Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Election blah3

I stole this from Shah TalkOnly. It was hilarious it should be on every Sopo blogs around. So anyway, lets sing along to the song. Allan & Indi Rocks!

GE Stupidity II

When an exponent party leader threatens to pull-out if his party are denied the sole seat given to them in the last GE.

Seriously, and he believes the powers-that-be would give a shit when they have a bigger and stronger Indian-based party as their ally?

I think by keeping his mouth shut would do a tremendous favor to himself and his party.

GE Stupidity I

When a very influential party-member sulked and blamed the bickering between top party people for her decision not to contest the sure-win seat.

And this had to happen when the polling date is just around the corner. Excuse me YB, not that I have anything against you nor your party but you’ve dented your party’s image and you’re fully aware the opponent will capitalize and make an issue out of this. But no, you just had to talk shit about the party. And the best part was, you ended the pc in support of the party’s leadership. Wtf?

And now she’s made a sudden U-turn, which was the only clever thing she did since the last 2 weeks.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The GE

Ok back. Lets see now…

Ahh, the fever is in the air. Not the RNA viruses that purges flu but equally irritating nonetheless, the General Election (GE). Again, not wanting to be left out of the whole circus, I think I should do a political write-up leading up to the big-day. This is the General Election after all, the Cirque De Soleil of all freak shows.

I’m a fence-sitter, or a neutral. Or better still, a lalang or whatever shit you wanna call it. The thing is, I don’t vote and I wont be casting my vote for this coming poll. I’ve had people come up giving the lectures on the usual one-vote-counts and all the boring stuff. I promised him to give serious consideration about getting my name registered. This happened 4 years ago and today I am still very much the same unconcerned citizen.

I used to be pro-government mainly because of our former Prime Minister Dr M. My admiration for him was nothing political so maybe that was the reason I couldn’t see why the opposition gave him such tough times while leading the country.

Neither was I an Op-hater. The late Ustaz Fadhil Noor and Ezam Md Nor were two notable names that I admired, the former for his leadership and the latter for what I cant quite recall. Maybe for being a loyalist, I don’t know. But he did stick around till last year or something.

Politics can produce fanatics amongst their supporters, just like football but unlike the beautiful game, party supporters can easily switch camps when their leader(s) decides to jump over the fence. Over the years I’ve never really heard of, say a Gooner turns a Kop because his former team sucks. In politics however, they DO!

My point here is, I can be on both sides and layan in politics. Which comes to my next point, I cannot be claiming myself apolitical any longer. Only that I’m not quite sure which party I am more inclined to. The Keris, maybe, for Datuk Mukhriz obviously. Bulan too, for a few ustaz who has helped me spiritually, and the Bintang fellas.

I guess in politics everything goes. Maybe come the next GE, I imagine to be a hard party worker, wearing all white with a skull cap, lobbying for Muhkriz.

Before I end this entry, I was just thinking earlier. If PAS were to penetrate Sabah, they may have to re-brand their party name to, PAS-OK, or Pasok.

Hehe…lame one.

Maybe…just maybe, I’d do a series of attack on the GE itself, you know, the general stuff. Anything that I may find it stupid enough to be in the book,

Like yesterday right,…being the nomination day and shit, some seats were won uncontested. How could this happen when the uncontested losers knew very well they need to be fully prepared. And yet they screwed up at the dot. Selling his soul to the opponent’s party sounds like an interesting theory because this type of stupidity doesn’t make sense at all.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dat Phan

I’m taking a short break.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I’ve got piles of dung to clean up before I could do a decent posting here. I might even touch on political bullshit just to be part of the GE season, analyzing all the foul-play that will be taking place in every towns and villages from the 24th, leading up to the orgy party on the 8th of next month.

But in the mean time I’ve got a much bigger thing to settle and will be fully tied-up for the whole week. I can always do a tag as a filler but I take tags seriously. And since the tagger sincerely wanted me to do it, Its only fair not to be taking it lightly.

So anyway, no better ways than to listen to music during any kinds of intermission, right?

Absolutely wrong.

I religiously followed the just-concluded reality show Last Comic Standing over on Astro and true to my prediction, the Vietnamese-American comedian Dat Phan was the clear winner, voted by Americans nation-wide. Ok I admit, I rooted for this guy partly because he’s an asian. Asia untuk asia what. But mainly, because he was the funniest amongst all the participants.

So here I bring you…Dat Phan. Ciao sin.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Metalhead Tycoon

The week started off with abundance of workload that needs to be looked into. I’ve got tons of shit to settle before getting into the new month. Incidentally Perwira K9’s AGM falls on the 1st so whatever mess on the table must be tidy-up within this month. But the bright side to it is the time’s pretty much on my side that I can still afford to sit on my laurels, which I am always best at.

This reminds me of one guy whom I am very close to. During his younger days, he was a real slacker. He was such lazybones he would rather be out in the street strumming his guitar away than breaking his bones in workplace. And his rock-ish appearance made it difficult for him to mix amongst the society, let alone securing a job.

Being a metalhead, people tend to associate him with drugs. True enough, he got himself involved in all those junk shit he became so pathetic he almost took his own life. Once, after a failed attempt that was when it really hit on him hard to sit down and think thoroughly of the mess he’s made, to his family, friends, society and critically, himself.

I was with him when he dropped the bombshell of turning a new leaf. I mean, knowing him like forever, I could almost see the determination written all over his face and I knew it back then that he really meant what he said.

Although he maintained his looks and passion for rock music, all the cannabis and shit was soon behind him as soon as he embarked himself career-wise. Just like Anthony Bourdain who started his culinary career as dishwasher and went on to become a world’s renown chef, this fella did the same by getting a job as an office boy. Slowly he rose up the rank climbing the corporate ladder by beating the odds and took all the shits thrown at him.

Like any typical successful story, a low-life nobody turning into a millionaire is no big deal but what’s extraordinary about this guy is he managed to juggle between his hectic office hours to basking on the street to make ends meet. He got his big musical break after during one of the sessions, he was spotted by a well-known record producer Rick Rubens and eventually recorded his multi-million hit single.

After only several years, those who looked down on him back when he first started has turned admirer for his dedication in striving in the rat-race of corporate world and the ever-so competitive world of showbiz.

I’m proud of his achievements and his status as one of the country’s one and only zillionaire tycoon but prouder to have stuck around through thick and thin giving him all the moral support and shit. without sounding too gay, we treated each other like any brothers would. I have been told many times that we look so much alike and bear quite an exact resemblance.

I mean seriously, do we really?


Ok time to get down to work.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Man, I am.

I’ve disabled the comment moderation again. Whoever feels like to fuck the shit up, go ahead man. I just couldn’t care any less.

If you wanna bring it, just bring it. Throw all the shits you have. Tell me I’m no good for anything, but prove it.

The ring is yours, punch like a man. Give me your best shot. I’ll take the blow if you want to cause me pain but I’ll dodge if the jab comes from a poof, without substance.

A low-blow, that’s a no-no. Get the rules right before putting on the gloves, let alone attempting an uppercut. I’ve taken more shots than Ali so if you wanna take a pot-shot, keep in mind I am no Sapok.

Like the headlines in all the shitty dailies yesterday, it’s game on.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breaking News

The title says it all, literally.

The chair's backrest, which I bought some years back for a whopping 1200 bucks is finally showing its old age. There suddenly appears to have a couple of cracks on each sides of it which inevitably means it could break into 3. This is a real big blow and could affect my everyday life. Can an MP help me out? I would love to believe so.

In local entertainment front, my all-time favourite actress, the hotter-than-hot Jasmine Hamid is now a divorcee MILF. She and her former fucker went through all the shitty court process and today their marriage is officially over. Can't believe she's single now. I'm quite sure guys will be lining up to try their luck on marrying this doll. Oh well...pick me, pick me...hehehe...

On a lighter note, our Parliament House has been dissolved today. This technically means we're now government-less. I have been wanting to say this and couldn't find any better timing to let it out of my chest. So here goes...

Fuck the government.

Ahh...Such bliss.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Gone Fishin'!

I have never done fishing. Well, not since I was confined on wheelchair at least. I’ve been wanting to do this in fact and when the opportunity came during the CNY weekend, I grabbed on the borrowed rod and together with my wheelchair buddy and our respective spouses, we hit the road to the nearest lake. Ok, there’s one lake in front of the house but this one was like 5 minutes drive away. We brought along some great deal of junk food, canned drinks and mandarin oranges to dig in while waiting for the fish to hit the bait. So It was kind of a fishing trip cum picnic. Ok maybe it was more of the latter but the bottom line is we enjoyed each other’s company more than the fishing activity itself.

So anyway, here’s the chronology with pictures of the event that took place that morning.

Full of excitement

All geared up

In action

Nothing yet

Err...10 minutes later

Another attempt

And finally, after a couple of eternity later...

Ok so it wasn’t exactly a good day to fish. Being an inexperienced angler, patience was something totally missing that morning. And with the sun shining right above our head, it didn’t help our mission of finding some nemos. With only several cute-sized fish caught, we decided to pack our rods and hit to the nearest Syed Bistro for some real good fish head curry.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Tag-Whore

Wow, looks like I’ve made some sort of a reputation to myself for being a tag-friendly blogger. As miss Constantly Dramatic One puts it queerly, a tag-whore. I’m such a male-bitch, huh? And oh, whaddaya know, she actually tagged me again but this time I had to give it a miss. The tag had something to do with skirts. I mean, what the fork? but of course I declined from doing it politely. She may be bitchy but a real angel that I was always in her mind, while tagging and even during one of her night-out suppers.

Then came another tag. This time by Mr Talkonly. He’s taking the easy way out by tagging a tag-whore. Since the nasi kandar I had the other was on him, then I’m repaying his kindness by getting the tag done, and hopefully the next lunch together, It will be on him again without me feeling guilty. Oh, and I don’t need to dig deep in my pouch pretending to reach for my Visa card and pay for the lunch. Such trick pays I tell ya. Kah3.

Ok so here’s the tag all about, sharing my 5 favourite links with the rules as follow;

1. MUST be clean. No X-rated sites.

2. Only FIVE links.

3. MUST tell 5 people.

4. A link back to the person who tagged you.

5. An active link.

My goodness, what? The 1st rule itself is making my life difficult.

But here are the 5s anyway – who doesn’t? – for obvious reason. – potential sponsors might bump into this site – wasting time is my forte – even without the rule, this blog is a must-read (ok shah,
lunch kat Kayu lagi sekali…kahkah)

And so there we have it. not sure whom to tag as most bloggers are tag-ophobic. But I’m tagging nonetheless;

Jeff Ooi, Datuk Kadir Jasin, Datuk Shahrir Samad, Lim Kit Siang and datuk Husam Musa.

If Lim Keng Yaik has a blog, I'll sure to tag him too.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Today, tomorrow all the same-lah

Looking at the date today, it seems like only recently but in actual fact it has been fourteen long years since it occurred. For thirteen years running, this very date was so significant it has never failed to stab my heart with some freakin’ spiritual dagger or something.

For thirteen years running now, I kept pondering upon myself with all the useless ‘What ifs’ and all the pointless ‘If Only’ and would end up feeling lousy throughout the whole day and night even my appetite would shy away that I had to skip supper.

I’m not good at playing with words so not gonna get into all the soapy metaphorical nonsense here with what actually took place today exactly 14 years ago.

Before I had a blog to call my own, unless it was a birthday, I don’t usually keep tracks on many important anniversary dates. But the 8th of February means the world to me, albeit for an unfortunate reason.

It was the day when I lost the ability to use my lower limbs, and at the ripe age of 18. Talking about living in complete misery, how about that for some real deal horror.

Being an active yoong lad (as Masefield would pronounce it) with a raging hormone, active in football with a dribbling skill similar to one Jean Pierre Papin, to suddenly turn a crippled was as good as dead.

Looking back during the earlier years, its bad enough to reveal here what a total jerk I was. I can always blame depression for acting like a real shithead back then but if only I knew I’d pull through, I would have started to look ahead much earlier.

It took me years to finally realized I was gonna stay a super-freak cacat for the rest of my life.

I missed heck a lot of stuff that normal people would normally go through at some major points of their life. Applying for the first ever job while waiting for exam results, then enroll in some university/colleges, graduated before getting a proper job that suits one’s academic background, getting engaged, get married and boom, so on and so forth…

Honestly, I’ve never experienced any of the above. Ok so I may be academically-challenged, but by no means I’m unintelligent and don’t worth a shit. Being on wheelchair does not always mean I can be pushed around, nor taken for a ride.

I always tell my wheel buddies my parents were the major factor in getting me on the track again. I had two options. Either to stay on bed making a mess out of my parents’ lives or to get off of my ass and lessen their burden. That wasn’t difficult of a choice to make and with Pinky supplying the light in my darkest moment, it eases the journey through the winding tunnel and kept me moving forward without looking back.

Today however, I am determined to make a change. No more of the annual depression-filled 8th February. And with the strength I gathered through out the years, looking back is a real peanut. I can now do just that with a broad smile on my face.

Tonight, I shall be having my usual supper. Such bliss.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Xin Nian Quai Le

Its that time of the year again for all Malaysians to dig and stuff in on a feast of…err…Ngan Yin groundnuts and packets after packets of Yeo’s Chrysanthemum tea. Nonetheless it’s a merry occasion so sik fan, sik fan!

In the mean time, here’s wishing our Chinese brothers and sisters a very happy and prosperous New Year. Hope this brand new year of the rat will bring more joy and Ong to you people.

Cong Xi Fa Cai. Xin Nian Quai Le.

Here’s one to all friends and NEVER EVER for the road…


Monday, February 4, 2008

Mobiliti to the Rescue

The other day, when I had an appointment with some of the wheelchair lads I couldn’t find anyone to hitch a ride with to the meeting place. Everything was actually in place the night before until the guy whom I was supposed to get a lift with screwed some shit up and only informed he couldn’t make it at the eleventh hour. There was no other option for me but to give the meeting a miss.

Public buses were totally, as in, TOTALLY out of the question. Read on our Pak Bilal's take and he'll tell you why.

Someone suggested I called up Mobiliti, an NGO body that provides transportation for wheelchair users all over the Klang Valley for a minimal fee. And with the predicament I would normally face like mentioned above, they should come in handy. Or so it seemed.

Credits to the volunteers behind it, Mobiliti is like a God-sent to most chair-bound people who lives around KL/PJ area. Its affordably cheap and reliable. Users normally make use of their service as it is very convenient to commute from their house to the hospital especially.

But not all things turns out rosy all the way. With only four vans in good condition available, bookings have to be made at least 3 days prior to the day you need them to take you somewhere. Priority is also given to commuters who needs it the most, for doctor’s appointment for instance. Chair-bound shoppers can kiss their Suria KLCC goodbye on busy appointments week. And no way there’s such thing as impromptu outing with Mobiliti, never.

So this can turn out to be quite not-so-convenient itself. There was one time right…when the day arrived to use it and the van was already waiting for me, I suddenly felt the unexpected urge to take a dump. Knowing how typically tight their schedule is, a user cannot keep the driver waiting or the scheduled user to be fetched next will end up late themselves. So like it or not, I had to canceled it.

Really, who would have some peace of mind through out the journey when you’re on the brink of shitting in your pants. Chances are, you will be farting yourself silly all the way and cause discomfort to the poor driver. That is of course, IF you’re lucky enough not to make a mess. That would top the list as the most disastrous outing of your life award.

You know, that has always been the case. The unexpected. We may have all the itinerary in hand but not all things go on smoothly as planned.

This is where whoever responsible should come in and play more active roles instead of setting up royal commission this and shitty national corridor that. This is national issue after all, no less.

We need at least 3 more of Mobiliti-like services here in KL alone and comrades from other states would demand from whoever shit to provide similar services at least in major towns across the country. Relying solely on the NGOs will not solve it. I mean if that’s the case, then maybe them NGO fellows should be given the chance to contest all seats in the next GE themselves.

Come to think of it, why don’t we just let the NGOs run the country. From the way I see things, they’re capable of getting the job done.

And…I sure to vote for a certain transport-based party called Partai Mobiliti Se-Malaysia (PMS) or something like that weird shit for example.

The Rescuers

Friday, February 1, 2008

Another Tag: I'm a Tagoholic

A brand new month and another tag. That makes it 2 on the trot. This time I was tagged by The Constantly Dramatic One. Went to her blog to see what it was all about and thought it'd be fun to try it out.

Honestly, I love tags, especially the ones that don’t require much thinking to get it done. And since I don’t usually post anything on weekends, this fits perfectly as a filler and should add to a good upcoming weekend.

Ok here we go then.

1) Answer the questions below

2) Take each answer and type it into Photobucket

3) Take any picture from the results

What is your occupation?

But what I aspire to become is...


And eventually

2. What is your mother's name?

3. What kind of car do you drive?

4. What kind of car do you want to drive?

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

6.what thing do you collect?

7.what is your father’s first name?

8.describe your mood right now

9. what is your biggest fear?

10. Favourite word?

So there you have it. Exellente. Quite an interesting tag-post to kick-start the new month with. Time to pass this on to miss Sandra Teh and Puan Farina Carr. Try it out ladies...Its fun.