Monday, March 31, 2008

U.S.S. R' us.

Finally its done and dusted. Encik Deris has now accepted the fact he’s no longer an MB But hey, cheer up, mister. I don’t think all is lost just yet. We’ve witnessed numerous occasion prior to this, where many politician successfully made their come back and be where they are today when most thought they were politically gone, dead and buried.

This reminds me of an article I came across some time back, about a former feisty Russian politician who was booted out of the former communist ruling party’s cabinet post for speaking his mind up. Led by the party’s infamous general-secretary, it was lucky that the said politician got away with only a sack. This was after all, the Soviet Union we’re talking about where Marxism-Leninism ideology was pretty much the order of the day.

This guy, a Muslim whom only wanted to be known as Ahmed for obvious reason, was totally shunned from voicing his opinion out especially those that touches on religious matter, which was of course, against the Islamic teaching. Minority groups were oppressed and yet his hands were tied. This was when the guilt got totally over him he felt the time was up to finally open up his mouth in one of the cabinet meetings. And as he and everyone had anticipated, his name was chopped off soon after.

The worst yet to come for this poor chap. Other cabinet members felt he was a threat to the government they all came to a consensus that Ahmed should be stripped off his citizenship and kicked out of the republic.

His resilience saw him bouncing back right from the scratch. What made this article even more interesting was that he picked up the pieces here, as in here, Malaysia. The warm weather and friendly people was enough to convince the ambitious Ahmed trying his luck here I suppose.

Towards the end of the write-up, Ahmed was said to have left politics completely to brush up on his Bahasa Melayu (or was it Bahasa Malaysia?) and tried his hands on MLM business that Ahmed discovered the moment he set foot on Malaysian soil.

It wasn’t exactly a success story but Ahmed made it through the first hurdle with flying color and is now set to venture into another business selling former Soviet Union’s paraphernalia.

He’s one tough cookie and has quite an inspiring tale to share with us all. To Ahmed, as long you’re still breathing, there’s always that tiny hope.

Ahmed Kerpov


Chill out, guys. Someone just gotta do it and kill some of that monday blues away.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Flight of the Conchords?

A musical intermission.

Been meaning to put this one up but with all the shockers clouding the nation, I doubt people were in the right frame of mind to dig on a video they’re not familiar with.

Anyhow, first discovered these 2 weirdos on Tinesha’s blog like a month ago. Thanks to him/her, I took 2 hours off of my precious bedtime enjoying all their videos I could get my hands on that night itself.

These fellas call themselves the Flight of the Conchords, strumming their axes silly all the way from New Zealand. The song in the video here is entitled Jenny, which I laughed my head off the loudest.

As far as I’m concerned, my weekend normally starts on Friday morning which also means I make my usual 2-day disappearance, staying away as far as I could from the computer. Well, that time of the week is just hours away…so woo, fucking hoo!

Have a wonderful break too, goodfellas!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clean Up!

Everybody seems to have some solution to the on-going crisis in Terengganu. I thought I’d have my say too.

Obviously two parties are in a tussle of who should and rightly be appointed as the next MB. The palace wanted a new face while the federal BN had chosen to keep Idris. Now after more than 2 weeks the crisis deepens.

There must be something wrong with this Idris fella that the Sultan (currently Agong) is so adamant to have a different guy helming the state’s administrative office. While on the other side, Pak Dol and his men wouldn’t want to give in because of some constitutional reason. I think its way beyond than just that. Its plain ego.

I think this is what they could have done. Get rid of these two bastards and pick one out of the 22 available polishers. Ok, make that 21 as that Rosol prick can be seen polishing a little too obvious and may not be liked by all quarters.

Now I read Pak Dol will seek an audience with the HRH to sort things out. Great. But only now? someone must have fallen asleep. This issue could have been solved weeks ago but the MSMs were seen too busy highlighting the little silver state crisis they intentionally over looked the bigger one.

I think it’s a welcome break in a way. With all the primatetime news focusing mostly on the shits happening in Terengganu, suddenly we get less news whacking the opposition.

Or could it also be that that Sabery the new minister guy did some cleaning only a week into office, scrubbed all the dirty stain off left by his predecessor? Quite unlikely but we can always wish upon a star.

Another Day Another Tag

The title says it all. I’ve somehow made a reputation of myself as a tag-whore blogger, as according to the over-dramatic queen, miss CDO. And oh what do you know, I’m tagged again. And once again by the HRH queen herself.

Whenever I go blog-hopping I’d sure to come across some kind of tag or another and somehow I knew it’d eventually reach the Land. Cant remember exactly when but I saw this particular tag-thing during one of my sessions whoring around other people’s blog and finally its here to get it done and later to pass it on.

Here goes.


1. Arsenal FC. Through thick and thin, good and bad times, win or lose, I’m a Gooner. A Gooner for life.
2. Punk Rock. I’m a Punk at heart. No safety-pins, lip ring, scrotum ring nor Mohican hair-do needed.
3. My adorable nieces and nephews. No kid to call my own. They’re the closest to feel being a big daddy.
4. My girl, my soulmate.
5. Food; Nasi Kandar.
6. My family. Precious.
7. My room. It’s a big world out there.
8. Head gear. Caps, hats, helmet etc.

8 Things I want to do before I die.

1. Walk, run and climb…fucking NOT!
2. Set my wheels on The Emirates ground.
3. Meet Wenger. In Arsene we trust!
4. Meet Hugh Hefner.
5. Dig on those pricey, fancy designer food.
6. Get married (?).
7. Travel the world on Queen Victoria.
8. Be amongst the crowd at Lollapalooza

8 things I say often

1. Shit.
2. Eat my shit.
3. Thank you.
4. No problem.
5. I love you.
6. Fuck.
7. Apa crit?
8. alon-alon

8 books I’ve recently read

Ok here's a confession. This question is like the ultimate challenge. Cant even name one. Sorry to disappoint you folks but have to give this a miss.

8 songs I could listen to over and over again.

Time Bomb – Rancid
Slug- The Ramones.
Hit Me Baby One More Time- Britney Spears
Who’s Gonna Save us?
- The Living End
Simmer Down- Bob Marley, The Skatalites, The Specials, Mighty mighty Bosstones.
White Man (In Hammersmith Palais) – the Clash, 311
Yellow Ledbetter- Pearl Jam
Chop Suey- System Of A Down

*Only God knows for no apparent reason the song titles are made colorful.

8 things that attract me to my best friends.

1. Honesty
2. Loyalty
3. Reliable
4. Gila
5. Supportive
6. In the same boat
7. Common passion in footie especially
8. Bigger loser than yours truly

Yay, done. Now lets see, who should I pass the tag to. How the kakak-kakak listed in my blogroll. Yeah, good idea. Should be fun. Tinesh, take a rest as you’re safe for now.

Kak Dalilah, you’re one. And Kak Wanshana, you’re tagged too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie 5s

Ok here’s a quickie. I thought I’d take a cue from them Scousers, listing down my 5 all-time favorite movies. I’m not much a movie buff so unlike the island 5 albums, this time it wouldn’t be tough a choice to make.

Ok this is another tag I admit. I can never hide this little fetish I developed since I was first tagged by Daphne only after a couple of weeks into my blogging life. Do however, bear with me for the next few posts as there are a couple more tags lined up.

So here goes. Those who may have not caught any of the flicks listed yet, no assurance you guys gonna dig it. These movies are strictly my taste.

Now lets get down to it.

Goodfellas (1990) – A crime for any Gangster-movie fan to skip this one out.

Inside I’m Dancing/Rory O’Shea Was Here (2004) – A must-watch for all cacat fellas who are wheelchair-bound.

Dumb and Dumber (1994) – Carrey’s antics may not appeal to some but his silliness simply cracks me up.

Simpsons, The Movie (2007) – Its just gotta happen eventually. An animated tv show with a whopping 17 seasons under its belt to finally make it to the silver screen.

Without A Paddle (2004) – WAP’s an adventure film, a parody of Deliverance with a similar story line. Chose this over SLC Punk!. Incidentally both has Matthew Lilard as the main cast. I’m quite a fan of Lilard except the one in Scooby-Doo where he took the role of Shaggy. A complete retard if you ask me.

Gotta run again now. I’ve got at least half a day of weekend to savor still. Feel free to add your all-time favs, guys. It would be tough for avid movie fans, but that makes it even more interesting.
You there, and you, you and yes you too, you’re all tagged. And Tinesh, you too my man.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Padeh Doh Tengkorak Mu

Sometime back, Pak Zawi of Life As I See It wrote a long article that had all kelantanese dish listed down in two sequel postings. Noticed that I took a very profound interest in one particular bivalve-type delicacy, he went on a step further by doing a very well and thoroughly researched article on this particular shellfish called etak and it was an honour to have it solely dedicated to me.

For those who are not in the know, Etak, as described by one Raykinzoku- ‘a small, pebble-sized, freshwater corbicula clam which lives at the bottom of rivers and canals, alongside scavanging fishes and crustaceans’.

Feel free to read the very well written Etak oh Etok, and learn more about this interesting little clams.


Anyway, Its been ages since the last time I literally set my foot on Kelantan soil. That was way before the government changed hands. Reading that entry made my curiosity about the Serambi Mekah state even more that I have made it a point to set my wheels on the east coast state in the future at least once.

Why not after all?

All these while, for those who live outside Kelantan, we are fed with all the depressing report about the state almost on daily basis, no thanks to the mainstream media. Obviously it was politically-motivated. The PAS-led state government were of course their prime target but unfortunately the state as a whole were tarnished simply because of biasness in unprofessional and irresponsible news reporting.

Thanks to blogs like Pak Zawi’s and Sheih’s, most, if not all, news that the evil MSM trying to portray about Kelantan are not precisely true and mere lies. These two guys are the real deal Kelantanese and Pak Z has been living in kelantan all his life that you couldn’t get an accurate picture any better than what he has written about the state. No, not all the folks lead a rosy life but neither are they in extreme bad condition as depicted. As a result, All the bad intention MSM injected has totally backfired, as the just-concluded GE proves.

Ok maybe to spend some time there I may have to leave behind Bermuda shorts and the likes but I don’t see it as such a big fuss. We do have a thing called the long pants, don’t we? Just like having dinner in a 6-star hotel, a proper attire is acquired. Its part of the regulation that you’re not allowed to wear a Pagoda singlet to match your chequered Kain Pelikat. Well, guess what then, same Applies to Kelantan. Its all about experiencing what the Kelantanese eat, wear and does, simple as that. But no, it has to be politicized and made into such gigantic issue.

To some, the Kelantan MB is a political figure and his policy and ideology may not well liked by some quarters but personally as a Muslim bloke, I look up to him as a religious teacher first, and a politician after that.

Too bad even for a fat-fooker like me, Kelantan is a little too far for some jalan-jalan cari makan adventure. But you just never know. I mean, if there’s a wheelchair, there sure is a way. Hell yes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Si Mamat kipas lipas Pak Dol

So the new cabinet has been named. And we are not short of surprises. Kak Pidah was one of the big names to be dropped, which I doubt anyone saw that coming.

Then we have the 2 guys from the most northern part of peninsula booted out. Incidentally these were the same fellas to have gone against Pak Dol’s decision in appointing another fellow as an MB. Oh, and I wonder why they were dropped. Hmm…

But the shocker of the day has to go to a certain mamat who is surprisingly back from a shithole somewhere. I thought I must have heard the announcement wrongly but to everyone's horror, it was really him. That was when I felt the urge to puke my guts and purge some shits out.

Apparently his hard work polishing apples has paid off. But the big question is, why is he picked? this is the same guy whose name is synonymous to scandals.

I think its obvious the current bunch of bee-Anne leaders short of people who are capable that a controversial figure is being chosen instead, ahead of more than 100 MPs who were voted in by the people. And this bloke is only a senator.

Ok Pak Dol, Its your decision man. And I can foresee your men will be parroting you with the selection made and come up with statements like ‘A good choice to take Malaysia to another level’ and all that shit.

Whatever-lah chief. I’m just glad to have a different Tan Sri helming the state.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Desert Island 5s

Never thought I’d say this but I’m taking a break from politics for a while. Everything’s done but not cleanly dusted as we can witness in some states. I know they’ll settle their differences eventually. Politicians can be overly-dramatic too, or a sandiwara as they like to call it. So no worries there.

Anyway I’ve been tagged again, this time by tuan Bala aka Anfield Devotee of Fer Fook's Sake fame. I needed this really. Another welcome wind of change. It has been a while after all, since I touched on something I’m very passionate about. Not boobies but rock music.

The tag goes like this; To name 5 albums you can’t live without. Or albums on your CD rack you’d prefer to have it with if you’re stuck on an island.

Here are my 5s

Rancid’s …And Out Come the Wolves. Rancid’s undoubtedly my all-time fav. Energetic punk-as-fuck and ska combo blends in well especially when you have a lyrical master in Tim Armstrong helming the band, taking on the main mic and guitar.

Nirvana’s Bleach. This was way before they shot themselves to fame. Kurt Cobain (RIP) was still mentally stable when they recorded this one

Metallica’s …And Justice For All. Every single time I put this CD on, it sure to take me back during my Subang Jaya days. One of the first cassettes I bought. Classic.

Ramones’ Rocket to Russia. A mandatory for all punk rockers and a punk at heart like me. With dozens of album under their belt, it was a tough choice to make but ‘Sheena is a Punk rocker’ eases my decision picking on this album.

Weezer’s Blue album. Jocks are made to look stupid with them around. Geeks are no push-over, be warned.

There you have it. It was tough a decision to make especially being an avid music fan. Albums such as Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, STP’s Tiny Music, Pearl jam’s Ten, Operation Ivy’s Unity all have to be sacrificed in order to make way for the top 5 above. But hey, unless a fishing trawler comes to the rescue, I doubt I’ll have any regrets with the choice I made in life. I’ll die a happy crippled stuck on an island without a chic but 5 CDs. Not bad.

Now, maybe some of my blogger friends wouldn’t mind too, taking a short break from politics and pick on their best ever album they’ve come across so far. Tinesh, you’re definitely tagged and How about Cikgu Nazir and doc Tokasid? You guys up for it?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dear Tan Sri...

To the new state gomen.

All the freakin’ red-tapes in government departments must go. Nothing I want more for the new state government to do than get rid of these stupid crap completely.

The thing is, I’ve been applying for the Disabled Working Allowance or EPC for years now. The good news is, it has been approved a couple of months back but with too many procedures still to finalize, I have yet to taste a single sen from them. All because of the stupid typical government red tape shits.

And trust me, just to apply and see it to process through was like going through hell and back and now, surprise, surprise, another hell’s awaiting. The approval, as I am made to learn earlier today, is going to be another tedious shit.

Before applying, the officer in-charge assured me I can claim the money directly at the JKM office which is less than 10 minutes drive away. But being a pricks they are, out of sudden this morning I was told I am required to open a bank account and worse, the nearest branch is like what, 20 minutes away.

And the worst shit is still to come. Real jokers these people are. The JKM, for some weird reason, only accepts this one bank, and not Maybank or any other commercial banks where one can do their online business while taking a long dump for instance.

Real typical of them government servants. Maybe it is their trademark in making life a misery for the people.

And lets not get too much into their shitty attitude. A lot has been said and I’m just gonna say one thing; If you’re one polite bloke, then you’re not a qualified civil servant.

Sending them to courses wont do it. Public funds will sure to go down the Monsoon cup drain. Just give these bunch the boot and replace them with those unemployed fresh-graduate bastards.

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should take note of this. It’s a serious matter that concerns the people. Whether it was in the manifesto or not, this is the time to show the rakyat you can do more than just talk politics.

In the mean time, if any changes are on the card, then I don’t mind swimming across another sewerage, but only for the final time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Datuk Z

Innalillah Wainna Ilaihi Roji'un.

So there I was, having a puff while taking my morning dump when an sms came in. It was from DocTA, and the content of the message was a shocker. Datuk Zakaria Md Deros the former Klang assemblyman has passed away. To make doubly sure I decided to reply and get a confirmation as there was no internet access in the bathroom to look up in any online news.

And so it was confirmed. He died after suffering a heart attack early this morning.

Ok admittedly, I have been very hard on this man lately, particularly after the just-concluded GE which saw his Daughter-in-Law, who replaced him, lost.

I can feel the guilt sinks in, in my blood and vein. I feel bad. Really bad. In fact, I had some bullets left up the sleeve to take another shot or two but my conscience is clear enough to tell me to completely halt the operation. By pulling another trigger will only make me an animal.

My sincerest, deepest condolences goes out to his family and loved ones. May Allah bless his soul in the hereafter. Amin.

As a mark of respect, I did a correction on his name that I have intentionally made fun of in my past entry. My sincerest apology.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Feeling Groovy

My vote actually went to her. Lama dahhh

Unlike the previous state government, this lady is one caring candidate. And again, unlike the previous government, she’s irreplaceable.

Having said that, its her birthday today (10th of March) and this blog owner wouldn’t want to miss having a shout on this very wonderful occasion.

Actually I had wished her last night, 12am, right on the dot but I feel its appropriate to add a few more flavours to all the sweetness currently lingering in the air.

Here’s to you, luv.

Don't you know that it's going okay,
I want everyone to see that,
Everything's coming up roses,
Whenever you're hanging with me,

When we're goofing off, laughing at nothing at all,
And hoping the day lasts a week,
Nothing else matters, no nothing else matters to me,
My hearts pounding so fast but what can I do,

These days it's got a reason to beat,
I'm not walking down life's lonely highways no more,
I've finally got something that's sweet...

Always looking for someone to kiss me goodnight,
Always hoping for someone like you,
That would always shine bright like the stars up above,
As we fell in love...

I don't need a princess with you in my life,
I don't need a million bucks,
I'm something to someone,
I'm into life now, I'm just a punk rocker in love.

(I Always Knew- The Queers)

Happy Birthday, and many happy returns of the day, sweet honeycomb darling...!

Dinner tonight?

I Had Roti Canai for Breakfast

Right. its Sunday, and being a post-election day, a lazy Sunday sure it is not. I guess the rakyat has really spoken and voted with their heart and guts and some shits in between.

Being a Selangorian, I have never lived under any other government but BN. As we all know, the previous BN state government falls flat like a turd being run over by a wheelchair.

Lead by Md Khir, the defeat was a real slap on the face for all BN leaders be it in the state, and at federal level, of course. Whether it will for a better change, I’m game to see how the new breed of Government to perform for the next 4 years or so.

I am no political analyst but since I can barely close my eyes after all the surprising results through out the nation, I did some post-mortem of my own on how the hell the BN could have been floored real good.

I think the main factor was the Datuk Zakaria Md Deros controversy. Even though he was not contested but he had badly tainted his party image with all the controversial palace-like mansions he built for himself after only being a YB for a short term. And the Selangorians, being a clever bunch we are, showed them the exit door simply because the boss should be us, and not some YBs.

And this YB acronym business thing should be changed to Yang Berkhidmat instead. I mean, seriously la geng, why should the people menghormat the YBs when we are the one who put them in the office in the first place?

Listen here, to all Yang Berhormats. You people are voted in to serve us…as in us, the people and NOT for your own personal interest. Nor it gives you the license to be a big-headed Yang Berhormat. Berhormat my butt.

So really, blame your own party member for the downfall. You guys may not have seen it coming but in a way you guys were really asking for it.

Being a Selangorian and a lalang and all the shits, I end this entry by singing a different tune;

Fuck the state opposition. Pade doh!


Friday, March 7, 2008


It’s the same old shit. Promises have been pledged, numerous police reports made, flag wars between all parties without a clear winner. All in the name of General Election.

The 2-week campaign period is finally reaching its climax and come Saturday all registered voters, some dead ones, will go to every polling stations casting their votes.

I came across a million ringgit question on what would I want the government to do if they are voted in to manage the country. This was a general question and nothing to do with our country’s on-going GE fever.

But nevertheless, I’ve got many answers up the sleeve but the real question is, will there ever be a government that could provide with some positive answer to that question posed in the first place?

How about this; a public transportation for people with disability, and I mean in every towns and villages nation-wide? Ok maybe that would be a wishful thinking, but how about providing such transport services in every major towns in every states across the country?

Now can the next bunch of government people come up with a solution for this age-old woes the PWDs been facing since the day they became cacat?

I certainly doubt it. Whoever takes the office after the election will as usual come up with all kinds of excuses and will typically blame on the shortages of fund that prohibits from seeing this through.

If they,-the same bunch of people made up of the previous government, are indeed a people’s government then the idea could have been sorted out and implemented a long long time ago. The lack of fund cannot be used as an excuse because if they can come out with millions of bucks to organize a useless Monsoon drain cup, they should be able to serve us the disabled citizens of Malaysia too. Unless we are treated as a lower class Malaysians, they’ve got their priority totally wide of the mark.

That’s basically my wish from whoever will be in-charge of this beloved nation after the pru12. Its never about personal gain but the PWD masses, close to 200 000 of us.

It should start somewhere. With good transport services, it will encourage more PWDs to re-join the society and perhaps of course, vote in whichever party that serves us, and not the other way round.

On a personal note, I just cant wait for all these GE freak show to end and get the new YB, who will inevitably be from the BN coalition, to look into some matters.

I have been very critical of them BN but so what? If my wish is still too much for an asking, then I may have to continue doing so against the next G, which is likely going to be basically the same old shit-faces from the previous management.

Call me ungrateful for all I care, and I’ll call you a bastard for all I care.

So anyway, happy voting, losers.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

GE Stupidity IV

Undi anda adalah rahsia. This phrase must go.

There we have the PM in Kepala Batas or some shit casting his vote and people will be wondering which party he voted for…I wonder.

Or when a party supporter who only the night before polling had his party cap and badges on proudly, chanting away his beloved party slogan madly, and come polling day his undi suddenly becomes a top secret shit.

I might have missed out somewhere but tell me, what’s so fucking secret about it?

GE Stupidity III

Making a big fuss when some party flags/posters went missing.

This whole poster/flag war is getting sillier and sillier. Putting them up had caused fist-fighting amongst party supporters. How childish can that be? You don’t win a seat based on whose posters being pasted more on walls, nor which party with most flags along the street can win a voter’s heart. Heck no, my friends.

TV3, especially those asslickers behind the station should take notice of this. By showing footages of all things BN, it wont even move, let alone change a people's mindset of which party to vote for. Get real, bitch. Your biasness is simply too ridiculous to chew on.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sex On Everyone's Mind

It was a lazy Sunday I had, a well-deserved break after a hectic week leading up to the main event on Saturday. Plus, with some other shits I did just to bring in that little extra income, an uneventful week ahead would be a welcome. Oh, hold on…hell yea, I’m gonna have just that. Hooray.

The Saturday’s symposium went extremely well without a single glitch and some of the organizing committee members felt like a huge burden has finally taken off of our shoulders. I had a relatively easier job compared to other fellow Machais but the relief was still like the best thing in the world, as if I had just ejaculated. Ok that was an exaggeration but still glad the monkey’s off of my back for till at least our next event.

Entitled Sexuality & Fertility, the symposium by the way, was quite an eye-opener to a number of able-bodied participants whom mostly came as NGO observers. Hats off to all the speakers for telling it as the experts they are. If one hadn’t anticipated the topic of this event, one would have thought it was a symposium coming right of a short erotic literature taken off from a porno mag or something.

All the wheelchair lads however knew what was coming and had expected the speakers to take the mic and bring the house down, all in the name of knowledge. It was very explicit yet un-taboo. Penises, vaginas, clitorises were the words of the day without one needs to wash their mouth off later nor anyone cringe hearing it. These are after all a politically correct term of the words used. No rooster nor cats, so nothing to get excited and horny about.

It’s not really a great deal of a secret that erectile dysfunction is a common problem guys with spinal cord injury suffers. It takes a man to admit that but honestly, a quadriplegic (me!) finds it easier to get a boner than a paraplegic could.

Equally for the lasses, dryness apparently seems to be their common sexual predicament. I swear that was new to me.

But what’s somewhat shocking was, quite high percentage of able-bodied men shares the same sexual problem, amid their macho-ness. And this was revealed by a medical expert from hospital kuala Lumpur, no less. So the next time you encounter a guy who loves bragging about on how colossal his pecker is, chances are his shooting boots are more of the Fung Keong-type rather than a Nike’s Total 90.

That’s the ugly truth, guys. Face it. Impotency does not favor anyone. Better to screw up than to look all so manly but screwed when the cat comes a calling.

So anyway, the topic was successfully addressed and stayed on course for the benefits of those in need of such useful information. Couples who attended were at the receiving end of all the jokes thrown but the real joke was actually on the jokers themselves. They get to work on what they’ve learned earlier in the day while the rest gigit jari, yours truly included.

For an inaugural symposium, Perwira K9 did a tremendous job. The response we get from non-member participants were greatly beyond our expectations. It was so overwhelming if we were to form a political party, we’d sure to beat the hay out of anyone in GEs.

And I’ll be the health minister.