Friday, August 28, 2009

Game plan

I’m at a crossroads.

I’ve been invited to try out Boccia (pronounced BOCH-a) - a lawn bowl version for athletes with disability- by the game’s top official, and insisted I give it a shot because she wanted me to be in the team so much.

But after witnessing a few times how the game is played, I find it a little too unexciting for my liking.

I can always say no but here’s the tricky part; if I made the team, its not for Rumah Hijau or some shit but the National’s, no less. Its my only chance ever to represent the country, even if its just Boccia.

And the most tempting factor is the competitions the team will be involved in, beginning with Asia Paragames next year, which will be held in Tokyo.

Yes, this is Japan we’re talking about man, J-E-P-U-N, Japan!

Japan has always been my dream destination. Its not just about the upskirt but its rich tradition and culture that attracts me the most.

So if I can get over the game’s dullness, I might stand a chance of getting a free ride all the way up there, courtesy of MSN and you folks (Taxpayers), and enjoy the trip.

I think I’m going ahead with it. For Japan’s sake, I believe I can handle all the monotonous training routine, the second step towards seeing my dream of setting my wheels on the sun rising land materialised.

The first step is of course to take up the offer and learn all about the game’s trade as soon as possible.

But then again...maybe after Raya.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Ramadhan is back.

Here’s wishing all Muslims Selamat berpuasa. May Allah give us the strength to go through each day, for the next one month with ease. And to all my non-muslim friends, well, happy loading.

Time to have my first sahur of the month. No, wait. Make that supper as I’ve got roti canai still to stuff in later in the morning...I mean, before Imsak breaks, of course...Muahahahaha...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sharing the common voice

On Wheel Power recently, by Anthony Thanasayan.

'I RECEIVED an interesting e-mail from a new friend I made recently. Daniel Ahmad Sharani who lives in Petaling Jaya, writes: “People often ask me if I was born a quadriplegic. The answer to that question is no,” says Daniel, and went on to explain a little bit about his background.

For full article, go HERE.

Someone sent me an email in response to the article. She felt both Anthony and I would make an explosive combo and ought to work closely together at ironing out disability issues. Of course from my part, I find the suggestion rather flattering.

In truth both of us have in fact, discussed on the possibility of merging our ideas and work out on things that can be beneficial to the community.

I think that’s mainly the reason why we hit it off very well when we first met. Since the first time I bumped into his column a decade ago, can’t remember if I had ever opposed to any of his views.

Its about looking at the bigger picture. If a certain issue benefits the unfortunate in general, then you can count on me for the support. I totally dig anyone who promotes positive changes. From our living environment, to creating awareness amongst the public, we know darn well Wheel Power is all about that.

So basically both of us shares a common goal.

Now, before anyone starts having silly idea I’m curry favouring Anthony (now that he’s somebody in MBPJ) with hopes of getting something in return, I admit you are not too far off. Apart from both of us sharing the common wish of living in a barrier-free environment, he is in the position to make that change, beginning with my area part of the town.

So I thought maybe...just maybe, a little back-rub might do the trick!

Whatever it is, I don’t get paid for having full praise of him. For all the effort he’s put into for over 2 decades, he rightly deserves it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

They are not any better

Here’s a scene I managed to catch on one of the foodie shows produced by our little neighbour down south;

Three ladies -one's pregnant- just had scrumptious desserts and was on their way out when the pregnant lady reminded her friends to NOT assist her descending some flight of steps because get this, in her own words, “I’m not a handicapped, mind you!”

I always hear good things about Singapore. From OKUs perspective in particular, the country’s disabled community are well taken care of and a subject of envy to most of their counterparts in the region.

But that statement above proves no matter how advanced the disabled have progressed, general perception still stigmatises people with physical shortcoming. Its simply like, you’re a cripple on wheelchair, so even if you’re as healthy as an ox from the public eye you’re sick and in constant need of a help.

That’s a familiar story happening in our own backyard by the way.

Its not always we get to take a swipe at our southern neighbours because admittedly, they are superior to us in many ways.

But while I’m at it, let’s kick on the gash and further damage their dented ego.

Their national football team sucks!

Hell YES. Sucks as in, appalling. If there’s any other accurate term to describe it, its MACC.

The 5-0 drubbing by an English club side some weeks back suggested the national team are in dire need of a total revamp. Sure they can argue it was the mighty (under-strength) Liverpool they were up against but if it is news to them, our young Tigers did fairly well against a full-strength English champs!

Yes, it feels good to have a go at them, especially to be backed with facts and not just emotion alone.

Finally after a long while it reinforces my belief they are not any better than us in some ways.

Now I wonder what will happen if the two national sides take it to the field. I definitely have some good feelings about it.