Thursday, March 25, 2010

A little matter of familiarization

Naturally I’m as happy as Larry, but with the on-going International Book Fair in which my wifey’s heavily involved in, together with the age-old aching tooth I’ve been battling with till today, our honeymoon period has not been rosy so far.

Since we officially tied the knot, well-wishers frequently asked how marriage life been coming along. For one thing, my damned tooth still hurts like hell that the most noticeable difference is that now I have somebody to hear me moan at night!

Bed time tales aside, - even by default- I can now proudly claim to have a Kampong to call my own. Being a PJ boy my entire life the only hometown I can think of is the jam-packed Subang Jaya.

But not anymore.

A supposedly ‘long’ 2-night customary stay at her parental home back in Kuala Selangor turns out to be the shortest stay ever. All the initial worry at adjusting to a new environment were groundless, because as soon I’m in, I immediately feel its unnecessary to make a rush exit.

No, not up to the extent I feel the sudden urge to just surrender my status as a city dweller, pack all the things up, move up there and lead a laidback lifestyle for good but at least now I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

It’s not a kampong house per se or I would have difficulty getting in and out of it for obvious reason, but with lush greenery surrounding their cosy bungalow, I know where exactly to retreat to the next time my brain’s in dire need of putting its feet up.

And that’s what I’ll be banking on; some peace of mind, especially with the up-coming project I’m about to embark.

To be frank, writing is never my passion. It’s always a struggle each time I need to come up with a piece. It makes it even worse that reading for me is a once – or at the most twice- a year affair.

Like many other things however, money is the major factor that keeps me in this writing business. It’s the same reason that pushes me to take up this new challenge. In putting it simply, it works like a dangling carrot.

Similar to my new experience of having a sneak peak of what living a kampong life is all about last week, I think I’m up for a bigger test ahead by charting in an unfamiliar territory – writing a book.

I’m game and its all systems go.

For now it is just a little matter of visiting another alien turf – the dental clinic.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tying down

I just took a long crap. And if my crap factory decides not to work overtime then that one toilet session could well be my last as a bachelor.

By the time anyone reads this I’d most probably have officially taken the plunge.

Yes, finally the day arrived, and I really could do with a hard pinch on the areola to ensure that, this time around, it is no longer some silly dream but a reality.

Years ago never thought I’d get to live this long, let alone getting hitched.

Life back then was simply meaningless. I mean, what’s the point living when all I was capable of was breathing. Breathing for the sake of prolonging whatever’s left of the remaining life and became a burden to my loved ones? That’s one reality I could do without.

But that’s all behind me because TODAY is the reality.

After years of going through one adversity after another, I can’t wait to just get in there and come out triumphant.

Some people asked how I finally managed to overcome the main hurdle. The trick is to relieve of all the shitload that I have been carried all along, offered some olive branch and in return was given another shot at starting things afresh.

Perhaps all I need now is to defecate more frequently, leave all the crap behind and I’m quite sure this new journey I’m undertaking will smell sweeter as time passes.

Here’s to a greener, cleaner and fresher side of the leaf!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Repeat Offenders

The stupid dick has retracted his words and apologised.

I’m not sure if this was going to be a lesson especially to the powers-that-be because you wouldn’t want to bet on anything if such uncalled-for remarks will not be repeated by these bunch ever again.

Some people just don’t learn.

And they will never learn. Making fun of Karpal Singh’s disability is as good as insulting the whole disabled community in the country.

The prominent lawyer cum politician in wheelchair may be a figure of controversy and to an extent, hatred, amongst those who don’t share their political ideology with the DAP man but there’s no reason for anyone to be stooping so low just to take a cheap shot at his physical shortcomings.

If it’s political, do us the disabled community a huge favour by sticking to just that- politics.

In this case for a lawyer representing his client in a legal battle, PROFESSIONALISM should be the rule of the day, and not silliness.