Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dogs: licence to bitch

Based on all the reports I read the next day, the first ever dog forum organised by MBPJ being held recently was a great success. Even though I didn’t stay until the end, the morning session was enough to convince me to make it a point to attend in future forums.

The highlight of the day was when it was announced by YB Ronnie Liu, the state exco member that the Selangor government will waive the licence fee for the disabled and elderly who wishes to own a dog.

Free dog licence will definitely encourage more people from this group to keep dogs as pet as it is well known they make good companionship.

Being a non-dog owner/lover, the move wouldn’t make any difference but I’m all for anything that’s beneficial to those who are in need.

But apparently not everyone took the announcement well. I was told an officer from the local council feels it’s not necessary to waive the licence charge as the existing fee is relatively cheap, affordable even to the unfortunate groups.

So in other words what this bitch said is to pay the exact amount for the licence like everyone else does if the disabled and elderly want to be treated equally.

To the officer, this is how she cynically defines equal rights, the campaign synonymously advocated by the disabled group.

OH FINALLY. At long last we get to hear someone in the authority council barks around upholding the rights.

The question is why only now? For a mere dog issue finally the definition breaks through their thick skull when equality of rights should be extended to numerous other issues since ages ago.

When the disabled group demanded accessibility to shop houses, unscrupulous developers still get the green light to operate the building by the same bunch of authority.

When we asked for wheelchair-friendly curbs on roadsides, it took them ages to approve only a stretch.

When we constantly brought forward our decades-old transport woe, only one van is provided to cater to thousands disabled PJ residents.

And our endless woe keeps piling up...

Yet when it comes to dog licence suddenly their version of equal rights takes into effect.

For a few hundred bucks she’s denying a little privilege the not-so-fortunate group hopes to be able to enjoy.

If there’s any left, her rationality to oppose such a good cause is that her employer will go bust for giving free dog licence.

Imagine that. MAJLIS PERBANDARAN TEMPATAN MUFLIS GARA-GARA LESEN ANJING, and PJ will be left without any local council to man the district.

But come to think of it, not that it makes much difference anyway.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dogs & Bitches: Pets or Pests?

During my childhood days, walking past a particular neighbour’s house had always been a dread as more often than not I’ll end up running for dear life with the irresponsible owner’s pet dogs hot my trail.

Ok they may be a pair of Shih Tzus, but the thought of being eaten alive by these midget mutts was enough reason for me to take a longer route home from school daily.

Back then it was quite common for kids my age, especially the Muslim kids, to fear them. Some would run a million miles by a mere sight of the animal...even from a million miles away.

In our tiny mind if we are bitten, the thought that we are ritually unclean will haunt us for the rest of the day.

Naturally I loathed them, and felt those neighbourhood canines ought to be captured and sold to the mobile satay vendor who plies his trade from house door to door.

But decades have passed. And my perception towards the animal have since changed.

To a certain extent, I have yet to conquer the fear, and it still pretty much dogs me. However, long gone the days when I thought they’re nothing but a racist animal with appetite only for flesh of a Muslim boy.

Throughout the years, I learned that apart from it being an intelligent animal, dogs make great companionship. And due to their helpful nature, certain breeds are considered god sent to the disabled community. They are known to fetch items that are beyond reach especially for those with physical limitations and serves as an eye for the visually-impaired.

No, I don’t intend to own one for obvious reason but I make no bones about people keeping dogs as pets, as long they do it responsibly.

But do they all?

So in commemorating with the World Animal Day, a first ever dog forum organised by MBPJ will be held this Sunday to discuss on this very topic.

Besides lending my support to a dear buddy, I’ll be there yet for another attempt at overcoming one of my childhood’s worst nightmares, which now I’m beginning to believe to be a bit unfounded.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

An evening with Dato'

So there was a powerful earthquake taken place yesterday. It was felt by many especially those who either live in high-rise condos or working/surfing porn in their office cubicles on top of the sky scrapers scattered around town.

I belong in the first category. But I didn’t realise there was actually an earthquake until all the residents were told to evacuate our respective units.

And I was like, hey what’s going on, before went in again to fetch my Ramones’ Box-set CDs. I mean, if the buildings were to come crushing down, at least I can still claim to be a proud owner of a rare music album.

This evacuation exercise thing was a new experience to me. With all the residents taking their own sweet time evacuating clad in home attire (boxers, kaftans, sarongs), I thought the scene was like there was a huge orgy party going on.

But of course, a party is not complete without a clown.

Appeared out of the crowd was this bloke in his chequered pyjamas, cracking recycled joke that the earthquake should happen more often as so the residents can mingle around regularly and stuff.

And I went like, sure Mr Krusty.

The thing is, I don’t mind the used joke as his ice-breaker but what’s pathetic was he actually introduced himself as Dato, and his (young) wife, datin.

Firstly, what’s with the bright orange-coloured pyjamas la Dato? Secondly, stop being so formal because thirdly, we ARE living in a close-knit community – as apparently this fella was not aware of - naturally we address each other by our names.

If there’s someone who needs to socialise regularly it is our resident dato. Instead of cooped up with his (young) missus all the time, make an effort to read the condo’s notice board and join one or two of the residents’ many activities.

That way if there’s another earthquake occurrence (Nauzubillah), we can keep it completely informal. After all, its just an evacuation exercise, not a real orgy.