk courtesy of either Ares or Limewire. Doc and probably Mat Salo are good for it. They still do buy albums.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

its ok cikgu, no worries. but maybe you could list down your all-time fav bands/artists here. that oughtta do it, and would be much appreciated. thanks.

anfield devotee said...

TQ Tuan Kerp fer doing the tag. I too needed a breather from all the election mayhem & it was real good fun to see the reactions from various quarters. Manowar anyone?

See you left out all yer glam rock shite to maintain yer cool quotient, eh? But dear people, if you had read Kerp's comments on me blog, you'll know he is a jiwang softie who likes warrant, slaughter & all manner of hair bands in lycra! Punk, me ass la!

He he!

Anyway, great five. I remember being completely blown away by Weezer's debut when it first came out while that Apocalypse Now sensation when I first heard Metallica's One was spine-fooking-tingling, mate. Bought the CD when it first came out even though I didn't have a CD player - got a rich kid (back then CDs were the new thing what) to tape it fer us & then played the whole thing to death.

ps: You didn't say whether you liked the Grateful Dead track I posted today? Too mellow fer yer Mohawked tastes?

Anonymous said... wonder you still have that wig!hee...

Daphne Ling said...

Hey D,


1) Dunno...
2) Dunno...
3) Dunno...
4) Dunno...
5) Dunno...

Muahaha! ;)

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

I'll do it very soon. But not necessary all are rock albums. I'll just put my fav 5 albums it'll be a mix of rock,jazz,blues and folk.
That okay with you?

TQ for the tag. PRU12 over and done with. We move on to our normal mundane mode.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


No problem, my man. it was a fun tag to do anyway.

Bought justice’s cassette because I couldn’t afford a CD back then. Besides, the only player I had was a crappy mini compo. Yes, you wanted me to admit so much, here’s the truth then. I had Warrant’s DRFSR and Motley Crue’s Dr Feel Good amongst my tape collection…hehehehe…real jiwang karat I tell you.

• cant relate much on Grateful Dead. Not a fan.

*eh, am a punk at heart la brother. That means no Mohawk hair-do, no studs, no safety pins nor piercing on the scrotum.

Kak E,

Hehehe…the wig has become some sort of a legend here already lah…so famous one.


Not trying to stereotype you here but don’t you like songs from,say…Jackie cheung or leon lai? They could be in anyone’s list you know.


Thanks sir. No, not necessarily rock bands. Even Anfield Devotee, who started this tag had Zakir Hussain in his list. After all I know you’re passionate about music and have great taste too. anfield devotee sure could relate some of the stuff you’ve been posting. So no worries. Only that preferably a real album and not compilations, best of.. or soundtracks.

I’m sure you need some rest from writing politics too. you’re one ‘agent’, as MS put it, who did tremendously.

bailey said...

kerp i want to do this. boleh?

bailey said...

hey ur online... =P

bailey said...

done! ;)

Zawi said...

Lost touch with music now. Just lsten to anything that comes on air on the radio.
Anyway your request for writeup on etak is already published. Its dedicated solely to u.
Enjoy reading it.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


dang sister, you're such a good sport. see, this is such a fun tag you dont need to be tagged to do thhis. will check your fav 5 in a bit. thanks.

Pak Z,

my apology to you sir for coming in a little late. stayed away frm the pc throughout the whole weekend. i'm honoured la pak. thank you so much.

senorita.. said...

i just wanna say that Kolo and Ramona are so cute.. =)

bailey said...

hi kerp my photo blog link -

tapi belum ada byk photo lg. ;)

Jon-C said...

Bro kerph,

I'm not too familiar with the first album but i can dig the other four. I've listen to some of the Ramones more famous numbers. In terms of the weezer boys, yup have to say their first album still ranks as their best. Who can forget their Happy Days video for Buddy Holly? I still have the video stored in me laptop. ;0)

Anba said...

Hi Kerp....
I only 2 of the 5 albums...
And Justice and Blew
I got like a whole collection of Ramones but none of their albums
I got only the green ALbum Weezer..
Rancid i dismissed them in my ignorant days but i'll check out them soon
I would like to suggest some bands...dunnow if you know them...
Fu Manchu do check out their vids on Utube
Fav Vids of Fu Manchu
King of The Road, Evil Eye, Squash the Fly, Written in Stone
High on Fire and Black Cobra are some bands you can check them 2..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Thanks there. will check it out in a bit.

Whoaaa…a band of army sneaking in from the infamous Fer Fook’s Sake.


I believe you were the first person to have noticed my two reptilian friends. Not exactly a chic-magnet but they are cute indeed.


Rancid sticks to their belief that friendship means more than millions of bucks. This could be the reason why they’re not a household name in the mainstream scene. They’re admirable simply for their consistency.

Hey, back then when they came out with their first vid clip (buddy holly), you’d be lucky to catch it on boyband-oriented MTV. Youtube is a god-send I tell ya.


Yea man, Justice is a must-have for pre-black metallica fans.

I guess not many of us can appreciate punkrock because of their nature to stay away from the limelight.

But you’ve got quite an interesting choice of 5 too. but only your first 2 that I can relate to. A jam session wouldn’t be complete without taking on Fade To Black.

Will check out Fu Manchu again. heard it before but not sure why I didn’t dig em back then.

Thanks for dropping over, guys!

monsterball said...

kata tak nak may miss...and I will give two ...groups
duets and solo I like.
1.Groups/duets: Bee Gees...Air Supplies...Queen...Dire Strait...Sanatan
2.Solo: Roy Orbison...Ray Chsrles..Elvis..Julio Iglesias...Elton John
How's that for an old man?

monsterball said...

Then on classic...tne late Luciano Pavarotti...Andrea Bocelli and Jose Carreras.
And orchestras....Yanni..Kitaro
PS: I love Neil Daimond.too!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr Goh,

Whoaaa…I’m impressed. Cant relate much on the classical but certainly on groups and solo artists. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is simply everyone’s favorite.

Air supply, bee gees, they’re all great song writers. And being a senior, am not surprised with your choice. Roy orbison’s pretty woman is the most notable and who wouldn’t know elvis? The king of rock n roll.

mozisgod said...

tuan kerpov (the other one 1/2 of the crack co-alition pair being monikered "the franchise"),

first offfff...niGELLA...mmmmmmmmmmmm
2nd off ...that accent...
3rd off...mmmmm.. especially when she dips in to test power..some of the deserts...

my top 5 on the way bro..i can't think straight today..*sigh* yeap still at work. tapik takper...
(like a dog)

hmm...interesting lp's dude. looks-like you're keepin' the opivy/rancied ties in the family & and in-check eh? sounds good and good to know.
"smaiiiiyyyyylin whennnn yer friends are watchiiiiinggg yuuuuu-uhuhuh"..mwahhahhaa

ramo-nezzzz.:)))) be continued..i am lelapping...i better sambung..before..i start to melaluting...further..on nigella form a mILF won't like me when i'm like this..i will go and pn and on and onnnnnnnnnn..about the valleys and mountains..and the plains
beneath...and the upper lip stiffed beyond measure...upper-class public school education you figure? like mallory towers & st clares?
chief. i better stop
i'm quoting enid blyton to you now
realll-yiyiyiyi sorrry abeh.

yurs appreciatively,
negative crop and not stoned.

p.s. should i play nigella the sweater song...."whileee i DON'T WALK AWAYYYYYYY".. hehehe heh eh.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Sometime back, Pak Zawi of Life As I See It wrote a long article that had all kelantanese dish listed down in two sequel postings. Noticed that I took a very profound interest in one particular bivalve-type delicacy, he went on a step further by doing a very well and thoroughly researched article on this particular shellfish called etak and it was an honoured to have it solely dedicated to me.

For those who are not in the know, Etak, In Pak Z’s own word is ‘a small, pebble-sized, freshwater corbicula clam which lives at the bottom of rivers and canals, alongside scavanging fishes and crustaceans’.

Feel free to read the very well written Etak oh Etok, and learn more about this interesting little clams.

Anyway, Its been ages since the last time I literally set my foot on Kelantan soil. That was way before the government changed hands. Reading that entry made my curiosity about the ‘Serambi Mekah’ even more that I have made it a point to set my wheels on the east coast state in the future at least once.

Why not after all?

All these while, for those who live outside Kelantan, we are fed with all the depressing report about the state almost on daily basis, no thanks to the mainstream media. Obviously it was politically-motivated. The PAS-led state government were of course their prime target but unfortunately the state as a whole were tarnished simply because of biasness in unprofessional and irresponsible news reporting.

Thanks to blogs like Pak Zawi’s and Sheih’s, most, if not all, that the MSM were trying to portray about Kelantan are not precisely true and mere lies. These two guys are the real deal Kelantanese and Pak Z has been living in kelantan all his life that you couldn’t get an accurate picture any better than what he has written about the state. No, not all the folks lead a rosy life but neither are they in extreme bad condition as depicted. As a result, All the evil intention MSM injected has totally backfired, as the just-concluded GE proves.

Ok maybe to spend some time there I may have to leave behind Bermuda shorts and the likes but I don’t see it as such a big fuss. We do have a thing called the long pants, don’t we? Just like having dinner in a 6-star hotel, a proper attire is acquired. Its part of the regulation that you’re not allowed to wear a Pagoda singlet to match your chequered Kain Pelikat. Well, guess what then, same Applies to Kelantan. Its all about experiencing what the Kelantanese eat, wear and does, simple as that. But no, it has to be politicized and made into such gigantic issue.

To some, the MB is a political figure and his policy and ideology may not well liked by some quarters but personally as a Muslim bloke, I look up to him as a religious teacher first, and a politician after that.

Too bad even for a fat-fooker like me, Kelantan is a little too far for some jalan2 cari makan adventure. But you just never know. I mean, if there’s a wheelchair, there sure is a way. Hell yes.