Friday, February 20, 2009

Buy me!

So the other day, some of us wheelchair homeys got together over some drinks and drugs down at the spinal ward. The discussions as some may have guessed, lead to politics, and a certain Yb Hee-she in particular.

We collectively agreed that Hee, or rather, she, had to a certain extent, tarnished the good name of the disabled community in general.

We thought that her action had further strengthens the impression that wheelchair-users are in fact, a desperate lot who can be bought cheaply in return for material goods.

I mean, she had no qualm betraying the trust given by the public for a lousy Camry, right?

Come on man, you don’t sell your soul to Setan gondol for a stupid Cam…

Eh, wait. Hold on.

What, really?

Mega million bucks as part of the deal?

Ok that’s it man, screw the OKU community.

Get me, devils. I am soooo sold!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look who's talking

Nude pics. Rarely I’d say this but really, what’s the fuss about it in the first place?

A politician sleeps in her nude, then unscrupulous individual rudely invaded her privacy and (somewhat unsurprisingly) her detractors jumped out at this lifetime opportunity to put her down politically

First and foremost, she’s a human being, like you and me. She has every right to lead a life like everyone else. Its just unfortunate that her personal activity was made known to public and being a politician made it even worse, no thanks to those only with political interest to tarnish their rival’s good name.

The worst part is, suddenly those who made the call acted as if they are a piece of untainted white cloth, free from sin with uncorrupted moral values.

Please don’t give us all the bullcrap about Malaysians not ready to accept leaders embroiled in scandals.

Dude, where the hell have you been man? Scandal-free leaders? We’ve had (and had to put up with) them for decades. Go check it out, its in your own backyard.

As a politician, she has done quite a wonderful job that demanding her to vacate her political post is uncalled for. She was after all, voted into office by the majority. The question of betrayal to the people must never arise because as a fellow human, I think she deserves sometime to her own. Whatever takes place behind closed door shouldn’t be any of our concern. Mind your own business, anyone?

Let’s put it clear and simple; if anyone feels the need to put her political career to the test, then by all means, go ahead but judge her as a politician.

Comprende, Mr Ex-mb?

Y’know what’s even funnier, el-tempe quoted as saying to let people decide if they still want her.

People to decide? Rrrrright. Since when?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ready, steady, bless off




Look ma, I can write again! Whoop-dee-doo.

Hey I’m back. Still in one piece, much alive but not quite kicking, if you get what I mean.

Initially I needed sometime off to clear some mess that have been acting like monkeys on my back. My personal life has been subjected to slander and lies by certain individual(s) with hopes, amongst others, to paint a bad picture on my charming persona. Typical case of jealousy la tu apa lagi.

Y’know, I wouldn’t give a crap but with clash of opinions from people that matters most to me, I thought it was best to just shut the hell up for a while.

But now I’m back, with a new look thanks to the brand new header of course…ehem…ehem…

Not that I’ve got that little setback taken care of, no. In fact, far from it. Its beyond my control. Knowing pricks that they are, they’ll still be lurking around and up to their dirty trick of twisting every word I put up in here.

But I’ve done my part (of seeking approval/blessing). The outcome didn't turn out as I had hoped for. Since I didn’t get any affirmative answer, I felt its best to just move on.

Got other shits to think of anyway, like catching a repeat of useless midweek international friendly.

Or get back to blogging.

Seriously, If I didn’t start today, there’s every possibility this place may end up without a single post throughout February.

Besides, couldn’t find a better occasion for a new entry than today because, its Thursday.