Thursday, March 25, 2010

A little matter of familiarization

Naturally I’m as happy as Larry, but with the on-going International Book Fair in which my wifey’s heavily involved in, together with the age-old aching tooth I’ve been battling with till today, our honeymoon period has not been rosy so far.

Since we officially tied the knot, well-wishers frequently asked how marriage life been coming along. For one thing, my damned tooth still hurts like hell that the most noticeable difference is that now I have somebody to hear me moan at night!

Bed time tales aside, - even by default- I can now proudly claim to have a Kampong to call my own. Being a PJ boy my entire life the only hometown I can think of is the jam-packed Subang Jaya.

But not anymore.

A supposedly ‘long’ 2-night customary stay at her parental home back in Kuala Selangor turns out to be the shortest stay ever. All the initial worry at adjusting to a new environment were groundless, because as soon I’m in, I immediately feel its unnecessary to make a rush exit.

No, not up to the extent I feel the sudden urge to just surrender my status as a city dweller, pack all the things up, move up there and lead a laidback lifestyle for good but at least now I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

It’s not a kampong house per se or I would have difficulty getting in and out of it for obvious reason, but with lush greenery surrounding their cosy bungalow, I know where exactly to retreat to the next time my brain’s in dire need of putting its feet up.

And that’s what I’ll be banking on; some peace of mind, especially with the up-coming project I’m about to embark.

To be frank, writing is never my passion. It’s always a struggle each time I need to come up with a piece. It makes it even worse that reading for me is a once – or at the most twice- a year affair.

Like many other things however, money is the major factor that keeps me in this writing business. It’s the same reason that pushes me to take up this new challenge. In putting it simply, it works like a dangling carrot.

Similar to my new experience of having a sneak peak of what living a kampong life is all about last week, I think I’m up for a bigger test ahead by charting in an unfamiliar territory – writing a book.

I’m game and its all systems go.

For now it is just a little matter of visiting another alien turf – the dental clinic.


Unknown said...

Visit the dental clinic? Are you out of your mind? That's the most painful form of suicide.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

and i'm not the suicidal type. but i'm just gonna get in there and get myself drilled, literally...hehe...

Pi Bani said...

Gambor takde ke? Gambor wedding ke, and gambor kena drill ke... :-)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ala kak Pi, gambar2 semua kat facebook. Akak scroll down wall saya, kena korek dlm2. Gambar akak pon ada.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wanshana said...

Welcome back, Kerp :)

When your book is out, make sure you give me one (or two, or more?) signed copy(ies), eh? ;)

All the best!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Definitely Kak Shana. but its a long way to go still and i have some brain-cracking to do for the next few months. Good thing that i feel motivated and determined to see the book hit the daylight. Thanks there!

Unknown said...

Ah...sapa suka pi dentist? But I do have a very good dentist here..only thing is he went MIA for no reason. So I wondered despite his extremely good biz..if he owed A Long money haha!! Ok, it takes some time to settled down but after a while, all will be good. Glad finally you have a 'kampong'...have a great week...

Anba said...

Bro...the drive to that place is quite nice...from sungai bulog towards kuala selangor and further up sekinchan,,,sungai besar and sabak bernam...jalan jalan cari makan bro...sure you will enjoy one

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


likewise, mom introduced me to her friend's hubby who happens to be the no 1 man in UH's faculty of dentistry. My fear of taking the tooth out was unfounded bcos apparently it can be saved, sans any painful process! hehehe...thanks for coming the other day. So honoured having you and the whole family around.


I have to agree with you brother, its definitely a place for jalan2 cari makan. its been only two weeks and i already tried many different sea creatures. One of which worth mentioning is the siput guli, a very thorny-type siput but sweet on the inside. My life today is simply a bliss la bro, really.

senorita.. said...

hehe.. go visit a hot dentist. oh shoot! i'm not allowed to suggest things like this anymore now that u r married, right?

apologies... =)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Hey sorry for the late reply. Anyway this is Kerp la wei, I've visited hot masseuse twice since i took the plunge...hehe...

Anonymous said...

How's life being a bubbly hubby?

Nampaknya kalau nak bagi coklat pun sure tak sempat makan dah ni....ingat wife je..

Of course - having a wife is the sweetest thing in life (still hutang u coklat...)

I am truly so happy for you.
Guess what? We went to see Lionel last hu

U know who

Anonymous said...

Nak coklat lagi tak? Ni gigi dah sakit..tak pe sekarang ada wife - lagi sweet dari coklat.

Guess what? U know who took me to see Lionel last Friday...

Hello -is it me you're looking for?
I am truly happy for you - being a hubby now - no more s m o k i ng!!! (opps! I sound like a mom-in law pulak ni..)

U know who

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

OMG, never realised i actually had a friend who is into lionel ritchie! pretty corny but he totally deserves his superstardom-ness.

hey 'me', my sincerest apologies but even that chocolate debt couldnt ring a bell for me to recall anything about you.

Sape ya? Perhaps an email might help a little?

Anonymous said...


See I told you - sure dah lupa punya.

I did call you when I got to know that u dah kawin..

Keep on guessinggg..(mcm org terengganu ni with lots of "gg"


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

U did? really? When? Come on tell me,who u la...

Anonymous said...

I am so truly frustrated... nak tido la...dah 3 malam u lupa ingatan

Sampai besuk pun u tak akan ingat i , dah lah kutuk my bf -called him so corny for taking me to see Lionel.. hua hua ,my endless love..

Keep on guessing..
see u besuk mlm kalau sempat..besuk quite a tight schedule (**clue- all kids will insist nak tido lambat -next day tak sekolah ma...)

**another clue(mcm treasure hunt - me and the so called corny bf have kids - I mean legal kids)

If i go to ur blog besuk,dan still lupa gak, that's the end of it...bak kata perpatah : mmg spt kerp dapat isteri..


Kerp (Ph.D) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kerp (Ph.D) said...

...And the mystery deepens...

You gonna hate me for this but still i havent a clue. Could be due to temporary memory lapse as it had been quite an eventful period for me lately; Wedding, holidays, death and tons of work especially.

Never mind, perhaps if ever any memories of you coming back i'll give ya a ring or something. I'm sure i have your number keyed in, right?

* i did not say your bf is corny. I meant lionel.

anfield devotee said...


A piece of friendly advice. If ye don't read, yer work gonna suffer.

Nothing in, nothing out.

And why do ye equate reading as a chore? Doesn't have to be fooking Pride & Prejudice ye know.

Music mags like Q & Mojo are superbly written.

Also see When Saturday Comes & four four two fer a dose of wonderful footie mags.

If ye wanna try something that ye can really relate to, please read Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch.

Cannae believe hardcore gonner like yerself have not read this . . .

All the best fer yer project & see ye next sat!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Eh i actually tried looking for Fever Pitch. in fact a couple of times i went to 2 major bookstores they were out of stock.

Tell you what boss, if you dont mind how about you bring the book this sat and i'll borrow for a while? That way i'm sure to read it.

Achilles said...

Kerp: Waah.... who is your secret admirer? Hehehehehee. Have you figured it out yet?

Anyway, i always thought / took you to be a reader. AD is right... you need to read if you are into writing bro.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Raj man!

Yes, i'm guilty of reading less than i really should. Used to read a lot though. Time to pickup the habit again before i get burned out.

* No idea of who the mysterious lady is still. Not a single clue so am just gonna continue imagining it was Hannah Tan behind the messages.

* see ya sat bro, and i should still be around after 10.

anfield devotee said...

kerp's: Order la. Kinokuniya. Use credit card, get book's ISDN number & they'll deliver to yer doorstep fer a mere RM8 more.

Me thinks ye should own one seeing that yer mad gooner & all.

ps: sorry, me copy sentimental value. That's how me met wifey . . .

Bernard said...

Kerp : You have another reason to show yourself tomorrow. I'll give you my copy of Fever Bitch-lah. No sentimental value or emotional attachments. But make sure you read it you lazy git.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Danke, tuan rumah!

I'm sure you meant Fever Pitch, right?

monsterball said...

Toothache is the worst and keep your brain controlled bb the said pain..doping nothing....but groaning and complaining to much you are suffering.
Best..pull all teeth out and use false more tooth aches...hahahahahahaha
Seriously speaking...having a molar toothache.....becareful.
You visit a dentist like can die out of unprofessional treatments.
Molars have veins linked to vital you know that?
Bila istri pulot bunkak ada anak?
Tou hentam sampai ada anak?

mekyam said...

don't be such a baby, yang.

dental works sekarang are generally painless. minimal discomfort.

some dentists even dab anaesthetic to numb the area(s) they are going to inject the local anaenthetic. so you don't even feel the injections. only downside is, later it takes a while before you feel your face again. :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr Goh,

Yes i'm aware of that. Apparently that was the cause of it, the dentist basically killed the nerve system and voila, the pain is gone. My bini pulot masih blom bungkak...haha...


As i found out all my fears were groundless. I have to agree nowadays dental apptmnts arent necessarily about etting yourself tortured. It took the doc and his team only 10mins before everything was done. I think the only painful moment during that particular visit was the scaling!

monsterball said...

You need a sperm like Samson to fight thousand blocking him to fertilize the egg.
If your wife lie have no leg no result..hahahahahaha
If you lie flat...she does the pumping...sure better chance and 100% female baby.....hahahahahaha
And you have limited rounds of sperms to fuck around. Don't waste them...hohohohohohehehehehehe

monsterball said...

Are you fucking me at Rocky's blog?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Huh? what the hell you're talking abt mr goh? i've had enough of that shit to be honest. You must've got a wrong person.

monsterball said...

Sorry then.
Only you call me "Mr Goh" and that commentator who fucked me up..also call me "Mr.Goh"
I prefer to speak things up and do not keep in my heart.
If I am wrong...great and I apoligise again.
No harm done.
Have a nice evening.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

No worries, sir.

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mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

tuan kerpov,

i can hear pins dropping, bellyscrapin' LGL.

ngilu siot.

apa cerite?

hope yu are recovering from the flu. take care.
mind the codeine.

love and regards to pinky.


Daphne Ling said...

Yo Kerpie!

I'm back home! =)

monsterball said...


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PakejNiaga said...

Toothache the most freaking #%##% that had happened to me..

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