Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry New Year!

Now, lets see. Oh, the year-end is here again, hooray.

I tried to think of something noteworthy that ever took place this year but my mind keeps telling me to continue with the Bubbles game. That pretty much sums up my year. Dull.

From a OKU-point of view, apart from one stupid politician shooting his mouth vomiting turd, not all things bad. We’ve had Persons With Disability Bill 2007 passed and later on Datuk Senator Dr Ismail Md Salleh, who is visually-impaired, was appointed to the Dewan Negara as representative for the whole disabled community. Excellente.

So anyway, this is the time of the year when we get to hear people pledges on all things silly for the coming year ahead.

You get things like, slackers wishing to be a better employee which means it requires him to lick harder. Politician makes a sudden appearance and promise to look into grouses faced by the people who elected him…some 4 years ago and married men vows to be a better husband by…taking a new wife. All the ridiculous shit.

I don’t know about myself mann. But looking back, I’m not sure if I have achieved anything. The resolution I made at the end of December last year was exactly what I had hoped for since previous years back. Like any other idiots, resolutions are made only because someone might ask you. And by having your answer prepared, you’d look clever than you actually are. Screw that maannn.

This time around, I’m switching to a negative mode. I’m turning into a doubting Thomas and skeptical of every single thing that’s coming my way. Yea, sounds good.

The condo management for example. I was overjoyed and excited when they first promised to make my place more wheelchair-accessible but it turns out as mere talk. Numerous attempts have been made to get them start the minor construction work but weeks took months, and months took years just to get 2 simple lousy ramps to be built. All the follow-ups have been futile, falling on deaf ears. And this was after a promise they made more than 2 years ago. I mean, whaddaf?

Quarreling with them is like arguing to a lamp post. Even a lamp post could shed some light. So the next time they come to me and promises the same old shit, I’m gonna shrug it off as mere lies. Until of course, the two bloody ramps are completely constructed.

So I guess that would be my wish for 2008. No point fighting for the OKU rights when your own home is not disabled-friendly. Personally, the battle begins from right at the front door.

Here’s wishing you all a very prosperous 2008. I have not a clue of what’s in store but I say just bring it on.

'Merry New Year'- Eddie Murphy.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007)

Politic breeds hate, which leads to war. War promotes violence, and ultimately kills. Down with politics. War-mongers, terrorists and politicians all can eat my shit.

The Wedding of 'em All (updated)


'Yup it's me..But don't expect more comments from me, u know me, I'm not a blogger kind of man..hehehe.. And to all of you, thank you for all your wishes and doa' URTV Jan 15 edition for more news. hehehe (self promo)' - Badrul Izhan Yeop Abdullah

Ya Heard him. The man hath spoken. Now go get 'em...hehehe...

Original Post.

Not that I’ve been away for long. Left the house on Monday morning and only came back late yesterday after busy-bodying myself to a 2-day wedding celebration. we’re still very much in the month of December, remember?

Now this is no ordinary wedding when I would normally wheel in and show my face, get myself completely stuffed, take some pictures with the bride & groom, eat some more before taking off shortly after and you don’t hear anything from the couple again till at least the wife is well into her 5th month of pregnancy. No, nothing like such wedding.

This entry is a dedication or some sort, to the groom. A very dear cousin of mine.

He’s not just a cousin, but someone whom I spent a lot of my childhood days with. This was the guy responsible for getting me into smoking my first puff, which was a stick of JPS stolen from his dad. Back during the internet-less days, he was also the one to first introduced me to the world of porn magazines, which until now I completely have no clue where he got them from.

But he wasn’t just about being a delinquent. Being together on most weekends and school holidays, I was encouraged by him to join in together for Muqaddam recital session, and through the same ustaz, Ustaz Abu Hassan, I was given the lesson of performing solat the proper way in a very early stage. So not all things bad. I remember during the ’86 Mexico World Cup, it was my first time ever to stay up late with him waiting for games. And what do you know, with the adults already very much snoozing away in their rooms, we decided to heat up the wok and cook our own version of fried rice in order to keep ourselves awake. The result was bad but who cares, we dug it anyway. And that was the only time I enjoyed cooking.

Even during my teenage years, we spent quite a lot of weekends together. And come to think of it, he was also the one who introduced me to my first ever girlfriend through a mutual friend. We used to double-date too. Such was our closeness.

Trust me, we went through and did way more than what could ever be published anywhere, let alone a children-friendly blog like the Let’s Go Land. Fuck, no way man.

So anyway, naturally for being closely related, he and his family was there sticking by my side when tragedy struck. When friends came and went, he was there all the time, right from the moment I was sent to the hospital, warded to ICU till the day I was discharged. He was always there for the much-needed moral support.

Forward to 13 years later, he is still the same guy who fed me a bite of Murtabak when I was down and almost buried. After going through heck a lot of failed relationships, eventually he found someone and made up his mind to be with this girl for the rest of his life. Two weeks back, on the 15th, he successfully lafaz akad at one shot and now he’s officially a hubby to a sweet and petite young lady name Elle.

So to the loving couple, Badrul Izhan b. Yeop Abdullah and Suhaila, here’s wishing you both to greater years ahead together. Buckle up!

The pengantin, cousins and more cousins.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Feliz Navidad

Hello fellas!

From the merry land of let's Go, here's wishing my Christian friends
a very Merry X'mas and to the rest, let's gate-crash our neighbour's for
some taste of that succulent roastbeef!

...and happy holidays, y'all!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Klang-Valley (the greatest) Vs kinta-Valley (the rotten pomelos)

And so we met, we bonded, we laughed, we argued, we took photos, argued again and then we laughed some more. That’s how I summed up that evening with Mob the Poster Master, Daphne Ling and her best buddy, Yean Mei, both came all the way from Ipoh just to take some pictures with me & Mob, and not to forget our autographs.

Ok, ok I made that last one up. Both Daph and Yean Mei only wanted my pic and autograph.

So anyway, I cant imagine how dull the meeting would have been without Mob around. He got us all in stitches practically through out the whole sitting. I thought I’d have to play the party clown but you’ve just gotta hand it to him. That’s the real man behind all the no-holds-barred political posters we enjoyed all these while.

It wasn’t much about battle-of-the-sexes evening but more of the Kinta-Valleyans VS the Klang-Valleyans, having a go at each other heads-on in the Middle of some Valley. Without a shadow of a doubt though, we the latter, came out triumphant.

Ok fine, I confess. I made that one up again. There’s no such word as valleyan you could ever find in a dictionary.

We didn’t have a proper dinner as planned but it was a pleasant evening nonetheless. Here’s wishing to more of such lovely evenings in the (near) future.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Tag Brag Fag

I could have done four postings in one day but decided to go with two on Wednesday.

Being a disabled person, I was excited reading about Prof. Dr. Ismail Md Salleh’s appointment to the Dewan Negara that I felt it's mandatory for a crip to say something about it. And since it was a day before Aidl-Adha, I wouldn’t want to be left out in having the raya greeting posted on that very same day either.

And later that night, Shah of TalkOnly messaged me to inform that I have been tagged. Well, I’ve bumped into this particular meme while blog-hopping and somehow I knew it’d reach me sooner or later. Contrary to most bloggers, I like being tagged. Not sure why but I just like it.

So anyway, I was so tempted to brag about whom I met the night before, but decided to save that for the next post instead.

Now lets get down to this tagging thing. Let's Go.

Let's see...

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night.
Homer J Simpson

2. What were you doing at 0800?

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Free falling

4. What happened to you in 2006?
Head-butted some guy name Materazzi

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
"Mmm....ho chak!"

6. How many beverages did you have today?
5. coffee, mineral water, orange drink, coke, air sejuk.

7. What colour is your hairbrush?
I don’t have hair

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
Nasi Kandar

9. Where were you last night?
I was not at any party I swear. I was right there in the library, reading economics.

10. What colour is your front door?
White. Eh wait…I don’t know.

11. Where do you keep your change?

12. What's the weather like today?

13. What's the best ice-cream flavour?
Double choc.

14. What excites you?
Arsenal’s slick passes. That’s way exciting than looking up a woman’s skirt.

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
Sure. I shave my head weekly.

16. Are you over the age of 25?
Yes. Those below 25 are a bunch of idiots.

17. Do you talk a lot?

18. Do you watch the O.C?
No but I do know a few residents of Orange County. Gwen Stefani and Farina Carr

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
Yes. Steven Ho, the MCA guy, Datuk Paduka Chew’s right-hand man and a neighbour, cant recall his surname.

20. Do you make your own words?

21. Are you a jealous person?

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'.

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'.
K. Thuraikumar

24. Who's the first person on your received call list?
Si Kejam

25. What does the last text message you received say?
Are you online?

26. Do you chew on the straw?
Yes, they are chewy. And sometimes I swallow the whole straw

27. Do you have curly hair?
Heck no.

28. What's the next place you're going to?
JKM office.

29. Who's the rudest person in your life?
Kahkahh...I better not start.

30. What was the last thing you ate?
4 pieces of Vadei.

31. Will you get married in the future?
I sure hope so.

32. What was the best movie you've seen in past 2 weeks?
Guess Who?.

33. Is there anyone I like right now?
Yes. William Gallas.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
8th February, 1994.

35. Are you currently depressed?
Nope. I’m a happy man, from the Merry Land.

36. Did you cry today?
Hell no.

37. Why did you answer and post this?
Because…because…hey, is that a Tarantula on your freakin' head? *and shwoooshh..Kerp disappears into thin air*

38. Tag 5 people who would do this.
1.Lim Kit Siang
2.Husam Musa
3.A. Kadir Jasin
4.Anwar Ibrahim
5. Future Cheras MP, Mob1900

Ok seriously, I'm tagging 2 friends and they're both below 25. go ahead CD and Tinesh. Have your say, fellas.

Done. So remember guys, don't ever hesitate to include me if you can't figure whom to tag in the future. That's a rather cheap promo but I am sooo okay with it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Senator to the Rescue

Oh yes, finally its happening. Although after reading it this morning I wondered to myself why they didn't think of this like 5 decades ago, personally I’m grateful enough. Someone from the disabled community has been appointed as senator and so much so to represent the disabled community, so I shouldn’t be bitching about it too much.

Academician Prof. Datuk Dr Ismail Md Salleh (pic), who is visually-challenged took the oath at the Dewan Negara yesterday. He was delighted with the appointment, and I’d say so are we, and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Dr Ismail himself.

All these while our voices were not heard as much but with him around, we sure are cranking up the volume and get those responsible to turn their head and acknowledge that we have our rights too.

But again, why only now, when we’ve had Datuk Jins Samsuddin in the Dewan representing local artistes for ages now. Not that I’m implying anything but didn’t they realize grouses concerning the disabled community have been around since like, the beginning of civilization?

Ok, I’m not gonna push my luck. After all, Dr Ismail has pledged to bring up issues of immediate concern, such as education, job opportunity and facilities for the disabled.

This may come as a surprise to some and news to many but credits should be given when it is due. Private corporations and GLCs have taken up the challenge thrown by the government to employ more persons with disability to work with them. Yea, we’ve had a fairly good and equal opportunity offered from a few corporate companies, and surely more to come.

Facility-wise, though, is still very much lacking. Building structures, and transportation especially needs a great deal of improvement in order to encourage more Persons With Disability(PWD) to come out and to at least rejoin the society. Its more like a first step for things to open up before they start thinking about furthering their studies and eventually get a job. I mean, how in the world for the physically disabled to be independent when one had to go through many obstacles as soon as they steps out of the house?

Sure, with some modifications, some are able to drive their car to classes, workplace and to simply run errands, but still majority of PWDs are not fortunate enough to even own a lousy Kapchai, let alone to ride on one, physically and for various other reasons.

I’m not going to spoil this entry by bitching all the way but its going to be a tough task ahead for Dr. Ismail. On the brighter note, he has Datuk Seri Sharizat Abd Jalil he can count on.

Yes, I’m beginning to like this lady. I wouldn’t mind providing the link to the actual report but I doubt anyone would even bother to click and read it. Can’t really blame anyone, I’m guilty of such unforgivable sin myself.

So anyway, she played an instrumental role in successfully getting the Persons With Disability Bill passed last week. And today, this was what she had to say of the said bill…

“We do not want to have a bill which is nice to look at but can’t be implemented. This is a realistic bill for the disabled.”

Yes, well said. Time to really walk the talk, I say.

In the mean time, MORE POWER to Dr. Ismail Md Salleh!


Salam Aidl Adha, fellas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Gas Chamber, LGL-style.

Now before you think you’ve accidentally clicked on a link that leads to Zorro-Unmasked, you’re definitely not. Only that the picture above and idea were stolen from the legendary wise man himself. I haven’t asked Uncle Bernard for his permission because it was way late into the night, so obviously he was…out somewhere chugging on a full keg. Ok I'll sms and inform him now.

Ahh yes…the good Ol’ Mexican Gas Chamber. Numerous faces, of political figures mostly, have tasted the smell of nasty flatus, freshly and voluntarily pressed through, evacuating from anuses. Even one certain chief justice was remanded and deservingly extended his stay for being such an ass.

But this is no Zorro-Unmasked. Its Lets Go Land with a little twist, the LGL style.

Here's the thing. Again. A certain pig-faced moron named Jack asked for it. This is the same shithead who came in here and over-stayed when he was not welcomed in the first place. And being such a stupid son of a cheap-whore he is, all his comments are worth less than a useless turd. Only his mom cost cheaper.

What makes him think I’d graciously take in all his advice is way beyond me. Seriously, who the fuck does he think he is? One thing I am sure of, this wanker's a pathetic loser living a sorry life trying his utmost best minding other people's business.

Seriously, does he actually believe that by telling me off Pinky would really pack up and leave?

Wei Jack the scat-lover, Trust me you faggot, it aint moving. Whatever your deranged mind orders your stinkin’ mouth to say a few words… No, wait. Let it be more than a thousand words, it aint gonna fucking move us.

I would love to believe you’re not that stupid for being a product of nasty inbreeding but my belief dwindles when you turned up again showcasing your extreme stupidity. Seems that you know me more than everyone here as you claimed, when you’ve never met me in the first place. So what are you, a fucking clairvoyant? Nobody knows me more than Pinky herself. Forget it man, shove it all your knowledge about us up your dad’s sodomised ass.

WE KNOW WHO WE ARE, me and Pinky. We don’t need no moral police telling us all the stupid crap we shouldn’t be doing. You can go ahead calling us rude. Fuck that. Coming from you, we couldn’t be bothered. Go eat some dog shit.

Woi Jack bodoh, aku tulis bahasa england ko tak paham sebab ko bodoh. Dengar sini, komen2 ko semua sampah. MULUT KO BAK KUMBAHAN. Jangan pikir apa yang ko tulis boleh ubah hati aku ataupun Pinky, sebab ko tu beruk yang pengecut. Cakap orang takut, cermin diri ko tu dulu. Tengok baik2, selain dari muka macam babi, apa lagi yang ko nampak. Sekarang ni kalau ko ikhlas sangat, macam ko kata ko ni ahli keluarga Pinky, tegur je dia depan muka. Lagipon ko boleh temberang sape ko ni sebenarnya. Tapi tak, sebab ko berhati busuk, dengki dan jealous, tu sebab ko Cuma berani berselindung belakang computer je. Ko kata Pinky tak beradab, habis ko baik sangat? Aku cakap baik2 tapi ko tannak dengar and datang dengan cara kurang ajar. Memang sah mak bapak ko tak ajar ko pon. Wei anjing, tunjukkan diri ko tu. Kalau tak berani tak payah nak sound2 orang lain. Sedar la diri sendiri tu. Apsal ko pengecut sangat nak tegur Pinky?
Lagi sekali aku nak ingatkan ko, apa yang ko tulis takkan buat hati aku dengan Pinky berubah walau seinci.. Sementara tunggu ko untuk perkenalkan diri, jangan harap aku akan tunduk dengan kata2 ko yang berbaur hasad dengki. tak payah nak cakap soal kesopanan, ko tu jaga adab ko. Aku kenal diri aku lebih dari ko yang kuat memandai. Sape diri ko tak penting sebab ko berselindung. Percaya la, aku takkan terkejut beruk walau dari spesis beruk mana ko datang.

So in the mean time, this Jack-ass shit fella will be locked in the chamber and farted on for eternity.

Don’t worry uncle B, this is only a one-off and the chamber wont be hijacked permanently. Unless I am forced to, it shall only be used to stuff in political idiots.

Regrettably, I have to temporarily moderate all comments. But I can assure all friends, you know who you are, who writes in, all comments will be published, un-edited. Never am I running from any truth and hide, but all his words will only dirty this blog, which was supposed to be public friendly. I would not take any chance of tainting LGL with all the shit he vomits, and so the moderation is necessary.

Saturday, December 15, 2007



Such taboo a word lately. Hop into the sopo blogs and chances are you'll bump into this very word. Not wanting to be left out, I should say my piece too.

So tell me, what in the world is he...Tan Sri Isa Abd Samad up to now days? Its been a while since he was under UMNO's spotlight enjoying money politics.
Oh heck, he could well be under the Teluk Kemang sun instead, with only his swimming trunks on, having fun tanning himself silly. cacat.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flushing Down Another Myth

Its December, and its simply that time of the year again when you get invited to a wedding on every weekends. Yea man, I’ve got like almost weekly. In fact, I attended one way before December began.

Just to flush down another myth, I can’t resist but to highlight on this one particular wedding. The groom was of course, a very close friend of mine, and he’s on a freakin’ wheelchair, taking the plunge with an able-bodied woman. Couldn’t be sweeter than that. The bride’s a nurse so no prize in guessing where they first met.

I was not his best-man for the day but prior to the groom’s side reception, we got closer as the wedding date nears. I was asked to accompany him and his dear wifey to as far as Melacca to extend an invitation to our best friend there, another cacat fella on wheelchair.

And so a week later, the wedding-do took place as planned, just like any other. The dais, kompang, good food, jokers, loud music and all things necessary for wedding events are well equipped. Surprise, surprise, there was no father-in-law creating a scene with a machete in hand and shits like that. His in-laws are receptive-bunch. Nor there was any ambulance on stand-by incase the groom suffers any mental problem and start to go bananas and requires emergency attention from them paramedics to be sent immediately to the nearest nuthouse or something like that. What do you think? He’s on wheelchair for goodness’ sake, and NOT mentally deranged.

Not that I’m trying to prove anything. The picture below tells a thousand story.

And yet I still get this one narrow-minded fool telling otherwise. Whatever dude. Coming from an idiot, don’t ever expect me to take in all the advice and listen to all the crap he has to say. Get bent.

I may not be able to walk but that does not mean I cant love or be loved. Does not mean I can’t earn a living or incapable of protecting my loved ones. And get this, when insulted, don’t expect me to take the kick lying down. We have our rights, and lefts too. If you think I’m an easy prey, then go ahead, just don’t go running back home and tell your dear mommy you were not warned.

My only wish, as everyone may have figured by now, is to get married and God willing, protect her from any harm. In the first place, it is not about who protecting whom. Its never about she takes care of the financial department for being the able-bodied between us. Its not about her doing all the things for me. We’re in it together, obviously its about us, TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER. Simple as that.

For the record, Tok Mommy was also at the wedding reception.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Apa Khabar, YB?

Forget about the back-page headliners, which I would normally nose-dive to first thing in the morning. For some matters close to the heart, I chose to make today an exception.

Yeah, yeah, so we lost, big deal. Boohoo.

Moving along.

As I picked The Star newspaper today, a picture of an accident victim on the front page caught my attention. It was none other than YB Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Women, something something and development Ministry, who was involved in a terrible road mishap last night. I could always provide you with the link to the online news report for your convenience but surely you guys have read it in the newspaper while taking your dump this morning.

Briefly about the unfortunate incident. She was with her men on their way to Kuantan to deliver some aid to the flood victims there when the car they were traveling in skidded and turned turtle. As a result, she had her collarbone fractured while her men were more fortunate to escape with only minor injuries.

Now, why should I give a shit about this YB some may ask. Here’s the thing. Although she’s not exactly the rep for the constituency where I’m residing, I was privileged to get the opportunity to meet her in person and forwarded my grouses recently. Normally when you seek assistance from these people, they’d assure you help is on its way and all the empty-can promises but not Chew. Knowing her busy schedule, it was only natural for her to appoint her right-hand man to take my case, and boy, how amazed I was to see the guy appointed did his job well. He did all the follow-ups necessary to ensure I get the attention from the relevant party involved. And I thought all YBs closes one eye and make fun of the handicapped community. She proved me wrong.

Before you guys have this weird and crrrrrazy idea I’m one of them dickhead cyber-troopers, I am not.

I’ve stated clearly of my political stand but I always have some soft spots reserved for them MCA people for their dedication in handling and dealing with the people, regardless of their race and religion. That Michael Chong fella is a case in point.

As a common citizen, my wish is to live in a better neighborhood. I only see immediate problems as a main cause for concern and MCA have played their parts well. Maybe some have points to counter my claim and I respect that. But don’t you think I deserve some too, for hoping to live in at least a decent environment? I don’t see any wrong in casting my vote for a certain race-based party as long they get their asses down and be with the people more. I judge them on how well they can keep their promises made during election campaigns. And so far, MCA has delivered. Hey, after all, aren’t all the existing political parties a bunch of racist-bigots themselves?

Yeah, a Malay Muslim declaring himself an MCA man. So fucking what? this is Malaysia. No big deal.

To those YBs who licks their superior's rumps for a living. time to switch to Rakyat's asses...

...because, get this... we're the BOSS.

*Here’s anyway, wishing Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun a speedy recovery. In the mean time, she has her reliable men she can count on to get the business going.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Tuesday with the Crips

I had meant to get something on the national-level OKU day event posted earlier but a certain dog-rapist steered my mind off of the track a bit.

Ok, Let’s Go then. It was quite a grand celebration. Attended by OKUs of different shapes and sizes, I summed it up the do was well organized by the JKM people and I believe those involved deserve a pat in the back for making the day a great success.

The occasion kicked off at 7.30 when I was still very much under the duvet. What I had wished for came true. The night before, I received a call from Mobiliti to inform the van will only come and pick me up at 9.30.

The good thing about the event was it was not compulsory for anyone to be in the hall all the time. I think those in there are made of bosses from various peer groups, the down-syndrome kids with their carers and family members, volunteers as well as the JKM staffs and officers coming from in and around the Klang Valley area. Those who were not interested with performances and speeches are free to roam about doing their own business outside. Booths selling all stuff cacat were set up and buffet-breakfast was served with several types of sandwiches and cakes to dig in.

Datuk Sri S was on her way up the stage to deliver the year’s most eagerly anticipated speech when me and some of the lads were just about to head down to the smoking section and as a result we completely missed on what she had to say all together. I mean, err… aww shucks. Looks like we have to wait till next year to catch such meaningful speech again. God knows how dissapointed I was I wept some tears

So anyway…

I could go on and on but its cold outside that I’m yawning away while writing this. I just feel like getting into bed and nothing else.

Errm, yes, maybe I’ll just stop now. As for the rest of the event, I promise you it was great. Lunch was great, goody-bags were handed out to each and everyone, phone numbers swapped and all things wonderful. And by 1pm it was over.

That’s just about it, a simple and crappy review written by a crappy man from a crappy land.

Yay, bed time. woohoo…

I swear I need some rest.

Pics courtesy of my phone

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What's this now?

Now here’s quite an interesting feedback I received since I got my previous entry posted. A very ‘concerned’ someone named jack had left a few comments, which personally I think of a bit unfriendly advice in nature. And he went one step further by telling me I cannot accept facts like I cant make my girl friend happy for being on wheelchair. Maybe because I deleted all his comments the reason for this fella to say such thing.

Don’t worry, buddy. It was an honour to have you dropping by that I should do the next best thing. I’m publishing everything on what you have said here in the front page. You wanted to remind me, so by having all that what you have written, it should serve that very purpose.

So here you have them. Just to remind all friends, these are the exact words he wrote meant for me hoping I'd give second thought concerning my relationship with my girlfriend.

1. betul ke you nak khawin dengan dia? Macam tak padan je...sori.

2. napa u delete i punya comment ha...u tk blh terima yerrrr....sori lah tp itu la hakikatnya...i bkn nk mengutuk u tp u kena lah pikirrrrrr....u sanggup ker bila u kawin ngan girlfriend u girlfriend u akan hidup tersiksa....u mesti nk tgk dia happy kan tp klu girlfriend u kawin ngan u mcm mn lah girlfriend u nk happy...jgn mareeeeee..u memang le happy sentiasa............

3. u ni apa lah....i cuma nk u sedar diri sikit...itu jer....i kesian kan girlfriend u 2...i tau family grilfriend u mesti susah terima u kan...klu terjadi kat family u, u blh terima ker (mesti u tk leh terima)???u sellfish....

4.biar lah girlfriend u 2 kawin ngan org lain...u cari lah pompuan lain...masih tk terlambat lg klu u nk lepaskn girlfriend u 2...pikir-pikir kn laaaaaaaaa

5. bila i baca blog u nie kan,i rasa u nie memang mulut ur girl can stay wit u?u tk guna ur brain when u talk.u think all people like u..

thank you for all the shitty reminder jack. Now you’ve said your piece, I truly believe it is solely up to me to either accept it or otherwise, no?

Here are some of my points for you to ponder, and it will be up to you too, to put it in your brain or stick to what you believe in. Suits yourself, dude.

We’ve been together for ages that we don’t need no shitty advice especially coming from a stranger.

Oh what do you know. Only one point needed to put things straight.

Tell me, where have I gone wrong to be given such advice from a person who hides behind his anonymity?

How about this, bro. If you are indeed sincere, quit throwing rubbish from your little hide-out. I’m open to criticism and I know where I ‘stand’ but being insulted is totally a different matter all together. Be a man now and reveal yourself. That’s all I’m asking. Thank you.

To all friends, i'm not asking you to agree with me blindly so do point out too where have I gone wrong. I'd be happy to listen to your views too, be it to criticise or to support. Thank you.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jalan-Jalan Cari Accessibility

Some time back, after watching Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM), we decided to head down to one of the restaurants featured in that particular episode for dinner. Looking at the variety of food this said restaurant has to offer in their menu, they’ve successfully attracted pigs to go all the way and try all the stuff out for a reasonable price.

And so with empty stomachs and watering mouths, all of us enthusiastically made our way to that place situated somewhere in Ampang, which is quite a distance for us coming from Kelana Jaya. The thought of their signature roast chicken was the factor we ventured out on that Saturday night and missed international football matches in the process. I mean, one whole succulent grilled masala chicken is worth the night out than to stay home watching a meaningless friendly involving England, right? Right.

But what do we know, the night didn’t turn out as we had planned and hoped for. As we found out, this bloody restaurant which had even Tunku Maria Sabri drooling earlier in the day, was on top of some stupid platform and patrons need to climb up a few flight of steps to get in. And I was like, yay, there goes my chicken, literally up in smoke, and I could only enjoy the smell from afar.

I think if we had summoned the manager or owner or whoever feck was in charge, he or she wouldn’t mind instructing the restaurant workers, waiters, chicken, cooks and car jockeys to help lift me up the freaking steps as Malaysians are caring bunch. But would I like that? Feck NO.

Here’s the thing. Why should I give businesses to restaurants that couldn’t care less for those on wheelchairs? By not providing a more user-friendly environment, like the basic accessible ramps leading to their premises, they are implying that no wheelchair-user would ever patronize their place. In other words, they don’t see the need to fork out a few hundred extra bucks just to provide a lousy ramp that will be rarely used once built. Typical mentality of the Malaysian kind.

Hey, suits you guys then. I take it that these people wants me to take the business some place else, and that’s exactly what they’ll get. Talking about caring Malaysians. Eat my shit, you.

Anyway, I’m not blaming the restaurants solely. I seriously think those JJCM fellas deserve some ticking off themselves. Chair-bound person enjoys eating out too, incase they didn’t know as yet. So it would be of great help if the show could at least include information of that certain place on whether they are accessible for wheelchairs. Personally, I’m not asking for much. All the show host needs to do is to inform the viewers if that particular restaurant is wheelchair-friendly. Otherwise, they can always spare the script from mentioning anything about the premise’s inaccessibility. Simple as that.

I had the chance to tell this right in Tunku Maria’s face last week, but she was all too nice and adorable and cute shit that she was spared from being told off.

Ok not really…here’s an actual account on what transpired that afternoon…

…she was with her sturdy-looking hubby that my balls shrunk and went up inside.

JJCM and Pinky...

Friday, November 30, 2007

Cacat: Party On

World OKU day. Yeah man. Its just around the corner, on the 3rd of December to be precise. I’m not sure if anyone are aware of the existence of such a day. Save yourself from kicking your sorry, sagging butt. I myself have some doubts if any of my own family members have any knowledge that this very day existed.

I have never told anyone. I mean, what if someone comes up to me and start to wish ‘Hey Kerp, happy OKU day, man’.

How the hell am I to respond to that?

Perhaps I’d go something like, ‘Hey, thanks buddy. I'm happy to have damaged my cervical spine and if that's not bad enough, its been a while since I lived a happier life as a fucking handicapped. I'm a happy man, coming all the way from the happy Land. Hooray'.

Or some guy to come up to a hearing-impaired person and wishes him Happy Oku day by using a sign-language, and the deaf guy would simply reply with a middle finger…or two. That’s universal sign-language for us all.

So I guess that’s the very reason I think it isn’t such a big deal even for a quad taking his leak from a chair sitting down like me.

But like any other Annual Days, International Day for Disabled Persons is a cause for celebration. Forums, public discussions and campaigns are held globally focusing on disability issues.


Ok I admit that those are boring stuff but the good people there at Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat would normally have something lined-up up their sleeve for the OKU masses, by organizing a National-level do that the disabled people nationwide can participate and start showing off in all the stage-performances arranged for them. So not all things suck.

I’ve attended this annual event yearly since like 4 years back. I know I’ll show my face again without getting involved in anything. Hey, I don’t mind the stage shows you know, as watching the Down Syndrome kids showcasing their talents in dancing can be awe-inspiring, and the food served are normally great, especially if there was no meehoon in sight. With goody bags for each and every one to take home with, its not that bad come to think of it.

Oh wait…hold your horses, fellas. An event without a long, boring speech by the relevant minister invited? That couldn’t possibly be, right? Damn RIGHT. It is just too great to be true. Counting sheep can never be as effective as a long, scripted speech by a certain VIP.

And a bigger, wider YAWN.

I remember the last time out at Berjaya Times Square, a certain Datuk Sri S (not Samy Vellu, neither Syed Keruak nor Soh chin Aun) was yapping away with a crappy, faulty mic that none of the late-comers in the back row could hear a word. And surprise, surprise. I was one of them that at one point I thought if I had arrived a little later, the speech would have ended, and I’d be glad to vote that very moment as the most memorable of the entire event.

As for this year’s do, which will be held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center, its essential for me to be there for unlike the previous years where I can simply come and go as I please, I’ve got some official duty in hand to get my brain worked on this time around. Unless I act like a retard and lie to Le boss I’m a closet schizophrenic, I may have to sit through out the whole event.

*the local celebration will be held on the 4th, which is on Tuesday next week. So there goes my Mee Rebus Tuesday again.

*Can't seem to find a photo to go with this entry so let's settle with this one below I found deep in the C drive.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hard-on: Flushing Down the Myth

You know, I wish I could be the blogger who updates his blog on daily basis, with practically every single thing to rant about that the world has to offer. I tried once, but with games, music, downloaded porn vids and awaiting friends on YM, there are just too many distractions in my computer that I abandoned the idea of doing another Rocky.

And being easily distracted, writing a whole article can be quite a task. Sometimes I had to rely on other blogs, by hopping from one to another hoping to find something I can relate to. Once the idea hits, then only I put on my thinking cap and start typing away. The outcome varies. Most were junk-materials but since no one bothers, I shouldn’t too.

So anyway, I noticed in heck a lot of blogs I surfed in, they had lyrics of their favorite songs at least one or two copy&pasted amongst hundreds of their postings. So, not wanting to be the odd one’s out, maybe I should be doing the same thing too.

I’m a huge Ramones fan, one of punk rock pioneers that recorded their first album the same year I was born. They were well-known back then for their anti-establishment ideology that made their way to mainstream masses without being succumbed to the lies and fancies of them blood-sucking recording labels. Commercialism wasn’t part of their plan when they first started and carried on till literally their last breath (all their important members have passed on).

What made them different from others were the way their lyrics went, typically the 3-chord, repeated one-liner. So if I were to write a lyric, It will be very much inspired by their style, but of course with a touch of corny stuff and romanticism. This would be my first ever attempt and it goes something like this,…

I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner...


Yes I can get a boner,
Sure I can get a boner,
Trust me I can get a boner,
Yes I can get a boner...

I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner...

Guitar solo

Repeat chorus


I don't need no Vs,
Nor Cialis,
And Britney dollies,
Nor penisssssssss...enlaaaarrgerrrrr,
To get the blood pumped in and whooooww whooowww...

Still, I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,

As long as she spread,
I can get a boner.

I imagine this song to be longer than The Doors' extended version of Light My Fire and Guns & Roses' November Rain just to get the message squeezes through the narrowest of mind.

In the mean time, one myth flushed down. Hooray.

Time to get down to serious business which I haven’t started on at all. Not a single thing. I’m doomed.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Walk

Why I will not walk with Hindraf on Sunday.

Because I Can't.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Km/j...finally done and over with.


Ok, I didn’t get to inform everyone about my being a guest in a tv show tonight. But the response I received was overwhelmingly huge, even smses coming in before the show ended. I swear I didn’t expect anything like it. I felt like a local celebrity, only bigger. Kahkah…

But really, it wasn’t something to shout about. Just a dude on wheel parroting what the host had briefed on before the show went on air. Not that I have never been on tele before but this was the most significant to date.

I remember the first time being on peti televisi was during a live Malaysia cup game between Selangor and Perak back in the early 90s, me and a few Subang Jaya lads were interviewed by Zainal Abidin Rawop during the halftime. Rushed back from Merdeka stadium and quickly switched on to the 12 o’clock news and voila, managed to get a glimpse of our silly selves, clad in red and yellow of Selangor tormenting the Perak fans with the word ‘Tempoyak basi’ which was obviously referring to their then veteran midfield maestro, Azizul Abu Haniffa.

As it turns out, it was our first ever tv appearance without having to put the necessary foundation make-up thing.

Back to Km/j, my dad the Man U fanatic and Pinky the football-hater accompanied me to Angkasapuri’s IBC (International Broadcasting Center) and was straight away wheeled in, got the make-up artist do some touch-ups and I was on. With 3 cameras facing you, how not to get nervous? Hey, I could have said more with a lot more confidence but my handicapped nerve gave in and let me down. And this was the same nerve that has stopped feeding me with sensations in some part of my damn freakin’ body. So damn you, stupid nerve.

Oh…anyway, It was embarrassing. Mom was excited that she had to inform every single contact she has in her phonebook. Dad was cool but could be cooler if he was a Gooner. And the two lovely kids making their cameo appearance were my Teves-wannabe nephew and pretty-as-princess niece, the apples of my eye.

Well, as I said in the original posting, glad I’ve got the monkey off of my back. My sincerest apology to those I didn’t get to personally informed, and those who called, texted sms and left a message here, I thank you all, family members and blogger friends mostly, for the support given and wasted 30 minutes of your life watching a big, fat cacat fella being grilled by a crime-analyst cum pianist. I promise to reply to each and everyone of you the soonest.

Oh boy, talking about being a has-been celeb. Not sure about the attention, which was massive but sure would accept such supportive friends with arms and heart wide open.

Thanks also to Kamal Affandi hashim and Fara the producer and Jas, the…other fella and all the Km/J crew.

I wouldn’t close the door to re-appear on screen but give me the role of Maya Karin’s pontianak molest victim and I should be on a roll.

Time to light up one, fine stick of Monte Cristo…and a pat on my back.

Original posting.

Pheww…I needed that really. No, not to have my face on tele but that particular show have been acting like a monkey on my back and now I’ve finally got it off. Firstly, people kept asking if the show would be on, for three weeks on the trot since it was canceled for well, 3 weeks running. And secondly, being on tele viewed by other people can be the most embarrassing thing to happen to anyone, especially when that someone does not have that face of, commercial value, so to speak, or to simply put it, a monkey face. So it was kind of a relief. .

Will get this entry updated in due time. Thanks all.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Can’t think…and…type. Must drink…more...vitagen prescribed, or lungs…will…collapse.

Ok, I’m just being a little over-dramatic. But If you guys noticed, haven’t been online since I posted the last entry. Reason being is, I was (still am) down with very high fever and spent the past 2 days or so in bed mostly, and looks certainly to remain there for the next few days.

I am so weak to the bone with my body aching all over. Weird dreams seems to appear and woke up sweating and thirsty at 2am. Then I threw up at 3 in the morning and purged in my boxers like 3 hours later for two days running now. It's just horrible.

But with this little bit of energy left in me, I decided to get online and reply to all the response from you lot. I can only thank you all for hopping over to this very humble blog and share your thoughts and two sens worth.

For now though, it’s time to get back into my crib and get a bit more rest.

Thanks, friends.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Lazy Picture Show

Somebody, some animals, somewhere out there must be wondering why I still haven't had my picture up to go with the comments I posted in other blogs.

Here's a mad-man's confession. I tried a few hundred times but still can't get my freakin' face proudly displayed. I'm a quitter so maybe I should just throw in the towel, start writing a poem or two and turn queer.


Freddie Kruger-like Mad man: No kidding, I was clad only in my sarong below. Dare me and I'll prove to you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

KM/J kanceled.

Here’s the thing. I was supposed to be featured in Kamal Afandi’s KM/J program tonight (15-nov) but for some weird reason RTM1 canceled it and I believe it was replaced by some forum thing.


But fortunately enough, I didn’t spread the word around telling the world my crippled face gets to be on television. Hey, that’s a typical reaction you know. Telling your family even as far as Uruguay, friends, foes, fuckers and shit that you’re about to be viewed by many, although I doubt many of us tunes in to RTM anymore these days.

KM/J is basically a show related to road accidents, where victims are fortunate enough to live and tell the tales of their respective mishaps in hoping to deter other road bullies from breaking the traffic laws and break their spine in the process. My buddies were featured in earlier part of the season so It was something like don't drive under the influence or you'll end up crippled like us kind of thing.

The episode where I’m in, it will be a non-sappy shit stuff as I’m supposed to show the viewers there’s life even after being confined on wheelchair. Not a problem there. Hey, I do have some life still, to live to my fullest. Things like, getting married?

Hah! Yeah, yeah…that crops up again. What’s new, I know.

Ok, how about things like, doing a Scott Weiland, performing unplugged show on wheelchair, or simply to just bungee-jump? Only in my case I imagine it would be bungee-throwing instead. Kahkahhh…another lame crippled joke.

But seriously, I do have some stuff I’d love to do and hopefully I get to live long enough to wheel them through.

If only I’m rich, all my dreams would have been materialized by now. but you cant call yourself rich if you don’t do what the stinkin’, cigar-chomping rich fellas usually does…make the poor, poorer.

Up yours, I'm outta here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Romanticism: Roses and all things Sissy

Somebody said to me the other day that he’d give anything just to get out of his marriage. That came as a surprise to me. I mean, hey what's the deal with that, man?

Apparently he claimed to have chosen the wrong woman as the main reason given. Sure buddy, sure. And this was the same fella who whispered to my ears only several years back that he’d climb the highest mountain and swim across the deepest ocean just to ask her hand in marriage. Now this?

While here, reporting live from the deepest of the heart ( deeper than the septum), I just wish we could switch positions, but with our respective spouses of course. My point is, here I am wondering what marriage life is all about when somebody wish he’d never had been in one. I tried to empathize with him, imagine what in the name of shit could he be going through now but as much I wanted to, I still believe getting hitched is a wonderful, flowery thing.

Yes, I could be wrong but after much thought, I’m sticking with what I had believed in all these years. Marriage is about everything rosy, romantically in order and all the corny shit. I mean, my very reason for saying this is, while going through thick and thin, ups and downs and all the turmoil, you’re in it together. Isn’t that what should only matter, two love birds enjoying the torrid ride? Sure, thorns can be harmful but roses stands out. No flying plates and glasses needed.

Ok I may not have tasted being a beer-bellied hubby as yet so I mustn’t speak to soon and shut the hell up, so they say. But when I’ve gone through hell for more than ten long years, what could possibly be worse? Even death wouldn’t be as bad I imagine. Here’s a preview of what hell-on-earth’s like. Its when you first learnt that an important part of your body are no longer effective, and you’re condemned to be a crippled for the rest of your life. That’s flameless hell for you. Try break your knee-bone, get it cemented and live life as a temporary cacat fella and you will get my point. So save all the shitty stuff and keep it to yourself.

The thing is, I don’t think I should feel discouraged by the slightest of distraction and hey, am fully determined to see it through and experience one myself.

So If given a magic black-hole, I’d be the first to jump in and travel to the future, look for the first pak lebai (kadi) available, lafaz akad, swap rings, kiss the bride on her forehead and start the reproduction process immediately.

Ok that was silly but no harm in over-fantasizing. I mean, If only we could find an easy escape route and get out of deep shit by just a finger snap away, life would be smooth-sailing. But without any of the challenges, that’s not worth calling it life.

I believe in Allah, and He, who had put me in a situation just to get my will tested, it was also Him, who gave me another ultimate trial and an opportunity to prove the success story of the first mountain-climbing feat wasn’t a fluke. Like it or not, without a magical finger-snapping, I am game for it.

Now though, not wanting to give people the impression it was written by a sissy, I end this entry with something very manly-stuff.

…I’m all psyched up for Arsenal’s away to the Mardejski stadium for a crunch with Reading. Ehem…yes, yes…no more roses nor daffodils and feminine-like gay stuff, but rather a tough-tackling, artistic, total-football thing.

Yup, its something in this order. Football, food, girlfriend. - end.

'Allah will not put his hamba to the test, if the hamba is unable to cope with it'.- Zakhir Mohamed.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Of Myth and Cacat...and Turd.

All right. I think we’ve had enough of rock & roll stuff, for now at least. Let’s get into something less serious than that. Marriage.

Just the thought of it can be dreadful. Not that I have never wished to but as everyone may have figured by now, getting hitched is harder than I anticipated, especially when you’re a freakin’ cacat on a freakin’ wheelchair, as I found out apparently.

It’s that age-old myth, you know. The rural myth, where guys on wheelchair are as good as mentally-retarded and better off to be left in the desert waiting for vultures to have a meal out of our useless limbs, or something like that. This, should have been buried deep like decades ago. I mean, to think that one’s brain is situated somewhere along the thoracic spine, now that’s real cacat for you.

So anyway, somebody told me that marriage isn’t always a bed of roses and blabla and all the garbage. Tell me something new. But what makes people think marrying a crippled will only result in misery while marrying able-bodied men promises eternal bliss for the bride-to-be? Another stinking myth that should have been long flushed down the sewage system, let it rot and remain there together with other shit.

Not that I’m pointing fingers at anyone in particular but if only they, whoever hay they are, care to listen, that ought to pave some ways and perhaps something rational would come out of it.

Its just a typical discrimination thing you know.. To them, being confined in a wheelchair can only mean that fella is a gone case.

Didn’t it ever cross their mind that an able-bodied husband is capable to suddenly turn violent and start to kick, punch-drunk and flying head-butt the hell out of his wife’s poor ass? This may be an isolated case but still the possibility is there. I sure have heard it before somewhere. Oh, and what do you know, that really happens in our supposedly caring society and not just some great-grandmother’s mythical tale.

Somebody should be thankful if I were their son-in-law. I mean, hey, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I cant kick, I’m not KJ and I don’t go screwing around. In fact, I have tons of love to offer. And on top of that I don’t sit around begging for money and food.

In terms of procreation, what makes one think I cant get a boner? There you go. Another sewer-material myth. It could happen to even a healthy young man. Lets put it this way without elaborating much. On my wedding night, I know I’ll screw up and proud of it.

I have never asked for sympathy from anyone but I’ll make this an exception. We’ve been together for almost a decade and the only obstacle comes from someone dearly to her. I beg them to give just that little bit of sympathy that’s still left in them.

I need solution and I need it fast. Eloping with some dopes in the trunk is totally out of the question. To us, marriage is still about happiness, albeit the not always a bed of roses thing. We’re looking at something of a long-term commitment and to go behind the back of those who are concerned just for instant happiness is unthinkable.


Not quite sure if this would work because all these while I doubted about his existence. Never crossed my mind I’d turn to him when i'm down and in need. But in these trying, tight situation, desperate times call for desperate measures. So if you can hear this from wherever you are…

Please save our soul, Superman!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Salam Diwali, fellas.

Cartoon courtesy of Benny Loh


Singgah di Sri Devi’s membeli Vadei,

Sedap dimakan bersama Chutney dan cili,

Hello friend, invite us lunch la dei,

Am coming with Akka, for deepavali.

Happy Deepavali to all hindu friends. May this year's festival of lights brings you cheer and happiness.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Rockin' On

Ok, I’m not the type who likes to initiate things off. So to be the one to start a tag of certain topic and pass it on to five or six or shit other people is a no-no.

But here’s something I don’t mind setting the ball rolling: Naming two of the most favorite musical bands to have ever spun on your CD/vinyl player.

Some of us had some sort of a good discussion regarding to our respective taste in music and all kinds of band’s names were mentioned. It was just too many that I cant remember which’s which.

Also, as a result from my previous entry, there was a bit of a confusion on which era musically, that I grew up in. People may get this silly idea of me being a kid of the 80s with posters of Cindy Lauper proudly displayed on my bedroom wall. So for the record, I am NOT.

Well, at least I wasn’t into anything intelligent during that period of time except for Star Wars figurines that was huge back then, as well as of the A Team’s (think Mr. T @ B.A Baracus). I mean, what do you expect from a stupid kid who digs on anything that was big and influential?

Let me get this straight to the point. I want friends to know the type of music I really dig and vice versa. There may be countless of them but I’m sure it’s not difficult to just name two that you like most.

I myself find it hard to name two when I have hundreds of CDs I’ve collected over the years. After much thinking and taking every single factor into consideration, I managed to narrow it to the two that I love best. And so here they are…


Based in Berkeley, California, One of the best and consistent punk rock outfit ever. Unknown to many, especially the mainstream industry, but still most sell-out bands now days look up to them as their heroes and an iconic figure. They are regarded as a very important part in the revolution of punk movement in the 90s and almost single-handedly revives the popular interest in punk rock music. Still very much active and are currently in the studio recording their latest album.


Based in Seattle, Washington, they were huge all over the world during the late 80s and early 90s. Managed to produce only 4 studio albums before their frontman, Kurt Cobain took his own life in 1994. the best ever band to have formed during the grunge revolution. If the hippie thinks Hendrix was their biggest influence back in the 60s, then millions of Nirvana fans worldwide would digress and believes Cobain was even bigger than Jimi Hendrix himself. I certainly believe so. Its been 13 years since he passed on and I have yet to come across any musician to come even close to him, talent-wise.

So there we have it. They got my vote and I doubt the new crop of rock bands will ever replace them as my all-time fav. These 2 bands were the product of the early 90s when youth were through with glam-rock genre and wanted a change, at least that’s what from what I gathered.

I have learned to appreciate other genres along the years e.g ballads, rap, dangdut, Thai pops, reggae, irama Melayu and loads of others but punk rock remains close to my heart, and RANCID and NIRVANA are only two of many from this genre worth mentioning, over and over again.

Now though, I would love to hear from others. I’m sure they have theirs too. It could be the Old Blue Eyes, as Bigdog a.k.a Zakhir’s Zoo reveals. Similarly Cikgu Nazir’s Grand Funk Railroad, Tokasid’s Manhattan transfer and Shah’s Lee Ritenor.

I am not passing this on, but incase they’re having writer’s block, this is something they can just fill in, in their respective blog.

And as everyone may have guessed by now, I’m having a total blockage myself.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

80s Re-visited: Brader Alert

Things are back in order there in the parliament house. As expected, he was NOT in any ways punished for looking down on crips in wheelchair. Hey, he’s a big-shot VVIP datok who must be treated like a king. So here it goes- Ampon Tuanku.

Hokie Cokie, let's move on. No, actually, lets travel back in time.

…All the way back to the 80s when Knight Rider was the coolest thing in the world.

Hey, those times weren’t that bad, unless you get stuck in traffic jams, the sight of drivers picking their nose were pretty common. Now days they have handphones to while away their time as replacement.

So anyway, it was also in the period of time when public bus drivers were rude as ever and cabbies were seen driving Mercedes to pick up passengers.

Discos were pretty much dead and half-buried when Glam rock/speed metal took over the center stage by storm. Mat rockers were the ‘in’ thing. Never mind the scrotum, tight leather pants and jeans were the flavour of the moment. Long-haired dudes in black Ts can easily be spotted in every corner of the town. Sling-bags with Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Sepultura and Motley Crue written on it were must-have items and Aliph High-cut rider shoes were like the Crocs of today.

I once had a brader who was proud to be part of this glitter rock generation. Yes. I had another brader to call my own.

Where could he be now I wonder.

It was very unfortunate that we had to split. With only some clothes in his Metallica’s black sling-bag, he went right off his own bloody way. Maybe it was tough for him, living a pathetic, meaningless life just trying to make ends meet. Never thought I’d say this and stab him in the spine but he was partly to be blamed. All his hard-earned money selling Care Bears and G.I Joe stickers went down the drain just for his regular fix of cannabis and some other illegal activity e.g Cock-fighting.

Society looked down on him while the Oteks were hot on his trail. He was given the ultimatum, either us or the junkie life and sadly, he made the wrong choice, sacrificing his own family for temporary enjoyment. We cant have a scumbag living in the neighbourhood so like it or not we had to disown him and he was booted out of the house soon after.

But now, after years of separation, I’m longing for his return. Its been too long. Struggling to bridge differences between us should be the thing of the past. Its high time to bury the hatchet.

Even though we’re cruising well in 5th gear into the new millennium, somehow I have the gut feeling this brader still very much stuck in time, in his preferred legendary era of the 80s.

Has anybody seen him?


What a cunt. I need to get a life.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Really meh?

He has since apologized after all the mess he created. This apology comes as a surprise and I believe it was the most intelligent thing to ever come out of his stinky mouth through out his entire life.

So how should we react, especially on this latest outcome?

Let me see. How about this. Since we’re still in the month of Syawal and all, lets all forgive this MP and forget everything that he had uttered. He was provoked, so the blame should be on MP Karpal.

Oh, and we all should open up our hearts and accept his apology with grace. This guy did nothing wrong. We over retaliated. I over reacted for being a sensitive retard on wheelchair. I take the blame for his remark because I’m on a freakin’ wheelchair as a punishment from God.

He’s a member of the Parliament and deserve to be praised. This MP is a very noble man. Jerai folks are the envious of others for having such great representative. And with this, do vote him when the next GE comes around.

I think he deserve more than just lousy votes. How about this in the mean time. Lets all worship him instead. Yessssss…that.

I demand you all, ALL OF YOU TO BOW DOWN TO HIM…



So anyway…fuck.

Pic courtesy of Benny Loh (Malaysian Cartoons)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Simple Retaliation Would Do

So here’s the thing. Uncle Bernard a.k.a el Zorro had posted an entry in his blog HERE that amongst other things, is throwing in his support for me. It all started some days ago when two MPs were seen strutting their talents by slugging it out at each other. Fine there. That’s always been the case in the House of Representatives Chamber that it would be better off to rename the entire parliament building as Trump Plaza or something.

What actually transpired is none of my concern but one of them must have said something that irks everyone and moved me to say my piece.

The slug-fest was between reps from Jerai and Gelugor (the wheelchair-bound fella) being the other. It didn’t surprise many for the Jerai jerk to utter silly remarks and this time around, someone on wheelchair being his opponent, he sure was having a field day. Here’s what he had actually said;

Now you are sitting in a wheelchair, God has punished you’.

Now, what’s the deal with that, bro? I’m going to say it here as my simple retaliation. That was down right rude and insulting. God is punishing us for having a jerk like you as our fellow Malaysian. How about that, huh? HUH?

And apparently he had uttered the word pukimak. So here’s one back from me…Pukimak kau balik.

So anyway, these 2 simple retaliation were knee-jerk reaction. Never have I thought it would go beyond that.

As I have stressed a number of times before this, Let’s Go Land is a Non-political Blog in nature. I have been making extra sure this to remain as one. Reasons being that are as follows;

-Mom’s totally against me touching on politics.

-politics aint my thing.

-being a guy on wheelchair, getting their assistance in the future is inevitable

-wheelchair users would be better off working hand in hand with them, politicians

-I could be sent to kamunting or ISS for reason only they know.

Having said all that, it kind of explains why I was leaving it at that as can be read in my previous posting, with only a short paragraph touches on it.

In response to uncle Bernard’s blog, yes, I am very touched and honoured by his concern and support, including from his wonderful, supportive readers who would not hesitate to take a bullet and wheel on with me.

Rest assured I am not chickening out but the idea of gathering some friends to wheel to parliament in showing our protest is beyond my imagination. This is something that should not be blown out of proportion as simple retaliation is enough to serve some justification to it, especially coming from this fella who are well-known to have uttered numerous other uncalled for remarks, it is just not worth the cause.

Ultimately, if this piece of shit reaches my mom’s ears, it will definitely land me in hot soup. All my life I was taught and constantly reminded to never break a promise. Obviously I’ve broken one of many other without her knowledge. This will only upset her. Call me a mama’s boy, I’d be proud to say I am.

My sincerest apology to Zorro-Unmasked and his band of blog readers but please count me out of this. Admittedly, I can only talk the talk but not walk the talk.

I doubt getting into trouble with those up there would be as emotionally disturbed as with mom, my real deal Guv'nor. So I’m sticking to leaving it at that or I may have to quit blogging all together.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Tuesday With Bloggers (TWB)

Hello again. No, you didn't make a wrong turn and ended up in Jalan Sudin. You're very much in Let's Go land.

Its been quite an eventful week so far that I haven’t had much time to sit and write. Not that I have many things to say, apart from telling the world and the ISS crew somewhere up there how long my turd was earlier this afternoon.

Now here's one shit who had uttered the word Pukimak in the parliament for whatever reason it was and got away with it. Sadly, name callings in parliament has become the norm in Malaysia Nowdays. I am no fan of either sides but by insulting an opposition MP for being on wheelchair is not acceptable. And this coming from someone whose job is to represent the people. To that MP from the majority side, nah ambik ni...Pukimak kau balik.

I'm just going to leave it at that. You can read Peter's take on what was the hoo-ha all about.

Moving along swiftly on a completely different matter all together, I’m not sure if it’s a tradition thing but I felt that being a first-timer, or as Mat Salo puts it, a virgin, making my debut at Aunty Maria’s MRT (mee rebus Tuesday), I ought to write something about it. So here I am.

Cool-as-the-iceman Shah of the TalkOnly fame went through all the trouble to pick up Mat Salo before going through even deeper shit to give a crippled on wheelchair a lift to Aunty Maria’s. Arrived slightly past 1pm and of all the bloggers, it was Zorro who was the first to greet me at the front gate. Well, mainly because he had to remove his vehicle just to give way for this VVIP making his grand entry. Hey, I even had a bodyguard in the form of Kamal FND Hashim, the region’s number one crime ANALyst. He was making his debut as well but not as a virgin.

And so blablabla, and blablabla, and in no time I found myself in a company of well-known bloggers, who are mostly the regulars, finding their way to free lunch every Tuesday. Finally I get to meet Aunty Maria and Pn Nuraina of Jalan Sudin, I believe acting as MRT’s co-host. I’m equally honoured to have met Crocs-enthusiast Elviza, Capt Yusoff of the Ancient Mariner, Michelle from Bolehland, sis Raden Galoh and her other half the Mambang man, the legendary Bigdog and his adorable daughter Aishah, an 11 year old blogger who can actually write better and put yours truly to shame.

Alliedmartster and Rocky were there too but since I’ve met them a few times prior to that Tuesday, they are less important on this occasion. Kahkahh…But seriously, Its always a pleasure meeting them, brother Tony Yew and abang Ahirudin Attan. Forgive me as I may have missed some other names. I have a very short memory span.

Did I mention Capt Yusoff already? Oh yes, I did.

But here’s a man that will leave an impact which one will find hard to let it slip off his/her cerebrum.. I present to you…*table-thumping drum roll*…uncle Roslani the Mind-Blower!

Ok, the Mee Rebus was exceptional but this wise ex-judge is simply in a chamber of his own. Not so much a man with many words but an expert in getting everyone in stitches every single time he opens up his mouth!

Rumour has it that he may jump into the blogging bandwagon. I’m already declaring myself his number one fan cum stalker. Oh yesss…I know where you live, Your Honour, I really do. Muahaha…

Ok I better quit before I start to freak somebody out. Or worse, being accused a gay.

Now this is something I discovered today which is certainly no rumours. Aunty Maria herself has started her own blog. It was a great surprise but somehow I knew she would eventually put her writing skills (she’s a former The Star journalist) into good use again.

I say, welcome aboard Tok Mommy!

Thank you both. Had a blast and I truly appreciate your hospitality. I may not be able to join the lads and lasses weekly but will surely drop by every single opportunity permits.

* Arwah Nurin's uncle, Jasni Jalil was there and it was an honour to have a chat or two with him. Count me in, I'm wheelin' with you, sir.

L to R- uncle R, uncle B and some guy

Newly declared sister, Kak D a.k.a Raden Galoh with some guy. Aishah and aunty Maria can be seen in the background

L to R- Km/J Kamal, Shah CakapAje, some guy and our Bru.

*Photos courtesy of camera-shy Mat Salo.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Parking woes

The other day I found myself with nothing much to do, not a place to go when I had all the time in the world making my round of raya-visit to my relatives’. The reason being that is, I was only with Pinky and these houses are structurally not accessible for a wheelchair user like me to get into. Sure they were kind enough to offer to physically carry me up the curbs, stairs and the split levels but I say forget it, but thanks anyway. I’d rather fly a kite anytime than to have my uncles and cousins breaking their bones carrying a dead-weight human on a titanium-frame chair.

So we decided to make our way to one of the best disabled-friendly malls in town -The Curve, in Mutiara Damansara- instead. Since it was still raya and all, we thought we’d have the mall to ourselves but our hopes dwindled seeing the traffic getting to the entrance of the parking bay itself was crawling. And we were like, yay, great, the city folks are back from their kampong. Hooray.

Anyway, having a crippled as a passenger, in no time we found our car parked at one of the best parking spots. In most shopping malls, disabled parking are placed right next to the elevators and The Curve is no exception. Credits to their management as they reserved at least two disabled parking spaces each next to every lift leading to the mall. What’s even better is they placed moveable signboards that reminds shoppers against parking their cars meant for the disabled or risk getting slapped with a fine or simply have their cars clamped.

Oh, and as if that would actually work?

Your guess is as good as mine. Assholes are everywhere apparently. As we were leaving, the other disabled parking space opposite us was taken and as I would have figured, the owner is not in any ways crippled. I thought the security fellas went down hard on these unscrupulous people but to my disappointment, there was only a damn ticket placed tightly between the car’s wiper and windshield that warns the owner against parking his car there. I mean, just a lousy warning? For being inconsiderate and irresponsible this dickhead got off the hook with just a freakin’ warning, printed on a piece of recycled paper. Would the security people actually take it that he would repent and not to repeat this irresponsible act the next time he comes a visit? I doubt. The answer is a sure NO. He did it on that occasion, he’s gonna do it again. And I bet that wasn’t his first time acting like a jerk.

For such offence, no wait…let me rephrase that. For such serious crime, his car deserve to be clamped AT LEAST. That ought to teach this fella a lesson and serve as a deterrent for others to not take this lightly. Calling these people a retard will only degrade the real mentally-challenged persons themselves. So lets just stick with assholes.

Lets get back to the real issue. So yes, we do have our reason for needing such space. Disabled parking place are normally wider than the normal ones so that we can conveniently alight from our vehicle and transfer into our wheelchair. In a way, with bigger space, it would save the car parking next to us from getting accidentally scratched.

I’m sure I have numerous other reasons why such parking space must not be hogged by hogs, but since Brazilian F1 is about to flag off, my mind has left the Curve a short moment ago, flying direct to Interlagos analyzing on the possibility of Kimi clinching the championship title for this season-ending, nail-biting race.

Sooo…If they insists on taking the spot, I say go ahead break your spine and you sure can have the parking for all the people in the world to give a shit, legally.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For The MAS-ses

I didn’t plan to reconnect myself this soon as I’m still very much in the celebration-mode. The first day was exhausting, as it has always been every year but since it was a day of joy, I say party on.

No doubt that Ramadhan will be sorely missed but it is time to get into fifth gear again, going all out shooting on every direction.

So anyway, I haven’t had time to even read the newspapers and missed on one article from the Star that’s worth highlighting, published on the 13th itself.

It’s the good people from MAS. Yea, them.

Being a non-air traveler I didnt even know they’ve been providing services for the disabled community for quite a while now. And mind you, these are services of the first class standard. I guess being the number 1 national career, they have to live up to their billing, providing good services for the Malaysian masses.

Check it out. 50% of ticket discount (domestic) offered to disabled passengers and on top of that, carers are given 25% discount, which is great as crips usually needs someone for company wherever they go.

This is no rumour. LICK for more of the report.

So really, the handicapped should feel encouraged to get out and travel more with the goodie stuff MAS has to offer. This may not be new to some but worth giving them some credits as it is already long overdue.

Chong Tuck Meng, a.k.a Le Boss (pic), Founder and Advisor of Persatuan Warga istimewa & Rehabilitasi Anggota K9 (Perwira K9) had this to say;

"Most people are shy or embarrassed to go out but it doesn't mean that if you're handicapped, you cannot travel They should be encouraged to travel. We're happy that this initiative came from MAS and not us."

Spot on, boss.

But for those who are on customized wheelchair, this can be a problem. Getting on to the chair provided by MAS may not fit them. So the next time we are invited to have a look on their updated, disabled-friendly facilitities again, I may want to be there pointing this one out. Not to give them the stick but I believe I have more questions to ask. Constructive criticism isn’t a bad thing, as I just felt that there are more rooms of improvement yet to be highlighted.

Nonetheless, their effort deserve some recognition. I can now quit imagining how it would be like getting on a motorboat or kayak-ing myself silly all the way to Kota Kinabalu.

Jambatan Tamparuli, here I come.

Pic stolen from Bigdog.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Salam Aidilfitri...

I thought it was rather a metro-sexual thing to write pantuns. Tried my hand on it and what do you know, turns out to be twice the fun than applying moisturizer cream on your face before bedtime. So anyway, here we go…

Indah suasana beramah mesra,
Sesama jiran saling bertegur,
Sesekali bertukar selera,
Pantun raya menghiasi Let's Go...

Ramadhan muncul kini berganti,
Cahaya Syawal menjelma lagi,
Sebulan baru dapat menikmati,
Roti canai dan candu di waktu pagi...

Takbir bergema menyentuh sanubari,
Indahnya irama memecah sepi,
Kepada sahabat Salam Aidilfitri,
Ampun maaf ikhlas dari Kerpie.

There you have it. I will be away and disconnect myself from the cyber world for at least a week. Time to check out all the Raya-themed shows available on the good ol’ tele.

Selamat hari raya to my blogger friends, reader friends and spammer friends. To all my non-muslim friends, hey, selamat hari raya too. happy holidays.

Salam Aidilfitri, fellas.

*holy shit...check PINKY out!!