Friday, September 18, 2009


Here’s wishing you dudes/dudettes Salam Aidilfitri, ampun maaf dipinta ikhlas dari saya.

Zero-zero, folks!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

one for the guys

I accepted a job which I thought was lemon squeezy but after a glimpse of it I thought shiiiiiiiit...instantly I know a mountain of a task awaits me ahead.

So instead of getting straight down to it I procrastinated, and went wandering around the net and You-tubing for hours.

While at it I came across this video below which I find its groovy rhythm rather, how shall i put it...'interesting'?.

First time listening yet the sound was so familiar.

The intro especially should immediately hit the chord amongst the guys (and some women).

Kih kih...

Ok, gotta get back to work. But not before another round of Back and Forth...need to learn getting into the rhythm real quick...muahahahaha...

Friday, September 11, 2009

I am a Malaysian

Its simply not coming. All I have in mind right now is taking a swipe at my own race, and it has been playing in my head since a few days before our beloved nation celebrated her 52nd Merdeka anniversary.

But of course I wont be putting my thoughts into print. All I can tell you is that my take on the recent cow-head circus is downright insensitive and controversial.

To a certain quarters my thoughts can be misconstrued. They’ll think I’m worse than Sol Campbell (Judas!) or something along that line, or even risk getting charged with sedition.

Everyone knows I’m not really in celebratory mood lately, but no way me is spending my Syawal in Perak.

Ok maybe not everyone but someone actually noticed and texted to ask why I didn’t do any Merdeka post like it has traditionally been in previous years.

I gave this year’s a miss only for one reason; intolerance.

An act of bigotry is the worst thing that could ever happen in a multi-racial country. Such appalling gesture is not reflective of what our Malaysia is supposed to be. After long achieving independence are we truly what we’ve always claimed to be, as asserted proudly on travel brochure and Merdeka-themed ads particularly?

Every August for the past decades now we’ve been fed with commercials promoting racial harmony. In fact many of us look forward to re-run ads by a certain dead genius. Regrettably many of us too did not get the message these ad geniuses tried to get it across.

It means shit to them. In the name of politics they’d stoop the lowest possible just to score points and shoot down their political rival in the process.

Sure, once a racist you’re forever a pig but partly I’m blaming politics for all the major fracas that’s been in the limelight in recent months.

If there’s one thing that is capable of ruining our beloved Malaysia, its politics.

Or the worst kind, race politics. As proud I am of my roots, me having none of it when racism kicks in. I love my country dearly it hurts to see it being ridiculed by these dirty people. The dirty game must stop or Malaysia will come crushing down sooner than we may think.

I pray to God if that ever to happen, let it not be during my lifetime at least. But once I’ve kicked the bucket then ok, they can go crazy, as I’d rather be dead than to be part of a disgraceful kind with absolute power tightening their grips over a wrecked nation.

But the damage is fixable. The tools are in their hand and time is pretty much on their side to rectify it.

I mean, its not too late, right?