Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shoot and win

I’m sure we’ve all seen one of those warning signboard that says ‘Trespassers Will Be Shot’ noticeably hung on fences of a private property somewhere. Now I wish similar punishment could also be applied to those inconsiderate car owners who have no qualms at abusing disabled parking spots.

The problem has always been to catch these bastards red-handed.

Its never easy I tell you that, and it doesn’t help when you have kayu security guards sleeping on their job.

Last week however my break came and it was one those rare occasions I get to exercise my rights, telling the driver straight in the face.

Here’s the thing. The wheelchair-designated parking spots in this one hypermarket we usually frequent were never vacant. But regardless of whether the driver’s a cripple does not matter because I can’t simply be jumping the gun and started shitting on his car hood.

But as luck would have it that day, one of the parking spots was available only to be beaten to it by a car in front of us. And sure enough, not 1 but 3 able-bodied African dudes coolly alighted the car and walks away as if their Tok Wan owns the supermarket.

Then bang! it happened. I shot ‘em 3 goons with my trusted Tommy gun, hitting them right on the forehead and rejoiced the moment all 3 hit the ground...

...Ok seriously, here's what actually happened.

I got down and yelled out at the driver to remove his junk somewhere.

Oh oh...but get this- he had the cheek to believe he was innocent and had not violated any law even with a huge OKU signboard clearly erected in front of his vehicle.

I mean, duuuuude...if you really are visually impaired then by all means man, the fucking space is all yours.

But no, some people just had to argue even when they realise they don’t stand a chance. Hard as they try, the not-so-good will always triumph over evil.

The driver especially, stood there with two minds after I made it clear he can either go on shopping and risk getting his car clamped or does the right thing by vacating the parking space.

Maybe the thought of the yellow clamping thing made him do the right thing and spared any damages from being done.

Except for bruised ego. I mean, cool homeys don’t get no rap from no crip on wheels, know what I’m sayin’?

Hey, I was merely exercising my rights. What’s equally important is this episode should at least instil some sense of awareness to those involved and witnessed it.

Its about time society jacks their level of awareness a notch up.

And a harsher punishment similar to the trespassing law should effectively do the trick.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Impractical term

KEMAMAN, June 13 — People with a disability should not be referred to as “disabled” but rather “People with Special Ability” as that would best fit their description said Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

Thoughtful indeed, but I can help to think it’s purely sugar coating. If he was trying to score points with the disabled community, the minister is definitely shooting blanks.

What’s in a name you tell me. Unless a disabled person on wheelchair possesses a super special ability to overcome insurmountable environmental barriers or get to ride on a wheelchair-unfriendly public bus, a shit by any other name would smell as bad.

That’s the stinking reality. The struggle we have to put up with in order to lead a normal and meaningful life like our able-bodied counterparts IS the reality, and this is the area where the powers-that-be should put some extra effort into.

Everybody’s capable of coining with phrases. And in this case to come up with the most politically correct term usable will not provide us an inch of progress. If there’s a need to change, the word special should be replaced with beneficial instead.

Personally I don’t mind the rudest expression one could think of as long practical changes are made.

So until the government comes up with something beneficial, I’m sticking with the commonly-used term, the disabled person.

Or crips, or cacat...whatever.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back and banging

Hey I’m back, back with a BANG.

It could have been sooner but when I was supposed to scout around for a new laptop, I splashed a chunk of the allocated budget on a gun instead.

Yes, a pistol, a Beretta 92 to be precise.

It was unnecessary and all the blabla, I know. Got that a lot and the flaks haven’t ceased since the day the gun was purchased.

But I’m going ahead and keep it. Its meant for protection after all. Just like a condom y’know, only safer.

I mean, you just never know. A cold-blooded murderer might just strike while you’re bumping uglies with your spouse.

So protect yourself and your loved one. The best form of safe sex is always...to carry a weapon.

Anyways, after two sans internet weeks, I thought I had loads to catch up on. So I scoured through all the news available online and read as much as I could.

Then I caught this one piece and then again I thought hey, I didn’t miss much after all. Apparently some things never change.

For being a menace to the Malaysian society, the Mat Rempits continue to enjoy special treatment from the authority. This time around a whopping RM4 mil will be spent to cater to this group’s need for speed by building a circuit, courtesy of public fund, via the clever Terengganu state government of course.

And those who excel get this; will get a sponsorship to race in the International circuit. So instead of getting the law to go down hard on them, they get to travel abroad and see the world.

It just doesn’t sound right at all. I mean, while we still hear cases where the OKUs are being oppressed and punished for enjoying little things we have in life, the Mat Rempits on the other hand gets to travel to places that most Malaysian could only dream of setting their foot in.

It makes one wonder why bother wasting their precious second passing the amended, stricter law in the first place if they’re not going to apply it.

Now, if only these road fiends were the reptilian kind, I’d take the law into my own hands and go on a shooting spree.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gone begging

Komputer rosak. And it is beyond redemption.

After years of faithfully providing good service to its max, my 7 year old laptop has decided to call it quits. And the timing couldn’t get any worse possible. I’m broke, which of course is not a surprise but just as I thought of saving up (ehem, ehem...), this latest series of misfortune most likely means I have to break the bank instead.

Hopefully it wont be too long till I get a new replacement. A day without internet can be a real dread.

life’s been ugly enough since I lost my favourite brown Irish hat. And I wouldn’t want to pile up the misery by becoming a public outcast without an internet access for too long.

In the mean time I’ll be gone temporarily. For those with a big heart who wishes to chip in a coupla thousand bucks (Amal Jariah), you can reach me on my cell phone or landline; both numbers can be retrieved from most owners of the blogs listed on the sidebar. Thank you.

Till whenever dudes/dudettes, chai chien!