Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tagged: What's Muhibbah To You?

This tag was started by the legendary A Voice, of Another Brick In The Wall fame and was passed on and eventually reached the Let’s Go Land, tagged by Cikgu Nazir of Kata Tak Nak.

I’m flattered to have been picked by Cikgu to say my piece on this subject about Muhibbah. I am not sure how to put it into words but it is commonly used in adverts obviously to promote unity amongst the many races here in our beloved nation.

It really should be like this in our modern Malaysia. Making friends comes from the heart. You befriend a certain someone based on him as a person first, his skin color comes never.

Living in a multiracial, multicultural society and shit, its only odd that when your friends all are of the same color. You know there’s something wrong with you then. That means you’re being choosy. Or simply you don’t mix much. When you don’t mix much that could mean either your workplace are the type that employs the preferred race for whatever reason I don’t know, or you’re simply a pig.

Having said that, The spirit of Muhibbah should happen when you least expected it. It should come naturally without you nor the company you’re with consisting of different races were even aware of very that. It comes from the heart and not just to show off for the sake of promoting some Tourism Year.

Now days, when a malay chap has an Indian best friend for example, those fellas tend to proudly make this a big issue by telling the world In Malaysia, everyone mix freely with different races. Why the need for that? Can’t it simply be like in Malaysia, everyone lives peacefully. PERIOD.

Racial unity mustn’t be made a big deal in pulling in foreign tourists. By including that in travel brochures we are in a way telling the world we’re guilty of racism ourselves. We’re a civilized society for goodness sake. We’ve gained our independence more than 50 years now that anything racial in nature should have been buried like decades ago.

Let me stress on this again. Muhibbah is about a group of people from different races sitting around having a meal, enjoying each other’s company and laugh their asses off together WITHOUT making such a big deal out of it.

I’ve said my piece. Time to hear from Mr Anfield Devotee and Tuan Zakhir to have their say. Take it away, fellas.


I saw a pic in the newspaper today of one chinese fella, a malay bloke (arwah) and an indian chap having some fun together in sunny Spain some years back. And now they're all (2 of them) in deep shit together. If that wasn't Muhibbah enough, I don't know what else.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Witch Doctor?

It has been more than three weeks since Sharlinie Mohd Nashar went missing. All efforts in searching for her had so far been futile.

With everyone joining in the search party, we saw sometime earlier last week even the bomohs or spiritual healer being roped in in finding Ninie. After some rituals and abra cadabras, they predicted the girl would be found in a matter of one week. I don’t know if its already been a week and time for Ninie to make her reappearance, as foreseen by the bomohs but I’m a little skeptical about all these nandrem shenanigans, especially how the ritual was conducted.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for every effort in finding the missing Ninie. Whatever it takes to bring her back, I’m all for it. But being someone with many experience as far as bomoh goes, it takes more than just some weird ritual process to convince me a missing person could be found by pulling her out of a hat. Who am I to check on their dateline but really, the one-week period they gave will be up in a couple of days and the only way to turn a skeptic into an instant optimist, Ninie is to be back by Tuesday. And in this case, I would love to be proven wrong and them clairvoyants can come and shove all my words back into my mouth.

Looking at the bigger picture, I don’t give a shit if the bomohs had predicted it wrongly as long the girl comes home safely to her beloved family. Be it a week, a month or even a year if that’s how long it may take, what matters the most is this episode ends on a happy note.

However, the bomoh’s (in)ability will be in question. Sure they’ve tried and that was better than doing nothing but by having such prediction has put Ninie’s parents in high hopes and could crush their hearts and adds more to their pain if them shamans had predicted wrongly.

Seriously, I used to be a great believer of spiritual healing. Right after I was discharged from ICU into the normal ward, my relatives been coming in drove just to take me to see bomoh this and medium that.

Not wanting to be a freakin' cacat my lifetime, I tried all that was recommended. Over thousands of my parents’ savings were spent hoping I would be able to walk again. thousand of bucks spent just to get my face spat on with a spelt water. Thousands spent just to get rid of ‘evil spirit’ I had supposedly stepped on the night before the accident, out through my left toe.

All these after we were promised all the goody shit that I’d be walking again in a week, or as one so-called ‘ustaz’ promised, 44 days for whatever fuck the weird reason was. After more than what, 400 over bomohs and almost choked myself to death inhaling kemenyan smoke, I am still very much on, guess what? My freakin' wheelchair!

Sure, I came across a few honest ones but sadly these conmen totally outnumbered them.

I am not applying all the examples above to those guys whom I’m sure are chipping in their bits for the sake of Ninie’s safe return but don’t blame me either if I believed the ritual taken place last week was fake and merely a gimmick.

Again, prove me my skepticism is unfounded. But until she is found as envisaged by these bunch of people-bomoh, shaman, clairvoyant, hoaxer, medium, pawang,…they shall all remain in my book of mythical Tamar Jalis tale.

Oh hey, now here’s one healer who aint a witch but a real doctor, with a recognized medical background. I received a call from a blogger buddy, Shah Cakapaje on Saturday morning asking if I was available to meet up on that afternoon. A certain doctor from Melacca was in town and had hoped to meet us. Even if I was not free on that day I’d sure to make it so in order to meet him in person. I mean, he is none other than Doc Tokasid himself, why should I not?

We made our way to the meeting point at Kayu Nasi Kandar Restaurant and spent 3 hours of catching up with each other. Time does fly when you’re having fun and in that short 3 hours of meeting, I discovered Tokasid is in fact, a 'spiritual healer' himself. When you’re down, give him a ring and he’ll sure to lift your spirits up.

2-thumbs up to both, DocTA for taking his time off of his busy family schedule here and Shah for the wonderful lunch.

Aku, Pak Doc & Pak Bilal. The pic was rather dark but you get the idea.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Smut Inside

Sexuality and Virility, that’s the theme will be about in the upcoming symposium which will be held in a couple of months time somewhere in, where else but Kuala Lumpur.

Perwira K9 organized a press conference which took place at Saloma Bistro earlier yesterday in hoping to spread the word around regarding the said symposium, which will be conducted by a well-known sexual therapist from India whom I've never heard about. Crips with spinal cord injuries especially will be thronging the conference and get themselves tuned-in and turned-on for a better understanding on this very issue.

In yesterday’s event however, the press people were briefed by Dr Hjh Asiah Ibrahim, Head of Rehabilitation Medicine, HKL on the seriousness of this matter which gravely concerns people with spinal cord injury. Admittedly it is a common but serious problem that we have to deal with but never really openly talked about it for obvious reason. We’re Asians and shit. And we’re supposed to be a goody-goody holier-than-thou asexual. Or a conservative lot that sex is such a taboo and disgusting word we must never utter it anywhere in this region. So lets settle for fuck instead, kids.

So anyway, the good doc explained the whole thing using such complicated medical terms that my brain couldn’t make out what she was blabbering about. Without elaborating much I gather the reason why we’re facing with such predicament is because, immediately after a person injures his spinal cord, his nerves will go haywire. Since the central nervous system (situated in-between the brain and spinal cord) works as a sensory signal sender, once damaged, the signal is cut off, thus stops any information from reaching the brain. So all the sensations from the sensitive parts like the skin and a certain organ especially, when sent, the messages are mostly undelivered.

Or something like that. Shit, I’m confused myself.

But what I was trying to say is, guys with an injured spine may not be able to get a hard-on as good as before. Don’t get me wrong. It can still function but with a proper guidance from the experts, the patient can be as potent as a natural goal-scorer.

I’m not good at describing this whole shebang thing but there are so many things that not just the public, but even all of us paras and quads still have a lot to learn about. Besides, I wouldn’t want to be misconstrued by a certain quarter or a monkey into thinking either I can’t do it or worse, that I have done it.

Nonetheless all those presence collectively agreed that there’s nothing porn about it and should be addressed to as far as health is concerned, right from the roots of the problem.

There’s always a solution to every illness and mostly are curable. There’s modern medication. Then the alternative/traditional treatments and aphrodisiacs are available practically all over the world. And not to forget there’s the blow-up dolls too.

In this case, the upcoming symposium could be a newly-discovered option for married couples who either one or both are chair-bound seeking some blissful happy-hour. Ultimately this would put a smile on their respective partner’s faces and to live happily ever after till of course...one of them cheats.

Just screw up. We all know its fine.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Game On

In case nobody was aware of the on-going 4th Asean Para Games, surprise, surprise then. Its very much in the thick of the action since Sunday.

Kudos to the host-country, and their band of organizers for giving their best in ensuring all 960 disabled athletes from 11 countries to feel very much welcomed. To quote from one of the organizing committee, they built new sports complexes with facilities suitable for disabled athletes.

There you go. That’s equal opportunity at it’s finest. When developer builds a sport or residential complex for instance, it has to be accessible to people from all walks of life. Either that or their company license should be revoked, let alone getting the CF approved. Sadly, that has yet to happen here in our beloved nation.

Oh, ok back to Korat.

I’ve got many friends participating this time around. Apart from the newly-acquainted CP fellas I met recently, our national basketball players are mostly made of fellow K9ers. It’s amazing that, some of them were even fellow ward mates, struggling and went through pain, depression together, bounced back together and now going places together.

Then there was the wheelchair tennis player. Yati (her real name) damaged her thoracic spine some ten years ago in a road mishap as a result from her then fiance’s negligence. That fella escaped with only minor injury and after barely 3 months waiting for the girl to recuperate, he decided to move on leaving the poor lass with a shattered heart and spine.

Unlike her ex, the little courage she found to move on was admirable. With a battered heart and soul she decided to get on with life anyway. She was still picking up the pieces when another tragedy struck. Her parents left the world in a space of one week. It was a double blow some sort of. But the setbacks didn’t stop her from getting back on her 2-wheels. She managed to pull through and run-over her trouble with her set of wheelchair and went on to become a national sportswoman, proudly representing Malaysia.

I believe all the Malaysian participants had in some ways a story to tell behind their success. Their resilience to be where they are today is second to none.

When there’s a wheel then there sure are some ways. Seriously man, this saying couldn’t be more apt.

Best wishes to all our athletes.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey, Pablo...!

An intermission. Will be back in a jiffy.

Moderation mode has been enabled temporarily. A low-life good-for-nothing monkey made his reappearance over the weekend making the usual remarks full of bullshit.

In the mean time, enjoy this video by stand-up comedian Pablo Francisco. Look at how amazing this guy can do with his voice. Just need to crank up the volume a little bit and you're good to go.

Smell ya later.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok here we go.

Hello. So here are the pics (below) of the two makeshift ramps that I’ve been relentlessly bitching about. Nice?

The idea is to cut and flatten some of the tiles. Since its going to be some minor renovation and not an EXTENTION, the planned end-product will not take any extra space on their precious alleyway. Not even an inch. That’s it.

Really, I need those ramps badly. Its simply for convenient purposes.

Why we don’t permanently place the makeshift wooden ramps at its respective curb is, for some strange reason, my niece & nephew and their neighbourhood homeys finds it exciting to stomp hard on the frail-looking ramps. Weird kids. As it is now, cracks can easily be spotted on both.

But what actually pisses me off is the management seems to do absolutely nothing about it. Ok, so let’s say its quite affordable and I can fund the project by forking it out from my own wallet, I still need to seek the management or whoever fuck’s approval to start the construction going. But even that, I find it hard to get any of their attention. Maybe they don’t find it practical for majority residents. Or perhaps they thought I’m just a nobody-on-wheelchair slob, they can simply play dumb.

Now this is where the politicians should come in and play their role and not just to act dumb either. My request is for them to get their asses down here and order the management to quit the shit from playing their dumb game and get the ramps done. That’s all. I don’t need any of their money but their power.

Sadly, none have come forward and show they care. Even if they don’t, they can always put on their fake concern ugly face for all I care, juuuusssssssst…



is it just my machine or is the shitty Blogger acting up tonight? Can't seem to get any photos uploaded. Real shit, this.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Footie Madness

I came across an interesting article by columnist A. Asohan in one of the pullouts today, his take on a topic that’s a dread to most women,…them and football. Naturally being a footie lover, I can’t help but to be very much on his side, albeit his biasness.

They claimed that time spent watching games is time spent away from them. So is that why football-crazy men are much loathed by women?

This is where I cant really agree with them, and this includes my own beloved girlfriend. Its true, when games are on, especially those involving Arsenal, I tend to switch on my focus completely on the game and nothing else, I repeat, nothing else around me matters.

Sure football is played weekly but a team plays only 2 games at most. And on top of that, at least one game is played in the wee hour of midweek morning when everyone, and that includes the women, are supposed to be dead asleep by then. That’s in fact, a time away from her own personal world. But no, blame it on football. What’s new?

Women wants to be with their men on weekends, on Saturday nights especially when most games take place. Admittedly, it’s that time of the week when most couples, married or unmarried, dines out. What’s with the next day being a Sunday and all. Ok, let’s give this one to them then. Two hours are sure to waste, from women’s point of view. But, but…What was that again? Only two hours? Hold on, let me put this straight. They despise footie-maniac guys simply because they wont get to be with their spouse for mere 2 hours every week? That’s it? just because of this reason she could miss out on a guy who could love her for a lifetime. Its your shot, ladies.

My girlfriend’s obviously a football-hater. Years back, I tried to persuade her into taking interest of the beautiful game by introducing to the likes of Robert Pires, Francesco Totti and of course, David Beckham and all the good-looking footballers as a decoy but that didn’t do much of a help. I’ve stopped since.

So, like it or not, I made a deal with her that she gets to take control of the remote if there were no matches involving Arsenal and Brazil whenever she’s around. Yes, I’m willing to sacrifice that for her and to show how tolerant and sensitive I can be. That automatically means I have to forget about catching on any other games, which includes matches involving the Galacticos in La Liga. Fine.

Hey, I’m no poof. Its for worthy cause you know. In return, I get to have some piece of mind every time watching my favorite teams in the thick of action. Some things you just gotta give in no matter how passionate you are about it. In this case, football. Arsenal and Brazil however, are non-negotiable.

Talking about Brazil, even the FIFA World Cup is held once every four years. But I’m not getting into that with her. I mean, there’s still the Euro tournament coming up this year to deal with. I’ll sure to get the annual ‘Hey, I thought Football season is over’ thing. I really have to be tactful with my words. After all there’s still heaps coming around eventually… Copa, the Confederations cup, the pre-season friendlies, then the new season begins, and the next world cup some more and…


Friday, January 11, 2008

Bohsia: Afternoon Outing

Ok obviously it was over-sensationalized. There was nothing at all like what the title suggested. I was actually invited to a Boccia event the other day, held at Spastic Center, PJ.

Being a disabled person, I myself had not a clue of what this Boccia thing was about prior to that day. But since my aunt, the lady behind it wanted me to be around, I agreed without kicking a fuss. On that day, being the only quad with SCI amongst the Cerebral Palsy (CP) kids, never soon enough I found myself in the corner of the hall, sitting alone like a loser who couldn’t get a date for some prom.

My cousin played the ice-breaker for the day, introduced me to each and everyone of them whom I later found out, were actually our national Boccia players. Apparently the event was like a sending-off thing before their departure for Paralympic Games in Korat, Thailand which commences sometime in the middle of this month.

And I was, whoaaa…impressed to say the least. Here we have the spastic fellas with mental retardation and limited mobility, representing Malaysia!

Sure it was only Boccia but I could see the determination written on all over their face amid the spasticity. The enthusiasm they showed was simply priceless.

Since most who attended had no idea what this sport was all about, the CP guys did a demonstration and even challenged the reporters and sponsors to a frame or two and the result was a forgone conclusion. The latter were sent packing right off. That’s how good and professional our national Boccia-ers are.

This game is a sport for athletes with disability, particularly played by people with CP. Basically its like lawn-bowl but the balls and other equipments are specially designed for those with muscular dystrophy. I couldn’t make the game’s rules and regulation but you get the idea. Just throw the coloured ball and whose is nearest to the jack ball (white) comes out the winner. You know guli? Yea…something like that shit, only the balls are much bigger.

So anyway, here’s wishing our national Boccia players a fun and successful outing in Korat. As it is now with their dedication, fortitude, courage and resilience, they’re already champions in every Malaysian’s heart.

The national Boccia-ers

White's the Jack ball

In action

Bohsia: brody Armstrong

In action some more

I came back and was in for a surprise. One of the Paralympic committee guys called up and asked if I was interested to try archery. I mean, from balls and jacks to bows and arrows. Whaddaf? Ok sure, I’m in. Perhaps once I’m good at it, I can practice my target by shooting an arrow or ten at some narrow-minded bloke with an apple on his head, right through his forehead

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Alert: Sharlinie

Another girl has gone missing. This time its Sharlinie Mohd Nashar (above), 5, from Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya. Let’s pray and hope she will be found the soonest and put an end to her parents’ misery.

In the mean time, be on a look-out for this shithead sicko below. He could well shed some lights on where about Sharlinie could be. We sure could do with more vigilantes around for better chances of catching this guy, tie him up, place him in a big bowl half-filled with hot water. Add in some shallots and carrots, a pinch of salt or two and let him boil for good.

Photos stolen from other Kak Pi and Rocky.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Boss, Ada Kerja?

‘In Malaysia, most Persons With Disability (PWD) are given sympathy and not enough opportunity.’

That’s best to describe our situation here in the country. Taking from the last post, I was totally spot-on, didn’t I? Opportunities are there up for grabs but initiative should also come from the PWDs themselves. And according to the pullout article I came across this morning, more and more organizations has stepped up and came forward in offering jobs for the PWDs. Maybe its part of their corporate responsibility but discrimination is the first thing that companies should get rid off.

Carrefour Malaysia for example, hiring potential employees are based on competency, skills and behaviour. Regardless of one’s physical condition, if you can get the job done then you’re hired. This is what indiscrimination is all about. Like-wise, if you're able-bodied but known to sleep on the job, don't even think of applying for any vacancy. Take a hike and get lost.

Personally I was offered a clerical job at one of PLUS’s offices here recently. If it hadn’t because of my condition, I would have accepted it. Being a quad, sitting through the whole 9 to 5 working hours can be a bit too much for my body to take. But it’s comforting to learn things are improving as far as job opportunity is concern.

Its stereotypical for general public to think PWDs are qualified of only selling tissue papers, da ma cai tickets and sweets on the street. Although that’s how some of us earns a living, and an honest one at that, we are capable of pursuing a better career path. We have clerks, phone operators, factory workers and even lawyers amongst us, which is good. But by having more corporations like Carrefour and PLUS, it will certainly be a stronger pulling factor in encouraging more PWDs to come out of their cocoon and lead a better and meaningful life. Everyone’s a winner here.

So come on you corporate dickheads, show the government you people are caring lot. Keep the opportunities coming and you’ll get good grades from them G. Its like kissing their asses without having to sniff the unpleasant smell.

I’m not sure of how to end this piece but the following adage should be most fitting…’feed us a fish and we’ll live throughout a day but teach us TO fish and we’ll live through a lifetime.’

How true. More opportunity for us and we’ll bug you less. Deal?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Woes and more woes

Right, so I was asked by Shar101 to list down my views and wishes that concerns the disabled community nation-wide. From what I understood, the feedback will be used by a group of concerned citizens to eventually present it to all politicians who will be contesting for the next GE. As Shar puts it exactly, it will be some sort of wish-list from the said community meant for all political parties to look into. To me, In other words, it is more to provide materials for them to create promises for their respective party manifesto.

As everyone might have known, I have some soft spot reserved for them government and its not in my nature to have a whack at anyone blindly. But based on personal accounts, I don’t think they have done much, not just from the last election but longer than that.

Sure they the government have done a lot for us crips but undeniably the space for improvement are simply huge and leaves much to be desired still. In fact some of the feedbacks I listed down in the said manifesto were of some basic necessities.

Things like transportation. You can count public buses out. They’re plain hopeless. The steps, the narrow passage entrance that leads you into the bus and shit…Seriously, how in the world would that to accommodate passengers on wheelchair? Sounds almost illogical. The predicament doesn’t just stop there. The unfriendly curbs along the road side just have to be there and make life more difficult for us, don’t they?

A few disabled groups organized a demo against bus company Rapid KL some time back and was promised to get the grouses looked into. They even showcased buses equipped with hydraulic lift-ramp and promised to get them on the roads in the future. As it turns out it was just another empty-can talk. Honestly, have you seen a guy on wheelchair sitting comfortably in a bus lately? A ‘Yes’ would be a big, fat fucking lie.

Now if the government is serious in solving our woes, they would have ticked off the company for not heeding the government’s campaign, right? Was there any action taken? Hell no. Even if there was any, problems getting onto buses is still very much unsolved.

Then comes the unfriendly building structure in condos, shops, banks and stuff. We’ve got the whatever shit building by-laws passed in 1998 or something, that require developers to construct wheelchair-accessible building.. But no, take my place for instance, The developer didn’t bother to make the whole condo a disabled-friendly environment and yet they get the approval from the local council or whoever fuck responsible. They can just piss on the useless by-law and the relevant authority does what they’re always very good at; closing one eye.

So to the G, more needs to be done. We’ve heard all the promises made but have yet to see some of them fully materializes. Its cheaper to tell you folks to walk the talk but have we with any choices left?

Normally all the benefits and special privileges are associated with Persons With Disability (PWD), which admittedly, there are some truth in it but our demands are for equal rights and opportunity more than just goody-bags. We’re no pampered lot. For example why do we need hydraulic lift-ramps on buses some may ask. Peanuts. Like any other commuters, we want the benefit of riding a cheap public transport too. That’s what equal right’s all about.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pocket Money

Hello losers.

Did I mention anything about switching the mode into a cruel, meaner and fatter ol' Kerp? No huh? Then screw you!

So anyway, taking from exactly where I left off, whatever is in store in this brand new year, I am up for it. This isn’t a silly resolution as I’m always psyched up even if typhoon comes a calling. Only how I handle it is a totally different matter all together. So anyway its only a couple of days into the year. Still way too early to have something significant to shout about.

During the last national Budget, them government promised to increase the Disability Working Allowance (EPC) from 200 to 300 bucks a month but will only get into effect this year. Briefly about EPC, it is an allowance the government provides for working persons with disability in an effort to encourage more disabled to find jobs, and with this extra pocket money, it is hoped to ease the burden face by the individuals who are disabled in some form or another. It may not sound much to some but 200 freakin bucks is a lot to most of us. The 50% increment was music to our ears and definitely a welcome news after its been long overdue.

Admittedly, not many in the disabled community possess any educational background, and that includes yours truly, the fat guy on chair. But seriously man, not even a lousy cert from a trendy Art & Design college. Zilch. Academically challenged.

Back to EPC, in order to qualify for such financial assistance, one must be working with salary of not exceeding more than rm750 monthly, must be a Malaysian citizen registered with Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) and most importantly, you have to be a bloody crippled.

Just a reminder though, this is not some kind of dole money provided by certain government where even hobos benefits from it.

So not all things bad being on wheelchair. Even with rm100 more, my wish is that it would improve the lives of many who are in the same boat and eases some of the burden they shouldered all these while. Again, it may sound little but we’re a bunch of grateful people.

Best wishes to all crips everywhere. Stay healthy, shag more.